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"I already know that St. Peter won't call my name."
Nicholas Irvine Williams
Player: @Nicholas Williams
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind, Arachnos Widow
Threat Level: 50, 35+
Personal Data
Real Name: Nicholas Irvine Williams
Known Aliases: The King of Dogs, Notorious Nic
Species: Human
Age: 40
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170-190, depending on his prosthetics.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Australia
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: "Boss" Williams (father, deceased)

Sarah Williams (Mother, deceased)

Known Powers
Biologically has no Super Powers.

"Williams Family Gift"

Known Abilities
Commands METSU Mercenaries.

Natural Leadership Abilities. Expert Marksman. Close Quarters Combat Expert (Combat Form Sambo/Systema). Gifted Actor.

Supplies. METSU Anti-Supernatural Railgun (ASR). Throwing Knives. METSU Teleportation Satellite. METSU Comlink.
Speaks in an Australian accent with some British slang.
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The King of Dogs

Nicholas Williams, the King of Dogs. He is called that name by fellow mercenaries because within the mercenary world he is considered by many as the king of the "dogs of war". Nic is also often called this by women as he's notoriously known for hitting on the wrong woman and never giving up. Some say he has a death wish as he seems proud that over sixteen people and organizations want to kill him. Giving him his secondary title of Notorious Nic.

Many are often puzzled as to why this man is considered great--as to them he's a dumbass playboy who doesn't know when to hold his tongue. Let's not forget he has a nasty habit of purposely pestering people just for his own entertainment. His habit of randomly disappearing from the organization he's a commanding officer in doesn't help this image, either.

Some say he's just charming to the point you'll overlook those flaws once you get to know him. Others say people in the Weapons Union are just bloody insane and he stands out as the least crazed. Then there are those who have said he gets his respect because he is supposedly unbeatable in combat (course many say this rumor was started by Nic himself).

Losing interest in the lack of "real war" in the Rouge Isles he's been traveling battlefields across the world. Searching for something to amuse him.

The Williams Family Gift

The Williams Family Gift is a special "ability" present in the Williams bloodline. Biologically speaking everything about the members of the Williams Family tree are normal. They have no super human powers. They have no aura. Those with the ability to "sense" powers/abnormalities would sense nothing. In the eyes of science the Williams Family are nothing more than normal human beings. But despite being normal human beings there are several abnormalities surrounding them.

With every generation the first born child of a couple will always have the "strongest" gift out of all their children. The first born child will be born male as in the entire family tree there has never been one female first born child. Everyone with the gift will be born athletic, intelligent, immune to disease/viruses, and have various "powers". Though while the first born child has the strongest gift, the "power" of each generation's gift varies. Despite the presence of the abnormal powers around those with the gift none of them seem to control it. It just happens when they desire it.

Nicholas' gift is rather strong and seems to be orientated in aiding those around him and making enemies weaker.

Nicholas' Gift

Nicholas's Gift is his Leadership Pool, his Dark Miasma abilities, and whatever "power" the character has.

In terms of RP, Nicholas doesn't seem to directly produce this effect. If anything it seems that it's something else effecting him and those around him. The Leadership pool is RPed simply as your character becoming slightly stronger just by being near Nicholas. Shadow Fall is RPed as Nicholas and those around him becoming translucent, making it harder to see him (as well making it harder to attack him). Twilight Grasp is RPed as having your character to be motived to fight longer (or in rare occasions be healed). While your character's still "wounded" he/she feels he can go on for longer. Also, in terms of debuffs enemies simply feel and are weaker. Howling Twilight is RPed as having your character feel like he is dying/injured/whatever and suddenly be inspired to stand up to fight. Enemies also become panicked, causing them to become indecisive and generally be weaker. Tar Patch is RPeded as a mysterious substance forming on the ground. Fear is RPed as an irrational fear. "Dark Servant" is simply RPed as either your characters being oblivious or feeling a "presence" around Nicholas.

It should be noted that Nicholas' power can be used in torture. Though little is know how this works.

Because of aid from Ghost Widow and new nanomachines, Nicholas can now "channel" the source of his abilities through him. Now giving him a degree of control with his powers as well abilities no other members of the Williams family have had.

The Truth

It has been confirmed that while Nic is human and has no powers of his own, the Williams Family Gift is the result of protection by a being known as SF. With SF's appearance in the mortal world allowed others to get an idea of the full extent of Nic's abilities. Those who know him best are quite aware that Nic has never gone full out in combat. As it's his style to only use what is needed to get the job done. This leaves to wonder exactly what is Nic's full potential? Regardless, Nic dislikes having to use his powers and uses them sparingly--preferring to rely on his own strength instead of SF's. Most instances he uses his power to weaken metahumans.

