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On Playing Strawberry Poundcake

Berry turned out as a rather odd concept. I had created another character, Ichigo Usagi (japanese: Strawberry Rabbit) blueside, that I had played til about level 13. Somehow I started thinking "Poundcake" would be a fun name for a female Brute. I figured that name would most likely be taken (it was) so I needed to preface it with something. Having a recent obsession with images of strawberries, "Strawberry Poundcake" was born.

Berry's a bit of a stretch as far as roleplay goes. Very pink, very girly, and very opposite how I am IRL. She's a difficult character to play at times, being so nice and somewhat naive. I've always had a much easier time playing characters who were truly "evil", so this character has proven to be a challenge.

On Playing Hoi Polloi

Hoi is originally an NPC concept I had created for a tabletop game that DJ DarkStar had been working on. The original character was a seventy year old homeless woman, who could be used as an informant by the PCs. One of the world's first manifested mutants, she was able to contact small street animals who acted as spies for her. She was a sweet, kindly if eccentric and mildly crazy old grandmother figure.

The concept came from talks about homeless people, and the 'crazy cat lady'. We had been coming up with ideas for NPCs, and knowing that very few original mutants were in existance (many of them either driven insane, or commited suicide), we figured that many would number in the homeless population, unable to cope with their abilities. The name came much later - I can't even remember where I dug it up from.

Hoi has already been established as a 'low level' character. This means her powers are very specialized, and very limited. I don't intend at this point to level her beyond threat level 20.

Despite Hoi's penchant for insects, I myself can't stand bugs. Most bugs are kill-on-sight, except spiders, who I have some manner of respect for. Lately, however, I've been trying to 'catch and release' as opposed to smushing, in an attempt to not violate Buddhist teachings.


I've recently opened up for character art commissions and other artwork as well. My gallery can be seen at Spookeriffic Arts


Zuri can be reached on Yahoo! Instant Messenger username: zpenumbra

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