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Beware those that look the most delicate for they must have survived this long for a reason
Player: @Josephina
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Seba'eld Y'darish
Known Aliases: Seba
Species: Seran'el
Age: 33 Seran 28 Earth
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 68 lbs
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Merc
Place of Birth: Y'darish Village Seran
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Married to Labal
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Radiation, Kinetics, soul manipulation
Known Abilities
Fast healing, physical plug into Mechanical devices due to tech
Set of battle clothing, and a set of casual clothing, Internal nanites, an internal language possessor
Is overly kind and passionate about many things.

Player's Note: What few remember is no matter the hell that life is as long as you fight hard to rise above it in the end you will always win. Life is pain but the fight makes it enjoyable. This character is a testament to this philosophy. Though Seba does go a bit batty at times she will always fight to uphold what she holds dear which are: Honor, Duty, Loyalty, integrity, and the love to die in battle. Some of these ideals are very much opposite from what many Seran'el believe but the Arvanti cemented these ideals in her.


Seba's Life before Sale

((Seran'el race and history created by @Seranel or Firro please speak with him before creating or adding to this races story)) Seba'eld's race has been enslaved by the Nictus for the last 1000 years, because their souls are too resistant to be hosts and their bodies are to useful as delectable foods or as pleasure slaves.

Seba'eld hatched from a clutch of about 30 other Seran'el eggs in the small village of Y'darish. The village or clan was one of many that settled on the outskirts of the Crystal city that the Blue skinned Seran'el occupied. Seba being a purple skinned Seran'el was encouraged to engage in sexual behavior with the entire village at various times to help prepare her to be sold as a pleasure slave later. This type of orientation started with the hatch lings around the the age of 3 or 4. Seba'eld then once she reached the age of 6 was put in other groups of other hatch lings her age to be trained by the blue skinned Seran'el in the arts of pleasure. They where trained in massage techniques, sexual techniques, musical arts, to see beauty in all things, and seduction techniques with both sexes until the age of 16 where she was to be graded and sold in the crystal city to be a slave for all number of Alien races. They practiced hard and learned as much as they could because they where told that if they did not sell for the high prices asked they would be sold as meat or exiled into the wilds with the illusive green skinned Seran'el and most likely die.

Seba'eld's hair was much too dark for her to be considered overly high priced but she was elegant looking even with the flaw and only had a minimal number of the teal spots over her body. She always excelled at her lessons of massage and music, though her sexual abilities where not as high as her blue skinned trainers would have liked. On the year of her 16th birthday a small group of blue skinned came to all the villages and gathered the of age purple skinned and collared them with an odd tech device leading them into the crystal city with the orders that there woudl be no sound from them and that they would never return to their small clans. Once inside the city there where put on platforms nude and stretched out, and for all intensive purposes tortured as the buyers inspected them if they made sound the collars would strangle them into silence. Once sold the females would be sterilized and all of them would be implanted with a translator device and there buyers language would be downloaded into there brains.

Seba'eld was sold to a rather gruff and aggressive Arvanti or 8 foot tall shaggy werewolf like race with spikes on there shoulders heads and back. Of course during the sale Seba had no idea what she was saying, so she had no idea of her purpose for Seba'eld until after she was bought for 200 class A space fighters. This was one of the middle road prices that the Seran'el that day where sold for. Seba'eld was loaded onto a ship after being sterilized and the language downloaded, and here is where her story truly began.

Seba's Enslavement

After being loaded onto the Arvanti transport vessel she was treated horribly by the female and the crew. She found out that she was an engagement gift to a male that was next in line for the throne to a large country on Drastilia the Arvanti home world. Once they landed at Drastillia after nearly two weeks of maltreatment from her buyer and the crew. Seba was taken to her new master and presented as a gift to him along with hundreds of others that presented lands, live stack, weaponry, allegiances, and ships all gifts where given without the need for the promise of marriage as was the custom in Prince Quirvicks kingdom. Seba of course was bound and chained during the whole whole affair and her buyer wanted to be the last one to present her gift so it would be the most highly revered and remembered. The female knew that the young Seran'el female was by far the most expensive gift given to the Prince and so when it was her turn to present the small purple girl to the ruler she made sure that it was dramatic in every way making Seba dance and sing as she was trained to do for the Prince. Most of the nobility in the hall had not seen a Seran'el before much less seen their arts in practice and where both jealous and awed by the site. Seba ended her dramatic presentation at the huge shaggy over armored wolf Prince's feet as the female had instructed for her to do. The Prince stood up and scooped up Seba in his arms and snarled at at the female for the outrage of presenting him with a living sentient creature as a gift. The female was shocked and outraged by the Princes dishonor to how much she has spent and gone through to get the Seran'el slave. Her crew and her attacked the palace guards and the Prince. The female Arvanti was captured, imprisoned, and later cast out from the kingdom and her spikes where cut for the dishonor she has showed the prince and the kingdom that night. Seba however was kept by the Prince and cared for. He could not free her by the laws of the Nictus that the Arvanti themselves did not dare disobey.

