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Distributed anonymously via Formspring[1] in March of 2011 to immortalize the several lesbian fantasies swirling about Aglow and Ultimogirl on that site, "The Ultimate Glow" achieved an instant cult following for its gripping account of Tammy and Lilah admitting, at long last, the depth of their feelings for one another, its sensitive handling of Stranglehold's grieving process, and its accurate representation of most lesbian relationships.

The true identity of the mysterious Ian Sesh may never be revealed, but the story is nevertheless presented here for Feature consideration.

The Ultimate Glow

by Ian Sesh

one day there was a crime in steel canyon and aglow was the hero

she stopped the robors w/ color and flew ppl to safety but then

there came a giant robot designed by the dastardly prof. monochroem

and it could not see color and was black and white so aglow said 'help'

becaus she could not hurt it and city hall was in danger and the orphanage

and utlimogirl was flying and herd aglow say 'help' and she flew to help

because she was also the hero and was vry strong to punch the robot

and together the dazzlin aglow and stunnin ulitmogirl saved the days

'whew that was close thx tammy' said aglow who was blind

'it was im glad we are such good friends who work together good'

that was said by ultimagirl who also was called tammy

still ultimogril kept talkin 'do u want to come to my palce to rest'

so they flew to tammys apratment that was near that she heard from

and becaus she lived there it was safe 2 enter the magic or maybe

aglow had to walk upstairs depending how it works the balcony

and also aglow was called lilah so tammy would call ehr that

they made sandwiches and lilah dropped the tomato on the ground

and tammy and lilah both tried to pick it up and their hand touch

both they stopped suddenly not sure what was in there hearts

they hold hands to stood and together finishing the sandwich

'even tho im blind i can see that there is somethin btween us'

said lilah tammy said 'u r rite lialah i can not resist my tru feelins'

then gideon walked in w/ a massive rection and said 'hello ladies

i would join u but i am sad' and walked out w/ a massive rection

and lilah and tammy kissed and touched their bodies on the

kitchen and forgot they sandwich because they had became horny

for each others even tho they liked the mans because passion

was too strong when they realized the love btween them

and lilah said 'i see many colors but the most vivid is pink' wink

and paul was still a lonely blob the end

Last Updated: 5/8/2011

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