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Anansi Earth, portal corps designation Tau Tau 12-24, is an alternate earth in which a mighty empire arose in West Africa before Dynastic Egypt, even before the war between the Oranbegans and Mu. On Anansi Earth, many nations were colonized in an early period, and later became members of the Akan Republic, their gods assumed into the pantheon of the Creator-Trickster Father Anansi, among them Hequat and Ermeeth.

On Anansi Earth, Mu Sorcerers' homelands are eastern Europe, which is a member of the Republic. Their Mu Sword-saints combine martial prowess, high-tech armor and energy weapons, and the mystical power of their bloodline into formidable peace-keeping force that operates throughout the Republic, often against protecting the people from Kwansea (a cognate of the Oranbegans) wizards, and the many petty autocracies of Western Europe and elsewhere.

Characters from Anansi-Earth

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