So Prince Quirvicks became Seba'elds master and lover. He gave her gifts beyond measure and taught her things about military strategy after he found out how intelligent she actually was. Though in public she wore her collar and remand as a slave, in private quarter she was his equal and lover. He supplied her with other servants to keep her happy and seemed to put her above any other. He gave her treasures from throughout the universe and often took her with him to battle leaving her safely at his tent or ship during it though. In returned she showed him pleasures he had never known, deep love, kindness, and the one creature that he could always come to and trust. She learned to sow his wounds and cure his ills, because she was the only one he trusted with him while he was weak, ill, or injured. Though the reason for this trust was hidden from Seba'eld.. ever since he was given her his interest in others of his own race had vanished. He of course still loved the sent of battle and the taste of blood, but his lust and need for a mate was utterly sated by Seba. Prince Quirvicks would consider no proposals for marriage and would not even see dignitaries about future marriage possibilities. He could not see ever loving another so he spent his days that he was not fighting or planning war basking in Seba's arms. This of course sent the nation into an uproar of outrage and panic. Several plots had been intercepted to kill Seba'eld, and Seba remained ignorant to them until her master fell ill with a strange disease that none could cure. It was later found that the entire time he had been focusing his efforts on keeping his beloved Seba alive and safe he has been poisoned. This poison was a rare one that did not attack the body, but the soul eating away at it until the one infected died a very painful death. Seba spent months trying to comfort her master until he finally was near death and ordered that he and Seba take one last trip. This was a trip for Seba though not for himself. He had heard of a small group of Seran'el that had found freedom in the belly of a war ship and had single handedly nearly brought there race the freedom that had alluded them for 1000 years. He had sent dignitaries to the deepest reaches of space searching for them, but when he found out the ship had been destroyed he tracked down where some of the survivors might have gone to hide, and found Earth. He had the ship go to Earth and gave orders to his most loyal soldiers to give Seba battle technology and drop her in a populated area on the under developed world. Seba held her master as he died, and when he did die the Soldiers without a word took her to the surface of the planet. They dropping her in the middle of Mercy Island with the battle technology her master had taught her how to use and clothing. Her master had downloaded the languages of Earth in her mind giving her the ability to communicate with them as well. The ship left her alone on the new world free for the first time in her life. She knew that if she had stayed that she would have been sold with her masters other treasures and that he wanted freedom for her in death that he could not give her in life.

Darstillia home world

Seba's Powers

The tech that was left to Seba was tied directly to the energy her body produces it siphons off her bio energy and magnifies it manipulating the atoms in the air and the objects around her. The tech includes a set of very thin see through contact like devices that target and focus the abilities of the gloves. The gloves look to be a thin black and flexible material that is the power house for the two devices siphoning off excess energy constantly and storing it. Both devices react to her emotional state sending different types of radiation or energy manipulation depending on what she needs at the time. Though the tech is very highly advanced it was made for a race that was emotionally neutral most of the time. Seran'el are highly emotional creatures, so as her emotions became heightened the devices also burned hotter. The technology became so hot at one point that they ended up burning themselves into her flesh and fuzzing some of the circuitry. The gloves needed to be cut from her arms. The contacts blinded her and where fixed by Dr. Kazz and some of his associates, Owens and Sky Valentine. Valentine and his wife repaired the fried circuitry in Seba's tech and adjusted it so it did not activate to emotional responses but to mental focus.

