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Agony At Rest.JPG
Exarch of Nation
Black Agony
Player: @Black Agony
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 32
Personal Data
Real Name: Agony; Black Agony
Known Aliases: Exarch, Agony, Black Agony
Species: Homo Superior
Age: Over 70?
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 244#
Eye Color: Luminescent Violet
Hair Color: Black/blue black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Nation
Occupation: Exarch of Nation; International Terrorist
Place of Birth: Unknown?
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Unknown?
Known Powers
Upper level telekinesis with surgical levels of control, extremely powerful telepathy, bio-kinetic control of nerves
Known Abilities
Flight, Nerve Induction, Genetics, Surgery, Psychology, Astral Mysticism
Power Boosting Alpha-Radiance Generators (shoulder pads), Sealing Suit
Agony is extremely dangerous, and a lunatic madman, approach with caution.


Public Info

Little is known about this potent evolved, but he is solely responsible for gathering together the individuals that comprise Nation. Agony seems a born leader, inspiring and intimidating in equal doses, and engendering a fanatic loyalty by liberally applying the carrot and stick principal. It has been said that the anticipation of pain is worse than the pain itself, and in this case, it is true.


Strong, agile, and enduring to the peak of human potential, Agony would be a peerless athlete if he were merely human. Instead, enhanced musculature makes him faster and stronger than a Neutral of his build, and allows him to heal at a downright frantic rate. Bones can knit in mere hours, and bullet wounds cease to bother him in under a day. As his reservoirs of power build, he seems capable of tremendous bursts of power, and these bursts only grow longer as he regains strength lost at the hands of SERAPH. Agony is both telepathic and telekinetic, the source of his talents being the vastly more active 'Alpha Section' of his brain. The advanced section of his brain has developed something known as a 'Leland's Gland', that lends his blood a kind of violet phosphorescence that also shines through his eyes, and seems to contribute to his potent mental abilities. With a bent toward the telepathic manipulation of neural connections, Agony manifests control of sensation rather than control of personality. While he is capable of classical telepathic control, he shows a great deal more affinity with causing varying kinds of pain, and modulating that pain in fierce waves that leave sensate organic creatures writhing helplessly, or passing out from the stress. His high level of biomod, more insinuously, is also capable of preventing a life form from losing consciousness, forcing it to feel more than it otherwise should.

Further, while Agony's telekinetic powers are only middle range, he is exceptionally adroit in their use. He uses them as a scalpel, making quick, controlled strikes like a martial-artists blows and blocks, rather than the more impressive tearing control of a classic Teke. He seems dependent on his telekinesis, using it as a crutch to offset his anomaly. While a mental giant, and physically superior to the average human, something about the development of Agony's psyche stunted his physiology. He perceives on an entirely different level than the average human, or even the average mutant, instead being attuned to the Alpha Waves that exist in minimal levels in neutral life-forms, and in much higher levels in Meta-Beings. A GIFT Telepath who helped to subdue Agony after his capture by Malaise in 2002 said it was 'very much like they depict Neo seeing in The Matrix'. As a result of his stunted physiology, Agony is numb. He feels literally nothing, has very little sense of sight or hearing, and virtually no sense of smell or taste. While his body still responds to 'primal needs', he is only aware of them as an outside observer, as he would be aware of them in anyone else around him. Only his body's natural healing factor has prevented him from killing himself accidentally on numerous occasions, and when his powers are dampened, he seems extraordinarily weak and unbalanced, likely since his body is unable to use the inner-ear for balance, and he cannot apply his muscles without the sense of touch to guide them.


Wearing a red suit adorned with black markings and some kind of armored harness that seems to increase his powers, Agony leads 'Nation', a movement for The Evolved that has launched a space station in geo-synchronous orbit over the Sharkhead Isles. Nation has given pause even to Arachnos. Beneath the concealing body armor and the opaque helmet that hide his features, Agony is an Evolved of incredible vision and fanatic drive, a 'prophet' of a kind that is leading a rabid cult of followers to prove 'mutant superiority' and gather every Evolved they can from the surface of 'The World' below their artificial home. Agony could never pass as a typical human outside that red armor, his skin and hair as black as coal, and his ears pointed sharply at the tips, not to mention the telltale 'Leland's Glow' that issues from his eyes, and infrequently from his mouth. What's more, he stands like some Greek god, six and a half feet tall and two hundred fifty pounds, with an Adonis body of perfectly sculpted muscles and silky, hairless flesh.


Mind Control/Psionic Assault


Please feel free to add IC rumors, true or not, about Agony here...

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