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Player: @Aliya
Origin: "Playing God"
Archetype: Dominator/Blaster
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: ALETH#12804
Known Aliases: Aliya, Lombardia
Species: Organic Companion Doll
Age: 41
Height: 7'5" in the Isles, 6'2 in Paragon
Weight: 86
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Appears Japanese
Occupation: Night Widow/exotic dancer
Place of Birth: A massive underground laboratory, Japan
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: "More than friends" with Vandayinu D'Verra
Known Relatives: ALETH series(Siblings), Takahiro Hirada(Lover/Creator)
Known Powers
Close-quarters combat training, Mental assault, The power to (theoretically) kill a yak with mind bullets(Telekinesis, Kyle), flight(does that do anything for you?), able to move you, Stealth, electrical projections(Only in Paragon for security reasons)
Known Abilities
Able to survive normally-lethal damage, able to rebuild her body with what she refers to as "Psionic Prosthetics", Immunity to most toxins absorbed through the bloodstream, digestive tract, or respiratory system.
Cloaking Device
Mind-reading types will sense two minds in her body, a male and a female. Her skin feels like a [Stretch Armstrong] with a metal pole inside of it.



Doctor Takahiro Hirada is an unknown Japanese Scientist who created an entire underground world for himself beneath Japan, and lived there since sometime around the 1930s. After living in complete isolation for over seventy years, he decided to create a "race" of organic humanoid creatures that would keep him company, and continue maintaining his world when he died.

Dubbing the experiments ALETH(Artificial Life Experiments: Takahiro Hirada) the first one to survive for longer than a few months was #12804, whom he named Aliya. Takahiro continued perfecting his design, starting his adjustments with Aliya first. After a while, she became like a lover to him. Twenty years after Aliya was born, in 1996, the Fifth Column discovered Takahiro's underground lab and attacked it, kidnapping most of Aliya's kin and killing most of the rest.

A few months of testing in the Fifth Column labs resulted in all of the subjects from Sub-Japan spontaneously dying. They were placed in storage and "Doctor" Hirada was brought in to attempt to figure out what happened. He couldn't figure it out either, so he was locked away in a prison somewhere. A year went by, Takahiro escaped and was forgotten about, along with the ALETH dolls that were gathering dust in the storage depots. In 1998, a few of the ALETHs in storage woke up, manifested their own personalities, a few of them displayed superpowers, and all of them escaped into the world.

Aliya found her way to the Rogue Isles and somehow ended up working as a Night Widow. She's not entirely sure how she gained promotions so quickly, or what she did to deserve clearance for a customized outfit, but she always followed the orders given to her.

Recently, in July, 2007, Aliya was apprehended by the Scrapper Hero known as Vandayinu D'Verra, who took an interest in her and decided to perform a few experiments of her own. After a few days of examination, Aliya's captor obtained the necessary paperwork and signed her up as a Hero by the handle of Lombardia. Arachnos either doesn't know about this, doesn't care, or has this all planned out. Due to magical tampering, Aliya is now a human, though it is unknown whether or not she retained her abilities to "ignore" damage.


When in the Rogue Isles, Aliya uses a mixture of close-quarter combat and psychic attacks, shifting into invulnerability when she feels endangered. Her physical combat style would best be described as "Acrobatic Brawling" and her signature move consists of a forward roll into a kick, followed by a bodyslam and an upwards throw with telekinesis.

Her Electrical abilities aren't very advanced yet, and it takes a tremendous amount of concentration for Aliya to produce much more than a tiny spark of light, or a small jolt currently. She's still practicing though, and has several gadgets to help her out in Paragon.


Psychic attacks. Excessive force.


Since she was created to be a companion for Takahiro, who had been living in complete isolation for almost a century, she says what she wants. Since she doesn't need to eat or breathe, and doesn't exactly care about temperature, her interests have gotten her labelled as a whore. Aliya tends to care little about stress, views physical harm as more annoying than anything, and doesn't seem to quite have a grasp on modern society's standards.

Where is she now?

Currently, she works as an exotic dancer with the stage-name "Janine" at a gentlemen's club called Supermoves, on the outskirts of Paragon City. When she isn't working or heroing, she spends most of her time at her apartment in Skyway, with her roommate Vandayinu D'Verra.

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