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Sychosis color.jpg
Sychosis by HugoHugo, colors by leohirok
Player: User:Ultimogirl
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Victoria Voss
Known Aliases: Sych, Tori, Vi
Species: Human
Age: 19 (10/31/90)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Black with Grape Highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Freedom Fighter
Place of Birth: Dayton, Tennessee
Base of Operations: Nation
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: n/a
Known Powers
Psychokinesis, Empathy, Telepathy
Known Abilities
Living on the streets of the Rogue Isles.

Sychosis is a fictional character from the City of Villain's, Virtue Universe. She was my first hero character on my original server and I felt it was time to bring a newer version of her to the Virtueverse, this time as a villain. She's also a little darker then my normal style of characters, I'm hoping that makes her more fun to play and make up for the lack of groups I can find for her.



Character History

Early Life and Mutation

Victoria Voss was born in Dayton, Tennessee. Raised in the Bible Belt by her strict religious Parents, Victoria was home schooled and went to church services daily with her family. Around the age of 8, Victoria's mutation manifested and she began hearing voices and receiving mental images that were projected by those around her. Knowing the dark secrets of others including her own family, lead to Victoria raising suspicions of those around her. One day while inquiring to her Pastor about a secret she read from the man, lead to the others in the religious community (including her parents) to declare young Victoria as an "instrument of the devil". The next few months had Victoria's Parents and their clergy trying to "cleanse" Victoria by torturing her and trying to "drown the devil" out of her. When Victoria still showed signs of knowing things she shouldn't, a few of the religious community decided to deal with the problem by staging an accident that would make it look like the young girl drowned while swimming in the local lake unsupervised. As the group including her own Parents tried to hold Victoria underwater, Victoria instinctively let out a Psychic Explosion that completely wiped the minds of the entire group blank. With her parents in no mental condition to raise their daughter, Victoria was placed in the custody of the State of Tennessee. Over the next few years bouncing between the state and foster homes, Victoria's mental grip on reality decreased, while her mental powers grew greatly. With Victoria beginning to ramble verbal nonsense, the State had Victoria transferred to a State Mental Hospital. While in the Hospital, Victoria was repeatedly tortured by a guard who did things to her that she still won't reveal to anyone to this day. After a year of torture, one day the guard never reported to finish his shift. When the next shift of guards got to Victoria's room, they found Victoria laughing hysterically still strapped into her bed, she was obviously physically and sexually assaulted, and also in the room was the body of the missing guard. The guard appeared to have clubbed himself to death, leaving many confused at how this act took place. After this incident, Victoria was quietly transfered up north to Paragon City and its Mental Ward located at Ziggursky Prison, which was "more equipped to handle her case". During her short stay in Ziggursky Prison is when Sychosis was found by Agony of Nation whlie he was freeing other Evolved from the Prison. Sensing her mental powers, Agony brought the girl back to Nation with him. This act lead Sychosis to believe Agony was her new Father who had come to protect her from the monsters of the world. She has referred to him as "Daddy" ever since.


Spending about a year with Nation, Sychosis' grip on reality slipped further and further. After having many discussions with Agony, the Exarch informed her of a way he could fix her mind and make her whole again. After some hesitation, Sychosis always wanting to please her "Father", agreed to go through with the procedure. When she awoke from the procedure, she found she was more in mental control of herself. Still having the mind of a child, she now seems to be learning and maturing rapidly since being fixed. Sychosis still has trouble when feeling heavy emotions and can still become erratic when trying to deal with them, but her mental state isn't as chaotic as it once was and she seems to be slowly adjusting to her new life.....For now.


Feeling lonely after most of Nation abandoned her and the station, Victoria didn't want to spend Christmas alone and decided to venture to the station's prison deck to see if Duchess Destructo would behave and spend Christmas with her. Sensing that the young minded girl was vulnerable, Duchess Destructo agreed to behave and asked if the two could bake some Christmas cookies together. Hours later Duchess convinced Victoria that she might have seen wrapped gifts in the airlock. Overly excited, Victoria ran to the airlock to find no gifts and that Duchess Destructo locked the door behind her. Warning Sychosis to stay put til she was off the station, Duchess was forced to flush Sychosis out of the airlock when Victoria began using her telekinesis to try and fight her way back into the station. Knowing she was in fatal danger, Sychosis was caught on the airlock security camera uttering her final words, "aww man". Duchess Destructo then quickly grabbed her titan suit from the station's storage and escaped to the Rogue Isles below.


