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((This is a short story where Alastrina Pandora becomes Alastrina Psyche, explains all that happend that day. This is how Alastrina tells the terrible tale of the dreaded day where she becomes super-natural))

My heart throbed as my feet rapidly stepped on the solid, redish runway. Ahead of the other runners, I raised my sweaty arms to let the royal blue ribbon fly around my waist, as it tore from the rough wodden posts. The rest of my team expressed their joy by jumping up and down. shreiks of excitment shot out friends mouths. The boys raised me up and the super-intedent handed me a golden trophey. My arms extended to the maximum. As I held it to the clear sky, the team chanted my name.

"Alas-tri-na! Alas-tri-na! Alas-tri-na!" The other schools looked down in disappointment.

As we continued to lunch, people started to congraduate me. My friends and I escaped to the garden to talk without interuptions.

We sat down, begining to chat for a moment. Untill the siren's screeched. Deer-in-the-head-light friends, I dashed to the nearest door.

"Locked." Thoughtless we stood there, like mice, conered around the bushes and trees. scuffling in the thick plants made us concerned of our saftey. "Circle of Thorns, I'm guessing." I spoke under my breath. Clara turned and stared at me in shock. We franticaly hudled together.

"Hey guys? If we die lets die together, ok?" Clara never thinks before she speaks.

"Who says we are going to die Clara? Longbow might come, right?" Joan replied.

As soon as you know it, we were airborne, and green flashes shot everywhere.

"Thanks Joan, now we will almost get killed at age 16." Cathy noted.

The ghosts appeared along with the mages and guardians scuttered out from the bushes, making our chances lower. My eyes felt like they were burning, our thirst became less quenched, our hunger became famished. Attempting to squirm away, didn't support our escape. Fearsome, we gained hope when the Longbow Helicopter hovered over the scene. As they jumped out, the Circle of Thorns backed off. As the whisps dissapear in the bushes. Beaten, I pass out.

I moaned when I awoke from my unwanted slumber. I tried to re-focus my eyes. The room was small, and noisy from the machines. The tinted window set view for the doctor and a longbow officer, urging them to come in.

"You're lucky, young lady, and don't you forget that." The officer exclaimed in her soft, sweet voice.

"Where am I? Where are my friends? What happend?" I spat those words out from shock.

"Slow down there! You friends are fine, well... some of them." The doctor added. "Go back to sleep, that was a hard hit on you."

"No doc, it'll be best if she knows." She paused, making sure her decision was right. "First thing's first. Look in this mirror, what do you see that is different?"

I grab the mirror and look in it."Is this a trick quest- Holy Crap! My eyes! They're-"

"Black," The doctor interupted."which is a sign of being super-natural."

Starteld, I froze. "What happend?" I said, blankly.

"You were attacked by a raid of Circle of Thorns. I fear your friend Clara didn't survive, and Joan was taken captive."

Tears began to spill out of my eyes. "Where am I?" They stayed silent, just to let me burn off some sorrow. "WHERE THE HELL AM I?!" I shouted, unsatified with their quietness.

"Calm down now,you're in a Longbow base in Steel Canyon, don't worry, you're fine."

"Except that you can heal... and you are psychic."

The Officer sighed and rolled her eyes, then re-focused at me with my crying, shocked face, with black eyes. "Thank you, Doctor. You just had to let it slip."

"You're welco- hey! I thought that you were gonna tell her the whole truth."

"Thats what I meant, I was the one talking, not you with all the stats. Anyways... Miss Pandora, can you tell us how to contact your parents?"

"Go to their damn grave."

"Guardains? Relatives?"

"My 'nanny' is out of town. Otherwise..." I paused a second "Indigo Bandit."

"Alright then, in that case, you will have to go to a new school, stay at an orphanage, and train to control your powers."

"Ya, I bet you gave them to me."

"Actually, it was your powers that stopped the attack."


"Miss Pandora, how long have these powers?"

"Please, call me Allie. I never had any powers, my parents didn't, nor my grand-parents, no one."

"We found them in your genes, Allie. You had them since birth, but your parents might have took an injection that would cover up the powers. So it didn't exactally eliminate them, they would come back when other people's powers hit you, your powers come back." I sat up, arms crossed, sad/angry face, strolling tears. As well as confused. "It's complicated, I know, but still. That's it I guess. Oh- A question for you." I just stared at her. "You can be a super-hero, but you need a guardain to get a Hero ID, otherwise, I wouldn't let anyone else know that you have those powers."

"I doubt it anyone will want me. I only go with a guardain who will want both me and my indentical twin."

"We'll deal with that later, you need to rest. That was a big hit you took." Then they left the room. I closed my eyes as they closed the door, and fell asleep, not. Luckily the room I was in had my had my clothes instead of just this stupid hospital gown, and it was on ground level. I escaped from what would have been a life of misery. I ran home, but I had to avoid the trains, police there. Although, it didn't matter if I went on the ground or took the train time-wise. I was too fast to see. Before I left Steel Canyon, I bought a mask from the Icon, otherwise my eyes looked really weird. Then I looked for help, or people who needed help. I looked at some flyers on cork board. The one that caught my eye was the one. Alpha Squad

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