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This is just another excuse for me to play a stalker. I <3 them so... This is a work in progress. A lot of her story is under development. Check back frequently for updates and changes.

Tihaya Smyret'
Player: @Germaine
Origin: Science
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 41
Personal Data
Real Name: Kisha Mikiela Vellanovna
Known Aliases: Miki, Viktorya Vladovostok, Oksana Durshka, Anastasia Petronovna, Tatiana Mir
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 105lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Today? Purple...or green...or pink...or blue...naturally Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Espionage/Assassin
Place of Birth: St. Petersburg, Russia
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Known Relatives: All deceased
Known Powers
Martial Arts/Super Reflexes
Known Abilities
Hiding in plain sight
ballistic knife



Born March 17, 1985, Kisha was more property of the State than property of her parents. Mara and Vella Minska were prominent members of Gorbachev's inner circle. When she was born, the doctors informed the couple that she had died. They mourned the loss of their child and continued with their lives.

Early Years

Kisha Vaniya Vellanovna was taken captive by the dying Soviet state upon her birth. She was, truly, a prize--the daughter of a statesman, she brought prestige and honor to the ranks of the secret Soviet society called Skarlyet Smyerti or "Red Death." Tihaya Smyert' became the name of the silent girl. Like a softly mewing kitten, Kisha entered the world nearly silently. Like a stalking tigress, she silently rose through the ranks of the Skarlyet Smyerti.


The Skarlyet Smyerti were highly trained, highly specialized individuals. They were trained from an early age in martial arts and in the ways of the Spetsnaz. Pain is a figment of the imagination and reflexes are the only thing upon which one can rely. She is tough and she is a force with which to be reckoned.

In Soviet Russia...

"In Soviet Russia, pavement pounds you!"

Life in Leningrad

Leningrad was the base of operations for the Skarlyet Smyerti. As such, Kisha (a name she refuses to allow anyone less than an intimate call her) lived within the city--right beneath her parents' noses--and never knew she was mourned nearly daily.

To make sure the young lady (and her fellow Smyertis) stayed in line, Olgav Peotyrovich used ravenous dogs. If ever a soldier required discipline, they were turned over to the dogs. As a result, Kisha possesses a near-petrifying fear of the animals, though, Roessa has been trying to help break her of it.

Life in St. Petersburg

The Cold War ended. Leningrad became St. Petersburg once again. To the rest of the world, peace reigned over Mother Russia. To the Skarlyet Smyerti, however, life continued as normal. The continued to call St. Petersburg, Leningrad. They continued to train. The dogs continued to bark...to bite...

Nukleor Projekt

When Kisha--going by Vaniya--was 16, her group was assigned a tricky situation. The Russian branch of the Arachnos were attempting to take control of the nuclear power plant in Moscow. It was at this time she met Roessa, one of the leaders of Ghost Hound. In its infancy, Ghost Hound worked to quell the forces of the Arachnos, world wide. Roessa lead the recon team for Ghost Hound deep into the center of the control plant. Mikiela led the team of Smyerti assassins toward the Arachnos leader. All would have gone perfectly and wonderfully had there not been a terrible secret awaiting Mikiela.

Peotyrovich stood at the control center's mainframe, a snarling doberman on either side. Vaniya froze. Peotyrovich laughed. The dogs lept forward and tore at Vaniya's right side, ripping the flesh and muscles--one of them shattered a rib. Her cries rose up above the hum and within moments, another rather large dog appeared and began to rip the enemy to shreds. Vaniya, however, never saw it...She fainted dead away within minutes.


It took a few days, but she finally woke up. Her side was mangled, but the surgeons had done their best with the reconstruction. Three ribs on her right side were titanium. Transplants had been made--she felt almost like a zombie. It took several months for her to get back on her feet. She never questioned, however, the wisdom of the Smyertis. She remained in their command. Roessa stayed with her for as long as she could before returning to the U.S. holdings in the Etoille Isles. It took a few years, but Vaniya would seek her out.


Shadow Spiders

Upon coming to America, Miki joined up with Markel and Dr. Von Havencrabs with the Shadow Spiders. She's still very precautious around her teammates, but...soon, she will learn to trust them..

Dr. Von Havencrabs

Duc, as Miki calls him, is the first man that had taken an interest in Miki for more than just her pretty face. He gave her a place to stay and makes sure that her cup is never empty of vodka. He's working on teaching her better English and she's trying to teach him Russian, though, mostly it ends up in fights. He loves dogs, but has managed to keep his dogs in a separate area from where Miki tends to go in his villa. There's something to be said for a promiscuous man who is interested in settling with a trained assassin.

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