As such, the "Dark Servant" is actually SF himself taking a more active role in combat. This connection to the devil SF is also the reason Nic was never born with a soul.

Personal Life

Ever since the death of Tasipher, Nicholas has been more interested in having a social life. As such he is seen more and more at the D. This, though, is also the prime reason there has been a sudden surge of "people trying to kill him." Because of his love for combat he tends to make enemies more then friends. But when he does decide to put on the charm he's known to get real close to people real quickly.

It should be noted the few occasions someone could make a serious attempt to kill Nic, those in power have decided to spare Nic for various reasons. It could be that his nature as a mercenary means he could be utilized later.


While his body can outperform most athletes it should be noted that occasionally bits and pieces of Nicholas' health problems surface. Because Nicholas' body is entirely human and therefore lacks any regenerative or invulnerable capabilities he has racked up numerous critical injuries. He has revealed that many of his limbs and areas of his flesh are made out of high quality bio-prosthetics. Entire limbs are composed of "bio-mechanical" materials. He doesn't have any of his original blood and what he has is entirely synthetic. His body is regulated by nano-machines which must be periodically replenished in order to keep his prosthetics in harmony with the rest of his body--they also aid in prevention of various infections including ones from other nanomachines.

As a result, Nicholas has known to occasionally inject himself with nano-machines when the "harmony ratio" between his natural and synthetic parts is low. He has also seen carrying a bottle of cough suppressant medication with him at all times, as his lungs are in poor shape from years of cigarette addiction. Although because of his nano-machines he doesn't have to worry about any form of cancer.

Drug Problems

During the 80s, like many mercenaries and rich men, Nic was known to indulge in both drugs and women. Forming addictions to various drugs, his favorite being cocaine and opium. During the late eighties his father had pushed him to get clean and he did. After 89, he never would do drugs until Tasipher's death. Once Tasipher was killed Nic fell off the wagon and became addicted to opium again. To him, the opium and poppy tea calmed his nerves and let him feel "void". The pain of Tasipher's death being too great for him. Unfortunately for Nic, a man who rarely made friends, his first true friend in a long time was killed because of another man's incompetence.

Nic, though, is clean once again and has been known to avoid drug users. This habit caused some distance to be formed in his brief relationship with Darkhail.

Personal Philosophy

Nic's views on life are as that as a mercenary. While there are many people who have had to deal with conflict, battle, and war. Nic is someone who's life is completely dedicated to strife. Soldiers only serve for a certain period of time--mercenaries are mercenaries until the day they die. Because of this he sees things in a way that only hardened mercenaries like himself does. Although he is generally surrounded by mercenaries only "older" fighters seem to understand and agree with his views. This is, in truth, the majority of mercenaries in the Rouge Isles haven't been a mercenary for long.

Nic is a nihilist and believes there is no real point to life. Although he is rich beyond anyone's wildest dreams he lives a minimalist lifestyle. Purchasing only what is needed for him to continue working as a mercenary. The only reason he works is to sate his urge for combat. But this is why Nic is among the best mercenaries out there. He has no true "goal" in this world other then to fight. As such he has no reason to betray anyone, even for money. He simply goes to where the war is and sticks by his personal code of honor.

In terms of religion he has none as he views that all religions are essentially correct. This is because he is lead to believe that all the divine beings will provide your soul with an afterlife as long as you worship them. Given that Nic doesn't have a soul he doesn't chose to follow a religion as there is "no point". He has been quoted as saying that when he dies he won't see St. Peter and even if he did, he wouldn't let him through Heaven's Door's.

Nic is a war hawk. His motivation is getting involved in grandeur battles, as such his loyalty is to whoever he believes will give him the best fight.

Current Events

Seeing that Nacht Sniper could handle running Weapons Union without him, Nicholas has decided he'd take a much needed vacation. Though, for Nicholas, his idea of vacation is touring the various combat zones across the world.

His reason for taking a vacation? Boredom in the isles. To quote him, "for an island inhabited with super powered psychopaths no one wants to fight anymore."


