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The way I see it, some people are just better than others, and some people just don't think. I'm better, and if you don't think that's acceptable you probably have that thinking problem I mentioned.

Adaptation Jane
Player: @Prof.Renegade
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corrupter
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jane Herald
Known Aliases: Imitation
Species: HomoSuperior
Age: 28
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mercenary, Thief
Place of Birth: Jackson, N.H.
Base of Operations: The Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Harold Herald (Father, deceased), Maud Herald (Mother, deceased)
Known Powers
Saps the abilities of those around her, making her enemies weaker and her allies stronger
Known Abilities
Expert Marksman, Decent Disguise Skills
Custom Assault Rifle, Jet Pack
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While many might consider Jackson, N.H. to be a decent sized town. While Jane was growing up the population was just under 800 people. At first Jane didn't really mind either. She had an exceptionally supportive family and as an only child got as much attention as she wanted. Throughout elementary school she continued to do well, socially, physically and academically, while by no means being the top of her small local class. If one were too look back on this time in her life, you may not even be able to pick her out of the group.


In the seventh grade that changed. For secondary education in her county the towns were bussed into shared schools. Suddenly she wasn't just within her own small community, she was one among a mass of people. Suddenly, if she wanted attention, she had to compete, and there certainly was a lot of people to compete with. Despite the continued support of her parents, she began falling behind the other students. The pressure was too much. Whenever she thought about it, she would get sick to her stomach.

She began to hate those who were the most successful in her class. Why should they be the ones with the attention? I should be the smartest! I should be the strongest! I should be the most popular! The thoughts were like a mantra to her, running through her during classes. She would obsess over individuals who seemed naturally talented.

One morning she was in history class when Brenda Gleason was being a particular know it all, answering all the teachers questions one after another. Jane put her head down on her desk as the stress of her grades began to make her sicker and sicker. The whole time all she could hear was Brenda's high pitched noise floating around her. An idea form a bad horror movie she had been watching the night before suddenly flashed through her mind. Jane focussed on Brenda's voice, and willed her feelings of sickness on her instead. The past two years of anguish in this school seemed to build up inside her and with a proper focus, flow out. To Jane's amazement, she actually felt better. When the teacher turned around and asked the next question, she found her own hand in the air. She suddenly knew the answer. . . all the answers.

Jane later in High School

The next day Brenda complained of headaches all day, but Jane couldn't care less, she kept focusing every time she saw her and soon Jane was feeling better than ever. She didn't stop there, she didn't want to stop at all. She found the best athlete in school and soon she was the star of the basketball, softball and track teams. Her confidence shot through the roof and she started becoming one of the most popular girl in school. Anyone who said anything bad about her, or tried to keep her out of the in crowd soon found themselves very sick.

One night her mom walked in on her while she sat in front of the TV practicing her anger focusing, that same old horror movie playing in the background. When asked what she had been doing, Jane broke down and told her mom everything, confident that her parents would continue to support in being the best she possibly could be. Jane's mom explained that she had been born a mutant, which explains the powers better than an old movie, a poorly made one at that. Jane's hair was naturally green, and her mom had Jane wash her hair with a bit of dye in the mix so no one would notice. She had wanted Jane to be able to fit in like a normal kid.

Then something in Jane snapped.

Normal kid? A twitch behind her brow. Why would she want to be normal? When she was normal she was ignored! Being normal made her hurt inside. . . her Mother wanted her to hurt! She didn't want her to succeed at all!

That night her mother fell into a sudden and unexplained coma. When the doctors looked at her no clear reason could be found. It was if her life signs where just very suddenly weaker. Each time it seemed like she was recovering her vitals would suddenly drain away. Her father was thoroughly distraught by the whole ordeal. He didn't even notice that his doting daughter's hair was slowly growing out into a shade of green, and that his hunting guns had gone missing.

Back in school, Jane flaunted her new hair and word quickly spread of her mutant genes. No one guessed that her abilities were linked to the sickness in other students, it was just assumed that her above average abilities was her actual ability. She was asked to step down from her school activities. She took this well however. Of course the normal people couldn't possibly compete. There were other Mutants at her school but she dismissed them as well. They're abilities constituted a big wad of lame in her mind.

There was one however that she took an interest in. Pedro Harriera had the ability to manipulate flames, and to Jane that sounded useful. Now that she had a better grasp on her powers it was time to put them to work. So she focussed for weeks on sapping Pedro. While he certainly seemed to weaken she could not reproduce his abilities. She tried other mutants in school, and even one girl, whom she learned through listening in the bathroom, had a magical heritage. No luck. It would seem she could only drain and improve on her own natural abilities.

In the long run it didn't matter. There were other ways to fill in in her weaknesses. After all it was her destiny to not only compete with the best, but beat them at their own game. She used her sudden free time to practice her marksmanship. She already had some skill from simple lessons her father had given her, and her determination drove her even further. There was even one group at the school who she had previously snubbed due to their lack of cool. Her senior year Jane became an active member of the drama club. It was her best local resource for disguise and deception tactics.

Super Hero

Jane on a Mission

After High School, Jane chose to fore go college, even with several payed tuition offers, due to her high test scores. She didn't quite see the point in spending several years of her life taking tests to learn something, when if she had the ability to suck knowledge straight from people's heads. She just had to get close to them for a couple of minutes.

