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The Ruby Engineer
Sarah Nightingale
Player: @MoonlightMuse
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Sarah Kiley Marceau
Known Aliases: Nightingale, Sarah Nightingale
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"'
Weight: 116 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Inventor, Chief Engineer of the Asgard
Place of Birth: King's Row, Paragon City
Base of Operations: Port Oakes
Marital Status: Single, currently in a relationship with Rook the Vaulted
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Mechanical aptitude, expert roboticist
Weapons! And other stuff
Just because you live in the Isles doesn't mean you're a villain

Sarah Nightingale is a young inventor and roboticist formerly in the service of the mercenary Rook the Vaulted. To put it simply, she handled all of the work he didn't want to do, including paperwork and housework. Sarah also created new devices, but her boss never seemed to use any of them. Originally frustrated by Rook, she has found an outlet for her talent as Chief Engineer of the Asgard, the ship belonging to the Shadow Spiders. Resentful of caped heroes (who she sees as self-serving fakes), has a bit of a dark side, which shows up in a slightly vengeful streak. She won't miss an opportunity to taunt or inflict misfortune on people who've offended or hurt her in the past.



Sarah's not a bad person, really! Ordinarily, Sarah is actually a compassionate and optimistic person, and someone who would like to see the world change for the better. But due to events in her past, and her prolonged exposure to Rook's "wisdom", she has begun to develop a subdued pessimism, and she looks at the world with a hint of bemused cynicism. Sarah truly wishes for a better world, but she's slowly beginning to realize that it's never going to happen. What choice does she have but to go along with it?

Despite all of this, Sarah maintains a friendly exterior. She's willing to help others in need, and she's become a good listener. If you ever need someone to talk to after a bad day, Sarah will be there. She does have signs of an overactive imagination and has a tendency to jump to bizarre conclusions with little evidence (case in point: she believes the spirit-reaper Mephistroth is a dinosaur hunter based solely on vague allusions to working for a museum), which hints that she might not be completely in tune with the world around her. This is probably because she spends most of her free time shut-in, working on her machines. But let's be clear- Sarah may have a slight scatterbrained side when it comes to real-life issues, but she's incredibly knowledgeable about mechanical engineering and computer programming. Under the guidance of Dr. Von Havencrabs, she's also received a crash-course in physics.

In spite of her slight dark side, Sarah is still more passive than aggressive. She laments that she's not a born fighter, and that shes not as tough as her friend Kira, despite being a few years older. Even though she has some internal anger issues, Sarah still can't find it in herself to kill another human being. Handling paperwork for a hired killer has desensitized her somewhat, but she's not ready to be a killer. She does what she can to minimize Rook's damage, and because she has the chance to clear his assignments, Sarah will sometimes erase the ones that would endanger innocent people, or prevent Rook from killing someone who might not actually deserve it. He doesn't seem to notice whenever she does this, or if he does, he hasn't mentioned it.

Sarah sees most "heroes" as frauds. She thinks that they care mostly about their own image, and that protecting the innocent is a distant second priority. Her judgment may be unfair, but it's been so deeply impressed into her mind that she has trouble seeing heroes any other way.

As for Rook... Sarah was (and sometimes still is) frustrated by him (and anyone who knows Rook can understand why), but she's also long had feelings for him, and only recently mustered the courage to tell him. Though he initially rejected her, he did so only because he felt she deserved someone better. Recently, he has finally admitted his own feelings for her. The two have been close for years, but now they share a much closer relationship.

Character History

Sarah Marceau, at age 13

Sarah Marceau's early life is mostly uneventful. She was raised in a normal, happy home by her parents Harold and Evelyn Marceau, and they were like any other family in the post-Rikti Paragon City. But Sarah was always just a little different- instead of playing with dolls, she liked to take her father's electronics apart to see how they worked. By the time she was 9, Sarah could take apart her father's computer and reassemble it by the time he came home from work, and nothing would look out of place. Her parents encouraged her to hone her talents (and did their best to keep her away from their stuff). By age 11, Sarah had built her first robot. By age 12, she had developed an AI system on her own, and at the age of 13, she caught the eye of Portacio Industries. Impressed with her skills, Portacio offered to enroll her in an apprenticeship program. Usually, they required at least a bachelor's degree before they would accept anyone into the program, but the Portacio executives saw potential in Sarah and decided to make an exception. Sarah accepted, and her parents proudly watched as their young daughter took her first steps towards a brighter future.

