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Image done by Luis Royo!! Katerzina looks like a small red head.. but the phrase "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn" applies to her perfectly
Player: @Josephina
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnose Widow
Threat Level: unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: Josephina Moira MacGregor
Known Aliases: "Jo" or "Kat"
Species: altered human
Age: 120 years physically 17
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish American
Occupation: Hired killer
Place of Birth: Moanbaun Ireland
Base of Operations: Talos Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Daughter Natalie McGregor, Lynn McGregor, Hope C. Fidelis, and Alexander Fidelis
Known Powers
Lesser mind manipulation and telepathy, intermediate physical energy manipulation in herself and others.
Known Abilities
Fast healing and psi resist due to nanites. Expert with internal impervium hand blades.
Internal impervium blades, set of 12 throwing knives, Comm unit, and clothing.
Is nice enough but is someone that looses her patience easily.

Player's Note: ((Lots of updates to powers and weaknesses take a look)) THIS STORY MAY BE TOO GRAPHIC FOR YOUNG INDIVIDUALS!!


This character is from a story I have been working on for many years her beliefs are not my own. There is more story then I can possibly include on this page, but what has been included is the main details of her life. I also do not condone or share all of Jo's beliefs and or ideals.

"Some say the only thing to fear is fear its self.. those people never met me"— Jo


Life before power

Josephina was born in a small village in Ireland in 1888. Her family was starving and soon after her birth they moved to New York City in the United States. Once in the US they soon earned citizen ship and started Josephina in the factories as soon as she was able. It was a hard life for most Irish in those days but it was a good one still. Josephina loved working and at the age of 14 she met the man of her dreams Allen McGregor and was married 6 months later. They had a happy marriage and Allen was a metal worker so their life was pretty comfortable for those times. Josephina picked up an evening job in a Diner a couple blocks from her apartment and every night Allen would meet her there and walk her home. The night Josephina was going to tell Allen of her pregnancy with their first child he didn't pick her up. She had thought it was that he had a bad day and maybe had gotten drunk being unable to come get her so she walked home. The trip home was nerve racking she swore she heard some one whispering the name Katerzina to her from the shadows and heard foot steps. but every glance told her no one was there. She finally ran home and when she got there it was quiet and dark. The door had been ajar and on odd smell filled the apartment. She saw light from their room down the hall and crept down the hallway to it. Once she opened the door she saw in horror her husband face down on the bed in a pool of his own blood. She ran to him and turned him over and nearly wretched at the sight before her. His throat had been slit and his eyes had been cut from his skull. The bedroom door closed with a loud slam and she looked up to see a tall man with long black hair and red eyes smirking at her. When his lips parted in a smirk he revealed two long fangs, and in his hand he extended out to her was her husbands cut out eyes. She did wretch at this point and the man's voice whispered to her as her husbands eyes fell to the floor, "I killed the powerless pitiful fool for looking at your divine beauty Katerzina." In a rage she flung herself at the dark man. Who with in a blink of an eye slammed her against the wall and put his hand to her stomach looking angry, "He infected you!.. that will change!" then man threw her over his shoulder and walked out with her. After he killed a neighbor for trying to help Josephina she passed out in grief and horror.

Josephina woke up in the darkness chained and beaten. Every time The man, that she later knew as Alex, would visit her he would bite her and beat her telling her insane things about a woman she did not know.. Asking her how she could betray him.. Why she left him. The more she resisted the idea of being this "Katerzina" the more he beat and brutalized her, so she finally resined to the name. After what seemed like forever, but was only about 2 weeks time he took her to his room and told her that he would release her from mortality. He said she would be his for all time, soon after that he embraced her and she sank into the cold dark underworld that few truly know.

