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(( BIG EDITS INCOMING! Story will stay the same mostly, but alot of new info needs to be added and such, keep your eyes peeled or dont ))

This character was largely an experimental RP project, playing a Melee Crab to Tank status and RPing it. My first and favorite VEAT as well as my new Redside Main Character and primary RP personality. Without further adieu, Webmaster Grave. Enjoy...

"Ain't no Grave ever dug itself."

((Commission by Juggertha))

Webmaster Grave
Player: @Mazzo Grave
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Soldier/Crab Spider
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Mazzo John Grave
Known Aliases: Webmaster Grave, Legs, Grave Digger, Grave.
Species: Human
Age: 35
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 241 lbs (not including Crab Backpack)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Grey
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Outlaw, Mercenary
Place of Birth: Somewhere in the midwest
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Georgia Grave (Mother), Keith Grave (Father, Deceased), John Mazzo Grave (Uncle, Deceased)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Near superhuman toughness, combat training, melee combat experience, covert/blackops operations experience.
Modified Crab Spider Backpack, Leather/Mesh combat attire with Leather/Kevlar armored pads.
No additional information available.

"The outlaw's life is rife with strife.

Like a horse without a rider

No longer vogue to live a Rogue

In the shadow of the Spider."

-Dead Eye Jake


Near-Humble beginnings

On July 17th of 1975 a child was born into the hands of Keith and Georgia Grave. The child in question was to be named Mazzo John Grave, after his uncle. This of course makes no sense, as his uncles name was John Mazzo Grave. He was named after him because his uncle was terminally ill. During the next 12 years however, he fought that disease with a vengeance, until his heart stopped. During his time with his uncle, Mazzo had learned many 'less-than-reputable' skills. He learned to fight, to shoot, to hunt, and so much more. In his will he left the young Mazzo his hat and boots, in the hopes that he would go on to do great things.

High School was fairly easy for Mazzo. No one picked a fight with him, he had plenty of friends, a steady girlfriend, and a fairly normal life. At least until his father left. He left to marry another woman and ended up dying a year later during a bank heist. He had been involved in the robbery and was shot down by police.

At this point in Mazzo's Midwestern life, he felt as though he needed to do more. High school was over and he didn't really want to go to college, so in 1994 he joined the marines. His High School buddies all decided to go with him, and they all got matching tatoos. His high school girlfriend and now Fiancé, Elizabeth, opposed his decision adamantly. She too, however, realized that there was no other place for him and finally let him go. He was involved in very little action during his tour of duty between '94 and '98. It was fairly boring for him. The only real occurrence during these years was that Elizabeth was killed in a drive-by. She wasn't the target, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He returned home from his tour in June of '98 with nothing but some money. He got an apartment and some pets during the summer and tried to do something with his time. Bored out of his mind, he decided to move somewhere he would be guaranteed to have some action; The Rogue Isles. He left a letter for his mother and moved to an apartment in the north side of St. Martial with his 7 Snakes and 1 Cat.

In the City Of Villains

He lived in St. Martial for a year living off of his military paycheck while looking for a job. Very few employment opportunities were available during this time that he could do and his wallet was getting light. Finally, one random night in October of 1999, someone broke into his apartment. This had happened before, so he took his handgun from his nightstand and proceeded to look around. He stood in the doorway to his kitchen, having been thoroughly ransacked, and listened carefully. He raised his handgun and aimed it at his wall randomly, and fired his weapon multiple times. He flicked the light on and looked at his target. A man in dark red holding a rifle and a manila folder was lying on the ground, bleeding all over the tile floor. It wasn't until after the incident that he learned it was a Longbow SpecOps unit looking for information. They had hit the wrong apartment and were taken down by Mazzo. The others in the unit got away unharmed, only thanks to the distraction the dead soldier had caused. The next day, he got a call from Arachnos...

