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Doctor Nihilus as drawn by the very talented User:Spookeriffic
Dr. Nihilus
Player: @Miss Mitsu
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Curtis Clarke
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Homo Superior (Evolved)
Age: 32
Height: 5.8 feet
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Nation, U.S. Citizenship
Occupation: Nation Chief of Medicine, medical researcher.
Place of Birth: New York City
Base of Operations: Nation, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Toxic bloodstream, saliva, NX1 'biomechanics', control over the growth cycles of hostile micro-organisms
Known Abilities
Specialist in mutation related disorders and internal medicine
Nation medlab, several specialised tools of his own design for controlling and directing the NX1's
No additional information available.

"Yer a fuckin' asshole, Doc."

- Hoi Polloi

"You're my best friend..."

- Canvas

"One of these days, I'm going to fuck the self-loathing out of you Doc."

- Darkest Mercy



Villain Group: Nation

Known Accomplices: Strawberry Poundcake, Hoi Polloi, Canvas, Battlebriar, Auroral, Eisregen, Blackstar Rising


Doctor Nihilus is manically professional in his viewpoint - He divides the world as well as his personal relationships into "patients", "colleagues" and "the rest" - No matter how close a friend anyone is, patients and colleagues take precedent at all times. Maintaining a strict professional veneer at most times, this has begun to crack recently as he adjusts to life on Nation and the close proximity to his patients, many of which he has started to consider his friends.

Nihilus has a long fuse, but once it reaches it's limit, he's liable to explode - A fact he's all too aware of and trying to mitigate. Nothing so quickly infuriates the doctor as hysteria or ignorance - He prefers a calm, rational approach to any new development and finds great frustration in having to explain every step of a medical procedure to laymen. Once an accident occurs, he wants to have full attention on helping the victim and requires his orders to be immediately obeyed.

Mental state

Behind his most-often calm and cold demeanor, the Doctor is a creature of emotional extremes, swimming from dizzying highs to extreme lows in the blink of an eye. Self-loathing at his condition blends with exultation of his own monstrosity and removal from 'Sapiens', tempered with a fanatical belief in the righteousness of mutant separatism. Suffering from diagnosed OCD, the doctor is also more than likely afflicted by several other mental illnesses, exemplified in his total lack of empathy for most humans, his constant and oft-times illogical justification of his own actions, wild moodswings and at least one 'submerged' personality.

- Curtis
Curtis is the personification of Nihilus' fading humanity - His compassion, his passions, his empathy.
All that made him human, he personifies as Curtis and struggles violently to repress - There are cracks in this facade, appearing daily, but the doctor is a -very- good repairman when they appear.
On the recent advice of Strawberry Poundcake, the Doctor has decided to find some manner to nurture the Curtis personality into something 'healthier - Whatever this might mean for the mad doctor remains to be seen.

Nihilus Xenobiogenesis program

"There is a certain singlemindedness and cruelty to others that is only embraced - can only be embraced - by a man utterly devoted to something higher."

- Battlebriar on Doctor Nihilus

The NX program began as a horrible mistake. An IV was contaminated by contact with Dr. Nihilus own blood and injected into a fully human patient - Their name now lost to history and only refered to in the doctors own files as NX1-0. Immediately, the toxins' of his blood set about necrotizing the soft tissues - Toxins for which there is no known antidote or treatment. The doctor resigned himself for the patients death and determined to do his best.

Yet NX1-0 did not die. Muscles rotted, skin shrivelled, organs crumbled and yet the heartbeat and brain activity in NX1-0 remained, for months. By the one year mark, Nihilus was enraptured by this creature, desperate for any form of cure or even a way of euthanize NX1-0. Finally, one day, he absconded with the body from the hospital to continue his research without the glares of his colleagues.

Through pavlovian training, he managed to induce NX1-0 into activity when ordered - fetching things, cleaning his home. Each day he worked in the hospital, each night he returned to study this special patient - a patient who for all intents and purposes was his slave. Slowly the idea crept into his collapsing sanity that NX1-0 was a fascinating subject of study - perhaps even worthy of replication.