Victoria was found to be alive by Argent Tempest when he found her being held in a hidden Rikti laboratory. Being held in the laboratory for well over a year, Victoria used what little strength she had to try and contact her former allies over the entire year, Argent Tempest was the only one she could get through to with her telepathy that finally answered her call. When he found her she was unconscious and it appeared the Rikti were doing extensive tests centered around studying her mental abilities. After freeing Victoria from the laboratory, Argent Tempest took Victoria back to the abandoned space station of Nation. Once on board the station, Victoria awoke and was examined by Dr. Nihilus who found her to actually be be in pretty good health. How she came to be in the hands of the Rikti after being flushed out of Nation's airlock is still unknown.

Back from the "Dead" and looking for a grilled cheese sandwich.


If Sychosis was ever portrayed in a live action movie, she would be portrayed
Actress Summer Glau as Sychosis
by actress Summer Glau (pictured right), who was a very strong influence on her physical appearance.


I've tried to model Sychosis' personality after different parts of characters like Firefly's River, Buffy's Drusilla, and Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings.

Before the Fixing

Sychosis appeared to look very mature for her age at a first glance, but after observing her she came off as childlike at times. She was known to ramble gibberish at times, this rambling always had meaning but unfortunately Sychosis was usually the only one that it made sense to. Sychosis could be very vicious, and had a childlike sexuality. Reading sexual thoughts and emotions made Sychosis curious, because she didn't know right from wrong tended for her to ask blunt questions or even touching at herself in rare cases of reading sexual emotions from others. Victoria's personality was probably due to her being able to read adult minds at a very early age and not understanding where the thoughts and visuals were coming from.

After the Fixing

After Agony went into Sychosis mind to repair her damaged brain, Sychosis emerged from the procedure seeming to be mentally, a normal 10 year old child. Since then she has been getting a crash course in life and emotions. While having the mind of a child, she still has the body and urges of a young adult. Many now look at Sychosis as just an annoying brat, but what they don't see is what is going on inside her head. One of the side effects of the procedure Agony performed is how Sychosis now becomes addicted to her emotions and emotional urges. With most of Nation ignoring her daily, only Battlebriar has noticed that the girl has mental urges of killing and torturing her victims. Briar tends to feed these urges by giving Sychosis some mental images of what he has done to his enemies and taking her out to "play" with him at times. These acts seem to be allowing Sychosis to deal with her urges for the time being.

"I won't apologize
For acting outta line
You see the way I am
You leave any time you can cause
I'm crazy and I'm hurt
Head on my shoulders
Going... Berserk!"


(( I'm going to do this section with mostly OOC notes. After recently reminiscing with Blackstar's player about the old days of this character, I came to realize a lot of the fun stuff of this character was hidden from most players because of Sycho's warped mind. In particular was how the character really thought about other people she was affiliated with and how she dealt (or hid) from them. ))


(( I know I know, after reading some character pages, you would think positive things written about Nation is supposed to be a huge no no. Sure its last month was terrible for most and the infighting was even worst, but when I think back on it, I had way more fun and met some really great players during my time with the VG. Of the Four out of the Five months I was there were some of the best times I've ever had playing CoV, and four out of those five months I didn't want to play any other character or with any other group of players. For me personally, I got swept up into the VG while I was still coping with losing a large percentage of my hearing, so my time in Nation was a very much needed distraction from my real life and for that I will always have a special place in my heart for the VG and all of it's players. ))

Nation for Sychosis was something she really needed, a family. Like many others Victoria was easily brainwashed by Agony's words and promise of a home for all Mutants. Sychosis shared Nation's vision and was obsessed with making that vision a reality for Agony and all of Nation's members. What many didn't know was how Victoria interpreted that vision. In Victoria's warped mind, she often pictured Agony sitting on a throne on top of a large hill of ash, their new nation and home a barren land of fire, ash, and fallout after massive damage of nuclear strikes. This was the reason Sychosis was so obsessed with Nation's Nuclear Weapons and obtaining the codes to launch them, all of them.