In the ranks of the Spider

He had finally found a job, and as a soldier no less. He was assigned to the Wolf Spiders and left to fend for himself. He rose in ranks quickly to Huntsman until he was picked for a special assignment. Captain Mako himself was putting together a small Black Ops unit. It was to be comprised of top ranking Crab Spiders and a few amenities. The group's job was to infiltrate, steal, and fight. Mazzo was placed in command as a Webmaster, the rest of the group was comprised of one 1 destined one, 3 top-notch Crab Spiders, 1 sniper, 1 Bane Spider and 1 Toxic Tarantula. They started off slow, to build the team's abilities, yet in no time they were performing high-class missions for Mako and for Lord Recluse. It was promptly named Shark's Fist. Together they were unstoppable, and for 8 years they held a mission success rate of 100%. Until their last mission. It was your average "Find the package, clear out any witnesses" mission against a Malta group. Everything was going just fine, until they found a Malta Titan. He was easy enough to defeat, but it had sounded the alarms in the building. The first people to show up were a Gunslinger and a hired Destined one. They came in the room and activated its auto defenses, which dropped a wave of grenades from the ceiling. One of the crabs was taken out, and the rest of the team exited the building through a window in the room. Their escape was brutal. They ran through dug-in wave after wave of Malta Troops. When the remainder of the team finally escaped, 3 of the Crab spiders had been killed along with the Bane Spider. With only half of his team alive, Mako decided to end the project for good. Only a few months later he received a letter, advising him that he was a destined one.

Webmaster Grave on a BlackOps assignment to uncover some Family secrets.

Confused as to why he was all-of-a-sudden a Destined One, Mazzo was ordered to give up his Crab Backpack. It's quite difficult to give up a device that was grafted to his spine. In the process of removing it, Mazzo felt a bit ill, but he felt well enough to carry on. He was given Standard issue Wolf Spider equipment and was referred to Kalinda for work.

A Destined Grave

He continued to do as he always did: get assignments, finish 'em, and get paid. This went fine until Arachnos said he could have his Crab Pack back. Unable to say no, he went through the operation to get it grafted back on. He developed a cough, but ignored it as a standard cold. Not long after this event, he was assigned to the Venomous Web, one of the many independent arms of Arachnos. While in the Venomous Web, he was reunited with his old teammate, the Destined One, Baron Kreigsceht. He was a student of the Mu teachings and now has ascended to a point where he could be an independent super villain. Shortly after this he met Satine Dubois. He met this Psychic during any old job and the 2 hit it off as friends.

Shortly afterwards however, Mazzo's Illness sprung up. It was the same disease his uncle had long ago. It's still rare and unnamed, but it affects the immune system by tricking it into believing that Oxygen is bad for the body and causes it to attack the place where Oxygen enters the body: the lungs. It slowly bombards them with so many white blood cells and platelets that the tissues in the lungs become packed with clotting platelets, and the white blood cells consume large amounts of Oxygen in the lungs. This causes the lungs to break down into a black dust of dead cell matter. He was only in the early stages, but he soon felt the affects. He was coughing up blood and black dust for a few weeks until something was done about it.

Webmaster Grave on duty in his Arachnos Uniform.

He finally hired Doctor Tron to help him. Seeing as there is no cure, or even treatment, the only way to stop the disease is to replace the lungs with mechanical artificial ones. Grave went through the operation unsedated, trying to prove he was tough. Tron replaced his lungs with a super advanced artificial lung that allowed him to breathe regularly again. The new lungs had systems to increase oxygen absorption, as well as decrease pollutants. A system was incorporated into his body that filtered pollutants from his lungs into a small container which could be emptied from his body using a tube through his neck and a tube in the roof of his mouth. The filter system was also added to his liver shortly after, as well as a liver and kidney accelerant, which gave Mazzo the option to increase the speed and efficiency of his liver and kidneys for a short time. Mazzo could now Smoke, and drink all he wanted without any negative affects, he also had a liver function that could essentially sober him up in a few seconds, no matter how much he's had to drink.

This quickly led into a wave of essentially harmless substance abuse. He became a chronic smoker and a frequent drinker. However, this didn't affect his life too much, and it went by mostly unnoticed. His life in the Venomous Web was going smoothly up until late December of 2008. Lord Recluse felt as though Mazzo had been getting too powerful, so he blackmailed him. 'Either you go away, or I find a reason to kill your mother'. He took a trip to the states to convince his mother to move to Paragon and get some Longbow protection, and she agreed. Furious at her new predicament, Lord Recluse framed him for a crime against Arachnos and put a bounty on his head. He is now worth 4 million alive, 2 million dead.

