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Dr. Von Havencrabs
Player: Hidden Jackal
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Crabspider/Mastermind
Threat Level: 50/50 Respectively
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Doc Von Havencrabs
Species: Human
Age: Old body: Mid 30's early 40's, New body: Mid 20s
Height: 5'8
Weight: Unknown, constantly wears tech armor
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Estimated American
Occupation: Mad Scientist/Doctor
Place of Birth: Unknown area, possibly cold climate(?)
Base of Operations: ???
Marital Status: No
Known Relatives: Victor Von Smashenface, Kira
Known Powers
Control over Dark energy
Known Abilities
Control of a form of Dark energy, incredible intellect, incredible smarm, dashingly good looks, master of technology
Modified Crabspider Backpack, CRAB-TECH Series Power Armor, Robots
Despite odd sense of humor, is not to be taken lightly. Has fascination with probing.

January 5, 2009 "Dr. Von Havencrabs-the man, the myth, the legend. Some people say he is a fickle beast of nature. Some people say he is, verifiably, insane in the membrane. I say he's one of the greatest minds of this generation, and the next Dr. Aeon." -Except from the forward of "Dr. Von Havencrabs-My Friends, My life", written by "Boogle" Jay Johnson.


Origin: Two Sides of the Same Coin


There is little to say about him that hasn't been said. Unfortunately, much hasn't been said about him.

There is a rough estimation as to where he was born-according to his early childhood tale, he was in a rough winter climate, full of snow and harsh cold. Unfortunately, he is either lying and very good at it due to his Arachnos training, or he genuinely does not know where he was born. His parents are unknown.

Havencrabs was raised with his brother Victor, wanted terrorist and co-leader of Black Tie with Bad Dream and Kevon J Millno. What was previously unknown however, was that they were not only brothers, but they shared the same body, mind, and soul. While they were capable of independant thought and emotion, they would switch between bodies. Several theories cropped up, ranging from possession, to a Romulus complex.

Life At Home

Many villains had a similar upbringing to Havencrabs. Supposedly raised in the slums of a small city or large town, his story is told to many-He and his brother both aspired to be scientists, working in the medical field to better life. After making the announcement to their father about their career goals, he became incredibly upset, as he had wanted them to be like his idol-the Statesman, defender of the poor and innocent. After bitter arguing and fighting, he had decided that he should instead honor the decisions of the two.

And honor he did. The night of their announcement, their father told them they would be eating meat, a roast of sorts, to celebrate their future. Crabs and Victor merrily feasted with their father, and after the meal was done, he talked with his kids about their future. He started the conversation as all fathers do in such a situation-he pulled a paw out of his pocket, and handed it to his son Havencrabs. Crabs and Victor soon realized that was no ordinary paw. It wasn't a lucky rabbits paw passed down from generation to generation, but it was rather, the paw of their cooked dog, Pepito. While the father grinned at his victory, Victor burst into tears, while Havencrabs looked on with bitter anger and hatred. He took the carving knife, and attacked his father repeatedly. Around the twentieth stabbing, his mother walked in on them, and immediately left their dwelling, running away into the night.

Crabs and Victor took the cue, and headed off to the train station, presumably to Paragon City. On the way there, Crabs stopped in a dark alley to relieve himself. Unfortunately, in the middle of his break, he found a frozen body in the alley-his mother had cried herself to death, frozen in time.

We don't need no edumacation

High School Life

Victor and Crabs had an incredibly painful upbringing. Mocked for their skin color, they were considered lame supers-they were not of human looks, but had inhuman skin tone. Despite that, the two stuck together closely-incredibly closely, as a matter of fact. However, nobody had actually ever seen them in the same place at the same time, but they were always close together. Due to their high school years, Victor and Crabs had grown an incredible intolerance for racism, and often defended those who would be racially persecuted, no matter how small the crime. They were considering a life of Heroism, until the JOCKSTRAP incident.

College Life

College life was incredibly different. Despite the fact that they were absolutely reviled in their hometown, in Paragon University, life was completely different. They took to the city life with ease, enjoying the sights and sounds of Steel Canyon. Their college careers were outstanding, as they each approached their professors and academics with a sense of humor and cruelty very few had seen before. Applying new and innovative techniques to science, they each found their own niche. Crabs in the medical field and robotics, Victor in human neurology and chemistry. This is also when Havencrabs embrace his soon-to-be-legendary drinking habit. Despite their "condition", they managed to somehow make time for each class, study, and graduate with 4.0 GPAs.

