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The Secret Swashbuckler
Rook the Vaulted
Player: @SomeKindaLizard
Rank: Confidential
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Stalker/Brute
Security Level: 50
Identifying Data
Real Name: Secret
Known Aliases: Rook, Rook the Vaulted, "Keen"
Species: Human
Age: Speculated to be between 20 and 50
Height: 6'
Weight: Estimated to be around 165 lbs
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Additional Data
Date of Birth: Confidential
Place of Birth: Secret
Citizenship: Confidential
Current Residence: Confidential
Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, member of the Shadow Spiders
Marital Status: Engaged to Sarah Nightingale
Legal Status: Confidential
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Known Powers
Rook has no superhuman powers
Training / Abilities
Skilled swordsman, with a preference for the rapier
Twin rapiers, a portable cloaking device, regen capsules
Rook the Vaulted is, as may be obvious, obsessed with keeping even the most trivial of facts about himself a complete secret. Why? We tried asking. He started yelling, then whining, then he sort of started muttering, and finally he just ran away.
"Unity. Brotherhood. Sacrifice."

Rook the Vaulted is a character who takes the archetype of the suave assassin and turns it on its head. Though Rook is a skilled mercenary, his excessive sense of secrecy and paranoia (part of that due to his line of work, but mostly because that's just the way he is) make him socially awkward, and at times, just a bit creepy. More to the point, Rook actually does have something to hide- he secretly wishes to be a classical swashbuckler, a dashing swordsman who fights evil tyrants and saves beautiful damsels.


Character Overview

-Sarah Nightingale describing her employer

Rook the Vaulted is a masked mercenary who takes the art of secrecy far too seriously. A skilled swordsman and spy, Rook prefers to operate in the shadows, and much to the delight of his clients, he is known for his die-hard devotion to confidentiality. Unfortunately, that also extends to his personal life- Rook refuses to reveal anything about himself. His exaggerated sense of secrecy makes him an excellent freelancer, but it also makes him socially awkward. If that's not enough, Rook also secretly fantasizes about being a dashing hero that fights evil and rescues princesses... all while carrying out assassinations. Because of his secretive nature, the majority of this article is based on facts collected from a variety of sources, pain-stakingly gathered, analyzed and compiled by someone who has far, far too little to do with his time.

Originally, he presented himself to others with a disdain for the concept of morality. Recently, it's become clear that he has stronger morals than he lets on, Rook will usually show loyalty to his clients, and will require much persuasion to turn against them. Rook will very rarely take a contract on a former client; other members of the client's organization are another matter. Rook's services aren't limited to assassination; he is also a bodyguard, a spy, a messenger, a debt collector, and a kidnapper. Actually, he'll do more or less anything for the right price. He does have a few rules, however: Rook will never seriously harm children (and though he won't admit it, he refuses to harm pets- even attack dogs), and he will never kill someone that he believes to be a good person (though he's open to kidnapping, etc., just no killing). Now, exactly what Rook considers a 'good person' is debatable.

Rook has no superhuman powers, instead relying on skill and technology. He has a light frame, granting him considerable speed and agility. Much like his beloved rapiers, Rook doesn't rely on brute strength, instead focusing on precision and efficiency- he may never be able to hack an opponent's arm off, but he can inflict a mortal wound with a single strike, and leave little mess behind. He is skilled enough that he can take on enemies armed with rifles, though usually only a few at a time- he doesn't do well against large groups. Sometimes, Rook may challenge a worthy opponent to a duel, if he feels they are of equal skill. Rook will, of course, use a rapier, but his opponent is allowed to use whatever weapon they choose- even guns and certain kinds of magic. The objective is to give both opponents a sporting chance with a weapon they are comfortable with. On rare occasions, if Rook deals a fatal blow but is impressed with his opponent's performance, he will grant them a final request. This is a double-edged sword (no pun intended); if he's impressed, he'll make sure the killing blow isn't instantly fatal, letting the opponent die a slower and more painful death so that Rook can hear their dying wish. Otherwise, he usually aims to make the kill quick and efficient.

Rook shows no direct loyalty to any of the various groups operating around Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, instead remaining mostly neutral. However, despite his constant criticism of his teammates, Rook appears to remain loyal to the Shadow Spiders.