Death and rebirth of a killer

Josephina woke up feeling empty and lost. She realized she was in a small wood box and sighed in relief that maybe it was over and she had accidentally been buried alive. She weeped for the child she knew she lost and for her husband, but at the sound of her cries she was pulled from the coffin by the same man that had put her in it. He took her to a lab and started working on her implanting knife like devices into her hands connecting them to her muscles until they worked so well that she could extend them through her flesh and skin at will. When she lost too much blood he fed her his own making her more and more powerful with every drink. After a couple days she grew horns and a demon like tail. He quickly went to work everyday cutting them out of her to destroy the "flaws" as he called them. After trying everything he could think of from cutting to freezing to burning he finally resorted to magic to keep them from growing back. After he had her form created came the long fighting training. He pitted her against his other children and would sow her back together again after making her fight over and over until she had perfected her skill. After each "training" he would do his normal rounds of torture to all his children to keep them strong and faithful. Most of this she forgot or willed herself to forget except for images that cloud her dreams to this day. Once she was perfected in form and style he had her kill off possible threats. Alex would not kill off just the threat though. He would have Jo kill off the whole family for three generations to make sure that they where utterly no threat. Jo or "Katerzina" as she was named now spent over 85 years as Alex's assassin and in this time she developed a love for the blood and the crimes she committed loosing herself in the need to feed and the dark desires of her Sire. To this side of her became some one else. The name Katerzina became the half that was Alex's utterly, and Josephina was lost to the tides of blood.

Freedom from Slavery

What finally woke Josephina from the hold of Katerzina was the cries of a young girl. Josephina had been sent to find her father and the girl would not tell her where to find him. For 3 days Jo tortured the 6 year old girl nearly killing her each time and the girl never told her where her father was. On the final day in frustration Jo cut out the girls heart and devoured it, but after the girls shell lay there lifeless on the rack she had been placed on. A part of Jo awoke that had been sleeping for over 85 years. Katerzina was pushed back and Josephina emerged once again. Jo took the body from the torture room and buried her in a cemetery giving her a proper Catholic funeral before hiding herself from the light of day. For 5 years Jo hid in abandoned buildings and warehouses feeding from rats and homeless. When the Rikti attacked not long after she went in hiding she would hunt them as well killing any that came in her territory and honing her skills on their flesh, but Katerzina stayed buried. for several years after the invasion she still hid then one day after killing an assassin sent by her sire to bring her back she found some information on hero's in Paragon and fled there. She hid in the ruins of the Hallows as she searched for help to defeat her Sire. Finally finding several groups of hero's that were more then willing to help her stay free.

Katerzina came out when she was angry or in danger, but for the most part as long as she fed Katerzina was gone. She became a hero, though many say that she was more of a blood thirsty vigilante. She killed off those that were a threat, and no one could argue with her results. She fell in love with a Warshade like man who was a clone that had been merged with the dark Keldian energy. As she found happiness once again Alex found ways to take it from her. Not long after the miracle birth of her daughter Lynn Alex took control of Jo's husband and made him stab himself through the heart before Jo could stop him. Once again she was left husbandless by Alex and Jo was not about to let him take Lynn from her as well. So she assembled allies to finally end her Sire once and for all.

Hope and Redemption

Jo assembled a group of nearly 20 people destroy her sire all of them more then willing to die to kill him. Jo was even able to get the help of Alex's blooded children and biological children. Several of those that faught with her were nearly killed by Alex himself and his family, but in the end Jo killed Alexander. She drank him dry, and cut off his head letting his body turn to ash. Alex's son Alexander Fidelis took his fathers soul and locked it away for all time. Finally justice for all the pain had been taken and Josephina was hunted no more. Or so she had hopped.

In the dungeons of Alex's home she found a young girl that Alex had fed his blood and gouled. The girl was a half angel and her abilities for destruction were limitless, so Jo took her in and began to bring back the humanity the girl had lost to Alex's care. With two daughters to raise on her own and two dead husbands Jo turned to Alexander Fidelis to cleans her soul and to begin her walk back down the "lords" path. Fidelis pulled all the darkness from her soul and encased it with his father Alex's making sure that Alex was truly trapped and gone. So Josephina went back to worship saving the world by night, praying and caring for her daughters by day. For 3 years she did, then she gave up the Hero title and took care of her daughters full time. After about 4 years Jo came back into the picture of being a Hero. Both of her daughters had began to get lives and she was lost in her search for redemption. In an effort to retrieve her humanity she turned to a friend that grew her a new body. She kept her skeleton because she had put in impervium into her hands, but other then that she was human. The nanites slowly growing her body for her as she walked around taking care of villains. When Arachnose called for more troops Josephina had become bored of hero work and found it not helping in her search for redemption, so she left for the isles to be trained as a Widow, and finally meet the monster that was Katerzina head on.

