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Player: @Cosmic Glory
Origin: Brute
Archetype: Magic
Security Level: 22
Personal Data
Real Name: Audel Huxley
Known Aliases: Audie, Princess(to dad)
Species: Homunculus
Age: 21 (16 based on creation)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: College Student
Place of Birth: Steel Canyon Hospital
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jeremiah Huxley ("Dad", Brother) Emily Engel, ("Grandma", Mother)
Known Powers
Born unusually sturdy, almost invulnerable and physically a lot stronger than others. Gains magical power fueled by the Sol Stone, housing her artificial soul, giving her fire from the sun itself among other magical abilities.
Known Abilities
Due to idolizing her grandmother, she has training with a two handed blade. She loves gather the fire from the sun and forming it like a blade to fight with. Without it, she is capable of physical combat with her fists.
the Sol Stone is always nestled along her cape, acting as a brooch.
Audel does not know she is a homunculus. Anyone who knew Emily would also know she was physically unable to get pregnant so someone who looks a lot like her may ask questions.



In a flash, Emily Engel ceased to exist. In the light of her remains did another form take appearance and a frightened child stood in her place. Her confused sobs were heard throughout the deep halls of the cavern and below the Engel Estate. Emily's secret and forbidden project was a success; an actual homunculus with an artificial soul trapped in a stone. All were created with powerful magic taken from several artifacts and Luficia's human remains.

Jeremiah honors her mother's last wish and take the child in as his own. He names her Audel, legally changing their last names and forging a birth certificate with his ex wife's name on it(with consent).

Little did either of them know that Emily did not get the mathematics completely correct and her incarnate powers from the Praetorian War, under the eye of Helios , did not completely disappear. Those incarnate powers carried into Audel and her soulstone, giving the stone the power to absorb sunlight and grant Audel that power when in her possession. Her physical strength, on the other hand, were a result of a few wrong numbers...

Audel Huxley was born into the world of heroes.

Early Childhood

Audel doesn't remember too much of when she was really little. It wasn't easy growing up either but she found joy in the stories of her grandmother's time in the war against Praetoria. Her father told her tales of standing with heroes such as Xanatos, Ascendant and the Imperial. It became part of her world and was what she enjoyed pretending to be; a hero, like her grandma.

It was one of the only way Audel felt she could be herself; everyone else knew just how different Audel was from other humans. For reasons unknown, Audel was physically stronger than any other human in her class. What other kids struggle at that age, Audel exceled in all physical activities and was the kid everyone went to when they couldn't open something. That didn't mean everyone was accepting toward Audel. Other kids would tease her and call her a mutant. Some even claimed she was faking it and tried hitting her to prove it. It ended up with several kids in the hospital with broken limbs.

Because of the incident, Audel was ordered a check up to determine what super powers she had and the origin behind them. They questioned Jeramiah too; asked if she was ever the product of any villainous experiments or reported kidnappings. He always gave the same story and nothing else appeared to be amiss. The medical check ups were almost impossible to accomplish and getting her vaccinations were even worse; her body would break the needles trying to penetrate her skin. It took a needle made of the strongest metal in existence just to get her vaccination or to run blood tests.

Audel would get the all clear and deemed her power to be natural but would have special classes to help control her strength.

Teenage Years

Things did improve as Audel got older. The bullying stopped and soon, Audel made a few friends. High School was an awkward time in her life; naturally fit and no amount of junk food would let her gain much weight. Audel was accepted as a cheerleader for Paragon City's high school football team and was content to be the one to lift the girls or catch them when they fell.

Even if playing other sports would have been impossible, she did sign up for boxing and martial arts after school to help keep her in shape. There weren't any opponents but she listened to her instructors and cheered her friends on in their tournaments.

But the memory books from her grandmother's heroic adventures never left her sight nor did did she stop looking up to the sky. Audel was different but if her grandmother was a hero, perhaps it was her destiny to follow in the same footsteps??

That calling became louder in her mind when the school bus was hijacked by the Skulls with fresh superadine to try to get the teens forcibly addicted to the drug. Unfortunately for the Skulls, they picked Audel first and the needles easily snapped off in the attempt.

It was easy to overpower them after that. For the first time in her life, Audel wasn't doing something because it gave personal meaning or to follow her grandma's path; it was to protect the innocent. It was to protect her classmates! Of course, Audel got in trouble for fighting without a hero license and not waiting for the authorities but her classmates were very grateful.

That became the high school years; misadventures of teenage life and having Audel step in to protect everyone when things got too hairy. Those were simple days.

Early Adulthood

High school graduation came and went with Audel applying to the local Paragon City University. She intended to earn a bachelor's degree in athletics, teach healthy eating or ways to stay fit but her father found her half written application for a hero's license. In the end, Jeremiah knew that this would happen. Audel spoke of it all the time growing up.

One day, her father sat her down and asked her one important question; Why do you want to become a superhero?

To Jeremiah, one does not become a hero just because someone else did before them. To be a hero is to be something far greater. That was what her grandmother did and it wasn't easy for her. It was difficult work and the world was not kind; Arachnos was out there and lots of terrible people lurking in the shadows.

But Audel looks her father in the eye and told him; I want to be a hero to protect the people.

That was all Jeremiah needed to hear. It was then did he give her something truly precious; Her grandmother's Sol Stone. If left in the light, it will always take the light from the sun and convert its flames to her own use. It had other magical potential and it was left for Audel only. Just touching the stone for the first time made Audel feel warm and loved; like another part of her was here.

Audel felt whole.

Her first use of the sol stone was to give her flight and she flew all around Paragon City like she were a kid all over again. Audel flew as high as she could! She touched the clouds, waved to office workers in the sky lines and flew just above the cars. This was who she wanted to be!


Audel Huxley took the mantle of Solarguard and is officially registered with a hero's license. When she isn't fighting the good fight, Audel is studying at the University for her athletics degree.

Solarguard's name is climbing up the ranks but some would find Solarguard looks almost familiar if they ever knew of Luficia.





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