It is also during this time Crabs had a relationship with Four Lights, also attending Paragon University at the time. The relationship flourished for a year, before ending with Victor mysteriously waking up in bed next to Four Lights the next morning. Crabs has since forgiven his brother for the incident, after discovery of their dual-natured selves.


After successfully graduating from Paragon University with full honors, Dr. Von Havencrabs and Victor Von Smashenface both went to work for a relatively unknown soda company. Victor took it upon himself to create a new energy drink named "JOCKSTRAP", to be targeted towards his greatest enemy-Children and teenagers. The drink itself was incredibly popular, and sold millions. When the latent poison in the drink was activated, millions of kids around the United States were horribly sickened, and thousands of casualties arose. Eventually the poison was traced back to Victor, and he was cast away from the Paragon scientific community, seen as a monster and a sham. Havencrabs felt pity, and agreed to move with Victor to the Rogue Isles, feeling that his brother was misunderstood, and that he simply wanted vengeance for a cruel childhood that everyone has to go through. Victor attempted suicide by drinking a cocktail of JOCKSTRAP and several random chemicals, but instead of death, he was embraced with superpowers. His body mass and strength amplified, and he was able to control the electrical synapses in his body to create a static shield and a large chain of lightning around him. They both agreed to turn to a life of crime to pay the bills, and because they both really, really hate people.

They started small, acting as scientists for various villains. Working temporarily with Dr. Aeon, he learned much of the mad doctors techniques, and soon adapted the more noteworthy ones to his own. He modified and improved upon his robotics, eventually foregoing Aeon's ideas as a whole and starting with his own line. This is also when the famous Immigration Incident happened.

Dr. Von Havencrabs eventually started his own lab to aid him in his villainy, and thus decided to hire Mexican lab assistants. While they spoke a poor mix of English and Spanish, they were incredibly useful, and grew on Crabs.

Relationship with Victor Von Smashenface

Many people are not aware of the current link between Victor and Havencrabs. After all, what would a big, orange, carrot-looking Russian with a missing eye have in common with whom has been described as a blue lobster? Quite a bit, as a matter of fact. They happen to inhabit the same body, mind, and soul-two sides of the same coin if you will. When one person is invoked, the other being is shifted out of reality, left in an active mental state within the mind, completely aware of the other persons reactions. Until recently they were unaware of this, and thought themselves to be two physically seperate brothers, their meetings only brief and short. Yet due to their link, they share an extremely close knit bond.

Despite their various arguments, such as Victor taking over Crabs' body in a mental hijacking and joining Black Tie, they remain closest of brothers. Crabs' installed a psychic link with Victor that he uses so Victor's aggression and behavior are curbed-recently he's become a self-made millionaire due to his line of highly successful canned borscht, "Uncle Victor's Babushka Borscht-Guaranteed to Satisfy Or I SMASH!"

Havencrabs' Assistants

Dominico Herrera

Dominico Herrera was the Culinary Master. He was Dr. Von Havencrabs' personal bartender and chef, and his measuring skills provided to be oddly useful in times of strict measuring of chemicals. One of his greatest assets, Havencrabs would never trade the world for Dominico.

Chachi Valdez

Chachi was known as, well, Chachi. He was an incredibly intelligent man with a penchant for pistachios, and often enjoyed staying in the lab late to finish projects and brainstorm. He is considered to be a sort of backdrop to the other lab assistants, but did not care, as long as he had science.

Ricardo Valdez

Ricardo Valdez was the brother of Chachi Valdez. Unfortunately, Ricardo was damn near useless at times, proving best to be a liability more than others. He had a rough childhood with Chachi, and did not have the opportunity to study as Chachi did, but acted as a guardian to him, an older brother that watched over him. Thus, Chachi would not leave him, and would only accept the condition to work with Havencrabs if Ricardo was allowed to stay with him. Havencrabs accepted, and soon learned to tolerate Ricardo and eventually love him, as Ricardo reminded Havencrabs of Victor, coming from similar backgrounds and even having a similar brotherly relationship.

Juarez Gutierrez

Juarez was Havencrabs' most trusted assistant, and was also his most intelligent. A tall, lean man, Juarez often was Crabs' counterpart in their experiments, a yin to his yang, offering ideas and rebuttals, a sort of mirror to bounce ideas back off of. They grew to be the best of friends, and Crabs often borrowed and implemented man of Juarez' schemes and plots into his own devices. They mastered the first probe that Havencrabs used to make himself famous for in the Rogue Isles today.

