Lord Arsenic

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Lord Arsenic
Origin: Magic / Science
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Deleted
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: Seems to be around 28-32
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: '
Hair Color: '
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Nercomancer / CEO
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Summon undead, poison magic, teleportation magic, leadership
Known Abilities
A magical ax, Leviathan II (powersuit)



Lord Arsenic was born to a rich family and for the early parts of his life it could easily have been said that he was spoiled. His farther was American and also a student of occult lore. Lord Arsenic’s mother was Italian and had a PHD in robotics.

Although spoiled both parents wanted their son to be learned. He was taught the basics of science by his mother while his farther would teach him the little magic he knew. Lord Arsenic proved to be quite talented at the arcane arts, so much so that his farther took the young boy at the age of 12 to one of his meetings. These meetings had been going on for many years, and were always done in secret.

For the boy’s farther was part of a group called The Ether Eaters, a group that was interested in arcane arts, and not sometimes at great costs to themselves and others. The group was impressed with the boy’s abilities and one of the elder members of the group known as Nez-Va, offered to tutor the boy. The farther consulted with the boy’s mother and they agreed that this could be a great chance for him.

His training under Nez-Va was harsh and at first he hated the man who took him away from his parents whom he thought the world of. But as time went on he was amazed at the powers he was learning to wield. He showed the greatest skill at some of the darker arts, necromancy, and poison based magic, hexes, and so on.

On his 20th birthday he returned home with his teacher much to the joy of his parents. Most of The Ether Eaters had shown up for the event at the mansion of the family.

But something was amiss. A group of Longbows who specialized in hunting down mages they deemed dangerous chose this night to attack. And so not but 30 minutes into the party they attacked, right after the boy’s farther had given him an ax that had been in his family for generations.

It was a furious battle and the Longbows learned what it meant to face the wrath of cornered mages.

In the end however both of Lord Arsenic’s parents were killed, as well as his master who teleported Lord Arsenic away. Longbow quickly froze all the family’s assets and confiscated the prosperity.

Broken and angry the young man cast away his old name and took the new name of Lord Arsenic. He swore he would avenge his family and friends. He ran to the one place he knew would be easy to hide, the isles…

A Young Lad Turned to Crime who Meets a Robot

In the isles Lord Arsenic got by mostly by rezzing the victims of mobsters. Two of these he still uses today, they are Jawbone and Ankle. He did a bit of petty crime at first, a robbery here, a ransom there, selling of illegal goods there. It was during this time that he met up with a Nexus Foundation representative.

Lord Arsenic had been working on combing technology and magic, or rather using one to enhance the other. Much of this revolved around using special crystals a source of power and focusing device. His first creation was a little drone that was powered of an arcane crystal; robots after all were quite similar to his undead creations.

Nexus was interested in these devices and sought Arsenic out as he had made a small name for himself with his early years in the isles. They set him up with some funds and after a few years a prototype android. The two got along well. Aeon Nexus uses a customized gun but also possessed the ability to use dark magic due to her magic core.

The are currently seeking ways to get back at Longbow and further their control of the isles and eventually the world. Also Lord Arsenic has taken quite a liking to Aeon, whom he sees as a gun wielding maid; Aeon in return treats Arsenic as a master.

Arsenic's Magic

Arsenic specializes in dark magic. He finds necromancy to be fascinating and this has left him with a morbid sense of humor, a trait common among many of his trade.

Currently he has three zombies, two of which were risen from hobos, the last one being a Longbow agent that had tried to arrest Arsenic in the isles.

He also has two death knights. On of these was a tainted who fought Arsenic and while he lay there broken and dying he requested that he be allowed to continue to fight. Arsenic thought it was a noble request so he raised him as Sir Pain.

Sir Boo was an ex-criminal who tried to betray Arsenic. He has since learned his lesson.

Finally he raised his old master Nez-Va has a lich. He seeks revenge for what was done to him and gleefully enters any combat Arsenic sends him into. Arsenic has trouble controlling him if Longbows are near.

He also is trained in the use of poison magic and teleportation. He loves teleportation magic but becomes very uncomfortable when he is unable to use it. As much as he enjoys Pocket D, he can not stay for too long before he becomes quite nervous.

Random Facts

Arsenic's scars are self inflicted during a surgery he performed on himself.

Aresenic's axe is very powerful vs. undead, he finds it useful for if his minions ever decided to rebel against him and taking care of unwanted guests.

This page under construction, bits of his history may change!

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