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Personal Data
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Biographical Data

American, EST

Marital Status:


Additional Data

∙ Virtue Vet since 2009 ∙
∙ She / Her / They ∙

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Player Preferences

⤿ M/RP or Casual is ideal. I'm totally okay with serious or comedic themes! The most important thing is being sure that everyone is comfortable with the topic at hand.
My only rule is to be 18+ to RP with me, as I have some very dark, heavy, or mature themes in most of my characters' stories, and I don't want to share this with kids.
⤿ I am not interested in RPvP or RPing by a character's level. The altitis comes for us all, we must be vigilant. (It's okay if that's your thing, of course!) Textfights and
dice for nonconsequential resolve is fine. A little bit of random chaos can go a long way, so sayeth the RNGesus.

⤿ No, thank you! I only ERP with the hubby. Please don't solicit romance or seek out relationships with my chars, and no fade-to-blacks either. All of my chars are
already spoken for.

⤿ I struggle with pretty bad depression and anxiety. I'm also neurodivergent, but undiagnosed. (It's likely autism or ADHD.) I try to be cognizent, but I can come off as
very flat over text. Also, I have been suffering a crippling back injury for the past two years, so the pain can flare up and affect my energy or mood.

⤿ Hi friend! If I ever get you or your character's pronouns wrong, please correct me! It's important to me.

⤿ No godmodding or metagaming is allowed. If your character has the ability to break the fourth wall, that's just fine, but don't expect my characters to be enlightened!
⤿ When it comes to trolling or harassment, just don't. Be nice to each other, you guys.
⤿ My pronouns are She/Her, but They is also fine.
⤿ Troll is TROLL!
⤿ Just want to leave a little thank you here to the other Virtue vets from Live who kept an eye out for the adolescents and pre-teens who gathered together with the other
teens to write creatively and play out their stories. You made me and my friends feel safe to express ourselves in the cringiest ways possible and kept creepers off of our
backs. You're the very definition of a hero. I always think about you guys, and I miss you. If you're out there reading this, your deeds didn't go unnoticed. Much love.

My Characters


Engel in der Hölle

" Angel in Hell "
A metahuman woman who has been blessed with nature's bounty. If life can be a living hell for some, then she is an angel wandering until the very end.


Heart of Courage
A superhero who has died and come back to life, against all odds. She has escaped the thrall of a death god and its cult, free of their madness.


Maid in a Row
A monstrosity born from unethical science and magic of the horrors deep. Lots of homebrew content.
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