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Labeled a terrorist by the government, Slaphappy is a sometimes bounty hunter, sometimes just mad bomber, that roams the Rogue Islands doing job after job. Paragon much prefers he sticks with his jobs, as when he improvises.. Well, the results are always messy. No pun intended. Wait, what pun?

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Watching the Mouse!
Player: @Joe Schmoe
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Judas Black
Known Aliases: Screwloose, Slappy, Wisecracker, HapSlappy
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 167 lbs
Eye Color: Bright green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/Terrorist
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Somewhere underneath the city
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Phobias (sister), Evangelist (father, deceased)
Known Powers
Just bad ass skills
Known Abilities
Bomb making, bomb setting off, fires, annoying people
arrows, guns, knives, bombs, thugs
One of the least liked people in the Rogue Isles



Supergroup: Smile Squad

Former Supergroups: Malice in Wonderland, Fracture, The Evangelists' cult.


Slaphappy is unstable, to put it lightly. He's an adrenaline seeker, and most assumingly, has a sick sense of humor. He'll be your best friend. He'll be your employee. But if he sees a way to kill you, or screw you over, in a very comical fashion, he'll do it. You cannot trust him.

He also hates the world he lives in. Slaphappy believes the end is coming, which will probably be our fault, and we're wasting our lives. We're already dead in his eyes, and he has no problem making that official.

A lot of people hate Slaphappy. Many have plans to kill him. He's annoying, and a murderous traitor.


Slaphappy is completely Natural. He has been trained in many forms of fighting, and always manages to barely escape death. Also knows a lot about weapons.


Slaphappy has six minions that do his bidding, whatever it is. They used to be his father's men, but after he passed away, they were lost and looking for someone to tell them what to do. Unfortunately, Slaphappy took this opportunity.

Trick Arrow

A bow with a lot of trick arrows under his sleeves. Not that much high tech into it, but pretty clever for someone like him.

Temporary Powers

Slaphappy has a lot of random devices, all that seem to just be perfect for whatever situation he ends up in.


He's on foot. He's kind of fast, and has good legs, but he has no means of "super" types of traveling.

But for really long distances, out of Paragon and Rogue Island wise, Slaphappy has a supped up go-kart.


He's pretty damn fit!


He goes down and dirty with the best of them.


Kick ass strong legs! Not as strong as anyone else, but still.


Slaphappy can be pretty Stealthy when he wants to be.


Slaphappy is amazing in crafting explosive devices. He's usually always carrying more than enough all the time. Enemies should be weary to approach him, as he'll be ready to let some off when he needs them.

He's pretty good at mind manipulating weak minded people, even changing their beliefs with the right words.

Slaphappy and his men have an amazing pain threshold, with their training being top notch.


Besides laughing hysterically at his own or other's misfortunes? He has absolutely no powers, magic devices, or extreme tech gear, in areas that are filled with these kind of people.


His bow, his guns, his bombs, his knives, anything a normal human can get their hands on.

Character History

In the late 60s, early 70s, there was a dark anti-hero by the name of the Evangelist. His methods were cruel, so cruel that he was eventually hunted down as a criminal. Angry and frustrated, he left. Well, almost. He went underground, and started a new breed of heroes. Ones without powers, ones without limitations. He started a cult, grabbing as many as he could. His speaking abilities were great, he convinced them all that the heroes up above were going to cause the end of all times, ruin everything from innocence to civilization. They were going to rise up when the time was right, and be the only force of good needed. Until then, hardcore training would ensue. They became human perfection, but their numbers were still small.

The Evangelist wanted to plan for the future. He knew he couldn't live forever, but he needed a legacy. He needed contacts and allies from above. First thing first, he found someone who would help keep them a secret. Someone who could guard the entrance, and get rid of any evidence of their existence easily. They found a man simply known as Joe, who thought they were indeed a force of good. Secondly, he needed a child. One who would grow up and take his mantle, one with immense power. He found a scientist who would help, but unknowingly to him, he was incompetent. And he would become the one known as Professor Freak. He manipulated his genes to insure that any child he had would have powers.

He had two known ones. The Evangelist seduced Professor Freak's own wife, but she birthed a girl. She grew up to be powerful, yes, but a girl could not take his mantle. She eventually became the dark vigilante known as Phobias.

The second child he had came from raping a sixteen year old on the streets. A boy was born. Before he could grab his child from her arms after birth, she named him Judas, and he was born February 29th, 1980. He unfortunately somehow ended up with no powers, and Professor Freak had to flee for his life for this mistake.

Judas continued to grow up in their underground society, and training every day. His father's brain washing attempts seemed to be futile, as with each attempt he grew further and further away from his dad's way of thinking. His mind rebelled, and he seemed to continue going down a path of confusion, with more curiosity for the world above. Judas started to believe he was in hell.

The Evangelist got what he needed. The Rikti attacked the world above. They were absolutely safe, but the world was in chaos, the people were dying, and it seemed to be the heroes' faults. Membership grew exponentially from all the people who lost entire families due to the invasion. They were ready to leave and fight as soon as they had to.

Then the sign happened. In the real world, the government momentarily was hunting heroes. One of them was Joe. When they attacked his warehouse, the only entrance to their home, he fled. While fleeing, he set off the C4 packed around his base to remove all the evidence. The blast echoed through the halls of their home.

The Evangelist took no hesitation. All of his men cowered, but he started his speech, telling them that he was right. Civilization has fallen, and now they're coming to take them out as well. The time was now to leave, and save what was left of the city.