Current powers

Josephina was reborn as a vampire after she was killed by a coworker and brought back from the depths of hell by Labal. Her vampuric abilities allow her to see, smell, and hear things in a much different light then her previous abilities with a human/nanite body. She was brought back as her old vampuric self by pure accident when the ashes Labal used to resurrect her consisted of only her vampuric bones that she had kept in her human body.

Josephina can telepathically link with people at great distances now, but only with those she has been around enouph to know their smell, their personal energy about them, and the way their body sounds. She can also change then neurological impulses in others bodies though it takes lots of concentration, and focus so she is not able to do it in a combat situation. Her body can heal at an extremely fast rate as long as she has blood at her disposal to do so. With out fresh blood her body would stay in disrepair and heal very slowly. She has a huge mental capacity for psionics, though this gift is still being learned. She is learning to shield herself as well as slowly realizing she can sense the movements of those around her before they even begin to make them.

Her combat prowess gives her an almost extra sensory grasp on things making it vary hard to hit her in combat or to deflect her blows. With the benefits of her vampuric abilities, also comes the abilities from Katerzina once again. Katerzina can use her tie to the dark chaos her vampuric line to summon shadows at her disposal the shadows are imps that are never far from her. Though only visible when she wants they also aid her abilities to seemingly dodge impossible things such as standing in the middle of 10 council soldiers and maybe being hit by one or two bullets at most.

Jo's line of vampires also have odd abilities that spur out the individual. Jo's is her uncanny speed and agility she can move extremely fast when she wishes, and can also do acrobatics that most people who do them professionally would look at in shock. Her balance is amazing and along with her speed makes her a very skilled hand to hand fighter. Her blows rarely have power behind them, but what they lack in strength they make up for in accuracy.

With these huge strengths also comes some very horrible drawbacks, that Jo and Katerzina always have on their minds.


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The odd and very rare vampire line that Jo was embraced into is every similar to various other types, but differ in many areas including its origin. Unlike some that are derived from Cain, or other cursed people from the past hers started from three Greek Gods that her kind refer to as the Trinity. These three gods allow her great power in exchange for huge weaknesses. The Trinity vampires are vulnerable to Rose Quartz, much like some types are vulnerable to silver it is known through the world as a purifier of energy and the stone also is a constant symbol for love and spiritual peace.

In most vampire mythose the heart is a huge weakness if you pierce it the vampire does because its center of undead energy is lost after the heart is pierced. With the Trinity vampires stakes will not kill them, but it will disrupt the floor giving the body the appearance of death until the stake is removed and they reawaken. All sorts of wood work for this disruption, but only wood.. metal or other objects cause the energy to continue just much weaker.

Another weakness because the trinity is of darkness and chaos, is of course light, but synthetic lights do not work it must be the light of the sun. They are extremely vulnerable to the sun though as they age that weakness becomes less and less. By the time they reach 500 years old the sun gives them a bit more then a third degree burn for over 4 hours of exposure. Along with sunlight an did thing can also burn them or repulse them. Love channeled through an object or ability can literally burn this type of vampire as if it were sunlight and also repulse them as a cross would in older mythology. Both of these weaknesses come from the origins to order and light being the birth of love into the universe.

Where as love being channeled can repulse or burn them, the effect is much more devastating long term. If the vampire themselves is susceptible to insanity anyway from this particular type though not as badly as some kinds. if the vampire loves others for extended periods of time and does not give into the dark chaos of their creators they slip deeper and deeper into insanity. Eventually going so consumed by the darkness and chaos they will kill their own loved ones and not even know what they have done. Each one that is embraced has a susceptibility to insanity once embraced, but as they age those insanities grow in severity, if they do not answer to the call of chaos and give up loves vice.

Oddly heat and cold have little to no effect on them. Fire has an effect much like it woudl to a normal human unlike most kinds that if fire touches them it can kill them instantly this line feels the pain of heat but has no true issues with it. Cold is were they are most comfortable. These type could very nearly walk through subzero temperatures and feel as though it was a comfortable 70 degrees.

