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Parker looking parkerish
Detective Parker
Player: @Detective Parker
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: James Parker
Known Aliases: Parker, Parks, P
Species: Human
Age: 25 born 5/5/83
Height: 178 cm
Weight: Mate... Why do you care?
Eye Color: Brown or Violet
Hair Color: Blondeish... I think.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Freelance Detective
Place of Birth: Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia
Base of Operations: I think it's a secret
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jacob Parker, Father; Victoria Parker, Mother; Luna (Darkhail), adopted daughter
Known Powers
Psionic Control and Magic
Known Abilities
A silver chain wrapped around his arm with a gold cross attached to it that allows him to focus his magic. A Black Raven seeming to appear magically on command with it's own formidable magic

Yep! A mind-probing and Energy-throwing Detective. Stay on your toes and don't let him get into your head... he has some pretty nasty things to show you if he does — Scarred Circle of Thorns Mage



Parker comes across as a buffoon or clown, spending most of his time in the D, drinking or talking with friends who he comes across while there. It's only for a few short hours that he ever really comes out of the D to commit crimes of any sort. He is protective of his friends to a suicidal degree which seems to cause more problems then help in most occasions. Beneath the clowning about there is a cold intelligence only ever seen by close friends and even then for brief periods. He always looking to talk to people in the D Cape or Villain.



Though Parker's main power comes from enchantments and powerful magic he is a mediocre telepath as well able to defend himself from poking telepaths and break through low level telepathic resistance. It is during the use of his mental and magical abilities that his eye colour seems to change as well, from a plain brown to a bright violet.


Parker's magic has changed from his original enchanted cross. Though he denys this adamantly. Parker after defeating Remmy and binding him to his will developed his own way of magic so he would never have to "Lean on someone elses power". Parker's new power is almost identical yet different, he can basically now warp reality in his own way with practice though it is noticeable. Parker's most powerful tricks are normally surrounded by red smoke or mist as seen from afar. In reality this is his own dimension almost and the misty appearance is how he brings it to this world.

Basic Magic

Along with basic spells off tomes and scrolls Parker can cast his normal magic of arcane energy bolts and enchantments and will use this more often. His "basic" magic mainly Arcane energy bolts flung with power enough to crush bones. Or every part of his clothing each enchanted differently for purposes he still hasn't worked out. Also Parker has began looking more and more into binding spells which range from simple demon circles and ward traps to massive chains that sap the energy out of people or tombs of pure magic which shut away people for years if not for ever. Parker will try to never use these spells for fears of doing something he will regret.

Parker's Reality

Parker's most powerful magic seems to be his own concoctions summoned from red smoke or mist. This in actual fact is his own reality crossing over with this one allowing him to change the world around him in ways. Normally this taxes parker depending on the size. His ability to create beers is one of these powers though he claims it to be a simple recall spell from his own fridge. It has been know for Parker to drag enemies within his own reality giving him incredible power over this though it also endangers himself due to the fact he might not be able to cross back over.


Parker now has a familiar originally this was Remmy bound to a raven form but since he expelled Remmy from his body his has taken another from where it is unknown. This familiar has powers capable to subdue people along with the ability to actually join with parker increasing his power if need be. Normally the familiar takes raven form and can be seen sitting on top of Parker's head.


Coming across his powers

Parker worked as a cop in North Sydney, Australia. He spent about a year before he packed up his clothes and left for the walled city of Paragon in hopes of adventure and a better paycheck. He spent the better part of two years working for the PPD. The first Major case he was called in on would also be his final. What looked like a Circle of Thorns sacrifice, or a group of cadavers going on a killing spree for body parts, quickly escalated. The only survivor was young kid no older than 14, sitting upon the remains of a person no older than 20. He was muttering into the palm of his hand and looking for an exit. Parker's job was to interview the kid, but as he approached the kid went ballistic, attacking other PPD officers in a frenzy of biting and kicking. He was quickly contained and rushed to the police department for interrogation. On the scene, Parker found what the little kid had been trying so hard to keep, a small silver necklace with a gold cross. Parker pocketed the cross, meaning to hand it over as evidence the next day. Once home, Parker wondered how he would look wearing it. He put it on with instant and drastic results -- 'hearing' his cat thinking about how it required fish, and sending a bolt of energy at his last tin of cat food causing problems for the hungry cat. Seeing the power this enchanted cross had, he kept it and signed up to become a hero for Paragon City!

Moving to the Isles

He worked as a hero for a few months doing odd jobs for Positron and others before he began to realise that being a hero doesn't pay the bills or gain the respect he had hoped for. During on visit at the D he began talking to a Xaesha Kordrahil who convinced him to move to the Isles, offering a decent job and pay as security for a nightclub. Since then he has been cruising about the Isles drinking, talking and mentally scarring Demons of the Circle of Thorns. He made friends fast including Asher Mitchell, Miss Ollie, Varasin and others Recently though he has began hearing the voice of the previous owner of the enchanted cross and is trying to find out why.

Through some study and other channels parker learned his enchanted cross contained the soul of the old owner, a Frenchman called "Remmy". Remmy doesn't surface normally prefer to stay in his corner of Parkers mind helping him with magic and being a general annoyance. Parker has gotten over this and ignores the Frenchman completely. Though sometimes he can be heard muttering or arguing with him forgetting that he can talk to the spirit with thoughts.


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