  • Nacht Sniper - A trusted ally and, in Nic's eye's, a close friend. During Nacht's antics Nic has been known to try to keep things from getting too out of hand. During the time when the Vegans were still clients of the Union Nic, to be professional, never participated in the little "attacks" on Vegans. This was to Nacht's dismay as a lot of the time it was Nacht egging Vegans by himself. Nic trusts Nacht with running the Union when he isn't around and has complete confidence in Nacht's abilities. He tends to get a little defensive of Nacht if people complain about his antics.
  • Morgan Blood - Morgan is an old friend of Nic and the one responsible for bringing Nic in the Union. When Morgan is around Nic tends to get a little more mischievous. Morgan is also notoriously known for getting Nic drunk and is the man responsible for Nic's habit of waking up in odd places--sometimes with indications he might have been with an odd woman. Like Nacht, Nic will speak up of anyone badmouths Morgan. And, also like the sniper, he considers Morgan a close friend.
  • Johnni - Nic's relationship with Johnni has been mostly that of friendly co-workers. He trusts Johnni's abilities and is more then happy to look out for her. Although because of Johnni's enigmatic nature around Nic he doesn't really know her too well. On one occasion Morgan seemed to have been making attempts to pair Johnni with Nic. The result being in Nic almost getting a face full of Morgan's armpit and Johnni showing off her claws. Nic views Johnni as a valuable and skilled coworker. It should be noted that MANY speculate the two have had a thing for each other for along time. To the point the two have a "rabid pairing fanbase" at the Weapons Union/Database. It's also often joked about how when the two clash heads it seemed to be like between an "angry husband and wife."
  • Gelle - Gelle and Nic seemed to hit it off real well. But killing her lover as part of a hit didn't put him in good terms with the Spartan woman. Nic, being used to having women trying to kill him, doesn't mind this. As a fighter and fellow mercenary he hold a level of respect for Gelle. Although is puzzled what she sees in Vincent Jaeger and why she's rumored to be prone to capture,
  • Queen Xena - Although he hates King Nexus with a passion and has a distaste for some Vegans. Nic actually likes Xena, finding her personality quite charming. The only problem is that their respective organizations have quite a history of various conflicts and hassling one another. Despite this Nic retains his habit of referring people by pet names, calling Xena "Queenie" and "Blueberry". A little known fact is Nic respects Xena a little bit.
  • Hellios Thunder-Fist - A fellow Aussie Nic met at the D. When the two had met Hellios was screwing around with a violent hero. The end result would have Hellios' hand torn off and Nic stepping in to put the odds in Hellios' favor. This charming Aussie has a....unique personality that Nic seems to enjoy. As Hellios tends to bring chaos wherever he is, Nic decided to hire him. The two became rather quick friends--to the point people often joke the two are gay lovers.
  • Wraith Prime - One of the leaders of the technological focused group, Ghost Hound. Nic met Wraith through Nacht Sniper, and once Nic had returned to actively working in the Isles Wraith approached him in order to get to know Nic a little better as well improve relations with the Union. Nic seems to enjoy Wraith's highly professional nature as well Wraith's deep personality.
  • Detective Parker - Or as Nic calls him "Fedora". The two met in the D one day and well...Fedora demanded the Union and the Iron Wolf Cartel become allies. Nic, knowing they were a good group, accepted. Ever since then the two have became friendly rivals/friends as they're both Australian mercenary leaders. At a glance their rivalry seems to be fierce as they can randomly engage into fifteen minute long pissing contest over who's organization is better, but their rivalry is more for fun then anything. The two often pick on each other--Nic one time stealing the Cartel's water cooler for the fun of it. Parker's Nic's yin to his yang. The fedora to the beret. They make a good team.
  • Amon Del Vega - Nic knew who Amon was. Amon knew who Nic was and was looking for work. The two crossed paths at the D and Nic quickly offered him a job. Ever since then Amon's become a good friend, a reliable officer, and someone to hang around the D with. Like Nic, Amon has a large network that could be utilized for having parties, getting missions, or finding new allies. Ever since Nic has been around Amon he's been a little more "urban." Going as far as referring Amon as the Union's "Number One Hustla'". The two make a deadly team in combat and a unsurpassed team in business. Amon is Nic's right hand man.
  • Direct Action - "Action Hank." The two met at the D after Nic and several members of the Weapon's Union had taken over the Blueside Pocket D Bar and had been chased out by members of the Pocket Dimension Staff. Nic immediately liked the way the guy looked. A hard working dock worker who was looking to kick a hell of a lot of ass. Like Nic, Hank is a normal human being but gets the job done by pure ass kicking. Simply said--Hank is a man's man, he's destined to fight a bear with his bare hands. Hank's day job as a dock worker also allows the Union to dip their hands into various distribution routes to get things that are normally hard to find. Such as an elephant for Hellios.
  • Seer Malak - Although the two aren't really close in any way, Nic respects Malak a great deal as a fellow human being who specializes in eliminating metahumans and as a fellow professional. Because of the fact Malak has created many enemies in the Isles Nic has been called upon to face Malak several times. Malak was the first person to ever defeat Nic's team in the arena in one and one combat. A certain irony that a Metahuman specialist team couldn't beat a human being. Although because of the mutual professionalism it isn't uncommon to Malak to hire Nic to do something after the two fight. Some would say Nic has a "man crush" on Malak simply because he's one of the few individuals to beat him. A rumor even more outlandish is that Malak returns Nic's mancrush.
  • Labal - Nic knows who Labal is but they generally don't hang out or really do anything together. Nic refers Labal as "the Ashy King with the weird haircut" and throws things at him randomly. Nic seems to be one of the few people who seems to not care or realize the fact Labal is a powerful demon lord. As such he views Labal the same as any other guy--with a weird haircut. Nic also wants to get into a "passionate" relationship with Labal's daughter Theresa. Considering it would be a feat to get in a relationship with a Demon Lord like Labal...that and that would be, perhaps, the most epic way to mess on Labal. As it is well established Nic may pick on Labal more then anyone. But a little known bit of trivia is that Nic actually likes Labal as a person--finding him very "human" for a demon lord.
  • Run Riot - Riot is a metahuman he respects a great deal. There's really not much to say other then the fact Run Riot was one of the few metahumans who trusted him when others were accusing Nic of aiding the Mandate. Without a doubt Nic thinks Riot is a great leader for the metahuman community and could be one of the people who could mend the gap between Naturals and Metas.
  • Psychotic Hatter - One of the few people who supported Nic during the "Pro-Empyrean Mandate" accusations. Nic has a great deal of confidence in James' abilities. Although James is only a few years older then Nic, James is more mature and can provide Nic with an extra rational mind.