Life on the run

Once the hit went out, Soldiers and Destined Ones desperate to prove themselves all went after Grave, hoping his capture would be the big break they needed. All of which were sadly mistaken.

While on the run, he found his bank accounts emptied and his resources limited. So, he contacted the only friend he had left, Satine Dubois. He found out that day that she worked for Arachnos. Unsure wether to trust her or not, he finally decided he had no other options. She gave him a fully-loaded wallet, complete with plenty of cash and fake IDs. The wallet went to good use, and helped him find refuge. Mazzo decided then to get back to his roots. While running from Arachnos, he thought about all of the stories his uncle had told him about being in a biker gang. He could also remember working on his uncles ranch and watching old westerns with him. He could remember a name he used once: 'Dead Eye Jake'. Apparently an ancestor of his had worked with Dead Eye in the Morgan Gang. His stories had been passed down in a journal and he felt as though that was the place for him.

He sought out the Dead Eye Gang for refuge at first, but then as a chance to remake himself in the Isles as a tough bandit rather than an armored goon. Once he was accepted into the Gang, everything started to go his way...

Life in the Dead Eye Gang

Mazzo's life in the Gang had so far been fairly rewarding. He'd met some new friends, and had a new group to back him up if he ever were to get in trouble. Upon joining, he felt it his own role to spend some time training his body to its peak performance. He spent an amount of time in the north Canadian wilderness, training and testing his resilience. He spent days upon days standing shirtless under freezing cold waterfalls, wrestled bears, hunted moose, and lived off the land. Although his crab pack gave him a bit of an advantage, he learned that it was as much of an advantage in combat as a bear’s strength, claws and teeth are to him. He became an animal of the wilderness, a beast of a man, a tank.

Upon his return, he decided to make as a big a mark as possible. He quickly achieved the role of gang tough guy, and was immediately designated to take point in heated battle. He was a natural force to be reckoned with, a monster in melee, and hard as nails to take down. A role that hadn't been filled in the gang for a long time. He felt like he was on top of the world, until he heard about his friend Satine Dubois.

State of the Grave

After finding out about Satine's trip to hell and how she acted towards him upon her return shook Grave to his core. He always knew Satine as a scrappy fighter, one who could take just about anything and move on. Seeing her shake like she had made Grave rethink his outlook on the world. He had been living in the Rogue Isles, taking money and beating up various people, but what had he given back to its innocent citizens? Grave wasn't much of a 'Super Villain' from the start, just a soldier. So he decided to wrangle up some old friends and start a secret project. Few people know about the project, and those who do don't know Grave's involved. All anyone knows so far is that it's called The Grave Diggers, and that some of his old friends are involved...

The event with Satine also made him think about his own relationship status. He was single and hadn't really thought of anyone since Elizabeth as a 'Girlfriend', so he decided to make a bit of a move on someone in the Gang, City Scout. At this point they've just been flirting a bit, but something may happen between them in the near future, who knows?

Grave recently expressed his hatred for Lord Recluse to a few Gang members, mentioning that he had vowed to take him down once and for all. His attitude while talking about it was much more intense then he usually was. It may possibly hint at some sort of agenda he isn't telling anyone about.

Leading the Dead Eye Gang

Recently, Dead Eye Jake expressed the notion of finally legitimately retiring and living the life he worked so hard for. With that he passed the torch of leadership to Grave. Mazzo was honored to be offered leadership and readily accepted. He is currently working on some big projects within the Dead Eye Gang which should help put their name back on the map, so to speak.

A Strange Discovery

It turns out Mazzo isn't entirely natural, as it would seem. Recently, a mage approached Grave, telling him he possessed the "Power Of Ancient Gods". Skeptically, he tossed the notion aside, until his suspicion caught up with him. He asked City Scout to attempt to detect a magical presense within him, and she found a trace residual magic within him. Grave was horrified at the notion he wasn't fully natural and became somewhat depressed. However, it is unknown wether the residual magic actually helped him or not. What will come of this, is uncertain.

The Dead Eye Gang goes silent

After a rough couple of months, Dead Eye Jake finally decided to close the Gang's doors. However expected this was, it certainly came as a wake up call to some of it's members, most of which have gone on to do other things. Left without a home, Grave sought to reform the leftovers of the gang into a Mercenary business, but it ultimately failed. The Grave Diggers, Graves originally secret project, was put on hiatus to use the name for the mercenary group, which also inevitably failed. This turn of events has left Grave in a bit of a slump. Since the final word on the Grave Diggers hiatus, Grave has been spotted drinking gratuitous amounts of alcohol in Pocket D and the Golden Giza.

