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Alctrrians are a bio-nanite combination of differing species from around the galactic core. While it's impossible to say which species was originally the alctrrians, its clear they had alot of time to advance their technologies, and conquer other species. Throughout the ages the alctrrians had expanded to a vast empire streching over four hundred star systems, and they had to change over time. Many speculate they are not originally bio-nanite infused cyborgs, but it's clear that usual strategies tend to fail against them. Alctrrians can easily manipulate energy on a whim, adapting it to their needs very quickly, but are surprisingly vulnerable to some other energies, but it isn't always clear what works on them, only they tend to know. So far we've seen alctrrians fighting with a variety of mixed forces, all designed to multiply their power in battle... The energies they use can rapidly change to also match any defense, meaning defeating them quickly is far more important then allowing them the chance to do so. Thankfully, they are not invincible.

Alctrrian bio nanites are their life blood, and are also usable as means of providing teleportation systems wherever they are needed. This can be used offensively, and often is. In an invasion, alctrrians can often bring an entire defense force and use it for offense, crush an enemies opposition, and then teleport back to defend their planets.

Alctrrian Infantry

Typical soldiers, armed with assault guns. But they can come back to life when ever they fall, they must be defeated quickly after to ensure they stay down. Another problem is that their assault guns fire adaptive energies, capable of eventually penetrating any kind of defense regardless of what it is in a protracted fight.

Alctrrian Engineers

Reconstructing and assimilating local technologies tends to be a favorite among more technological alctrrians, these can quickly cause numbers to swell on any powered individual within very short order. the machines, like the alctrrian assault weapon, can adapt to an enemies defenses.

Alctrrian Technologist

Similar to Engineers but signifiantly tougher and better armored, sometimes shielded. The machines produced are much larger and can hit far harder. These alctrrians themselves use heavier weaponry as well.

Alctrrian Beserker

Some Alctrrians prefer to keep within melee range, but do so with concussive energy blows designed to stun and render an enemy helpless. Like Alctrrian infantry, these blows adapt, and they can also come back for more. They can take far more punishment then alctrrian Infantry.

Alctrrian Gunslinger

Rarely acting with other alctrrians, various ranks of alctrrians are trained, or had lived, as pirates, armed with ligher pistols to do the job. With lightning reflex and the ability to instantly make full one hundred and eighty turns within a fraction of a second....Gunslingers are thankully not something that has been encountered in the attack on earth. However, Heroes who do sight them are warned that they can kill within seconds of detecting someone very fast, and don't need to see to shoot at someone.

Alctrrian Equalisers

Typically turtling behind heavy force fields, and protecting others with them, Altrrian Equalisers are named because they specialise in defeating the defenses of any enemy, while simultaniously projecting very difficult to penetrate deflection and insulation shielding on anything that assists them. They can even shove combatants around with these shields. The alctrrians deploy whole kill squads of equalisers within the empires, and they are dedicated to the military. Attacking even more then a few can be neigh suicidal, for their shields are so powerful penetrating them would become impossible, and their own energies can penetrate others defenses very easily. So far splitting them apart can work, but without anything to weaken those shields and prevent them from attacking, fights can go badly very quickly.

Alctrrian Urban Gunslingers and Equalisers

These were encountered by the mercenary team on Black'Nebu, and are unmatched in fighting strength compared to other Equalisers or Gunslingers.

Alctrrian Agents

Able to sneak into positions, reverse hack and bypass security systems, agents typically exploit the very bio-nanite essense to teleport into locations that'd otherwise be impossible to bypass. A report of them attacking and persuing Cascavica within the empire reveals they are difficult to shake off, since where an agent had died, it's very difficult to stop others appearing in his place....

Alctrrian Factions:

Alctrrian empire

Once a powerful empire, the civil war left it divided into two, the Old Alctrrian Empire, and the Psi'alctrrian Empire. It should be noted the Psi'alctrrian empire isn't fully translated, it could be "Ce'Alctrrian" empire or "Liberated Alctrrian empire".

Old Alctrrian Empire

Leadership: Monarchal Hivemind Plutocracy/Dictatorship

Influence: Twenty Star systems, eighteen planets.

Military: Due to the collapse, legions are hard to locate, but each lord is suspected of having hundreds

Only the wealthy are allowed to rule in the original alctrrian empire, in which only those who are wealthy are even allowed to have more then a limited amount of funding. In the old empire, conquest is an aspect of life, in a time when conquest is no longer possible. Years of excesses and over centralization of wealth and power have left everyone living in especially dire conditions, even it's own military having experienced years of neglect and scraping by on low maintenance. The recent destruction of the capital, Black'Nebu, has all but been a killing blow to the empire, but many lords still fight to reclaim the empire, and take revenge on those who tried to dethrone them...