((If you aren't here--Sorry! Either I forgot or your character has yet to interact with Nic to have a real history with him. But don't worry--the more you interact with him the higher your chances you'll appear here. Or just leave your name and I'll write the rest :D Especially if you become close buds with him.))

Nic's Musical Themes

  • Oh No You Didn't! - I don't know what it is about this song, but this is the PERFECT theme for Nic. Regardless, it's a funny little musical reminder to always pay Nic if you hire him. I'll also note there's a link in the comment that will send you can download the song legally. So you can listen to it and think of Nic!
  • Long Walk Home - A song that conveys the feelings one would get if they looked back upon a long and harsh journey. Possibly having their mind wander to the memories of loved ones that are no longer around. This is why the long walk home is always a burdening experience that takes a heavy toll on one's soul.


More information on METSU, including it's members, can be found on Nicholas Williams/METSU


  • Nic likes unique looking women and isn't too big on blonds.
    • Some say blonds give him flashbacks of a certain someone.
  • Nicholas finds Ghost Widow attractive. Who doesn't find her hot?
  • Nic is rarely seen without his trademark red beret.
    • Nic IS NOT bald.
  • Nic won't drink a lot at the D. He fears that in his drunken state he'd sleep with a catgirl and wake up with deep claw wounds on his back.
  • Nic is actually a cat person, stating "Why would a dog want another dog?" as his reason.
  • M.E.T.S.U., although an acronym, stands for nothing. It's meaning was lost generations ago.
  • Metsu is a heavily romanized spelling of the word Messatsu. A Japanese word meaning destruction. This is why the kanji Messatsu is used for METSU's insignia.
  • METSU's history is mostly based on real events in other RPs, except adapted for CoX.
  • Nic's colognes of choice are Armani Code and Polo Safari.
    • He generally smells like sweat and gunpowder as he only wears cologne on dates or with clients.
  • The Praetorian Nicholas Williams always wears a green fedora.
  • Nic seems to relish the fact many organizations and jaded women have all failed to kill him.
  • Apparently is good with his hands and is the self proclaimed inventor of "Make out Fighting".
    • Proof:
 10-31-2008 03:04:31 [Local] Felyndiira: Labal...leave him be...he has nice hands.
 10-31-2008 03:04:31 Labal dusts off his hand
 10-31-2008 03:04:32 Nicholas Williams lays on his side.
 10-31-2008 03:04:38 [Local] Nicholas Williams: .....Oho?
 10-31-2008 03:04:41 [Local] Labal:Jeeesus christ Fel
 10-31-2008 03:04:54 [Local] Felyndiira: Fighters hands!
  • Nic has a crush on someone but will never admit to it.
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