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"Honor In Silence"
Kaleigh Malfyre
Player: @Azrael
Rank: Confidential
Origin: Natural(Interchangeable with Magick and Tech)
Archetype: Brute/Widow/Corruptor
Security Level: Corr: 50, SoA: 26
Identifying Data
Real Name: Selena Zilarc
Known Aliases: Kaleigh Marie Antoinette Zelreich Malfyre(No relation to the real Antoinette.), The Malfyrian, EVE, Obsidian Tempest
Species: Ascian (Avalonian Demon)
Age: Appears 24, true age 2826
Height: 6'
Weight: 173 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Additional Data
Date of Birth: August 12th
Place of Birth: Zephyrus Mountains, Avalonia
Citizenship: Etoilean
Current Residence: Swiss Alps/Asgard secondary
Occupation: Vanguard Captain/Public Relations CEO of Malfyre Industries
Marital Status: 1st husband long gone, currently married to Demoness Nyx
Legal Status: Ex Convict, All crimes assumed absolved
Known Relatives and/or Associates
Lerezal Avalar - Mother, Katrine Malfyre - Sister, Mako Avalar - Uncle, Nyx - Wife, Amy Yin - Adopted Daughter, Darius Zilarc - Biological Son
Known Powers
Avalonian magick disciplines, including Soul, Ice, Wind. Also somewhat skilled in Celestial and Temporal magicks. Very low skilled summoning.
Training / Abilities
Extreme aptitude with various Melee weapons, Adept with various guns, sloppy but effective Parkour
See Equipment Section
Ally of the Shadow Spiders, runs Dagger Inc., a Private Security Company.
"Unity. Brotherhood. Sacrifice."



Kaleigh was born Selena Zilarc, a mage of the Wind people of the Zephyrus mountains in Avalonia. Her life there was quite straightfoward, and she went through the usual rituals of her people. She became her town's mage, and married a royal guard of the Avalonian Royal Family, who's name is still unknown. With this lover, she had her first child, Darius. She lived a happy twenty three years of life, until the Invasion.

The Demon Makers of Avalonia were always a feared people, and at the time, Lerezal was no different. Her army bulldozed through the town, a prime target because of Selena's husband. The two were captured, and put through rigorous tortures. Finally, in a bid to break the Guard's will, Lerezal took Selena's soul and fashioned it into an Ascian, creating the woman soon to be known as Kaleigh Malfyre.

Kaleigh worked as one of the lower generals of Lerezal's army, designed to incite Fear and Horror on the battlefield. She filled this role quite well with her sister, Katrine. But Katrine, is another story. Kaleigh took the name Kaleigh Malfyre in honor of the First Demon Maker's General, Katrana Dorocal Malfyre, and moulded her appearance at war to mimick the great general's on the field, to further incite terror.

A few years ago, Lerezal's brother, Mako, had 'escaped' Avalonia, with a fragment of Lerezal's Avatar Ascian, Zohr'Khronus. Specifically, to Paragon City, and subsequently, to Etoile, or the Rogue Isles. Two and a half years into Lerezal's campaign, coincidence found Kaleigh and her 'sister' whisked away to Etoile as well...

Project PARIAH

Finding themselves in the Isles, Kaleigh and Katrine hid themselves away, adapting themselves to the isles under the guise of "Destined Ones". This did not last long with the vast amount of Fortunatas, however, and the two were very quickly brought in by Arachnos. The organization took an intrigue in their powers and abilities, and turned the sisters into guinea pigs for new supersoldiers, against their will. Despite the two's best efforts, Kaleigh and Katrine were bested, and unwillingly made into the beginning of Project PARIAH.

They were trained in military tactics, constantly getting surgeries to get DNA, among other things. This is where Kaleigh got a third lung and second liver, to survive internal toxins better.

Shadow Spiders

One day, the administrator of the Project recieved a message. PARIAH was to be shutdown due to sub-par results, and the two Ascian sisters to be assigned in a "real" group. The two sisters found themselves in the Shadow Spiders, an Arachnos group headed by Arbiter Death that operated out of Fort Hades. It was there Kaleigh reunited with a somewhat less Violent Lerezal Avalar, as well as Mako. For a small time, they operated well and strong, but Kaleigh found herself more and more worried for Ler, who now hosted the First Demon Maker in her mind, the Omnitaria. This threat had grown and grown, and Kal's worry began the slow, nagging descent into instability.


It was during her time with the spiders that Kaleigh met Erik, the Golden Widower. Raised to be a widow of Arachnos since he was orphaned, Kaleigh slowly found herself attracted to him, and after seeking the counsel of The Blood Red Rook, she mustered the courage to attempt a bout at a normal life and asked him out. The two, after a few dates, became practically inseperable, and Erik's concern and compassion for the Ascian soon found Kaleigh a softened, more moral person...Even if it did not overtake her violent nature. From their love, Kaleigh found herself and Erik fully adopting Amy Yin as their daughter. But nothing lasts forever...

Unity, Brotherhood, Sacrifice

The Shadow Spiders themselves would find themselves rife with turmoil. Arbiter Death had left them behind for the Villains of Paragon City. Kaleigh had been away at the time, but she came back to a new Shadow Spiders. Neutral, and united under the banner of Dr. Von Havencrabs. Kaleigh made no bones about the change, and went on as usual. After all, she hated Arachnos. With a passion.