Training Up

One day, US Immigration found out about Havencrabs' scheme. They immediately seized his laboratory to deport his assistants, however, Havencrabs realized that they would be a legal liability to him, and may just rat him out and his secrets to the police. The Doctor was one step ahead of them, and as the final bits of his lab were being torn apart, they were awaiting at a train station. A delay in the trains schedule however proved to be a fatal error, and as the train was seen arriving at the stop, the police were also arriving, having fully blocked off all possible exits. Crabs decided that there was no escape, and did the only logical thing he could think of at the time-as the train was arriving, he fired a proton pistol at the brakes, and shoved all four of his assistants into the train as it sped by, causing an incredibly ghastly accident that left body parts and blood everywhere. While the onlooking crowd was shocked, Crabs made his escape.

Starting Small-The Shadow Battallion, and Giant Enemy Crabs

Victor had become warped by the JOCKSTRAP incident. Dr. Von Havencrabs had lost his lab, and his assistants. Crabs decided to take over raising funds for the two, and joined Arachnos, becoming a Soldier. While his initial time at bootcamp was rough, Havencrabs used his genius to rise to the top of his graduating class, and rather than brute forcing his way, showed that just because he was new to Etoile, doesn't mean he wasn't able to adapt. Entering the Crabspider program due to admiration caused by the destruction of Crabspider Webmasters, he soon rose to the top in performance and created several modifications to his Crabspider Pack that would surpass the original design.

Crabs joined the Shadow Battallion after meeting Fortunata Vexaire and others in combat. While he was impressed with their combat prowess, he felt that their organization was far too small and going nowhere. He did however, meet the blonde bombshell Operative Dot, a feisty woman with legs up to her head-literally, as she was a fellow crabspider. She was a member of the Shadow Spiders, and Havencrabs was inspired by her. He found himself constantly hanging out with their members, and eventually decided to join.

The Spiderweb Legacy

Markeesha, I love you, but we only have three hours to save Subject Eighteen

Joining the Shadow Spiders would be one of Havencrabs' greatest future decisions. While at first he was relatively unknown, that changed when Markel Darkweaver asked Dr. Von Havencrabs to help him with a condition. Markel had somehow transformed into a woman. While Crabs was rather impressed with Markel's form, enough that he was hitting on "her", and had referred to her as "Markeesha", he eventually gave in and helped him after discovering his form changed to normal when coming into contact with electrified metal. Of course, instead of doing things the simple way, he took this as an opportunity to test out the various medical equipment in the Shadow Spiders, especially the ones he had implemented himself without Arbiter Starkweather knowing.

He treated him by injecting powerful nanites into his body in a procedure that would be standards for Havencrabs. That is, incredibly painful, and highly effective. While it took quite a bit for the treatment to kick in, once it did, it apparently helped Markel tremendously.

Another issue was on the rise. Subject Eighteen had become severely wounded and stabbed by Seer Malak, Uncle of Arbiter Starkweather. Eighteen was relatively sassy, but nonetheless he was a good friends of Crabs. Crabs helped him via an operation to help repair his kidneys, replace his ribs with impervium rods, and encase his entire shattered spinal column in an impervium casing. While the operation worked, it would prove to be a sort of backfire...

Kira my Dearah

While hanging out at Pocket D was interesting, there was a problem-either you find trouble, or trouble finds you. Crabs had been running into a girl named Kira quite often. At first, he was sort of apprehensive about the relationship. Crabs was in an awkward sort of phase, not really knowing anyone in the Isles yet. But a friendly relationship between her and Subject Eighteen would soon show up, and that would allow him to ease his mind into the future kinship that they would eventually share.

Kira was soon to be engaged in a bar fight, and brutally stabbed by someone. Crabs was contacted by Kira, and he immediately came to her aid. She was soon patched, and Crabs was...well, angry.

The only identity known is that this person was a hero named David. After some calculation, he soon discovered the person to be a member of the Teen Phalanx, and did negotiation in the best way he knew-by punching out an ex-girlfriend of David's. This got quite the reaction, and Crabs turned tail and ran, knowing that he wasn't going to really win a fight against 8 heroes and a villain.

Eventually Kira's stabber was caught, and supposedly punished.

Arbiter Starkweather Shows Crabs He's Kind of a Dick

Over the next few days, Crabs' relationship with Kira strengthened, and he became a sort of father figure for her, and eventually adopted and has taken care of her as a stepdaughter. However, his feud with Arbiter Starkweather over Kira's well being led to an interesting chase...