The only positive point to this is a merely a miraculous coincidence. 2 of Graves oldest friends have seemingly returned to the Isles. Wether Grave is planning anything for this small reunion is unclear, but it cetainly has given him a confidence boost.

Physical Attributes

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Mazzo has always been a tough guy, and that can't be any more correct than right now. He's at a physical state few men can hope to achieve, having been known to have bullets leave only bruises or only become partially submerged in his skin, sticking most of the way out. However, Mazzo is entirely human and can die just like any other person if he isn't careful.


Grave's combat abilities have come from a variety of sources, dating back to training with his uncle, to the military, and to his training with Arachnos. These abilities include, but are not limited too: BlackOps Training, Tactical Knowledge, Advanced Hand to Hand training, Marksmanship, Computer Use, Weapons Training, Survival, Helicopter operation and minor pharmaceutical knowledge.


As previously stated, Mazzo is entirely human. Things like fatigue, hunger, and extreme injury can cause death like in any other person.

His most obvious limitation has to be his natural speed. He may have increased physical ability when it comes to traveling, but he isn't nearly as fast as other metahumans who have the abilities of Superleap, Flight, Superspeed, or Teleportation. He also doesn't feel the need to go any faster than he already does. If he really wanted to go fast, he could find a way somehow.


Mazzo Grave in his BlackOps uniform

Grave is known to wear his old BlackOps uniform in combat, due to its maneuverability, durability, and overall usefulness. He always wears the Hat and Boots his uncle gave him, along with a pair of slick sunglasses. He is almost always wearing something over his nose and mouth. Very few people have seen him unmasked for very long. Out of combat he tends to wear a tank top along with a pair of black pants and fingerless gloves. For those of whom who have seen it, he has a scar across his face. It is from a fight with a Knives of Artemis swordsman who had cut open his face in a fight. He ignored the cut and continued fighting, having torn up her entire face as revenge, using his crab arms. The scar left has a slight red coloring, and is located just under and around his right eye. He used to keep a willow-wood pipe with him made by the elves of an alternate reality, which was given to him as a gift. However, in a drunken accident in his bunker hideout, it was broken. He has since gotten a new pipe, but it will never be as good. He kept the pieces in a small box and hide it away, hoping someone could help him get to that reality some day so he can get a new one.


Alot of Grave's ability to fight comes from the equipment he uses. The first of mention, and the most obvious, is the Crab Spider backpack that he still wears, due to it being grafted to his spine. Although standard crab spiders are known to use it as a ranged weapon, Grave uses its wicked points and blades as a terrifying melee weapon. He still uses it for some ranged uses, but as a melee weapon is its primary focus. Since it is grafted to his spine, he decided to keep it, as a display of how Arachnos giving him such a thing will be their undoing. He has left the Arachnos symbols on it as a form of war paint, to scare off his enemy Arachnos with his relentless melee tactics, forcing the symbol into their faces before they die. He has upgraded his crab pack with a multitude of extra joints, allowing him complete control over the placement of it's blades. The most notable alteration is the joints in the forwardmost blades, allowing them to pick up objects and perform menial tasks. He also has some storage space in the backpack where he keeps food rations and extra ammo. His crab pack has even been rumored to have a parachute in it. Though, it's quite unlikely, no one knows for sure.

Grave also wears his old BlackOps uniform in combat. The uniform is all dark colored with a mesh-leather layer for protection. Also on the uniform are leather/kevlar weave pads that protect his most vulnerable areas. He also recently upgraded it with a thin layer of Titanium and Impervium. This uniform raises his near superhuman resilience to a level where he can compete with heroes and villains alike.

He also keeps a supply of what he calls "health serum" with him. After working with Arachnos and using their combat stimulants, he finally learned how to make his own stuff. He adds some extra substances to it as well, but wether it changes the effect is unknown. The serum itself seems to speed up the healing process for a short time, helping close wounds and repair tissues faster, as well as numbing some of the damage. The effect can be described as inducing a form of euphoria, and sets Grave into a bit of a rampage after using it.