Agony opened a lot of doors for playing Sychosis, he became the father figure she needed to tell her no when she was being bad (or in their case, when she was thinking about doing something bad). Most of Sycho's interaction with Agony was in /tells where she would be talking and playing nice with a random Nation member on the space station, while her thoughts were thinking how fun it would be to torture the same person in some kind of artistic way. Early on Victoria was obsessed with Agony because of how he shunned her and would repeatedly tell her she wasn't his daughter and how she was disappointing him. Then suddenly one day Agony suddenly accepted Victoria as a daughter (which was funny because I actually had a plot planned for Victoria to attempt to kill Agony in his sleep to win his Fatherly affection the next time she was shunned by him), but in Victoria's mind this lead her into thinking her "Father" was becoming weak. Then after Agony suffered an attack that put him in stasis for a time, this really pushed Victoria into doubting Agony as her "Father" and had to be talked down by Dr. Nihilus from putting Daddy out of his misery.

Argent Tempest

Argent or Arrrrrg as she liked to call him, was Victoria's first attempt at understanding a relationship. At first Victoria was only interested in him because she thought if she could get him to fall for her, she might be able to have him open his mind where she could steal Nation's launch codes from his memory. Victoria never expected to fall for Arg, but she did and for a time she was having trouble with her loyalty to Agony because of Argent trying to open her eyes in how Agony treated her. This lead Victoria to plotting to kill Agony when he returned from a mission, but when he returned Agony accepted her as a daughter which pretty much had her turning on Argent for a short time. Victoria often felt weak around Argent because she wasn't in control of how she felt about him, this often lead to her having break downs around him. When Argent started dating Blue, Victoria would often try to disturb their alone time by getting Arg to cook her up a grilled cheese sandwich like he would when they were together, in Victoria's twisted mind, this lead her into thinking Arg was still into her.


Victoria often pretended to be friendly with Ausha, but deep down she hated her. She hated the attention she got from Agony and the others and often thought of ways to kill the former General of Nation. There were a few instances Victoria would put on an act of being terrified to others, that Ausha wanted to kill Victoria, this was her trying to get others to turn on Auroral and side with herself.


Victoria's relationship with River probably changed the most of anyone in the SG. Early on she saw him as weak and someone she could pick on, since he embarrassed so easily. Often she would pick desires from his head only to announce them to an entire room of others. Later she began to see Briar in a new light after Mercy allowed Victoria to see life through her eyes which included seeing sides of River she never knew existed. With Agony shunning her at the time, in her own crazy way she saw River and Mercy as her older siblings that she often would "barge" in on to ask her many questions. Seeing Victoria needed to act out on her violent curiosities, Briar would often let Sychosis out to "play" with the local gangs in the isles, knowing that nobody would miss them. He also would allow Victoria to view some of his more violent memories to hold her over when she began to show signs of being violently curious. With Briar suddenly gaining the ability to block out telepaths and his eventual departure of Nation, Victoria didn't understand the reasons why and took it as Briar abandoning and not loving her anymore.


Victoria and Blue had a very close friendship. When Blue was put in a medical coma, it was Victoria who often would venture into her mind to help keep her calm til she was ready to be awakened. During this time, Blue and Victoria created a mental fantasy world based on Blue's favorite books Dinotopia. What wasn't known was Victoria enjoyed violently destroying this fantasy world when she broke her links with Blue.


Everyone loves Canvas! And Victoria was no different, except where everyone else pitied poor Canvas, Victoria enjoyed the pain the young woman was constantly in. Many times Canvas would allow Victoria to "draw" on her bruised skin, only to have Agony stop her after sensing Victoria wanted to test how much pain Canvas could really endure. Victoria would also act innocent in wanting to help Canvas and her bad dreams that involved her phobia of large dogs, not knowing Victoria was a source of these tortured dreams.