One other issue with the technology is the fact that with its ability to manipulate matter it produces high amounts of radiation allowing the wielder to hurl it at foes. Arvanti are very resistant to radiation, but Seran'el are not. Seran'el have a very high metabolism allowing them to regenerate very fast even going so far as to regrow lost limbs over time. The issue was not in most of her tissue that could regenerate fast enough to resist the damage to her from the radiation. The issue laid in the fact that the radiation also affected her nervous system. The all nervous system cells in Seran'el regrow unlike humans, but some of the brain and nervous cells regenerate slower then the other cells in her body causing a disparity between the radiation she creates and the cells actual ability to recover from its effects. Her nervous system began to fail and later because of the excessive damage not long after she Joined Ghost Hound as a mercenary. This was treated and repaired by nanites from Wraith Prime who implanted radiation shielding and nano regeneration into her nervous system.

One other problem with the high radiation she is constantly exposed to is that it wears out her body over time. The excessive regeneration and cell regrowth takes its toll on her bones and genetic structure over time slowly weakening her physical body. (revised) Labal asked her to wish for her body to become repaired and never have ill effects from the tech she uses. So she relented and wished for no ill effects, so her bones and body are able to experience high amounts of radiation with little to no effects now.

(Revised) Seba in her sleep accidentally used a free wish Labal had given her to gain soul manipulation abilities. She is now able to manipulate souls into pure energy feeding it to others as well as herself. She can take souls from people that Labal can so anyone with a soul less powerful then her or slightly more powerful then her. She assists Labal with reaping souls for those that wish for more then they have and are willing to sell their own souls for these desires. She is also able to manipulate the raw energy from souls into solid forms that last as long as she is in proximity to allow it to stay solid.

Seba & Labal when they are ready for battle

Seba's Weaknesses

Of course with most things weaknesses is something that everyone sees differently. Some would say that Seba's greatest weakness is her love for those that she is around and that she is faithful to. Others would say her weakness is in her inability to keep from going into bouts of uncontrolled rage. Whether her emotions are her true weakness or a strength truly only time will tell, but the weaknesses that she does have are severe and make it so those that care for her are willing to kill to keep her safe just as her first master had done.

To most that see her emotions as part of who she is and accept that her weakness lay in her physical body. Where she is quick and agile she is also very frail. She has broken her hands and fingers multiple times now and very often refrains from physical battle instead disorienting her opponents with radiation and slowing them so they can not reach her before she melts their flesh from their bones with the heat of her radiation. Her body regenerates very fast so even mortal cuts and wounds for a human would do very little to her other then cause her great pain. But with the new cybernetics she has in her mind electricity is hard on her mind as well as any upclose battle is very harmful to her even though she is constantly siphoning health from her enemies during battle. She is very prone to being weak against mental attacks as well as other disorienting effects. Whether it is electricity frying her circuitry or Fortunas blasting her with their minds she falls easily to their influence as long as its her mind that is the target.

Seba's Appearance

Most classify Seba'eld as havening an alluring look to her. She is very thin, but has an odd elegance to her in the way she moves as well with her very different appearance that seems to draw others to her. She has a light purple skin that seems very soft to the touch almost like velvet in fact. She has no scars tattoos or blemishes of any kind. She has very long light purple hair that has a teal cast to it in the light. It seems to be getting lighter and lighter for some reason. Her eyes have an odd radiation green cast to the iris as well as very small black veins that runs in them. She has very long thin but shapely legs and a long tail with a teal soft spade on the end much like a demons. On her face she has several teal spots that look much like a cats or birds spots. Her teeth give her away as an herbivore and are flat though white still. Seba has no belly button like a mammal would and also has long pointed ears that with the tail give many the impression of her being a purple demon. Along with her appearance she has a noticeable sent to those that are close, she smells of Lilacs, also honey when she is sweaty. Her hands have clawed nails on them that are well kept and maintained.

Seba's personality

Seba'eld has a very unique look at the world because of her time with the race of Arvanti. She sees herself as a growing warrior of sorts. Although her body is not as strong as an Arvanti she knows that power is not always the key to things so she values knowledge and the ability to learn things highly. Seba like most Seran'el loves freely and easily, she hates lies and betrayal and would do anything to keep someone around her happy.. and Yes anything. Seba Is a very passionate being whether it is passion in love, or passion in hatred she is often ruled by her emotions and trusts her instincts greatly. She sees acts of Nobility and Honor as the only true virtues, and hatred and causing others pain as the only two sins. She knows she is an evil creature because of her enjoyment of killing and causing those she judges deserving to pain and torment. She forgives easily and loves all she comes by even if its only seeing them for a couple seconds she will remember and love them forever after that. She is a very sensual person as well; loving sex and pleasing others in any way she can. Seba often believes that Respect is owed until they prove otherwise and treats everyone as royalty around her until they prove themselves not worthy of that.