Another imporatant weapon in Grave's arsenal are his goggles. They have various settings, including Night Vision, Thermal Vision, and some minor sonar. Other things he's been known to have with him are Breach Charges, C4 Explosives and detonators, first aid, lighter(s), and always a pack of Camel: Turkish Royal Cigarettes.

Group Associations

Mazzo was originally assigned to Shark's Fist, Mako's old star BlackOps unit. After he became a Destined One he was assigned to the Venomous Web before Recluse called out the hit. He then lead the Dead Eye Gang after Months of being the gang 'Tough Guy'. Once the Dead Eye Gang closed it's doors, Grave's associations became minor. He is currently not affiliated with any group or organization, officially.


While in the Dead Eye Gang, Grave had come to respect it's members as reliable fighters. Grave values instinct and initiative over everything, and deems certain people worthy of praise.

Calamity Blaze: She was acting leader of the Dead Eye Gang for a short while, and Grave didn't take too well to the power change. Nothing personal, of course, but his joining of the gang was based entirely on Jake himself. His original stint with this had faded after he was offered leadership instead.

Wild Bunch Rose: A long-time member of the Gang, with some 'hard-to-descrbe' abilities, was originally just thought of as mysterious Gang Candy by Grave. However, since his arrival his view had drastically changed. Her abilities with speed and power alteration are incredibly helpful in combat.

Shooter Wallace: Another gang antique, Shooter Wallace has always been a mysterious visage of skill and integrity to Grave. Although they had never worked together too often, Grave regards the opinions of the other gang members highly when concerning Wallace.

Dizzy Willis: As interesting as Dizzy may be, Grave can't shake the feeling that he's hitting on City Scout. However, Grave finds Dizzy's unorthodox combat styles and somewhat innocent perspective on everyday goings-on sort of heartwarming... even if he does wreak of rotting flesh.

New Friends

Impact - Max is the first cape Grave has ever called a friend, and meant it. During the battle with Iron Tyrant, Max was used as a weapon of sorts and slammed into Grave. He was launched into the air by the force, so high that his fall would have killed him were it not for Max flying up and catching him. Since that moment, Grave has felt indebted to him somewhat, and while he would never admit that, he still feels that Max deserves some respect for going out of his way to save a former Super criminal. They have since become semi-frequent drinking buddies.

Aglow - After they first met on Formspring, Grave knew there was something about Lilah that he liked. She was kind to him, treated him like any other person, when most people treated him like a faceless soldier or like a mass murderer. They haven't worked together much, or even socialized much outside of Formspring, but Grave holds hope that her kindness on him wont go to waste.

Sovereign Fist - While they might not be 'friends' in the strictest sense, Grave respects Ray and sympathizes with him. When he got word that he'd lost his powers, Grave immediately hatched ideas to help him. Not for free of course, but the cost of his services have yet to be revealed. Some have speculated that their association was born from their mutual interest in helping the common man of the Rogue Isles. If this will lead to anything in the future is unknown.

Foxy Ferret - They had hardly ever communicated before a chance meeting, except in passing on Formspring. One day, Foxy decided to check up on Sovereign Fist's source of new equipment. She got lucky finding Grave, and he spilled the beans. That day was interesting for Grave, it's rare that he receives anything resembling a hug, but Foxy didn't hesitate to do so in order to calm him down. This, along with other small gestures Grave has received of late all seem to be making Grave rethink his position in the world.

Code Blue - Grave doesn't like psychics. That he can even be civil with Blue is a miracle. After being saved by Max, the fight ended shortly after, Blue on the ground, unconscious. Grave shot him with his personal stimulant, the adrenaline rush from which nearly gave Blue a heart attack. He was forced to use an anti-adrenaline shot that Grave only has for emergencies. Blue managed to pull through, and owes Grave a beer. It might be the sexy hat, or that he's Max's friend, but Grave has taken a liking to the blue weirdo nonetheless.

Old Friends

Over the first 2 or so years since he was declared a Destined One, Mazzo has picked up his fair share of close friends. These are people that he cares for and respects above all others.

