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Hi. I'll put stuff here later.



My characters demonstrate a broad range of heroes and villains.



About the Player


I am a 42 year old husband and father from the Tampa, Florida area.


I have been gaming since I was 6, when I was given a Colecovision for Christmas. It's been a passion ever since. I currently play many emulated NES, SNES, Sega MasterSystem, and Sega Genesis games on my PC, as well as enjoying Playstation 1, 2, 3, & 4, and MMOs.

I started playing MMORPGs in 1998 with Ultima Online. Since then, I have also played Dark Age of Camelot, Neverwinter Nights, Guild Wars, The Matrix Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Champions Online. I joined the City of Heroes/Villains scene in 2008, and it's been an obsession ever since.



I enjoy roleplaying dark and violent characters, though some characters are more light in subject matter. But most of my characters, both heroes and villains, have very human flaws. The thing that makes a hero a hero, in my opinion, is perservering in the face of all adversity, both internal and external.

I am not afraid to engage in discussions or activities involving the following:

If you are easily offended by any of the above, feel free to not interact with me.

Please note that while my characters can be outrageous and engage in activities of a delicate or taboo nature, it does not mean that I endorse these things. I am really a very nice person with a very strong moral code. Sometimes, a certain character may reflect a particular viewpoint of mine, such as my distaste for anthromals (read: furries) or my vegetarian lifestyle, but none reflect all. All characters reflect many viewpoints that are not my own.

Also, I do not give my characters theme songs. I disapprove of the practice of attaching someone else's art to describe my own. As such, you will not see that sort of thing in my character profiles.

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