Holy objects do hurt, but only if used with the right purpose. Holy symbols from Christianity and most other religions mean nothing at all and will not burn them or repulse them. Holy rounds hurt them but only because most holy rounds are blessed with God's 'love' not his vengeance or judgment.

Personality and Beliefs

Jo often seems fairly good natured her constant fangy smile and witty banter leads you to think she is all talk and no bite. Sadly this is not the case she caries around a jet and silver rosary that when she is feeling a bit pressed emotionally she rubs and goes through a 'hail mary' prayer until she calms. She is still blood thirsty even after all her attempts at redemption. Where as she does not need blood for sustenance any longer the smell and taste of it still excites her to want to see more. She will often go through an assignment in a blood hungry daze leaving nothing but mutilated corpses in her wake. That side of her she keeps hidden to all but her coworkers that see it in action. Her anger brings out a cold calm in her that makes her seem almost psychopathics in nature. She knows far too much about pain to not enjoy it, and so the more desperate and bloody the fight the more she enjoys it and the more brutal she gets.

She was born in a typical Irish Catholic home and in doing so she learned the only way to redemption was ceremony and devotion. In her time she has killed thousands. Every face that Katerzina mutilated and tortured haunts her, so she does all she can to pay back that debt everything from donating to the church to spending much of her free time drinking and praying. If Jo is alone she often has out her rosary and is praying even if not out loud. Her immortality she saw as a curse for all her transgressions, so when she became human she was conflicted between the remaining blood lust and her hope for redemption. Her motivation is to one day be able to go to heaven and be with her loved ones she lost so long ago. She fears being ravaged in Hell above all else and she will spend her life paying the debt she feels she still owes to keep herself from the fires. What she also fears is that the monster Alex created the 'perfect killer' did not die with him. Jo knows that her lust for blood and death is something that she has to fix. In this though she is conflicted between the ideas of the old testament to burn the wicked in the fires of judgment or to forgive and let pass the transgressions of others leaving God to be the judge as Christ taught in the new testament. She often sees her bloody hands as the will of the lord.. then wonders if it is not the will of Darkness instead.



Jo has many allies from many different areas she is also fairly good at making new allies. She left the Empyrean Mandate after several threats to her life and worrying for her daughters well fare. She then joined Ghost Hound to make a bit of money while she completes her widow training. Then left Ghost hound and joined Iron Wolf Cartel. Then left them to do free lance work before she left to retire In Ireland.

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Jericho Frost Josephina's Neighbor in Paragon. He has helped her out in a couple jams in the past. She often worries that him being a friend and a mutant will compromise her standing with the Mandate. Frost is one of several men that have been perusing Jo as a girlfriend after her husband death.

Wanabedroid Droid is a new acquaintance in in the isles. He seems to be a good natured man though very odd. He seems to also be after a relationship with Jo and this scares her into almost wanting to avoid him as with Jericho.

Valdro Valdro is an acquaintance that later turned into a friend after he assisted her in upgrading her internal blades to Impervium ones. Valdro is some one she often trusts greatly and thinks of him as wise beyond his years.

Natalie McGregor To Jo Natalie is her most beloved friend, and loves her as the daughter she has adopted her as. Jo also knows how powerful and formidable Natalie can be and knows very well that if Natalie ever chose to back to the creature her Sire Alex had tried to make her nothing could ever stop her. Natalie is Jo's reason for becoming a hero again and alter going for training as a Widow and as the young girl succeeds Jo is always reminded of what a little good can do for a person.

Lynn McGregor Josephina's biological daughter that is so much like Jo in personalty. Though Lynn is married and is happily living on her own Jo still is overly protective of her and will kill her best friend to keep the girl safe.

Dr. Kazz An acquaintance she has met a couple times through Valdro. Jo has little knowledge of him other then what she hears and as such she can't trust him though she is still civil to him and help him if he asks.. as long as its reasonable.

Hope C. Fidelis Hope is Jo's blood sister. For many years in Alex's home Hope and Jo tried to defend each other against him. In many ways they became close sisters and knwo things about each other that they would never tell anyone no matter the consequence.

