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Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: Theresa Cassandra Alexander
Known Aliases: The Ashen Princess
Species: Demon/Angel
Age: 21
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: '
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: white
Biographical Data
Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: Labal- Father

Azarai- Mother

Known Powers
Martial Arts
Known Abilities
Twin daggers




Divine Turmoil

Theresa was brought into this world by unconventional methods to say the least. Azarai, an angel of purity, harbored a true and undying love for a demon. This king of hell goes by the name of Labal.

Long before the great war that divided heaven and hell, she admired him from a distance. As the great divide began to seize countless angels into the darkness, Bebel was among the ones to defy God and fight against the angels. Horrified at the thought of fighting against him, she refused to take sides. Because of her innocence, she would later become "the last of the fallen" or the guardian of angels who would be exiled to earth. The threads of fate were already put into motion, and fate would prove to be stubborn.


As Lucifer's war was lost, he and his allied angels fell with him. Bebel was transformed into a mere shadow of his former self. Soulless, and consisting of ash and demonic energy, he took his throne as Labal "The Ashen King."

"After much time had passed, Labal was becoming more and more arrogant in regards to his responsibilities in hell. He believed only in his own power, and often would go against his 'Father' Lucifer. This angered the more loyal demon Paimon who demanded Labal’s destruction to Lucifer. However, Labal’s father had other ideas. When he had Labal brought before him. The Ashen King was complacent and dismissive to his father. This enraged Lucifer and he removed every shred of demonic power he had once given him. Labal lost command of his legions and was banished to earth.

Upon arriving on earth Labal heard the voice of his Father in his head, Lucifer informed him he had squandered his gifts and was not truly worthy of commanding legions or being a king of hell. He was not allowed to return until he had proven himself and was grateful for the power he once had. Only then could he become the first truly worthy king of hell.

Labal became enraged and tried to return to hell, but he hadn’t the power. Humbled and alone the demon began following whatever orders his father would have him do."

— (Labal's Virtueverse)

As this took place, an angel would plummet from the heavens. This angel was Solaramori. As an angel, Solaramori was among the most beautiful. Her looks brought her vanity, thus she was banished to live for all eternity amongst the mortals on earth, to never return home. She devoted her existence to punishing mortals, in hopes that sorting out the sinners would grant her redemption.

She would also discover that she was not the last of the fallen angels. There were numerous others who intended to nullify their punishment, and return from their exiles. She joined them in their divine crusade, and later and later recovered texts that hinted at a way of returning to the heavens by means of sacrificing the last of the fallens angels. The last was rumored to be purest of heart, and her banishment a fraud. She was sent to observe the outcast angels and thwart their attempts to defy their fates.

The Legion of the Fallen was growing, and suspicion had turned the organization into a bloodthirsty witch hunt. They were required to cut themselves, dripping blood onto an ancient rune believed to detect the blood of a pure angel. Corruption had taken it's toll and a rogue fallen had begun to arise suspicion against Solaramori. The mysterious woman reeked of hatred, and darkness. She went by the name of "Azarai."



Azarai had begun to manipulate the fallen angels into believing Solaramori was indeed The Last. She was not acting alone, however. Solara's brother, Lunamori, who had fallen before her, was hell bent on returning home. Finally convincing Lunamori, he had decided to give his dear sister a choice. She would spill her blood before the altar, or he would do it for her.

Solaramori sought the aid of Labal in her desperate hour. As Azarai watched from the shadows, she would recognize the angel whom she had so dearly loved. She offered a beautifully wicked smile and introduced herself as simply "Azarai". She stayed close, tormenting Solaramori more and more as the dreaded hour drew closer. This was when she had revealed her true intent. When the Last of the Fallen would be sacrificed before the altar, a portal would open directly above it. A portal so large, any creature, divine or demonic would gain access. In short, it was the calling of the "end of days", the Apocalypse.