Though the origin of his alias is unknown, it's speculated that he is called 'the Vaulted' because of his secretive nature. However, he has made passing references to past confinement.


-A citizen makes the mistake of initiating small talk with Rook the Vaulted

Rook will go out of his way to guard his own secrets, and may react in a paranoid manner if he finds that someone knows something he didn't tell them himself. Attempts to ask direct personal questions are often met with evasive, defensive, and sometimes outright combatative reactions from Rook. His fiancée, Sarah Nightingale, often muses that he acts as if answering any of these questions would embarrass him. Rook will confirm nothing, instead muttering nervously to himself and quickly leaving the room.

Rook has little real interest in people. Unfortunately, he still has to interact with them on a fairly regular basis. From what little we've gleaned from observing these interactions, it's apparent that Rook not only refrains from speaking about himself, but that he's more comfortable when others do the same. To say that conversation is not Rook's strong point would be an understatement. However, when he's not behaving in his usual evasive manner, Rook is oddly blunt and pretty stubborn, though there are moments when a subtle sarcasm may emerge. The moment he feels that his security is threatened, Rook will quickly revert to his paranoid tactics. People with psionic powers especially make him nervous, and he will often try to pre-emptively dismiss anything they may reveal as being nothing more than rumors and gossip. He has also been known to impulsively mutter "stay out of my head" around psychics.

On occasion, Rook may share an opinion. He can be a source of odd wisdom, if those around him can stomach his pessimistic, antisocial views. Typical for a hired assassin, Rook claims to believe human lives have no intrinsic value, and that morality is an abstract, man-made concept that doesn't truly exist. Rook's constant warnings to Kira that "sooner or later, everyone you know will either abandon or betray you" may suggest that past experience fuels Rook's pessimism. The only thing that keeps Rook from being a true nihilist is one of the facts he most closely guards... Rook is a romantic. At his core, Rook is fascinated by the dramatic concepts of good and evil.

Which brings us to Rook's strangest trait- while carrying out missions, Rook imagines that he is a swashbuckling, heroic character taking part in a greater drama, often pretending that his target is some corrupt king or evil sorceror, and that his true objective is to save a beautiful maiden or to free the oppressed people (thus, "Mission to kill Police Chief" becomes "That time I defeated the evil High Sherriff!"- which he doesn't openly state, of course). Sometimes, Rook even goes so far as to narrate his bizarre little adventures. Because of this, more people know about Rook's odd fantasies than he realizes. Despite how it all may look, Rook is completely aware of the difference between reality and fantasy... which probably just makes this stranger.

Sarah Nightingale claims that Rook becomes a very different person without his mask. She has offered very few hints about him, and it's unclear if anyone else knows him well enough to describe his unmasked persona, though Sarah has defended her decision to marry Rook by claiming she fell in love with the man beneath the mask. Sarah, concerned for his social well-being in light of his difficult personality, has tried to encourage him to go out and socialize, with mixed results.

Secret Identity?

-Rook giving one of his usual neutral answers

Rook's excessive secrecy has led many to wonder exactly it is that he's hiding. There are few concrete facts: among them, that 'Rook' is an alias (Rook claims that he considers it his 'true name,' but has confirmed on several occasions that it's not his birth name), that he is a human male, and that he is a freelance mercenary who loves rapiers. Numerous theories have come to light, many of them conflicting wildly with one another. It that's not enough, some believe that most of these theories have some shred of truth to them.

(Feel free to add a theory and credit your character with hearing or initiating it)


R-101 "Swashbuckler"

For a long time, Rook had been watched by the Manufacturer, a mysterious entity credited as the master and creator of the R-series robots. Their unexplained interest in Rook has only heightened his paranoia, and he is actively seeking information about the mysterious Manufacturer. The seemingly insane R-43 "Eviscerator" model become a thorn in Rook's side for a while, but several months have passed without the Manufacturer showing any interest in Rook, until a mysterious stranger hired him to rescue Malcolm Trent. In the process, Rook himself was captured. Sarah and Trent, along with the Shadow Spiders, Lucius Schwarzhelm, and the help of the Centari Corporation, tracked down the Manufacturer's base and the chief operative, Agent Harrison. During the battle, Harrison revealed their newest model: R-101 Swashbuckler, previously known as Rook the Vaulted. Transformed through a very painful ritual into a robotic being himself, R-101 was loyal to the Manufacturer and wiped of any memories. While R-101 fought the Shadow Spiders, Sarah became nearly catatonic with grief. An EKW unit by the name of Rachel, who had come along with Trent to help, experienced an override in her programming which told her to immediately destroy R-101 for his resemblance to the EKW program. Though she was detained and kept from doing any serious harm, Firepaw and Demoness Nyx were able to subdue R-101. Harrison was captured, and revealed that there was a way to reverse what was done. Once Sarah repaired the damage, Harrison helped her to restore Rook to his human form. The process left him weakened and sore for some time, but he has since recovered. Curiously, there have been hints that he may now understand binary language.