The Feud of thorns

The Feud of Thorns began in February of Two thousand and Nine, when the Circle of Thorns found Kaleigh. It was short lived, at least visibly, when Kal was captured by the group. She did not remain a captive for long, as she ripped herself from their binds, sadly at the sacrifice of her arms. She would go on to have a seething hatred for the Circle, especially a particular succubus they staffed. Her arms eventually re-grew over a temporary pair of cybernetics.


Around the end of the Thorn Feud, Erik had begun to dissapear constantly. This began to take a toll on Kaleigh's mental health, eventually leading to a severe depression when he had stopped showing back up. She did her best to hide it, but had occasional spats with others that would leave her reclusive.

This was to change mid-summer, when an avalonian showed up in the Isles. A renegade of the Monarchy, and Royal Guard, Darius Zilarc. Kaleigh went to find him and learned of his identity, growing a bit happier at the sight of a son that she both felt missing, and had little memory of. However, this would not sway her descent, but only halt it for a little.

Romance, Redux

A few months later, Kaleigh would find herself a much different person. Cold, sadistic, and prone to breakdowns, she attempted to, at first, shut away the world and go on like nothing happened. But this supression led to life being even harder.

Eventually, after a long talk with a now Kind-hearted Lerezal, among others, she surrounded herself with a few newer, closer friends. Among these were the Acanous, his demonic friend Nyx, and the Terran Soldier, Firepaw. The group would talk, joke, and just hang out most nights, stretching into the mornings.

However, Kal would find herself reminded of Erik and missing him still, and have another breakdown. This time being the first in front of others. Of all the people to console her, however, was the Demoness Nyx. Barely understanding the concept of Companionship and Love, all she could do was allow Kaleigh to rant on and on, eventually letting the night end with the two of them...Particularly close.


Despite various bumps and bruises along the way, Kaleigh and Nyx grew close over the following months. The Ascian began to smile in earnest for the first time in months, having a brand new lease on life. On the sidelines, she furthered her relationship with Nyx. Their relationship grew tighter, and soon, the two found themselves married on October 28th, 2009.

Current events

Kaleigh has been seen recently taking a much less active role with the world, having become a little more isolated in actions unless the Shadow Spiders or the Malfyrian Refuge come in danger.

Vanguard Involvement

On the side of all these events, Kaleigh had joined the Vanguard as of June Twelfth, 2009, under the command of Seere Dulmaire. When he first dissapeared, and was assumed dead, Kaleigh was promoted to Captain rank. Her squad became a specialized black-ops unit that functions behind the scenes.

Kaleigh has been promoted a few times, up to the rank of Leiutenant Colonel, but has since retired, now running Dagger Incorporated, a Private Security company.


A very cold, calculating person at first, Kaleigh tends to be very open when things aren't serious, and can usually be overtly-comical. She holds her beliefs in high regard, and will do anything to follow her moral code. In situations, she is usually stern, and attempts to be logical. However, if something that she holds close is so much as looked at funny, she gets very defensive and abandons all to rage and emotion.

Skills and Abilities

As an Ascian made from an Avalonian, Kaleigh has a knack for magick that is plain unheard of.

Ice Magick

This is Kaleigh's learned magick. It consists mostly of ice formation rather than manipulation. It is in this field that Kaleigh excells, but not as much as her Wind Magick.

Wind Magick

As Kaleigh's Inherent magick, it is where she excells. Strangely enough, she does not use these powers often, usually only for fun. This magick is where her Flight comes from, as well as some of her speed and strength.

Dark Magick


These are NOT complete lists, since Kaleigh has acquired too much gear to mention here. So the common ones will be mentioned only.


Kaleigh carries a ton of Melee weaponry in her portals.


Kaleigh ALSO Carries a ton of guns.



Renegade Pattern - A hardsuit made of modified, offworld materials, the Renegade pattern is one of Kaleigh's three armors that she wears to battle. It is equipped with a Weapon ID system, updating a reticle that she wears with realtime information about her guns. The reticle is also updated constantly with her own vitals, suit integrity, Comm feeds, and equipment status, however with no helmet, it does not have a life support system.









None that really Make this list. It's black and white for her, mostly.

Bad terms




Theme Songs

Views and Opinions about Kaleigh!

Write your Toon's opinions here!

Eshleen Wintersmith: "Kal? She's a good enough person. I don't really get her most of the time, but I know that I can depend on her, no matter what."

Blood Red Rook: "Kaleigh is a very dear friend. I've known her for a very long time now, and while we have our occasional disagreements, I would trust her with mine and Markel's lives."

Oranbegan Shaper Selene : "Selene? Selena? Kaleigh? Whoever she is, she's a very good person and boss; I don't think I've lifted my finger and done actual work even once. I'd trust multiple of my lives to her, too... Perhaps a little young for her age, though. I keep thinking I'm going to have to drag her out of trouble one of these days. Woof."

Rook the Vaulted : "She has proven to be a capable leader and manages to maintain composure despite the constant stress in her life. In many ways, she's an admirable person, but her willingness to overlook the monstrous nature of some of her allies makes trusting her very difficult."

Av Zaldun : "The Colonel's got it all. Brains, guts, and authority wrapped in a very eye-pleasing package, heh. And she's given a down-on-his-luck bastard like me a shot when everyone else is pissing on my face. All I gotta do is follow orders, and I get a fat paycheck and some nice toys. She's given me everything I could want. Heh. Well, not everything."

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