Instead, she packed up her things, including a few weapons, and headed down to Boston. She was a little disappointed in father's lack of financial support in this endeavor. He apparently cared more for the well being of her weak, back stabbing, comatose Mother. She took a few jobs as a hero for hire. As soon as she had enough saved, she had her parents killed. They were only holding her back. Boston's hero for hire scene was kind of smaller than she had originally thought. She soon had a small name for herself as dedicated and willing to go to extreme measures to get the job done. This made her a favorite of a few families with personal security issues. She found herself stuck between competing Italian and Chinese "business associations". It didn't matter to her though, as long as she was paid, she just had to be careful about how she received her missions and payments, in case a customer realized they had also been a target.

She soon gained the attention of the Boston Police however. In August 2007, she was arrested by Detective Brian Sampson, later to be known as Gold Cop, on charges of endangerment of others, destruction of public property, and tax evasion. Lucky for her, there were some people who thought otherwise and a very nice lawyer showed up free of charge. She got off on lack of incriminating evidence.

Deciding that Boston was too small time she then road her reputation to Paragon City, where they job market for her abilities was much bigger. She found plenty of work, thats for sure, but in a City of Heroes she was having trouble to distinguish herself from the droves around her. Then things got much worse.


As she began getting more jobs, instead of getting a more well known name for herself, the most frustrating thing began to happen: people began mistaking her for someone else. A woman named Cara Deacon, had the ability to mimic other heroes powers. She was a hero for hire known as Imitation. The nerve of people. This woman had the very power Jane herself lacked! Of course she wasn't about to tell them that Imitations power was actually a bit more effective. Instead she'd correct their mistake, remind them that she was also a skilled marksman and athlete and complete the job as quickly as possible.

It would have been one thing if Jane had just stayed in her jealous state. She would have brooded a bit and maybe called in a few hits on this person. A little research later and Jane found out that Imitation couldn't even control her powers. She could sometimes mimic the abilities of others. The jealousy fade quickly and filled with disdain. This girl had the best mutant power there was and she wasn't even strong enough to use it properly. As the weeks passed, Jane began to focus her hatred on this new target, and then finally one day they both showed up for the same job.

Cara, in her weak minded way offered to team up and split the profits. Jane instead opted to open fire, and take out her competition directly. During the fight Jane told Cara all about how pathetic she was. Of course the little rat got away.

A short time later Jane was arrested for use of excessive force and sent off to the Zig for processing. During her short time in holding she began to focus on Imitation more and more. She vowed if she got out, she wouldn't just kill her, she'd make her life hell.

Going Rogue

A short time later she got her chance. During a prison break by Arachnos, she was singled out and whisked away to the freedom of the Rogue Isles. She used this as an opportunity to start fresh with a clear goal. It was time to bring Imitation down and be rich in the process. She set up a small base of operations and began taking jobs, and here they didn't think twice about excessive force.

While she works her way up this new ladder she taken a few opportunities to make Cara's life crap. Her most successful plot to date has been to disguise herself as Imitation and wreak havoc in Bloody Bay. That cumulated in battle in the skies of Bloody Bay, Cara and her allies, vs. Jane and whomever she could get her hands on. Cara's super license was almost revoked before the deception was revealed.

Working her Way to the Top

Jane continues to find work in the isles. She took on forced acquisitions jobs mostly, but would also take the occasional kidnapping or hit. Mostly these were villain groups fighting other villain groups and she figured if they were dumb enough to fight among themselves so much, then she might as well profit. As she worked, her skill and notoriety increased. She was even contacted by Ghost Widow for personal training. That turned out to be a bust. That woman is crazy, and apparently most of Arachnos wants her killed.

Still Jane kept working and a funny thing eventually happened, she stopped hearing about Imitation. It got to the point where she had to actively go digging to learn anything about the supposed heroine at all. So it was that Jane had finally won. Her nemesis had been driven into hiding. She was thrilled.

Moving On

A short time later, she wasn't thrilled anymore, she was bored. Being better than Cara Deacon had been a large part of her driving motivation. Now she was rich, powerful, and had no one to fear. She was respected by Lord Arachnos, better than his lieutenants and had played all the most active groups in the isles.

It occurred to her one day that the Isles were the source of her boredom. I mean, what a crappy place to live right? It was pretty much Imitation's fault that she had been exiled here in the first place. She sent out a letter or request to the Paragon City mayor's office, citing how she was framed for her previous "Excessive Violence" charges, and listing all the acts of "good" she had done since her unofficial release, such as opposing Arachnos and taking out the leaders of several gangs and villain groups. She received a notice saying they would be monitoring her activity for a potential pardon.

She began looking at hero-side organizations that paid. She reached out to STORM first, since they obviously needed a replacement leader for the previous, pitiful, Imitation. Apparently they had already found some bald dude. Next on the list was Next Gen. It was a group for mutants, paid well, and there was plenty of eye candy. Plus, she always saw their members getting sloshed in the Pocket D, so she figures her behavior would be a plus.


Imitation: Jane's biggest enemy to date. Her nemesis. She absolutely hates Imitation and has made it her mission to ruin her life.

STORM: Imitation's team, is also led by one of the heroes who put her away, Gold Cop. What a wonderful group of targets.

Arrelin Windspire: During the battle for Bloody Bay, he proved an especially evasive target. Jane has convinced herself that he must be Cara's boyfriend and that he is a mimbo.


Game Master: I raving psychopath that introduced Jane to the concept that Mass Murder can be a competitive game. So far, Jane says she's winning.

The Family: Jane's connection to organized crime jobs. Always been good money.

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