What happened next is still a mystery. Somehow, Sarah's apprenticeship was terminated, her parents were killed, and she ended up working as an assistant to the mercenary Rook the Vaulted. While it's all mostly still unexplained, there are a few details: the ex-Freakshow monster called Mower Sarco is allegedly responsible for the brutal murder of the Marceau family; Rook the Vaulted is responsible for the death of Mower Sarco; several Portacio Industries employees are dead, including the manager of a research division in Steel Canyon; and Sarah blames the inaction of the PPD and the superhero Quetzal K... who is already notorious for favoring self-promotion over actual superhero work. During the course of these events, Sarah also learned the identity of her biological father, after learning that it wasn't Harold Marceau. In addition, Rook made a promise to someone to watch and protect Sarah. In order to make herself useful and avoid just being dead weight, Sarah volunteered to at least assist him with his work. From the beginning, though, Sarah harbored a schoolgirl crush on her paranoid, eccentric protector... one which she herself initially had a hard time justifying.

As an assistant to Rook, Sarah has followed his advice and taken a codename: Nightingale. Rook used to refer to her solely as Nightingale, but Sarah still gives her first name freely, something that worried the already-paranoid Rook (though he now openly calls her Sarah in public). Essentially, her job was to take care of the minor details of the mercenary's operation. In finer terms, she was a glorified secretary and housemaid, something she found quite annoying, especially since Rook never seemed to take advantage of having an inventor as an assistant. Recently, Rook and Sarah both joined the Shadow Spiders, and she'd become quite comfortable with the team's ship, the Asgard. She was also quite excited when Dr. Von Havencrabs offered her the position of Head Engineer, which she gladly accepted. She's technically still Rook's assistant, but her duties as Head Engineer take up most of her time, and she now introduces herself using her current occupation.

With her mind now occupied with something both productive and fulfilling, Sarah has let go of some of her internal anger. With Rook now returning her feelings, Sarah feels as if her whole life is coming together. She's even content to ignore Quetzal K, the last remaining person with any connection to the death of her parents... though it might be because he's incredibly stupid and really is not worth the trouble.


Sarah and her bots monitor the Asgard's main generator

A good inventor always has a trick up her sleeve. Sarah regularly carries an array of gadgets with her, some of which she carries only because she wants an excuse to test them.

Pulse Rifle

Sarah's standard weapon, a large rifle with varying settings. At default, it can be used as a mid-range weapon. With the flip of a switch, it becomes a long-range weapon, perfect for sniping. It can fire small laser blasts, or it can fire projectile weapons, such as bullets and grenades. It's so versatile, and it can be yours for three easy payments of $19.99!


Sarah makes use of several portable gadgets. Personal force-field generators, armor-eating acid sprayers, various detonators... all very standard, of course. She also makes use of various status-effect grenades (web, freezing, gas, etc.), as well as seeker drones which she uses to scout and map the area. Her favorite, however, is a portable console tablet that keeps her connected to the Asgard's systems... so she could potentially use the ship's weapons for herself. Of course, she never does this without clearing it with the commanders. Or does she?


Sarah's pride and joy, her robots are both her pets and her minions. Their bodies are made from various sources, but their AI is entirely designed from scratch. Sarah could use any of the more advanced AI available, but she prefers to use her own design, which may be crude by modern standards, but it's hers. It's all a matter of pride. That way, they remain her babies.

Rook the Vaulted has issues with robots and seems to be under the impression that Sarah's robots want him dead. Actually, they love and respect him. After they walked in on Rook and Sarah sharing some private time, Sarah sat down with them explained what it was they were doing, and what it meant. Ever since, they've started to see him as a kind of stepdad, but Appo is the most attached to "dad."