Judas took no notice to what he was saying. What was that wondrous noise? That wonderful.. loud.. Boom. He, unlike the rest, has never been to the above world. That was the only sound he has ever heard from it.. It.. It sounded heavenly.

The Evangelist put his plan into action. He pulled twelve villains from the above world to use them. One of them happened to be Showtime, who while Slaphappy never got to talk to him, he was fascinated with his ways. They set out to attack all vigilante forces, and the first one they met up with was Bone Squad.

The battles were intense. The Evangelist's men fought no matter the circumstances. Some have lost limbs, but they continued to charge the Bone Squad wave after wave. One of these heroes happened to be Phobias, constantly just trying to get to her father for what he had done. Amidst all this, he captured her fiancé, a man known as Thomas Miller. He brought him down into their home, and shot him execution style for not being suited for his daughter, all in front of his son. Judas was once more captivated. This was the closest he's ever seen an outsider, and what his father did to him was.. interesting.

Thomas Miller eventually became the hero known as Haze, after a wizard only called Namaste tried his best to revive him.

The street battles were long, but eventually, the Bone Squad came out victorious. It ended when Joe and Charon tried to chase down the Evangelist from roof top to roof top, and he slipped off an edge of a building. The cult went their separate ways. Some ran off, some were arrested, some managed to heal and fit into normal society. Others ended their lives in a hopeless need to return to their master.

Judas crawled out of his home, and stumbled upon his father's body. He immediately started laughing hysterically, being completely free and happy. He could finally do whatever he wants! And that's what he was going to do, explore and learn about this new world all the meanwhile.

But.. He wasn't happy with what he found. Not at all. He found people hating each other. People discriminating each other. People caring only about themselves. People wasting their lives being unhappy and working in the machine known as bureaucracy. What the hell? They almost all got wiped out by aliens, and they just continue doing crap that doesn't matter? They just saw the end of the world! They didn't do whatever they want to do, they continue to do what everyone tells them to do! No.. This.. This was supposed to be a happy world. They're ruining it. They don't deserve it. They have to wake up.

First things first: He needed a crew. Judas went to his father's funeral to see if anyone happened to be there. Yes, six of his men from their cult, all baffled about what to do next. He sweet talked them, told him his plans and goals, and they followed.

Next, it was time to be spread his message. And to do that, he had to get noticed. Judas broke into police cops and garages all over the city, tampering with the engines. The next day, he staged a protest outside city hall, causing a ruckus and attracting attention. A few cops came up to retrain him, but he was still pretending to be panicked. Julia, the lead female cop on the scene, told him to relax. Judas asked if she could count to five while he does a deep breathing exercise. She does, and right as she says five, every police car in the city's radius explodes. Judas knocked out the two cops holding him down, and he kicks Julia onto the ground. He tells her all about his mission, what he thinks of this world, and that she needs to start spreading his message. He starts to laugh hysterically when he hears all the screaming people in the city, running around in a panic, and that's when a cop behind him knocks him out.

They take him to an asylum, where he gets acquainted with an assigned therapist. Another woman, Jennifer. She had a last name, but she insists on the name Jennifer. Does she want to be his friend? The ploy works. He vents all his thoughts, his worries, his concerns, and he vents everything. He's never had a friend before. But.. There's something wrong. Sometimes she forgets things he says. Is she listening? She's taking notes.. She just takes notes. Does she care? He can't tell.

He found a newspaper his second day there. It was an article talking about him. Terrorist? This will not do. They dubbed him Slaphappy though. He liked this. Slaphappy decided to escape to reiterate his message. He left, and did many stunts so he may be heard, but each time a hero stopped him. He met Charon, Phobias, and just anyone acquainted with the Bone Squad over and over again. It was fun for him, he liked these people. But he also needed money, and a place to stay. Judas went on a bank robbing spree, as its just money, and it shouldn't be important enough to them to protect. After many hits, he was arrested, and taken to the Zig this time.

It wasn't long before Arachnos did their first massive jail break. Slaphappy happily waited for them to free him, but they did not. They knew of his exploits, and considered him too dangerous. But there was his ticket out, Showtime. He freed his "brother" and told him of this plan he had, a crew he had in mind. Slaphappy was in, no doubt, and they put together a team of very dangerous criminals known as Fracture.

They needed a base. Their choice? The very asylum many of them, including Judas, have been held in at one point. Fracture raided it from top and bottom. Many people managed to escape safely, as they had no beef with many of them, but then Slaphappy found his therapist's "notes". They were filled with all these labels, supposed disorders, but nothing about who he was. He thought she was interested in knowing him.. He was wrong. While the rest of his mates were busy, he locked her and some of her co-workers in a padded room with him. First thing he did was beat her, and rape her, in front of these people. He then told her they were going to play a quiz game, each filled with questions about him. Ten questions, ten victims. Each question wrong, another person dead.

She had every question wrong. All of them were killed. Slaphappy told her how hurt he was, and that she had this coming. He left her, bleeding to death, locked in that room. It eventually became his bedroom.

Fracture, sadly, became inactive. This saddened Slaphappy for awhile, leaving him to fend for himself, bored most of the time. It was then he was approached by Bloodywedd, who he's worked with before on alot of jobs. She told him of her crew, and how well he'd fit in. He joined immediately, and he became a nice little asset to the team.

Eventually, during all his jobs, he met a little mouse. NeverDarke, a teenage girl who had a taste for danger and adrenaline like him. He took her under his wing, and started to teach her all the ways of Slaphappy.

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