The empire consists, currently, of only twenty star systems, divided among a few lords. The old empire is also subject to the most frequent attacks by enemies such as the Ashonic Outer Core Alliance, and the monstrous Phi'scrr.

Characters:Phasicka Cos'Uka(formerly), Force'Nebusa(unknown)

Psi'Alctrrian Empire(Liberated Alctrrian Empire)

Leadership: Constitutional Monarchy/Separated Hive families.

Influence: Two hundred, eighty nine star systems

Military: Fifteen hundred heavy battle carriers, Twenty, Four hundred thousand fighters of mixed classifications. Seventeen Alctrrian Legions(consisting of numerous ranks of infantry and equalisers, and differing, advanced enemies we'd not encountered yet).

Honor, respect, and acceptance, are the founding princibles of the liberated Alctrrian empire, which puts non-alctrrians on the priority for it's policies, rather then simply demanding they submit to laws that only work for those leading them. The emphasis on a balanced capitalistic society with laws ensuring opportunity is emphasized regardless of species or origin, even an orphaned, homeless child can obtain the kind of employment allowing them success. The Psi'alctrrian empire boasts an especially powerful military, due to the mass of trade and the taxes that can be collected from it, as well as powerful networks of teleportation gates.

The collapse of the old empire prompted the Liberated Alctrrian empire to quickly sieze control of as many planets as it could, however, they lost control quickly due to the Phi'scrr...and other threats on their borders forcing them to defend themselves. This has left them unable to assist any people within the old empire.

Characters: Cascavicka'Ravicka(recently), Nebura'Tanicka, Warp'Nova, Void'Spectre


The alctrrian physiology is based heavily on the species of which the alctrrian was originally. Humans who'd become alctrrian, such as Cascavicka'Ravicka, have the same needs of oxygen and water as other humans. Ashonic based alctrrians, who are especially common among the empire, possess higher levels of temperature tolerance towards heat and cold, as well as the unusual tolerance of semi poisonous environments. In addition to that, alcrrian bio nanites can allow the owner of them to adapt themselves as needed to their environment, some alctrrians are capable of amazing feats of regeneration, others of immense speeds and power, while some even manipulate energies and (very rarely), time. But at the same time, some energies can be especially toxic to them, shutting down their bio nanites and halting any kind of healing. This weakness however doesn't prevent alctrrians from projecting some types of of these same energies.

Alctrrians feed, slightly, off of residue energies in an environment, including impacts from winds, to a degree that allows them to keep powered, but not enough to allow any kind of resistance(and in fact, this leaves them with increased vulnerability to energies they cannot handle). Solar energy is an exception, however, much of it can be absorbed to a point that doing so to injure them is fruitless. This same energy absorption can, if the alctrrian absorbs sunlight, leave them with an ebony appearence in their flesh, but it can also cause other colors to become apparent.

The effectiveness of which they use this absorption, and their maximum capacity for power, is rated on a "class" scale ranging from one through five, but some alctrrians are ranked far higher, as "class sevens".

Class 1 Younger Civilians, able to connect to an alctrrian hive network, but cannot manipulate anything.

Class 2: Middle aged alctrrians can possess some minor tricks, as do alctrrians in military training during the earlier stages, but they get taxed and drain energy quickly. They are ten times more energy capable than class 1s.

Class 3: Alctrrians fresh out of military training do not leave untill they are capable of being ten times more efficient then class 2 alctrrians, and can blast others with arms at close range, or power energy weaponry by themselves.

Class 4: Experienced soldiers continuing training are even more powerful, able to quickly recharge. They can also change energy signatures very rapidly.

Class 5: elderly Alctrrians, soldiers and royalty have enough power to act as a "center" of a hive. These alctrrians can instantly change the energies they use, and instantly recharge, essentially not running out.

Class 7: Aborbing energy in terrawatts, Class Seven alctrrians possess a second power portal. This essentially means they can store over a hundred times the energy and expend it quicker then that of a Class 5 alctrrian. It could be noted however that while class seven alctrrians can phase through time and existence, they can burn themselves out faster then a Class 5. This is due to the fact that energy courses through them constantly. They are also actively hunted by the old alctrrian empire.

(I will look at this more over time to add more information, and correct sentences/mistakes with a fresher state of mind.)

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