According to Sarah, Rook felt tremendous guilt for what had happened, even though he wasn't himself. In the weeks after the incident, he interacted less with the Spiders. However, Eshleen Wintersmith (who had programmed her fellow EKW unit Rachel to behave the way she did) refused to take responsibility for her own actions. He still doesn't blame Eshleen nor Rachel for what they did- he felt they were right to try to destroy him. What he won't forgive is Eshleen's callous behavior towards Sarah following the ordeal. Rook's belief that nobody else in the Spiders cared about this has led him to return to his usual critical, unfriendly demeanor.


-Sarah Nightingale makes an unsuccessful attempt to turn Rook towards normalcy

As a solitary mercenary, Rook has few real allies. As a professional, he also has few real enemies, considering most of his opponents nothing but business. As a reflection of his distant nature, Rook usually doesn't refer to anyone by name, usually just using a description to refer to them. Lately, however, he's begun to use names to avoid having multiple people look at him whenever he calls someone "soldier" or "hero."


Rook and Sarah, at their new home. Rook seems unwilling to strike a pose.

Stance Unclear


Old Acquaintances

These people are either deceased, missing, or have otherwise become inactive.

Greatest Hits

As a freelancer, Rook doesn't exactly have a rogues' gallery. So instead, here are a few of the more interesting people Rook has run into on the job. Rook also tends to keep trophies from his missions, especially if he has faced a worthy opponent... though sometimes, he'll just do it for added humiliation (images still in progress).

Windfire Suzume

Windfire Suzume- The latest in a long line of magic-using manhunters, Suzume Ryoushi has come to Paragon City to use her talents as a freelancer- though she works for money, she will only hunt those she considers to be "wicked." Armed with a katana and trained in fire-casting and divining powers, "Windfire" Suzume is a formidable opponent, as Rook has seen on numerous occasions. Their respective missions have always brought them in conflict with each other, and at least once, they've been tasked with killing each other. Unfortunately, their fights always end in a draw, and they've developed a mutual respect for one another... though, like many others, Suzume loves to taunt Rook about his secretive nature. Odd trivia: Suzume seems to love Eurobeat music. Well, she IS Japanese...

Mower Sarco

Mower Sarco- Once a Freakshow thug, Sarco's obsession with body modification has turned him towards more ambitious pursuits. Engaging in all manner of crimes to fund his countless operations, Sarco views himself as a living work of art, constantly changing and always evolving. His skin is scaly and red from genetic modification, and the only organic parts that remain are his head and a sack of organs in a giant metal urn. At one point, he broke into the home of Harold and Evelyn Marceau, parents of Sarah Nightingale, and ransacked the place, savagely killing both parents. Sarco's motivation for this remains unclear; it's speculated that he was hired by someone within Portacio Industries, who wanted Sarah silenced after possibly witnessing something at the company, and Sarco may not have realized that she wasn't home. Though he has worked with him in the past, it was Rook the Vaulted who ultimately killed Mower Sarco.

What are you lookin' at?

The Marzaiola Brothers- Marty and Louie Marzaiola have been in the contracting business for years. Plumbing, carpentry, plumbing, construction, plumbing, you name it. You paying attention? Good, because we're only saying this once, got it asshole? These guys used to do all that, but they had enough. They got tired of being pushed around by big fat-cat bosses strutting around with fucking cigars in their mouths. So the Marzaiola Brothers decided to take it to the next level. You know what they do? They negotiate. They want you to give your workers better wages and benefits. You don't like it? Then I hope you like a fucking wrench where your teeth used to be. Sometimes, they run into this Rook the Vaulted tool, trying to keep all the honest hard-working men down. Hey, no problem. They can handle some whack-job prancing around with swords. Yeah, he gets away, and yeah, sometimes he stalls the good brothers' efforts. But one of these days, asshole, you're getting your skull stomped. Enjoy your fucking money, sellout.

