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Margret enjoying time outside
Margret Stone
Player: @BurntHeart
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Margret Stone
Known Aliases: Mamma
Species: Human
Age: 52
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 129lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Ash Brown and Grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Wife, mother, gardener
Place of Birth: Richmond, Virginia
Base of Operations: Coalton, West Virginia
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Raynard Stone (husband) Tommy Stone (son)
Known Powers
Earth/Storm control
Known Abilities
No additional information available.

Margret Stone is an NPC created by @BurntHeart as his main character's, Spirit of Stone, mother. She and Stone's father (Raynard), were originally created in post only form as recepiants of letter's home that Stone wrote during his first 20 levels in-game. These "letters home" were posted on the Virtue forums on the CoH boards and detailed Stone experiencing the game world for the first time. They have since been lost to the ether of ancient posts and were never copied onto my hard drive, sadly.

After the creation of his parents in these letters, Margret was created in-game during Stone's werewolf ordeal as part of several in-game events around this player created story arc. The in-game character no long exists, but the character of both of Stone's parents continue to play an important role his on-going adventures.



Supergroup: None

Former Supergroups: None


Margret's personality is brash and dominering, making herself at home where ever she happens to be. She is open and honest about her feelings, thoughts, and opinions. She is extremely proud of her son, Tommy Stone, and loves any chance she can get to brag about his good works as a hero. She is embarrassed about the limited job she was able to do with his education and this can be a touchy subject with her. Her own superpowers are a subject she will not discuss with anyone, to the point of deny they even exist. She has never admitted she possesses any metahuman abilities and has no plans to change that.


Margrets powers are a touchy subject, as she has never admitted them publicly, never registered as a hero, as hero licensure was not an issue during her brief period as a costumed heroin. The information regarding her time as a heroin is limited to only a select few characters in-game, one of which is another NPC character, and one villian group.

Margret possesses mutant powers to control earth and localized cells of weather, primarily tempurature and moisture content of the air surrounding her. Her mutation manifested at age 13, in 1963. She kept this fact hidden from family and friends due to her opposition to the Might for Right Act which was passed in 1956.

Character History

Terra Firma in action!

As already stated, Margret Green's mutation manifested in 1963 when she was 13 years old. She kept this hidden from her friends and family out of fear and opposition to the Might for Right Act, passed in 1956. Margret did not agree with the idea of drafting metahumans and forcing them to fight in war. Although she was only 13 and a woman and the draft would not affect her, she feared what the government might do with her when she did turn 18, if she registered as a metahuman, so she simply kept her abilities hidden, for a time.

In 1966 the first reports of a masked vigilante heroin began appearing the Richmond area. The identity of this heroin was unknown, but her signature manipulation of the earth and bellowing winds resulted in her being dubbed Terra Firma by the local press.

In 1967 the Might for Right Act was deemed unconstitutional and overturned. At that time the masked vigilante, Terra Firma, accepted the moniker given to her by the press and began working to rid the streets of Richmond of crime openly, but never revealing her identity. Criminals would be left in stone cages on the streets for the police to pick up regularly, but Terra Prima herself would rarely be seen at the scene. Occassionally she would remain in a location long enough for the press to snap a few pictures of her as she created gusts of wind to carry her off into the sky.

Her crime fighting career was short lived; however. She was a publically recognized heroin, if not a legally recognized one, from 1967 to 1970. In 1970, while a student at the University of Virginia at Richmond, Margret Green met and fell in love with Raynard Stone of Coalton, WV.

Margret and Raynard began dating in 1968 and in Janurary of 1970, Raynard asked Margret to be his wife. Raynard was a year ahead of Margret in school and graduated that June. The two were wed shortly after graduation and before the fall semester of her senior year started they moved to Raynard's hometown of Coalton, WV. The summer of 1970 was the last sightings of Terra Prima reported.

When Margret met and fell in love with Raynard, something in her changed. She loved working as a heroin, keeping her identity secret and fighting crime, but when she and Raynard began dating she realized the idea of having a "normal life" while keeping a secret identity was going to be impossible. She had assumed she would one day marry and start a family, but had never given much thought to how that would happen while fighting crime in secret.

She thought about revealing herself to Raynard, but decided against it out of fear that allowing him to know her secret could put him in danger. She had made many enemies among the newly budding drug rings in Richmond during the late 60's as well as several occult groups practicing black magics. The more she thought about the idea of him being in danger because of her, the more she realized the fate would be the same for any children she had in the future.

As Raynard's graduation date approached and their wedding date loomed on the horizon, Margret made a decision. She decided that once she became Margret Stone, Terra Firma would cease to exist. She told Raynard she wanted to move to Coalton after they married, he objected, wanting her to finish her BA first, but she insisted she could finish her simply take classes to finish off her BA at a junior college near Coalton.

The day of their wedding, Margret had her own ceremony, privately, in which she burned her Terra Prima costume and laid the heroin to rest, never looking back.

In the years that followed, she and Raynard had a wonderful life and gave birth to happy and healthy boy, Thomas Stone. Margret held the secret of her mutant genes well when it was discovered that her son was a mutant. She did the best she was able in raising him and struggled through home schooling with him after he was asked to leave public school due to an incident with his early manifesting powers.

When he came to Margret and Raynard after the Rikti war and informed them he was leaving for Paragon City to help with the rebuilding and to work as a hero, she was extremely proud of him. The world for heroes today was not the same world her powers had manifested in and she did not fear for his future they way she had feared for hers.

She followes his career in Paragon with pride and love and when he was charged with murder and it was uncovered he was transforming into a wild werewolf, Margret caught the first bus she could get to Paragon to stand by his side through the ordeal.

Through everything, Margret has managed to keep her own history a secret, until recent years, when it has threatened to reveal itself in spite of her hard work keeping it buried. The mysterious Malta group appearently had in it's possession files they had put together from sources and intelligence gathered before their own creation. One of these files in their possession is on the heroin Terra Firma. This file notes the real identity of this heroin as Margret Green, now Margret Stone, mother current metahuman Thomas Stone.

A copy of this file ended up in the hands of the villian known as Karnage and was given by him to Caios, fellow member of Stone's in the Guardian Angels Reborn. Caios was familiar with the name of the heroin from the late 60's, but had never met her face to face. Caios had; however, met Margret since Tommy had joined GAR.

Tommy was unaware of any of this and when he stumbled across the file, he assumed it was a joke and dismissed it out of hand. When he told his mother of the "funny stories" the "malted mens" had about her, Margret also jokingly dismissed them too. Caios had the opportunity to have a discussion with Margret about this and cautioned the woman to tell Tommy the truth before Malta exposed her lies. Margret confied in Caios about the truth and asked Caios to keep this from Tommy and allow her to tell him in her own way and time. Caios agreed, but Margret has yet to admit the truth of this to her son or her husband.

What Malta plans to do with this information remains a mystery, but as Tommy's work as a hero causes more and more problems for Malta, this issue may yet resurface.

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