Abigail Balston

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Abigail Balston
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Abigail Balston
Known Aliases: Abbie
Species: Vampire
Age: Around 600
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: European
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Europe
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Only known Annabel (Deceased) Parents (Deceased)
Known Powers
Vampiric powers, Magic user
Known Abilities
Wrist mounted blade (Right hand), hand held blade (Left hand)

Abigail Balston known more as Abbie was born in the 1400s along with her sister Annabel, the exact dates of the two sisters births is not known. Abbie is a vampire from an nearly extinct clan, they have a very rare chemical in there teeth which can cause paralysis and numbness. (There are other chemicals known that can produce the same results.) The chemical is stored within the sinuses of the vampire and is regularly created as it is emptied.

Abbie's parents died in a house fire when she was thirteen, at the time her and her sister Annabel were not vampires, that happened two years later when she was fifteen. Abbie and Annabel found themselves homeless wondering the streets in Europe there birth place. They came across a gang of vampires who said they would take them in for price, the two girl were hesitate to take the offer however they decided it would be the best option they had. The price was a simple bite on the neck, the two did not quite understand but agreed to allow it.

They both stayed with the gang for about a year before leaving on there own. Around the 1500s Abbie's sister Annabel was kill in the witch hunts, she was accused of being a witch and burned. Abbie tried to stop them however she found herself in the same place as her sister, tied to a cross to be burned for being a witch. Abbie survived only by chance, when the time to burn her came there was an explosion down the street and everyone ran to see what was happening. She got herself untied and fled, everyone said she used her witch powers to cause the explosion and escape. Abbie went into hiding for next three years, all alone now with no one, no parents no grandparents and no sister.

After the three years Abbie returned to her home, where her parents died. She found something most interesting in the now burnt and chard house. In her sisters old room, she found magical charms, it turned out her sister had been a witch. Annabel had been practicing her magic and started the very fire that had killed there parents. Abbie took her sisters charms and what magic books she could find that were still in tact. She used the next ten years of her life learning magic, how to protect herself from the sun by wrapping the the very shadows themselves around her during the day.

Abbie has always seemed to have trouble find her no matter where she go's. Two years ago from the present day, a group of Circle of Thorns took her and used her as a vessel. It has recently been found that the Circle of Thorns attempted to increase there powers by using Abbie as there vessel to summon a demon that has been known to give great power to those he deems worthy. However either the demon did not see the Circle as worthy or it found something more worthy to give power to.

Recently the demon the Circle of Thorns tried to summon has awoken in Abbie, she has managed to over come the demons will and use its power as her own. Her skin tone returns to that of a living human when the demon is awoken inside of her, her voice become one with its voice and its power flows from her eyes. In the end all her vampiric powers and need of blood remains along side the demons own power.

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