Purifier Kieran

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I hate this dimension
Purifier Kieran
Player: @Mr. Vec
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Bane Spider
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kieran Blane
Known Aliases: Kieran, Kier
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'0
Weight: 250
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Private of the 5th Rebellion Company
Place of Birth: Praetorian Earth
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None in Primal Earth
Known Powers
Mace Swinging, teamwork.
Known Abilities
See above
See "Equipment."



Kieran was born into the soldier class of the 5th Rebellion Company on Praetoria. One of several rebellious entities that fights off Tyrant, the 5th takes their methods to a strange extreme. The 5th is very secluded and xenophobic, turning away even outsider humans for lack of trust. While they have allies that they hold dear, they are few and far between.

This has lead Kieran to live a life of combat, of murder and guerrilla warfare. Every waking moment was combat, combat drills, training runs, and sabotage. He was one of a squad of five, as the squads in the 5th are broken down into, and he was their designated infiltration and executioner. Everyone in these squads is specialized to an extreme, and as such a reliance on allies has been imprinted into their minds.

Kieran has run several missions with the Praetorian Malak, and some other soldiers. These missions range from sabotaging important assets to executing corrupt officials, stealing equipment that the 5th required, and assaulting Tyrant's lieutenants.

On two such missions, Kieran suffered extreme losses in an attempt to protect his squad. His eye was lost to Chimera, while he tried to protect the squads demolitions expert. His arm was lost during one of Nightstar's minions crippled it with a concussive blast while he tried to cover a group of Company members.

Kieran was teleported to Primal Earth after two different situations were synchronized. One of the Hamidon's defeats coincided perfectly with an attempted teleportation attack on Kieran while his squad was fighting Infernal.


Kieran's life at home was one of tribalism, where everyone in the 5th was right and few people outside of it were allies. This was further reinforced by the Commanding Elders, who would decide nearly everything for him. Kieran, therefore, has almost no concept of freedom, so it seems like he's always wasting his time when, in fact, he's just waiting on orders.

The new incarnation of Kieran is woefully shy. This is because he's spent his life around people he's known, and the only new arrivals were new births, and they never thought any different than he did.

Furthermore, Kieran has no concept of relationships that aren't arranged, so he seems awkward around women.

Despite his weird innocence and his shyness, Kieran is a good soldier, but he is, at the moment, too dependent on backup.


Kieran has a lot of equipment, obviously.

Cybernetics: -Kieran has a cybernetic arm and eye. The arm's housing, however, is terribly built. A good yank could put Kieran in critical condition. The eye cannot be removed at all, removing it would kill him.

-He carries a normal mace, though it looks a lot like an Arachnos mace, it isn't.

-His current rifle is in terrible condition, firing .556 rounds. The weapon itself looks like it's about to fall apart.


-If I've put you in the wrong spot, please feel free to switch yourself.


Seer Malak - The Primal Earth Malak is vastly different from the Praetorian Malak, but Kieran gets along with him, if only because he's familiar.

Dimitri Sylvan - Dimitri is one of the few people who hasn't tried to kill Kieran, but he did try and make him do ecstasy, which might be as bad.

Moone - Moone has taken Kieran in, but he seems to have a hard time working into ASI.


Sky-Scar - Robin helped Kieran after a bullet wound and brutal shaking,but that's all he's seen.


Webmaster Grave - Not exactly an enemy per se, but by no means a friend. Originally he and the Primal Kieran were to fight for whatever reason, though probably having something to do with Satine DuBois. The tension boiled up for months, but before the fight could happen he was shot and killed. During a chance meeting in Pocket D, Grave discovered Kieran's praetorian self, and when he didn't recognize him became infuriated. However, after speaking with him, decided it was best to leave it be. While he holds no personal anger towards Kieran's living Praetorian counterpart, he does still hold resentment toward primal Kieran, However dead he may be, and seeing his Praetorian self doesn't help in the matter.

Other Random Info

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