Arbiter Starkweather reported about Kira knowing a spy. So, under orders from him, a group was formed to hunt Kira down. Kira thought Crabs betrayed him, and they gave chase. This is also where Maris and Crabs first met.

A chase went on through Port Oakes, and eventually, the Spiders cornered Kira on top of a building. Afraid of the other Spiders hurting Kira, Crabs tried to subdue her with a bile spray, but blinded her. She fell off the building, and nearly killed herself. Crabs took Kira to the Spiders base, and eventually fixed her after some internal arguing, including giving her a new heart. When Kira came to, she thought Crabs betrayed and blinded her, unaware that he was the one that saved her life. This hurt him tremendously, and feeling unappreciated, went to Pocket D to get drunk. His stepdaughter, with Null, eventually found him, and apologized, explaining her situation of constantly getting hurt.

After that, the two became incredibly close, and their relationship, while it has had its ups and downs, has become strengthened, and they are a pair that will most likely stay together forever.

Relics of the Future

This time was memorable for Crabs-he established his role of professional prober of the Shadow Spiders, as well as an actual doctor, operating on many people. However, the appearance of Moira Dirge also signaled the appearance of the Relics, something that has led Crabs to much trouble and grief, harboring much feelings of hatred towards Moira.

At first, he started a witch hunt of sorts. Thinking that she was a fraud, after all, how could she come from a future where Lord Recluse flourished, when Project DESTINY showed a different future, he thought of her as a spy or delusional. Seer Jordan became influenced by her words supposedly, and Crabs thought he would have to turn on his friend. However, with a few words, he turned Jordan back against Moira, and once again, the hunt was on.

However, Moira eventually turned out to actually be correct regarding the relics of power, and the next few months became a hell of sorts for Crabs...

Dr. Von Havencrabs and the Bad Dream

((The past is currently worked on, but I feel the present is more urgent due to the recent events happening))


I Hate All Of You Hurt By The Cold (The Cold Is Me, By the Way, And This Isn't How the Red Hot Chili Peppers Song Goes, I know

((Doc and Moira have an argument, almost causing Crabs to completely leave the Spiders))

Maris, You Make My Face Turn Purple

Crabs had fallen for one of his closest friends, a one Sgt. Anna Maris. While her affection for her is hard explained, he nevertheless has given her the same care that he would his closest of friends. After a bit of flirting and hints, such as his gifts to her at Christmas (Including a pink grenade launcher), he finally asked her out on a date after Victor and Dossy finally spilled the beans, repeatedly almost, about his feelings for her. Their first date in Cimerora was successful, with Crabs leaving her with fond memories, like beating nazis to a bloody pulp.

However, the night before, some terrible things had happen, and ironically enough, Crabs would be the one responsible for shattering the already fragile and suspicious alliance between Black Tie and the Shadow Spiders that he had worked so hard to maintain.

Kira and Bad Dream had, once again, a fight in Pocket D. Victor was on hand to watch it, and he was torn between the two. While he still maintained ferocious loyalty to Bad Dream, he had made a promse to Crabs to stop fighting Kira, and look over her. The fight turned sour when Bad Dream allowed Kira to kill him, and he returned with the aid of Victor. Maris herself took to the fight, and was subdued and captured by Victor, not after Victor was shot by her several times. He knew what was going to happen, and that Crabs had deeply cared about her, and thus tranquilized her with a horse tranquilizer that had secretly been spiked with a temporary immunization to Spellbound 1313.

What happened next caused Victor's very actions and future with Black Tie to be put into question, as he gave very specific orders to Maris to act like she was going to be affected by the gas when she was interrogated. He also sent updates to Kira about the situation, as despite his actions against her, still held some affection for her as well, due to her relationship with his brother. Maris did a remarkable job of acting under the conditions, but eventually, Victor was torn when she had to take her own eye out with a knitting needle.

Victor then proceeded to perform a mind wipe on Maris, a process he had seen several times done by his brother, and had studied to copy the techniques exactly. Manipulating her mind as if it was a hard drive, he left a digital signature that would make an easily accessible storage point to undo the mindwipe, and reminded her to meet Crabs for their date.

Back to the present, Crabs undid the mindwipe at the arena lounge at Pocket D, and gave Maris orders to not attack Bad Dream, as he wanted the relationship to not turn sour. He also gave her a gift, a bouquet of roses wrapped in hand grenades-something he knew Maris would appreciate. Of course, the mindwiping would come back to haunt him.