This has grown into The Plan. Clearly, mankind is slowly becoming obsolete - Piece by piece replaced by his own species. Most others of his kind are greatly enhanced by the gifts nature have granted them - Not so Doctor Nihilus - His powers make reproduction for himself ultimately futile by normal means. While his peers aboard Nature pass on their biological inheritance through normal means, the Doctor slowly, piece by piece, builds his own family - One human at a time, absorbed into the NX collective.

The Plan is the systematic replacement of the entire human species by NX drones, NX warriors - Specialized servants, eager to please their Evolved overlords and grateful for their own enslavement. No riots, no disobedience - Complete compliance and singlemindedness. A perfect gift to his people and a legacy - that is the doctors goal.

NX1 - Drones. : Biological automatons, who serve the doctors every whim. The NX1's lack initiative and exist only to obey orders - They do not eat, they do not drink. Their pulse exists, but it is low. Even though he'd never admit it, even the Doctor would never be able to explain just -how- it is they stay alive.
NX2 - Queen : The NX2 "Wraith" model is unique - One of few NX's with actual initiative, Wraith is designed to act as a co-ordinator of NX1 workteams and NX3 combat teams - Using a series of chemical injections to her brainstem, the NX2 has minor psychic abilities, which lets her remain in constant contact with all of the NX's, acting in essence as both a hivemind for the entire 'species' and a mainframe for teaching new NX models without a long period of intensive pavlovian training. The doctor has taken a personal interest in Wraith, bordering on the obsessive - She is both his special daughter and his beautiful bride, to the deranged mind of Dr. Nihilus. If anything threatens Wraith, there is no telling what the doctor would do...
NX3 - Warriors: A custom model, combat prepared from the outset by introducing a miniscule sample of Dyne into the bloodstream of the changing human, the NX3's are tasked to protect the Doctor, Nation citizens, NX2 and the NX1's in that order. Rumor has it the prototype for this series, NX3-X, has ran amok and the doctor plans to destroy it - But if he could bring himself to slay his own twisted "son", why hasn't he done so yet?
NX4 - Herald: The Herald is a battlefield commander, brought into creation by the doctors' increasing obsession with NX2 - He no longer wants to risk her in combat situations, but has need of co-ordination. The NX4 Herald model is outfitted as much as anything as a bacteriological warfare unit - Contained in great amounts inside it are a series of lethal bacterial and viral agents - Anthrax, bubonic plague, syphilis to name but a few. The NX4 delivers' miniscule amounts of these in bursts of it's own black ichor like blood, which the Doctors' control over the growth of bacteria and virus advances into a full blown infection within seconds. Likewise, the doctor has chosen to garb the mysterious Herald unit in long flowing black robes, to further add to it's arsenal in psychological warfare.
NX5 - Siblings: NX5-X1 and NX5-X2 are the doctors' two newest creations - An experiment in symbiosis to achieve the same combat-readiness the Land Warrior system grants humans for his children. Using similar techniques to those that made Wraith, he has created two NX's with shared sensory input - One see's, the other hears. When operating as a single unit, their efficiency is formidable. Of course, how they lost their sight and hearing is an entirely different matter...


Black Agony - Doctor Nihilus quite literarily worships Black Agony. To the deranged mind of Nihilus, Black Agony is a God, a transcendant beacon of post-human potential come to lead his people from slavery into the promised land. No atrocity the Exarch of Nation commits cannot be justified in the mind of Doctor Nihilus and nothing will make him betray his master.

Canvas - To his great surprise, the Doctors' chief confidante aboard Nation is a seventeen year old girl. Wether it's her selflessness or their shared belief in the Exarch, he finds himself comfortable in her company in a way he cannot quite find with others, either aboard or off Nation.

Hoi Polloi - Hoi Polloi, a schizophrenic homicidal maniac, is the doctors primary link to reality. Her pragmatism, realism and cynicism are all traits the doctor admires and respect. He would never admit it, but he looks forward to her frequent visits to his medbay and the conversations they share while he patches her up, piece by piece.

Auroral - Another person the doctor greatly respects and admires, Auroral, despite her youth, carries a pragmatic bent, an utter distaste for demagogics and agitation and tops it off with true belief in the cause. The Doctor considers Auroral the only possible succesor for the Exarch and comes the day his God leaves him, no doubt he will seek her patronage.


1. Masquerade

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