Satine Dubois: One of the first people he befriended on the Isles, Grave considers Satine one of his closest friends. Everything Satine says and does resonates with Grave more than the actions of almost any other person. They have shared an intimate moment here and there, and have even had a romantic moment now and then, but they are far from a 'couple'. Satine's attitude and personality had always reminded him of his now deceased fiancé Elizabeth, causing him to get a bit too attached on occasion.

Baron Kreigsceht: A follower of the Mu teachings, as well as a member of Grave's former BlackOps unit, the Baron has always been a friend to Grave. When it turned out that they had both been assigned to the Venomous Web, it seemed as though fate were involved. However, the 2 have not made contact since a month or so before the bounty was set and could possibly never make contact again.

City Scout: One of the few members of the gang that Grave has personally socialized with, Grave and Scout seemed to be in some sort of relationship. After seeing her fight on numerous occasions, Grave had begun to respect her more and more for her quick thinking and prowess in combat, which just seemed to get better and better. Her increased combat abilities just seemed to make Grave more infatuated. When the Dead Eye Gang shut it's doors, the gang all lost contact with each other, even Grave and the Scout. After some other problems grave ended up in a bunker for nearly a year and was unable to search for her. She has since gone missing.


Along with his fair share of friends he's had his fair share of adversaries as well. ((if anyone who should be here isn't on here, let me know))

Purifier Kieran: Kieran and his Empyrean Mandate have always seemed to make Grave feel uneasy. Kieran in particular once had some kind of relationship with Satine Dubois. At the time Grave had known about some of Kieran’s 'less-than-reputable' dealings, or at least thought that he was a jerk, and had decided that Kieran wasn't the man for Satine. It had seemed not long ago that Kieran and Grave were going to fight, however, Grave hasn't heard from Kieran in a few months. Grave recently heard that Kieran had died, and although he didn't like him he was excited to fight him. He's ready to fight just in case he comes back though; this is a city full of crazy stuff after all.

Sky-Scar: After seeing his infatuation with City Scout, Grave deemed it his own responsibility to fend off this irritating pest. He tackled Sky to the ground and threatened him with his life. Frightened, He called on a robot to knock Grave away. The fight ended there, with Grave telling Scout that he would love to "Snap that guys neck, I'll even do it Pro Bono!".

De-Motivator: After bumping into him in Pocket D, Grave learned quite quickly why he's called the De-Motivator. After holding back his rage long enough, Grave finally threw the man away from him. De-Mo landed on his feet, taunting Grave even more. After leaving the room Grave broke the fire extinguisher in the hall. Rarely does anyone get Grave that angry. This could very well lead to a vendetta, knowing Grave's attitude.

Seer Malak: Last but certainly not least, the co-founder of the Empyrean Mandate, Malak Idris. This is a person who Grave simply cannot stand. His opinion of Malak is the same as Kieran's: simply as a fascist. Malak recently threatened Grave, claiming he had planted a bomb in City Scout's mechanical arm when the Mandate was building it for her. With no way to tell if the threat was legitimate, Grave sat with his rage and festered. Malak jumped to number 1 on Grave's hit list in only a moment, and his next move will most-likely be to confront him with extreme violence.


These people have reached the line between friend and foe with Grave, causing him to have incredibly mixed feelings about them.

Dead Eye Jake: Not exactly a 'friend' in the traditional sense anymore, but Mazzo looked up to Jake in the way he looked up to his uncle. Grave once respected Jake more than he liked to show and was proud to be in his gang. Grave now holds a deep-seeted contempt for closing down the Gang. He understands that it was going to happen, yet still secretly blames Jake for everything. After Jake attempted to recruit Grave for a new project, he then took back his offer after a simple vocal exchange. Grave has decided to close the book on this "friendship", changing his opinion of Jake from a respected leader, to an old conniving jerk. The worst part being that Grave could never have the ability to defeat him in a fight. Jake always fights with extra men at his side, exposing Grave's biggest weak point as superior numbers.


These are people doing freelance side work for Grave while he works on a bigger project. What their work amounts to collectively is unknown.

Graff - The Graffiti Samurai, a top-notch swordsman with a personality to boot. One could easily mistake him for an anime character if they weren't paying close enough attention. Grave hired him for his combat prowess and his 'put on a show' attitude.

Sgt. Maris - Anna is a great soldier, an excellent fighter and she doesn't ask questions. Just the kind of mercenary a supercriminal likes. Grave sees her as an asset, if not an unstable one. It's clear he still has uses for her in the months to come, however.