Ganso observes the damage caused by one of his store's products

Ganso the Arms Dealer- Once a munitions expert for a rebel army in Europe, the Jamaican-born Cleavant "Ganso" Wright moved to the Rogue Isles following the army's defeat. Though he initially tried to join Arachnos, he was deemed unqualified based on his record of stealing equipment from whatever army he worked for. So Ganso instead tried to start his own black market business... which did not sit well with the present black market. Rook was hired to take him out, but found himself outmatched by Ganso's heavy weapons. When Rook finally managed to gain the upper hand, his killing stroke was stopped by the unexpected arrival of Sarah, who had discovered Ganso's connection to the rebel army, and that he had once saved her mother's life. Ganso then decided that having a public arms business was too much trouble, and instead runs a lunch truck... which is just a front for his arms business. He has since become friends with Sarah (who is often interested in broken or otherwise unsaleable items), though Rook will usually only see him when he's looking for information.

Pirouette la Perdrix

Pirouette la Perdrix- A member of a circus-themed criminal ring based in Paris, Pirouette feared that her gang would turn on her after a string of failed robberies. She hired Rook the Vaulted to act as both a bodyguard and an assassin, picking off the gang members Pirouette believed were a danger to her. Rook even briefly relocated to Paris in order to fulfill his contract. Once the gang members had been killed, Pirouette decided that she could take over the remains of the gang. Currently, she runs their operations with an emphasis on theft and circus-based vandalism. Though she now has her own cadre of bodyguards, Rook remains her first choice for assassination work. This is one of the few instances of Rook getting along with a clown.

Lia the Viper

Lia the Viper- Natalia "Lia" Ierunca is among Rook's most persistent enemies. Once an intelligence chief for a rebel army, Lia has since created her own team of spies and assassins operating in the Rogue Isles. Lia has a particular interest in Rook, as she believes he knows something about her mentor Alfiere Di Gallo's disappearance (she knows that Av Zaldun is after him for the same reasons, but she refuses to work with him). However, she has only confronted Rook on two occasions; every other time, she has sent her minions after him, and they inevitably fail to deliver any answers. She wonders now if Rook is already familiar with her tactics. Recently, she was captured in Paragon City and sent to the Zig for her part in a plan to assassinate the police chief. Much to Rook's alarm, Zaldun has broken her out. He finds the idea of an alliance between the two very worrying.

Crystal Ibis

Crystal Ibis- A member of a Chinese clan of magic-using assassins, the woman codenamed Crystal Ibis was one of Rook the Vaulted's first targets. Her real name and full history are unknown, but at one point her clan ordered her to infiltrate Arachnos as a test of her skills. Though she passed, she was assigned to essentially babysit a rebel army partially funded by Arachnos, and was abandoned by the organization when she was captured along with other rebel leaders. Though she escaped, Rook the Vaulted was eventually sent to kill her on behalf of a client who felt she knew too much. There was one thing complicating the matter: Windfire Suzume, whose clan of magic-using manhunters were old enemies of Ibis's clan. Her final test as a hunter was to kill Ibis, and she didn't appreciate Rook interfering in her hunt. Though they started off as enemies, Rook and Suzume eventually put aside their differences, tracking Ibis to Hong Kong. Though Suzume delivered the killing blow, Rook's client was still satisfied with his role.

R-44 "Enforcer"

R-44 Enforcer- Due to his interactions with Kira's R-45 robot (nicknamed "Null"), Rook has grown suspicious of the R-series, and their mysterious "Manufacturer." Rook long suspected that the Manufacturer used the robots as spies, but it wasn't until the arrival of R-44 that he had confirmation. The robot was sent to kill Rook on orders of the manufacturer; at first, Rook just ignored and avoided him, not having enough respect for a machine to bother fighting back. But when R-44 threatened to kill Nightingale if Rook continued his "cowardly" behavior, Rook was snared. Lured to Port Oakes, Rook confronted the insidious R-44, who proved to be more resilient than anticipated, but was nonetheless defeated. With his sensor array damaged (preventing the Manufacturer from monitoring them any further), R-44 hinted that he was no longer slave, and gave Rook what information his programming allowed... including an unexpected truth about the nature of the "Manufacturer." R-44 allowed Rook to take his AI chip before what was left of him self-destructed. A Representative of the Manufacturer soon arrived to collect any salvage, claiming that R-44's attack was a test of Rook's skill. Rook now intends to investigate the R-series and their enigmatic controller, but with his own skills and traits now familiar to the "Manufacturer," Rook may require outside assistance...