Dr. Nihilus

Victoria and Dr. Nihilus had an odd relationship, knowing he saw her Father as a god, Victoria always felt she could torture and treat the Doctor anyway she wanted to. Victoria would often get into some kind of trouble, only to have the Doctor cover it up. Victoria tested the Doctor's loyalty on a few occasions, questioning Agony becoming weak when he was easily beaten by a mysterious enemy and asking the Doctor if she should put him out of his misery. When the Doctor still appeared loyal to her Father, Victoria played it off like she was just testing his loyalty to Agony, when really she was testing how loyal to herself, he was.


Victoria was always uneasy around Eisregen, often asking him a simple question, then quickly running away from him after he answered. Later Victoria would grow jealous of the Fatherly affection Eisregen showed toward Blue, wishing that affection for her own self. One night Victoria stalked Eisregen around the station with the intention of trying to kill him. When Eisregen caught her stalking, he just turned, smiled, and told her he could freeze all the air in the room to suffocate her before she could make a move. Of course, Victoria took that threat as affection.

Hoi Polloi

The first time Victoria met Hoi Polloi, she attempted to interact telepathically with her and received a nasty psychic backlash from Hoi and her colony. Ever since that first meeting, Victoria remained scared to death of Hoi. She was so frightened of Hoi, she would swiftly exit a room anytime Hoi entered it.


Sensing the constant rage in Kaizen, Victoria thought Kaizen was the most beautiful evolved ever created. The first time they met, Victoria caught a glimpse of red and flashes of Kaizen cutting Victoria up with her glass body. Victoria knew they would become good friends after that.


Mercy was Victoria's best friend and the closest to Victoria. The two became very close because unlike the others who weren't immune to Mercy's mutant pheromones, Victoria actually enjoyed being under the effect of her powers and accepted that her mutant pheromones was part of who she truly was. Victoria also liked that Mercy treated her like an adult and also encouraged Victoria to be herself despite her violent tendencies. Mercy also taught Victoria about the "birds and the bees" by allowing her to mentally eavesdrop on her sexual encounters with her partners. When Mercy didn't have company, Victoria would often make her pajama trek across the station to sleep in Mercy's room. (( No perv's, they never got it on! =P ))

Three Miles

Victoria had one conversation with this young evolved when he first joined Nation, seconds later he ran off the station clearly upset. What really happened was he showed Victoria his memories of his childhood when he destroyed his home village in a nuclear explosion caused by his mutant powers. When Victoria saw this memory she told him how beautiful the colors were and that they should go do it to a bigger town to see if it would make brighter colors. He never spoke to her again.


Victoria always enjoyed when Woe was around because Victoria felt like she was normal when Woe was around. Early on Victoria held Woe as a role model and often got in trouble for trying to dress and act like Woe would. Victoria was often jealous of Woe's skin and hair always changing colors and was very envious of her catgirl skin pants she often wore. Victoria always got a kick out of watching Woe enter a room only to exit the room in mid conversation with whoever she was talking to. It also wasn't rare to walk into a room to find Woe and Victoria just nodding and shrugging at each other for long periods of time.

(( More to come next time I get some free time! ))

Malice in Wonderland?


Sychosis's powers are all mental based. Even her abilities that may seem to be physical in appearance are often augmented somehow by the power of her mind.


Sychosis has the powers of mind over matter and can freely throw objects or persons around as she wishes. This power also allows Sychosis to form a Telekinetic Barrier around herself that will stop most melee or projectile weapons from reaching her body.

Mind Manipulation

Sychosis has the power of manipulating weak willed individuals to her bidding. The stronger the will the less hold she has over them. This ability ranges from offering a small hypnotic suggestion to wiping the mind of someone completely.


Sychosis can freely intercept emotions, stray thoughts, and in some cases completely read the mind of an individual depending on their will power and psychic defenses.


Sychosis has the power to communicate Telepathically, but she prefers not to do so unless she really knows the person well. People that find themselves in telepathic communication with Sychosis will find that she speaks pretty normal and doesn't speak cryptically like she does when speaking verbally.

Telekinetic Flight

Sychosis's Telekinetic powers allow her to lift her own self from the ground and fly at her will.


Some that have translated Victoria's rambling have found that she sometimes speaks of things that havn't yet come to pass. Whether she has the ability to see into the future or not hasn't been completely proven.

Fun Facts


(The rumor section is for other characters to interact or add plot points that may involve info about or around Sychosis. Feel free to add your own rumors!)

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