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Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked,
Money don't grow on trees.
I got bills to pay,
I got mouths to feed,
There ain't nothing in this world for free.
I know I can't slow down,
I can't hold back,
Though you know, I wish I could.
No there ain't no rest for the wicked,
Until we close our eyes for good.

- Cage The Elephant: "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked"
The Wicked Witch of the West ain't got nothing on me.
Akalei is a fictional character, a villain in the City of Heroes/Villains Universe. Her exact date of birth is unknown. She is a witch and uses magic to take down her enemies, and she steals souls (preferably from other magic users) to increase her powers. Her first appearance in the Rogue Isles as a villain is recorded sometime during the Summer of 2009, shortly after she was no longer seen. She has been spotted again in the Rogue Isles as of August 2010. She is a member of The Doom Dolls, a villain group that she lead along with the character Poetic.
From the player: Akalei was originally supposed to be a mutant with energy based powers, but once I left the game and remade her in Champions Online her powers changed. I gave her the sorcery power set and she became my evil, selfish witch who steals souls for power. After returning to CoX I decided to retcon the original Akalei into her newer version from CO as I enjoyed the witch concept the best. She's somewhat based off of the anime, Soul Eater. She's also one of my first characters thats a 'true villain' in a way and is one of the more evil ones I've made. She's proving to be a lot of fun to play and I'm excited to get her more involved in storylines.
Only the Beginning
The woman known as Akalei was not always as mysterious as she is now. It all started with a young woman in England named Anamaria. She was a servant to the ward of the King. Anamaria was loyal and served her lady well. In public, she seemed to be no more than the image she projected. She was quite shy and only spoke when spoken to, not wanting to draw any unwanted attention to herself.
Yet, attention was brought onto both the young woman and her family. Anamaria had caught the eye of a nobleman who began to pursue her. He would write to her, send her poems attempting to woo her. At first she thought to reject his advances as she was just a servant. She eventually relented and became the man's mistress, the two would meet in secret for two years. While she was having an affair with a nobleman her family was suffering.
Anamaria's family were apart of a low social class. So when scandal hit the family, there wasn't much that could be done. Rumors of maleficium, or sorcery, began to haunt the family at every turn. Anamaria's mother, Helen, was accused of being a sorceress and was sentenced to hang in the town square. Soon after the death of her mother, Anamaria was removed as a servant to the King's ward and her affair was abruptly ended despite her having fallen pregnant. Her heart was broken and she felt so alone. She sought out her father for help, but he turned her away. He had been involved in enough scandal and was done. He took his leave from England and Anamaria never saw him again. She was at a loss, she only had one last option for help and it would mean never returning to her old life again.
The rumors about her family were true and Anamaria knew it. Helen never hid the truth from her daughter, she even taught her a few tricks that made life as a servant just a bit easier. Anamaria decided to seek out those of her mother's covenant for help. The women were sympathetic to her situation and welcomed her with open arms. They guided her through her pregnancy and began to help her develope her powers further. It was also at this time that Anamaria began to resent her old life and anything associated with it, including her own daughter.
As the years went on Anamaria's powers grew, as did the hunger for more strength. She began to do research. Trying to find ways to become more powerful. She found a way through consuming souls, this also introduced a way for Anamaria to extend her life. The cost, however, was her daughter's soul. Anamaria would have to move her soul into her daughter's body. Doing this would not only extend her life, but she would absorb her daughter's ability to use magic and it would make her more powerful. She decided the cost was worth it. Her daughter reminded her too mcuh of the old life she had come to hate, she was so much like her father and was practically being raised by the old women of the coven. Anamaria decided to wait until her daughter was a teenager before attempting the spell. This of course was not something that would sit well with the coven. So, when one of them found out and confronted Anamaria about her evil intentions, she quickly silenced the old woman. Anamaria's dabbling in dark magic had given her the upper hand over the more experienced sorceress. Soon, her daughter's sixteenth birthday was upon her and that night Anamaria took her daughter's soul and placed her own into her body. The cycle had begun. Anamaria fled England, seeking more power and more knowledge where the remaining women of the coven couldn't find her.
The Body Is A Vessel

So his heart it surely bled
For his wife and child were surely dead
Cold and pale with no sign of life
They lay there limp and free of strife
To his surprise that he did see
His daughter awoke alive and free
In his awe he had not seen
The daughter's eyes were no longer green
A lively yellow were now their color
Similar color to that of her mother

The power was addictive. So, Anamaria continued consuming the souls of her first-born daughters in secret. She would have a child and once they aged past sixteen they would become the new vessel for her soul. Once her soul was in their body she would take on their name and life. She's put up with many men over the years. Sometimes she would fall in love with the man she chose to have children with, most of the time she did not care for him at all. There have only been a few men who she's truly been in love with. She would get married, they would pass away, she would move on. She would simply live her life while hiding her growing strength in magic. She tried her best not to hold many attachments to her family. Very few people have found out how she gets more powerful, and that's how she wants to keep it. One person wrote about it, but she never found out who the writer was. She keeps a copy of the sonnet in her library.
Currently, Anamaria has taken on the name and body of her last daughter, Akalei. She is always on the hunt for another soul to take and may have already taken the life of a known hero upon her arrival to Paragon. But this may just be a rumor.
A Little Help From My Friends
Poetic: Bella is Akalei's partner in crime. The two have a lot in common, including the joy they get from taking another's life. Through this they have become good friends. Together the girls wreak havoc on anyone they can get their hands on. While Akalei is more secretive about her need to kill, Bella is very open about it. Bella and Akalei have recently started up a group for those in the same mindset as them, called The Doom Dolls. However, Bella has since disappeared. Akalei uses their hideout in Nerva as her personal home.
Curse Upon All My Enemies
None, yet.
The Things They Say
True or false, doesn't matter! Add rumors you've heard (or made up) about Akalei here.
May have been seen around the hero, Spellborne, before he disappeared.
Might have a hidden lair in a cave in Nerva Archipelago.
Said lair may have a giant eye at the entrance that scares off those who dare to enter.
The few scars on her face may have been from some sort of attack or accident.
Music Sooths the Soul
The More You Know
Akalei's age is unknown, even to her. She claims to have lost track after she hit the hundreds.
Akalei hates curses and doesn't use them much, they take too long and she'd rather just kill you now than wait for a curse to do it later.
Akalei actually has a decent sense of humor. These songs crack her up and she knows all the words.
Unless your problem can benefit Akalei, she's not helping you out. She's probably planning how she'll kill you anyway.
Has a pretty large library of spell books and magical artifacts that she has collected over many years. If you need something from it, you'll have to cut a deal with her.
Easiest way to cut a deal with Akalei? Offer her some spell book or artifact. Or sell her your soul. She'll make you sign a magical binding contract and she will come to collect, but she'll wait until your old and senile.
Akalei likes the Harry Potter movies, who knew?
Akalei's favorite life was when she was Sophia, living in Italy during the 1500s. She likes to reminisce about his time often.
The marks currently on Akalei's face are scars. No, she doesn't like talking about them.
There's a 99% chance that Akalei hates you and is just humoring you if she's being nice to you in anyway. Just sayin'.
She thinks the Twilight series is some of the worst literature ever written. She will never watch the movies either.
Doesn't do alchemy and is not a fan of potions. She might sell you a love potion for a couple hundred dollars. Its totally not just colored sugar water... yup.
OOC: Akalei has the mutant orgin in-game, but as she was retcon'd to her CO version, she is ICly of a magic orgin.
OOC: Akalei target's magic users, so if you have a magic character that would like a nemesis hit me up, @Ashlaylay.
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