And the Crew of the Galactic Pelican

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The Galactic Pelican

The Galactic Pelican

The Galactic Pelican is an advanced, experimental spaceship from some unknown galaxy far, far away, which crashed to Earth just outside of Paragon City, totaling the ship and embedding it in the seabed near Independence Port. The blame rests solely on the incompetent captain, "Crash" Ganymede, who has an abysmal track record for safe landings. This time, he spilled coffee on the control panel. The Pelican's was Crash's fifth crash-landing.

At 200 meters long, the Galactic Pelican is technically a somewhat small starship. It can be piloted by one or two people, operates with a crew of ten, and can comfortably house around 25 shipmates. Prior to crashing, the Pelican was in space for approximately a month and a half, by Earth standards. Due to the relatively short time as a crew, there are few previous exploits by the Pelicans. The only one of note involved stopping some illegal mining that inadvertently saved the life of larval-stage Asteroid Joe, now Human-form and Security Chief.

It should be noted that this was Ensign Baxter's first trip. Sorry, Bax!

The Pelican has been Earth-bound since May 2008. The members of the crew have taken up heroics in order to pay for parts to fix their ship. They tried a bake sale first, but the turnout was disappointing.

They have made some progress, but it looks to be a very long road, indeed.

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The Crew of the Galactic Pelican depicted here in action (from front to back, Subliminal Zeus, Alessar, Designation PLUTO and Charon Darkmatter)

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