At this point, Several meetings had occured at once at this point, and went in somewhat of this order.

After the mindwipe, a woman named Lumena, working for Labal, had requested details on John Starkweather. Crabs, incredibly disgruntled at Starkweather's leaving, gave her several bits of information about him. After her departure, a confrontation with Rook and Kira was boiling, and Crabs demanded that Rook have several supplies by one week, or he would somehow hurt his assistant and friend, Sarah Nightingale. Rook begrudgingly agreed.

That night was Crabs' date with Maris. It went off incredibly well, with them deciding on another date by next Saturday. Unfortunately, several humps had decided to show up that would make this meeting incredibly difficult.

Doctor Von Havencrabs and the Bad Dream Part Two

Unfortunately, as Crabs found out, Maris was -very- bad at acting. Bad Dream eventually overheard Maris talking, and confronted her at the Black Tie base about the mindwipe with Crabs. In an act of defiance, she spoiled everything, and as an act of punishment, attempted to hang her. Crabs, attempting to keep the relationship between Black Tie, did nothing, being assured by Maris that "She had this". It turned sour when Maris threw a knife at Dream, and Dream in turn threw the knife at Crabs, and Crabs, looking up in horror at a knife in his ribs, announced this friendship over. Bad Dream had also decided to infect them with the Red Dead, a necrotic airborn bacterial pathogen. After Maris and Crabs left, they immediately headed to the Shadow Spiders safehouse, with Psi-Tox on their heels.

Tox immediately demanded to know what happened, and after laying Maris on the table, Crabs let her know that Dream had poisoned them. Banking on the off-chance that she would remember he tried to remove a bullet from her brain fired by teammate Gangland Viper, Crabs asked Psi to put him in a state of induced euphoria, similar to an acid trip. When she obliged, his mind entered a clearer state, and despite complications, was able to create a fast acting detox. Unfortunately, there was only enough supplies for one, and Crabs in his new found love for Maris, gave it to her.

At this point, his body was fast decaying, and he called Moira Dirge to assist him and find more supplies and mix the chemicals. At this point, Psi Tox put Crabs into a coma, at first under the guise of wanting to help him from the pain, but in reality, wanted to keep him comatose to get him out of the way. She also drastically increased the amount of endorphins being created by his brain. She left when Maris fired a converted Francesca into a plasma cannon at Psi Tox, but she ran away before anything could happen.

Kira appeared, and the gathering crowd started to treat Crabs. Moira returned, and they mixed the chemical supplies to help Crabs. Kira was able to revive him somehow, and Crabs took the remaining serum. Unfortunately, this turned out to be for the worst, as his brain was already in an intense overdrive due to the induced acid trip and endorphin rush, and he suffered from brain damage, as in his entire brain was quite literally fried. He lost his memory, and the only way he remains alive at this point is due to a supernatural being and the mysterious contract he made when he was in Hell.

Sadness overcame the group, as they realized that the doctor had lost his mind. Maris broke into tears and ran away, coming back later as a fight ensued between Maris, Kira, Operative Griffin, and eventually Seer Jordan, against Psi Tox. Crabs joined in after being incredibly puzzled as to why everyone was fighting, summoning a Dark Servant to aid against the astral projection. While she was eventually driven away by being tired, Psi To left some damage to the group, especially at Seer Jordan.

The group remained puzzled and frustrated at what had happened to their leader and friend. Now the only question remains is what will happen, now with Arachnos soldiers including Blackweb at their heels, ready for a potential war...

(History is on indefinite hold because there's SO MUCH to add that it's simply overwhelming)

List of surgeries performed

Dr. Von Havencrabs has performed a wide array of surgical procedures as well as provided certain "Services" to various groups. Included are:

-Performing spinal, rib, and kidney replacement to Subject Eighteen -The famous "Project Markeesha", in which Crabs' reversed Markel's genetic switch during Halloween due to some sort of curse. -Fixing Amun Aergad's stab wound from Malak, in which Amun was stabbed with a blade coated in holy water. -Giving specialized Longfang operations to various people, including Arren Starkweather and Christopher Dyers. -Replacing Rook's lungs allowing her to breath independantly of her breathing devices. -Performing various mindwipes -With the aid of Victor, developing a healing serum that reforms the body, although the original formula was excruciatingly painful, he has recently asked Victor to develop sets that aren't so painful, including one that releases blissful chemicals in the brain, causing the user to delve into an ecstatic state when healing. This one her reserves for his time with Sgt. Maris and their relationship, due to it's incredibly sadomasochistic nature. -His specialty, probings. Using a wide variety of tools, including the FrancescaJUAREZ and FrancescaPROBOT, Dr. Von Havencrabs developed his reputation through painful methods of torture and remedies via the rectum.

