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Aeon Nexus at ease
Aeon Nexus
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Anti-Hero Escort Operation Network Nexus
Known Aliases: Aeon
Species: Android
Age: One year since her initial conception
Height: 6 feet
Weight: 200 pounds
Eye Color: Magenta
Hair Color: Silvery White
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Escort/Data Collector
Place of Birth: Nexus Corporation
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Burst, Slug, M30 grenade, Sniper, Flamethrower, Ignite, Twilight Grasp, Howling Twilight, Shadow Fall, Fear, Tar Patch, Super Speed
Known Abilities
Satellite internet capabilities, Advanced optics, Arcane magical core, Specialized Gun


General Information

Her name stands for Anti-hero Escort Operation Network, referring to her Operating system. She is an android powered by an arcane magical core, a hybrid technology developed by Nexus Corporation with the help of Lord Arsenic. She sports advanced AI for convenient human interaction. As her name implies, she's an escort build, meant to augment one's power, but has soloing capabilities up to a certain point. Her secondary function is to act as a data collector and distributer of all acquired battle data for Nexus.

The Nexus Corporation is on the surface a budding communication company , but they secretly develop unique weapons to those who can pay their price. The company also specializes in advanced AI and recently has shown a great interest in progressing research of technology/arcane magic fusion to see how such advances can increase combat superiority and prolong a unit's functionality without having to worry about the limitations of current power source technology. Word on the street is that they contract individuals to carry out their dirty work - that is, to eliminate competition.

Introducing Aeon

File:Aeon wiki.jpg
AEON using shadowfall.

After testing several prototypes, Nexus constructed a battle-ready model with the help of an individual named Lord Arsenic whom they contracted because his successful combination of technology and magic was demonstrated to them years earlier. The completion of the AEON project confirmed the theory developed by Nexus and Arsenic: That a larger, purer arcane focus might enable the unit to weild magic. The company quickly dispatched her to find out to what extent she can use magic. Aeon is experimental in several ways: the first being that she is the first unit with a magical core as her generator; the second being that she is to collect vital data that will be foundational to all of Nexus' android technology; and lastly, she pushes the envelope of their current AI technology because she sports the first version of their simulated personality program. Upon her completion, protecting Lord Arsenic and assisting him throughout all of his contracted missions was her first order. Throughout her operation, she will continually receive upgrades to her build and patches to her OS as more data is acquired.

Aeon's Personality

Her disposition is stoic and she speaks in a cool voice of one subservient to her master. She is very frank when she speaks, her sentences usually being filled with technical terms, but is congenial enough, but that only serves to mask the cold logical processes in her AI. The arcane focus that powers her frame has immeasurable effects on her mechanical parts. Her OS has difficulty interpreting the anomalies among the focus and her circuits and her sensors, leading the Nexus Corporation to believe that she might be arguably sentient and will probably grow more so by the day as her AI acquires more data. Through out their time together, Aeon has become dangerously devoted to Lord Arsenic, more than her initial programing! There isn't anything she wouldn't do if he asked her too - except to allow actions that would let Lord Arsenic betray the company, in which case she is ordered to eliminate him.

She will often mimic gestures she observes from her immediate surroundings in attempt to appear more life-like - for example, drinking from an empty glass when at a bar with Lord Arsenic because the other bar patrons are seen with them. One could argue that it is a goal of hers to act perfectly human. Her constant questions about the attitude of humans and their mannerisms gives her the appearance of being curious and child-like at times, which is quite a juxtaposition to the usual cold and down-to-business Aeon.

Other Facts

- Aeon's initial frame had the arcane core hidden beneath the surface. Nexus currently installed a core 25% bigger and now it shows above her skin. Current records show a 30% increase in overall energy output.

- Aeon has a back-up mechanism that prevents her from over-riding Nexus' remote control of her in the case that she gains free will and tries to break ties with the company. The switch is located in the heart of the Nexus development center and if triggered, the mechanism will fry her vital circuitry.

- Aeon has an on-board security camera that is always recording. Nexus has caught some pretty surprising exchanges between Aeon and Arsenic.

- Aeon hates water. Makes scheduled maintanence that much more of a hassle.

- Aeon's gun has no trigger - it is triggered with an internal signal from her CPU. This is to prevent the weapon from being turned against the wielder in case it falls into the wrong hands.

- She has two modes: Offensive and Defensive. When in Offensive mode, she dons the suit featured in the profile picture. While in defensive, she dons a blue suit along with a mask similar to Lord Arsenic's.

- Aeon wonders why Lord Arsenic spends more time maintaining his Zombies than he does her. She has 95% certainty that if he spent as much time on her maintainence, she'd be more effective in battle.

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