Iggy and Spike

Iggy and Spike are essentially twins, and mostly have the same personality. But, Iggy's older, so let's talk about him. Iggy was Sarah's first robot, built from scratch and using an AI system she designed. Originally, he was just a simple project and Sarah didn't build him for any particular purpose. Once finished, he sort of became Sarah's butler and attendant, and he developed an attachment to her that made him somewhat overprotective. His original body, a crude skeleton frame, was destroyed the night Sarah's parents were murdered. His brain remained intact, and Sarah put it in the body of a burnt-out PPD Enforcer unit. After some tweaking to both his programming and body, Iggy became a bodyguard unit. Recently, he's become Sarah's second in command in the engineering department. While she went on vacation for a week, Iggy briefly took over her duties... and is now mostly terrified of the rest of the Spiders. He still retains a passive crush on Markel Smythe and usually offers backrubs, footrubs, etc.

As for Spike, he never had an original body, starting out as a rough head with a copy of Iggy's "brain." Once Iggy received his new body, Sarah used parts from another PPD Enforcer for Spike, ultimately making a robot similar to Iggy, but with some subtle differences. As far as his personality goes, Spike is just as loyal as Iggy, but he seems to be aware that Rook hates them. Spike will play small pranks on him, which only infuriate Rook and force Sarah to step in and defend him, genuinely convinced that Rook is just blaming the poor robot for his own clumsiness. It's more than likely Spike's fault that Rook thinks the robots are plotting his death. Spike has been known to secretly break things so he can later fix them and take credit.


Poor, poor Appo. He has the same basic body type and equipment as Iggy and Spike, but he has only half their processing power. So, Appo is sort of their dumb little brother. He was built mostly to do the odd jobs nobody else wanted to do. Appo takes out the garbage. Appo cleans the sink. Appo scrubs the toilet. Appo fixes the heater. While the other bots tease him, they're also protective of their child-like kid brother. Ever since accepting Rook as "stepfather", Appo has come to see him as a role model and tries to impress him, going as far as to paint himself blue to be more like "daddy".

Appo actually dreams of being a chef, like Dominico, one of Dr. Von Havencrabs's robots. Dominico has spent years studying the culinary arts and has accepted Appo as an apprentice. Sarah worries that Dominico's disciplinary methods may be too strict, but Appo insists that this is his dream. Presently, he is nowhere near Dominico's skill level, but he makes decent meals. If Dominico is a world class master chef, Appo is so far a short-order diner cook.

Harvey and Cal

Twin repair units, Harvey and Cal are the maintenance crew. They're designed to find any structural flaws and correct them. That means one minute, they may be tightening a door hinge, and the next they might be repairing a turret. They have yet to develop distinct personalities, and seem to speak in unison... even when they're in different rooms. Recently, she's upgraded them to perform minor first aid, though most people are hesitant to accept medical help from robots armed with screwdrivers and welders.


The big gun. Ozzy is Sarah's newest robot, an assault unit with enough firepower to level a city block. Like most of her robots, Sarah didn't program any specific personality, instead letting Ozzy develop his own through his experiences. This may have backfired: while the other robots see Sarah as a mother, Ozzy is in love with her (something that really should be impossible). Worse, he's realized that Rook is his chief rival, and must be eliminated. Until Sarah can fix this rather embarrassing problem, she keeps him powered down in her workshop. Rook, naturally, would prefer she just dismantle it.

Recently, Markel's tech aura has changed Ozzy's fixation. Now he is determined to have "cuddle time" with Markel and is not above using violently aggressive tactics to reach that goal. He used to want Rook the Vaulted dead, but now wants Blood Red Rook dead instead... but he has no idea what she looks like and after destroying a random dummy in the firing range he somehow decided Rook is dead.

There is absolutely nothing subtle about an assault bot. There is nothing subtle about Ozzy's bizarre love for Markel... cuddle time cannot be stopped. Cuddle time will commence shortly...


Recently, Sarah has become slightly more popular. She now has more than two friends!


Not Friends

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