Friends, Allies, Enemies


The Shadow Spiders-The Doctor became a member of the Shadow Spiders in fall of 2008, becoming quick attached with the group as the resident mad doctor and medical expert. However, soon after John Starkweather's departure, he led behind the scenes a seizure of power from Specialist Otaris, the newly elected leader, and severed from Arachnos, becoming an independant military and mercenary organization. While at first he put Markel Smythe and Operative Griffin in as leaders, soon there became a need for a third in this large organization, and Markel soon asked the Doctor to become the commander. Crabs' gladly took this position, giving him what he believes was the position he deserved after serving the spiders for so long.

Markel Smythe-Markel is one of the first people Crabs' truly interacted with. While the first part of the relationship was rather rocky, including having to deal with Crabs' hitting on Markel as a woman, it has gone through its ups and downs, eventually culminating into a tightly knit brotherhood in which they would do anything for each other. Crabs' is often seen as the older, but much less mature of the two, often attempting to increase Markel's confidence, unfortunately by pulling off what is most likely seen as an incredibly dickish move, such as threatening to kill Markel's ex-girlfriend Moira Dirge in order to get her to admit her emotional development, part of a pet project the Doctor was running. While Crabs' methods for Markel, and including just about everyone else, have proven to be incredibly brutal, barbaric, and in general, assholish, he does it out of his own unique manner of caring. The two share an inseperable bond, one that will last for eternity it seems.

Sgt. Anna Maris-Crabs' and Maris had a unique starting point-Crabs' insulted her alternative lifestyle of combat boots and heavy weapons, making several insults to her sexual orientation. Soon afterwards they were arguing about Kira, and well, it soon became nearly a fight. Maris had the misconception that he was like the rest of the Spiders-completely out to kill her, but it was in fact the opposite, as Crabs' was attempting to take care of her and look after her while remaining on good grounds with Starkweather. In reality, since day 1, the doctor has had what is best described as a huge crush on her, and that soon became obvious when at Christmas time, when Victor and Dossy spilled the beans to Maris that he had feelings for her, most likely payment for the fact that Crabs told everyone that Victor had a weird, twisted crush on Lerezal, Mako's sister (Which he still has, despite the fact that he's much older. It's become something of a dormant thought, however.) Eventually the two started dating, with their first date a trip to the Imperious Task Force in Cimerora, the second being the assistance of Lady Grey in the Rikti War Zone. Soon afterwards, through bonding through several battles, the two became close, and eventually started getting fully involved in their relationships. The two boldly, proudly, and loudly talk about their sadomasochistic and disturbing bedroom activities, including torture, and the implementation of tools normally ment for heavy destruction, including firearms, gardening equipment, and chainsaws.

Kira-Kira is Crabs' first of many "adopted" children. Why he remains caring for her is something that's unknown-perhaps it's some freudian attraction to her independance, much like the way he is attracted to Sgt. Maris, only it takes the form of some parental love, not romantic or lustful. Or perhaps it's the fact that she's just someone who needed a parent to look after them. Either way, he's operated on her, seen her in very exposed situations, and in general, has bent over backwards to ensure for the care of this mischievious hellion. Despite what she's done and put him through, he still cares for her, and believes that she returns the same feelings.

Arren Starkweather-Crabs and Arren's relationship is very much similar to his and Kira's, with him treating her as a stepdaughter, going so far as to threaten her current boyfriend Dragon Blades/Weslie with the thoughts of castration if he even as so much looks at her. While they have gone through quite a few trust issues, they still both care for each other, and continue to look out for one another. His main interest in her seems to be proving to her biological father, John Starkweather, that she can rise above and beyond anything that he can do, despite his idea that she won't amount to much due to her gender.


((Feel free to add character comments here!))

-Markel Smythe
-The Blood Red Rook
-Mako Avalar
-Sgt. Maris
-Bad Dream
-Operative Valos
-Operative Griffin
-Vinnie Frizzle
-Nicholas Williams
-Rook the Vaulted
-Golden Widower
-Operative Strik
-Sarah Nightingale
-Arachron Greg
-Artificial Intel
-Heaven Touched
-Bruiser Skyles
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