Dark Yorick Yorick has proven himself a worthy adversary and a good friend. Even though Jo is not fond of the man he works for or is created by she enjoys the Mouths banter and the Arms fighting prowess.

Labal Jo has no issues with Labal as an individual in fact she thinks he is not Demon in many respects, because where as he was created as a demon after he fell he does not react to holy item nor does he react to holy words. Jo believes that his exposure to Earth has caused him to become something other then a demons a new race of creature.

Miss Ollie Ollie is a close friend to Jo, and she also is some one Jo respects above all others. She sees Ollie as an ally for her true purpose.

Detective Parker Parker who is now Ollie's husband is some one she loves to tease. She sees him as a happy go lucky man that she never wants to get on the bad side of.

Eshet Lillah Eshet is Jo's new adopted daughter she believes her to be much like Labal, in the sense of not being a true demon. Jo respects Eshet and is often troubled by how serious Eshet takes things much like her other daughter Natalie.

Varasin Jo finds him an interesting person always standing neutral to everything and taking his job as a priest and a bar owner very seriously. Jo often talks to Varasin about her past hoping to get advice on finding her way back to God's path and finally being able to leave this world to return to her family who she knows must be in heaven waiting for her.



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Seer Malak Malak being the leader of the Mandate impresses Jo greatly with his diplomatic skills and religious beliefs. She respects him tremendously but because she finds herself on the opposite side of the fence from him she is sadly resigned to call him an enemy. She will often stand up for him and his goals believing in most of them fully, but she will protect those she sees as being good at heart even though they may not be fully human by Mandate standards.

Purifier Kieran Kieran is some one Jo loves to fight and talk with. She thinks of him as a comrade in arms, but because of some miss understandings he sees her as a traitor and attacks her from behind or the front when ever he sees her, she can no longer call him an ally.

Seba'eld Seba being Labal's lover Jo is very hesitant to trust her. She sees the Alien woman as a threat to humanity as one of Labal's agents and also sees her as having too much influence among too many sides of the coin.

Moone Jo respects Adam greatly but she also thinks of him as unstable especially after he shot her in the knees with a rifle. Jo's overly odd light manner seems to rub Adam the wrong way and leads Jo to believe that maybe she shouldn't try and get to know him like she thought she should before hand. She however respects his determination to keep the members of the Ascension safe no matter the foe or cost. She worries that Moone is protecting the wrong kinds of people, but because of his attack to her she views him as a must definite enemy.

Dr. Kazz Katerzina never liked Kazz... Jo was indiferant.. she liked his quest and his ideals. Sadly Kazz is on the wrong side of one of Jo's many bad choices in men; this one also has a child involved. Needless to say Kazz wants to kill one of Jo's kids this one not born yet and that definitly puts Kazz at the top of her kill list.

Most Lycans- Jo has fought true Lycan's a couple times in her life, but because of her hand to hand combat style Lycan's tend to beat the crap out of her even as fast and strong as she was as a vampire. On one occasion Jo was left missing both legs and one arm with multiple other wounds as a vampire her Sire spent two days stitching her back together after. She has a horrible fear of pure Lycans, but has no issues with the council creations.

"You know suck faces, tampon lickers, leaches, blood humpers, blood suckers, Kindred, blood demons, night stalkers, fang faces, blood spirits, Nosferatu, or vamps?"— Jo

Most Vampires- Vampires in Jo's mind are the ultimate enemy to her. They feed off of God's creations or Humans in order to sustain their damned immortality. For this desire to stay alive unaging long after their time Jo hates them with a passion. Not to mention Jo believes that all Vampires are doomed to insanity and should die before they cause irreparable damage to the innocents and well being of humanity.

Most Demons- Demons are the ultimate force of chaos destruction and hatred. With this in her beliefs she knows that in the end demons will be at the root of the destruction of the humanity she so dearly wishes to protect. So to her seeing a demon among the limbs of the Earth is a sign that humanity is in danger and she vehemently hates to see the end come so soon. Most demons Jo will either attack or try to goad into a fight so that she can destroy them and keep humanity safe.
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