Ennio "Alfiere" Di Gallo- A former knight in an unspecified European country, Di Gallo felt that the despotic monarch needed to be overthrown. Called "Alfiere" by his men, it was clear from the beginning that Di Gallo's revolt was more about gaining power than liberating the people. He attracted those who also selfishly sought power or wealth, but there were still a few people who thought that Alfiere would take the country in a new, more prosperous direction, unable to see him for the petty warlord he was. Ironically, it was his own greedy lieutenants who sold him out to the monarch. Once captured, Alfiere was put on trial and sentence to death by hanging. As Alfiere and his top lieutenants (even some of the ones who had aided in his capture) awaited their public execution, more of Alfiere's men stormed the grounds and liberated him. Though he escaped, he was reported to have sustained heavy injuries during the breakout, fueling speculation that he died shortly afterward. What does this have to do with Rook? Well, nobody is quite sure. There seems to be some connection between Rook the Vaulted and Alfiere Di Gallo, but exactly what remains unclear. Some say Rook is Alfiere's murderer. However, at least one famous image of Alfiere depicts him holding a rapier that looks very similar to the one Rook uses...


Rook has no superpowers of his own, and must rely on weaponry and other technology in his line of work... especially since half of his targets can shoot fireballs, teleport, turn to stone, etc. Though he was once reluctant to accept Sarah Nightingale's technological help, he has recently been seen using devices or enhanced weapons created by her


Rook is rarely seen fighting with anything but rapiers. He values these weapons mostly for their elegance and association with romanticism rather than their practicality, but he is nonetheless very skilled with them. It should be noted that Rook actually prefers to use a single blade, though he often carries two with him.

Rook's weapons of choice are a pair of Impervium rapiers, crafted for him by Sarah Nightingale. In addition to being stronger and sharper than other rapiers in his arsenal, they've been fitted with special static coils that compensate for Impervium's inherently high conductivity.

Previously, he was known to use a pair of 18th century French rapiers. Among the pair is what is allegedly his first sword; according to Sarah, he took it from an evil man and killed him with it, allegedly Rook's first kill. Though he publicly claims that naming weapons is a foolish practice, he has secretly named his favorite sword "Ira." Its counterpart, a nearly identical sword he acquired at a later point, is called "Orgullo."

He has a fairly large collection of swords, but rapiers are his favorite- and more importantly, the ones he best knows how to use.

Trick Knives

Also designed by Sarah, a small arsenal of throwing knives with various settings. The following have been seen:

Cloaking Device

Rook's cloaking device renders him nearly invisible. Unfortunately, quick and/or wide movements can sometimes cause the cloaking field to disappear. He has used this less often in recent months.

Regen Capsules

These capsules contain a special regenerative fluid that, when injected, can help to heal surface wounds and drastically reduce pain. These regen capsules are intended as a quick fix and are not a substitute for real medical attention, and Rook will still need to have them looked at. Unfortunately, the fluid formula can't heal severe injuries such as broken bones. Though the injector capsules were designed by Sarah Nightingale, the fluid itself must be purchased elsewhere.


Rook's secrecy has led him to adopt certain phrases that he seems to find helpful. They rarely work as intended, but they've become a staple of conversation, to the point of becoming a source of humor among people who've tried to talk to him. Though not the only person to use any of these particular phrases, he has become linked to them.

Other Notes and Trivia

Lies and Gossip

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-Sarah Nightingale
-Av Zaldun
-Dr. Von Havencrabs
-Bad Dream
-Adam Michael Fairfield "Moone"
-Markel Smythe
-Ilia Dulmaire
-Dimitrious Vladimir
-Jean-Luc Bedeau
-Sgt. Maris
-Kaleigh Malfyre

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