Seba is dropped on earth Year One:

Seba sitting next to Labal making deals for souls

Seba thought herself alone on Earth and very much hated the loss of her master and being alone. Humans in the Isles where cruel and aggressive which was not what she expected from such frail looking creatures. She came across a young girl in Mercy isles that was also aggressive, but seemed kind enouph and befriended her. She had oddly sharp fangs and horns but seemed to be kind enouph so Seba had no worries about her motives. The little girl who looked to be 13 but was really 5 accidentally fell and broker her arm Seba tried to assist her and the girl bit her drinking blood from her. The feeling of the bite was amazing and Seba took it for an invitation and began to touch the girl. The little girl became unnerved by this and ran home to her parents.

The girls Parents tracked down Seba and took her in her sleep to their home. The father ripped out her soul and cut it up into pieces as it still was connected to Seba's body sending pain that Seba had never know through her. So bad was it that she nearly ripped off her left shoulder to escape it. The mother took a short sword and put it through Seba's nearly severed shoulder to keep her from escaping then they left her on the table for 4 hours. During that time Seba freed her right hand and tried to pull the sword from her shoulder cutting her hand horribly before falling into unconsciousness. 3 hours into being left alone the little girl that she had touched pulled the sword from her shoulder and left her at the D hoping Seba's friends would find her, and they did. The wounds healed well enouph after time but her soul pained her coupled with her newly acquired lover leaving her she feel into a deep depression and stopped eating nearly dieing before her friends saved her again. After her soul was patched back together and her hope in her life on Earth was renewed she found a man named Moloch.

Moloch was a messenger of the Lords of hell sent to corrupt souls and make the world ready to be reaped. She asked that he be her master to guide her and keep her safe and he agreed. The Lords had taken his ability to love as punishment for falling in love with another and straying from the path that they had set for him. As time passed him and Seba fell deeper in love and she found more and more pain in the world to hate it. The radiation that she used to help Moloch fight and to protect herself began to erode her mind and body making her more fanatical about letting hells fires burn away the world. Her emotions became so severe that it began to fry her tech and each story she heard about humans hurting one another sent her into a deeper fanatical fit of anger and radiation. She became so enraged that she fused her tech to herself blinding herself and burning the gloves into her flesh. At this same time of this last fanatical fit she refused Moloch's help she refused to let him be her master any longer, and with the help of Kazz, Owen, and Skye Valentine her eyes where repaired and her tech. She was also offered a job as a merc by Dr. Kazz and quickly agreed her mind and nerviness system became more and more fried as her work load increased, as well as she pulled herself deeper into hell by becoming a spy for Labal. She helped Labal be reborn and with this help she became more entwined with him and stronger in spirit and mind. She gained confidence in her ability to read people and to manipulate them though she still hated to use it. She also became closer to the members of Ghost hound feeling for the first time that she belonged some place. As time passed her insanity from the radiation and her own anger and pain grew to the point where she decided she wanted to make it all burn she wanted the power of hell its self to bring about the end. She was granted one wish free of charge from Labal and she called to him to grant the wish. Labal had been delayed in his response and after Kazz had calmed her mind Labal came to her in her sleep, and she asked him in her dreams to be the the force of justice the judge. He gave her the power to reap souls and devour them utterly so she could be the judge, jury, and executioner. She began to train with Labal each time she spent more time Kazz begged her to stay away form Labal until finally she had fallen in love with him beyond the love she had felt for any of her other lovers. Her fight to make the right choices continues though her hatred for humanity and Earth is all but gone.

As her powers grew and her skill with souls grew she became more and more confident in herself. Labal's influence and views spread to Seba as many of hers did to him as well. But with the confidence also came over confidence and darkness. Her abilities gave her darkness an excuse to come out more and more often. The darkness strengthening with her rage, as other issues came up with the Mandate including one kidnapping and a small incarceration her friends began to doubt her judgment just the same as Labal began to worry that her views and anger was getting the best of her. Seba's emotions continued to rule her and rip her from her friends and love ones. Soon even her closest friends began to back away and in many ways Seba's emotions continue to spiral her into the darkness.

