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The Komturei ("the Kom") happily presents as an apparently ramshackle set of adjoining buildings, in King's Row. Any guests are certainly free to come and go as much as they like, and will find a comfortable level of amenities therein, with common areas as well as provate apartments for each.

The Kom is also the residence of it's founder and some allies, and serves as a base of operation for a very specific organisation with specific goals.

Within the Kom one will find residence, courtyard, rooms, living areas. And also books, libraries, transit portal and a workshop. It is here that Varasin has had to create a "little piece of hell on earth", and from here that the Annexes were devised and built, a mechanism of sorts that spans city and isles.


Disclaimers (OOC):

For members:

For Coalition Allies & Guests IC and OOC:

Any other RP (mature, adult, etc.) that can be overheard needs to be done via team or tells and kept out of local.
Many different canons can and do intersect at The Komturei or Annexe Four, and none are innately superior to the others. This also means you may not expand your RP to third parties without their consent. There is no tolerance of Ambush RP.
Do not RP actions that will in character destroy parts of The Komturei or Annexe Four or kill NPCs present such as staff and the like. Any such actions will be unceremoniously retconned. In regards to violence, it can be assumed that anyone who becomes violent is quickly and efficiently removed from the premises by forces that exist and are beyond their control.
Any and all complaints about the conduct of coalition members should be directed to @Taosin. Should a player choose not to follow the rules, all corrections and consequences will be made out of character, including but not limited to retcons, character ejection, and coalition dissolution. These rules apply on the player -- not character -- level, and will be enforced on that level.

[Please compare these with the guidelines of The Arcadium at which all coalition allies of The Arcadium have agreed to.]

Coalition Access to the Komturei

Coalition members will never have IC access to all parts of the Komturei. All common areas are close to the entry portal.

By default they have access to:

All these areas are core and easily accessed off the lobby.

Areas no coalition member has access to ICly unless it is RPd by a Komturei member: Any other area. These include:

Anyone may try to circumvent the above 'may but with relevant player consent. That’s any Insurrection officer or me for the PI area; or myself for most others. Some players have RPd access to certain areas.

Please note that each player in the Komturei and Annexe Four gets one apartment. And if they have multiple alts then that same apartment in the base is RPd as different apartments for each. I believe this is commonplace for many SGs/VGs.

All apartments have doors and are soundproofed to a good degree. Plus the over ward, of course, which is why there is nil noise form Kings Row while in any open (cobbled area). If another player can hear the local and are not ICly close enough to hear, they can’t ICly have that information. This is also covered by “Ambush RP” in the third bulleted point. Players have to be invited into someone’s RP. If they intend spying ICly, they need to tell the players they are spying on OOCly that they are doing so. RP is always by mutual consent.

Some background (not commonly known in character)

Komturei is a term derived from the early period of the Teutonic Order, more commonly known as the Teutonic Knights. Within that organisation, an area of command was deemed a 'commandry', usually with a chapter house to oversee its administration. Komturei is the german word for Commandry in this context. In the late 12th century, Kleon encountered entered a commandry in the Outremer states. Here he quickly became Komtur, and accomplished the task he had come to do. In doing so he effectively became the title-holder of specific chapter house concerned, and steps were taken to ensure that title would pass down through time.

Kleon arrived in Paragon City in May 2008. Shortly after his arrival, circumstances made the re-establishment of some base of operations both urgent and significant. Kleon registered the Komturei as a simple lodging house, and used some of his accumulated wealth and material goods to establish a place that was home, haven, library, laboratory and anchor.

After making an initial assessment of forces and factions in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, Kleon and Raith Karanis created four Annexes using a technique known as a blind trust. At their discretion, resources in these Annexes were made available to other groups and organisations. Over time three were closed, as the Komturei grew in reousouces and foundational structure, and one remains as an anchor point in Cap au Diable, known as Annexe Four. It too is like the Komturei in prersentation to guests.

In later 2008 and over the new year period, a significant event occurred: Raith Karanis, known at the time as Varasin, travelled into the void, after months of planning, and there at the walls of creation sealed away an entity that had long had a foothold in Creation. Raith succeeeded but at a cost: the spending of his soul, utterly consumed; the spending of his body, utterly annihilated; and almost the spending of his mind. His memories, recollections, dreams and will returned and seated themselves within the frame of Raith of Karanis.

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