Just as Solaramori had decided to hold her ground and fight to protect the earth she had finally come to love, Azarai made a confession. It was not her who had been pulling the strings, but Luna. Azarai arose suspicions to keep attention away from herself long enough to discover a way to prevent the other angels from opening the portal. The dark, sadistic nature was a facade. Azarai was indeed the angel of purity, and The last of the Fallen.


Azarai had led her to the altar, and offered to her a crystal. She instructed her that the portal would open directly above her. It would not open in the sky, but within the stone. Solaramori hesitantly allowed her to sacrifice her life, and be trapped within the crystal along with the portal.


Solaramori's involvement in the protection of the earth had earned her a spot in the divine council, and her divinity was restored. The portal was safe within the crystal, and Solaramori had found a new cause for the legion of the fallen. They would risk everything to protect the crystal, and keep it from those who would seek to use it for evil.

But was this power safe with the ones more likely to want it?

The Fated Birth

Sealed within the crystal, Azarai had been pulled into the portal to heaven. There, the divine council had agreed to grant Azarai a gift of whatever she would request. She asked for a child. Angels are unable to bear children, and after much deliberation, the council eventually agreed, so long as she would find a father divine in origin. They were not counting on her to choose Labal.

So baby Theresa was born. Blessed with Azarai's power of divine energy, and Labal's control over unholy of magic. Throughout her childhood, Theresa had trained under her father. She became an able and skilled fighter and manipulator of demonic powers. From her mother, she was taught nobility and wisdom.

Theresa faced much pressure throughout her youth by both of her parents to follow their individual plans for her future. Azarai had wished for her to become a guardian of earth, and Labal wished for her to take the Abyssal throne upon his passing.

The divine council, ultimately would decide her fate. Impressed with her exponential growth in power and ability, they planned to use her as a weapon. A cause for good. She was monitored and watched closely by the council, as a sort of secret project. An angel by the name of Aldiem was assigned to watch Theresa personally, as overseer of the project.

Corruption in the Council

Observing Theresa's inclination to her father, and the chance that she may choose the throne over the council's wishes, a high ranking member of the council took notice. Alezekiel, began to persuade the council that Theresa was a failure, and abomination. He convinced the council to eliminate her as a growing threat to the earth.

A small group of angels, also consisting of Aldiem, Azarai, and Solaramori formed within the council to overturn the council. Solaramori's powerful position within the council gave her the ability to decline his requests and the Alezekiel was enraged. He took it upon himself to attempt murder Theresa himself on Earth.

His plans were to put to an end, when he was murdered by Azarai and Labal under the direction of Aldiem.

Despite good intentions, murder is not encouraged within the Angels. Azarai and Aldiem were outcasted from heaven as fallen angels for their involvement, despite Solaramori's wishes.

The Legion

Unable to continue to lead the Legion of the Fallen from heaven, Solaramori passed responsibility to young Theresa. She continues to lead the Legion, with Aldiem as her General.

Theresa's Personality


"Both vengeful and forgiving, I am neither a demon nor an angel. My very creation was merely by fate's design alone. My mother was an angel of purity, my father held a throne in hell as the Ashen King. Their paths would cross yet again to put to rest an attempt to bring about the end of days by a rogue angel. A gift from God allowed my mother to bear a child. A gift from Satan gave my father the ability to pass down his power to me. Somewhere in between good and evil, there's me. I may never understand my purpose, but I will always try to use my abilities for what I think is right." — Theresa

Theresa is a force of nature. She is not only bred to be an unstobbable force of demonic energy, but a conduit of divine power. However, she often slacks off and goofs around. Her training is often neglected for the sake of a more carefree, and easygoing life.

However, when the situation calls for serious measures, she handles it professionally, and skillfully... Just to go back to how she was when she's done.

Theresa's Appearance

Theresa wears an ornate silver cross as a gift from her father. In the center is a black Pearl.

Silver Black pearl Cross.jpg

Theresa's Family


Theresa loves her father... And tolerates him at times.

     Azarai: "You raised a mighty warrior."
     Labal: "And you raised a compassionate thinker."

Theresa's Friends and Allies






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