Seba's current activities

Assists in soul collecting for Labal.

Is Labal's lover, companion, and wife. She sees herself as his guardian and possibly his savior if he is lost in his own darkness. Seba sadly moved herself to Hell so she could keep from evolving into a full elemental because she feared loosening Labal if she did.

Labal: "Rubbish"
Seba'eld: "Oh yes my love I know I'm full of it"

Seba's Friends and Allies

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  • Labal Seba'eld saw the potential for greatness even in the shadow that she first knew as Labal. She helped him be reserected after he was slayen by his daughter. She began to spend more time with him seeing more, and more about him that she could not help but respect and love. Even when others forbid her to see him, she could not deny that she cared for him. Until she finally realized he was the one person on Earth she could truly love above all others.
  • Wraith Prime Wraith is some one Seba respects and fears even as powerful as she has become she will never do anything to cross Wraith.
  • Miss Ollie Ollie has become a pivotal friend and advisor. Seba often hears her name when there is need for advice and in many ways she sees Ollie as some one she would never be able to do anything against. Ollie is one of Seba's closest friends and eve though she doesn't talk too much too Ollie its only because she wants to protect her from the knowledge and issues that Seba is often involved in.
  • Varasin is a trusted friend and adviser to Seba. She often is lost in his ideas and discussions, but she does her best to keep up with his abstract thoughts and conversations. She loves that he makes her think, and is always honored by his friendship and advice. Seba often fears that Varasin sees the monster in her that she tries to keep under check and in many ways she knows he does. She only hopes that if she ever losses her wits again that Varasin will see and stop her before she lets it loose.
  • Detective Parker Parker is a friend of Seba's through Ollie. She respects Parker greatly he never seems to say anything that doesn't have use or a meaning so she often listens when he speaks. Seba sees him as the balancing stone to Ollie's often too serious manner.
  • Gunsang The first man Seba tried to sleep with when she came to Earth she still looks at him with curiosity and respect. He refused her for his love of another and since, then Seba has taken it upon herself to keep him and Rick safe. She would never tell Jericho this, but she often checks up on him to make sure he is doing well and not being neglected by himself or others.
  • Auricelia Auri is Seba's daughter in many respects. She loves Auri like her own child and even though Auri is 3 times as old as Seba she still often sees Auri as a child to protect and love. Seba tends to be harsher to Auri then she is to most others because she sees Auri being in the most danger out of those in the Abyss. Over all though Seba respects Auri's talents and her amazing ability with runes. Seba often goes to Auri for help in most matters though she protects her from the knowledge of others.
  • Podge Hodge Podge brings Seba much joy she enjoys his oddities and his goofy insanities. Seba also respects his origins and in many ways he serves those she worships. Seba would protect Podge and serve the powers he serves with unwavering vigilance.
  • Enerix Scarlet is some one Seba used to admire from afar she sees her as one of the most beautiful creations on Earth. Seba often gets in trouble with Scarlets flirting and advances because often times Seba can not help herself. She is leery of Scarlet also, because her abilities are much higher then Seba's and she could easily be killed by her.
  • Baroness Abigail Abi and Seba for a very long time had many issues with one another. Seba loved Kazz and with Seba's race love meant laying on him kissing him cuddling, and being very very touchy. Abi as most women would react to their husband being groped became angry. With this Seba tried to be kind but in the end venimently hated Abi because of her constant to aggressive, or even in Seba's eyes irrational behavior. After some time Seba and Abi began to mend that hatred and Seba respects Abi as a warrior as well as a friend and mother.

Opinion's of Seba

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Random Trivia

  • Seba is allergic to all kinds of meat from Earth... though she isn't allergic to meat from some other worlds
  • When Seba first met Labal she wanted nothing more then to use him to make the world burn for the horrors it held
  • Seran'el lay eggs but still nurse their younge much like the duck bill Platypus of Austrailia
  • Seba's fetish is for spines, claws, fangs, and all other things general associated with creepy or scary things on Earth
  • Kazz and Droid gave Seba the last push she needed to become truely evil
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