Skewerstrike - The shrike is an odd one, even Grave wasn't completely sure what to think of his when he first heard of him. They've since met and he had his first mission for Grave. It turned out to be a pretty pointless mission that Grave used to his own benefit and amusement, but he's proven himself useful and professional.


Purifier Kieran's return has shaken Grave a bit, in an odd way. It's quite obvious to Grave that this isn't the original Kieran, and has decided to leave him alone, instead of trying to fight him like before. However, they are far from friends, especially since he consorts with one of Grave's most hated foes: Malak Idris.


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Relationship with Mako

The Shark's Fist was, by all means, a complete success, so much so that Captain Mako began to take a personal liking to the team, especially it's leader, Webmaster Grave. Although not really 'Friends' in the traditional sense, Mazzo and Mako became quite friendly towards each other (at least as far as Mako and Friendly can go in the same sentance). Mako values the skills of a good hunter, and Grave was just that, a hunter. After the Shark's Fist disbanded, Grave was reassigned to the Venomous Web. While working with the Venomous Web he helped out Captain Mako with a very important task that neither of them seem willing to talk about. To this day Grave will do jobs for Mako and occasionally be seen chatting with him. It's been reported that Grave has mentioned Mako "Owing him a favor", but wether or not that's true is a mystery. So far it seems that Mako isn't going to act on the Bounty Grave has on his head, seeing as they meet occasionally without incident. Wether it's because he doesn't need the money, he likes or respects Grave too much, or whatever the reason, is unknown.


So far, a number of Arachnos affiliates and Destined ones have attempted to take down Grave for the bounty Recluse put on his head. So far none have succeeded in taking him down. At this point it seems no one even wants to try, seeing as most of the people who did now lay dead. One Destined One who died in the process was able to spit out a few words before dying. He said, "They told me it'd be easy, just go get Grave and dig him one, they said. Looks like I'm the one in the ground this time."

The current bounty totals hve recently doubled. Due to the lack of enthusiasm in capturing him amongst his troops and assets, Recluse decided it time to add a little extra incentive. They are now as follows. 8 Million Alive, 4 Million Dead, in cash.


Some of the more memorable quotes from Grave can be found here.

"Ain't no Grave ever dug itself" - A common line he uses as a parody to his actions. People often joke that what he does gets him in more trouble with Arachnos. Grave just shakes it off. The phrase is a huge parody to everything Grave does, and it helps keep his head where it belongs.

"Th' Gang endin' is the end a' ME? Hah! Ah' wont be done 'til ah'm dead!" - a final rebuttle to a target he killed while working as a mercenary.


Grave likes plently of music, though he only likes it when It's good. Music he likes can generally be described as being musically or rythmically technical. He has a weak spot for smooth bass lines, tricky melodies, crafty beats, brutal slams, and ballads of his old western lifestyle. The following are songs that can help you understand Grave just a bit more, as well as his theme songs.

A photo taken from afar by an Amateur photographer

"Manzanita" - The Tony Rice Unit

"Ptolomy" - Aphex Twin

"Jimi" - Slightly Stoopid

"Dont Stop me Now" - Queen

"Punisher" - Veil Of Maya

"Little Sadie" - The Tony Rice Unit

"Day 69" - Decapitated

"Take it Easy" - Eagles (3rd Theme Song)

"Deadly Sinners" - 3 Inches of Blood

"User~Maat~Re" - Nile

"Get up and Go" - Gary Burton

"Alberto Balsalm" - Aphex Twin

"Backbone" - Gojira

"Snakeskin Bib" - Fila Brazillia

"Ob(Servant)" - Psycroptic

"Sons Of Belial" - The Faceless

"One of these Nights" - Eagles

"Dust in the wind" - Kansas (2nd Theme)

"Dying Will be the Death of me" - Cephalic Carnage (Theme Song)

"Already Gone" - Eagles

"Behind The Sun" - Meshuggah

"Antithesis" - Origin

"Desperado" - Eagles

"Rapid Elemental Dissolve" - Archspire

"I was Young and I Needed the Money" - Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination

"Carry on my Wayward Son" - Kansas


Portrait Commission (in the anti-hero box) by Juggertha

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