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Tammy Stevens aka Ultimo Girl (art by HugoHugo)
Ultimo Girl
Player: User:Ultimogirl
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Tamatha Stevens
Known Aliases: UG, Tammy, Tam's
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 22 (9/21/87)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde (when not dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (of Irish Family Origin)
Occupation: College Student/Hero
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: John Stevens (Father, Deceased), Sarah Stevens (Mother, Deceased), John Stevens JR (Older Brother, Deceased), Michelle Stevens (Older Sister, Assumed Dead)
Known Powers
Invulnerability, Super Stregth, Flight, Fitness, Fire Manipulation, Hasten
Known Abilities
Banged up C.A.P.E.S. Communicator
Student at PCU and Member of C.A.P.E.S.

Ultimo Girl is a fictional character influenced by Bruce Timm's version of Supergirl from Superman: The Animated Series.


Character History

Teenage Tammy as a Skull recruit, while living in King's Row

Early Life

Tammy spent most of her life growing up in a small Kings Row apartment living with her two siblings, Mother, and Father. Like most Kings Row youth and her siblings before her, Tammy was recruited into a street gang at the early age of 12, starting out as a police and cape lookout for the Skulls. Tammy was being groomed for her initiation ritual, where like her Brother John she would be given the chance to earn her mask and become a true Skull member. During this time life was really tough for young Tammy. Besides being in a abusive relationship with a fellow gang recruit, over the course of two weeks Tammy would be the one to find her Brother's dead body (death was a result of a Superadine overdose), and had to bare with her older sister Michelle running away from Paragon City, never to be heard from again (presumed dead for attempting to leave the Skulls after being initiated). Fearful of losing his remaining daughter, John Stevens Sr. seeked the aid of an outside source and was able to get a new job and move his family to the other side of the city in White Plains. It took some time for Tammy to adapt to her new living conditions, but after losing both siblings, Tammy wanted to change for the better and put her street life behind her. Watching her father work 3 different jobs to afford their new living conditions broke Tammy's heart, wanting to help chip in, she took up a after school job at a local coffee shop. Life was looking bright for the Stevens family again, unfortunately that happiness would only last about 3 months.

Rikti Invasion

Tammy was working her after school job at the coffee shop one late thursday afternoon when the White Plains sirens began to sound. The sirens followed by the sound of chaos as aliens known as the Rikti began to swarm the city streets in a full blown invasion. Heroes, Police, and Military tried to get the word out to quickly evacuate the city. Tammy attempted to run to her home but was stopped by Police who had formed a barricade to prevent others from going toward the fighting. While trying to find a way around the barricade, Tammy found a frightened group of small children who had been playing in a nearby park. The children were still waiting for their parents to pick them up, assuming the parents were forced to evacuate or worse, Tammy convinced the children to accompany her to a safer area. While evacuating, there was a sudden explosion in the sky above. Tammy and the other evacuating civilians looked above in horror as a huge chunk of debris was falling toward the civilains, the debris was so large there was no where to run away from it. It was at this point in time that the frightened Tammy felt herself changing. A burning feeling came over the teenager and she suddenly felt her instincts taking over. Without a second thought, Tammy leaped into the air above and headed to intercept the falling debris. Catching the debris in mid-air, Tammy was able to deflect the 2-ton object away from the civilians below, launching the debris roughly 22 city blocks past the Police and Military barricades. Smiling as she watched the metal object sail away, Tammy felt light-headed, blacked out, and fell to the ground below.

Tammy woke up in a G.I.F.T. lab several days later, to find the alien invasion was already contained, but the casualties were very high for the City. After it was explained that it would take days to track down family members since much of the city was scattered and most communications were still down, Tammy agreed to let the G.I.F.T. scientists perform tests to help better understand her new mutated abilities while she waited to hear word from her parents. After about 10 days of passing time, Tammy recieved the dreadful news that both her parents were killed in the destruction of White Plains. A devistated Tammy stuck around only long enough for the memorial service that was held for the victims of the Rikti Invasion. After the service, Tammy left Paragon City for the next 3 years.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Unknown to Tammy is the fact of how exactly both her parents died in the Rikti invasion. She has always assumed they died at the hands of the Rikti as she never truly investigated their death because of her refusal to deal with their death. Known by some investigator's is the fact that Tammy's parents were actually crushed to death while trying to evacuate White Plains in their car, by the same piece of debris that Tammy deflected away from herself and several other civilians. Someone with connections to the PPD had the information classified in hopes of shielding the information from ever reaching back to Tammy. If the information along with any proof was ever revealed to Tammy that she was in fact the cause of her parents own death, it would have a devistating effect on Ultimo Girl that she would likely never recover from.

Spoilers end here.

Time Away

The next 3 years had Tammy with her new gift of flight, traveling around the world and seeing the places she only read about in magazines. Never truly dealing with the loss of her Family, she finally tracked down a distant cousin in Hawaii and was allowed to live there. Never returning to High School, Tammy learned how to surf from the locals. Having no fear of the dangerous sport because of her gift of invulnerability, she was soon surfing the most dangerous waves the island had to offer. Needing a new rush in her life to fill the void of her lost family, Tammy remembered the feeling she got when deflecting the Rikti debris before she blacked out. The next day she was flying on her way back to Paragon City to try her life out as a hero.

Return to Paragon City, College Life, and The C.A.P.E.S.

Just like Tammy as a newborn, Ultimo Girl was also born in Kings Row. The newly starting out hero, began by trying her hand at cleaning up the streets of Kings Row she once knew so well. With the knowledge of existing hideouts, drug houses, and other gang resources, Ultimo Girl made a quick dent into the problems that plagued Kings Row for so long. After some time as a hero, Tammy was sought out by Justin Sinclair who was also trying to clean up the streets of Kings Row by his own financial means. Sinclair had extensive information of Tammy (including her true identity) and wanted to offer her a deal that would change her life. With Tammy never returning to school and her White Plains school records destroyed in the invasion, Sinclair offered to pull some strings to get her into Paragon City University if she could pass the entry exam. The gentleman also offered to pay her entire tuition along with setting her up in an apartment and paying her living expenses for as long as she remained in school. Seeing the offer as a "no brainer", Tammy accepted the challenge and began working with a tutor for the next several months, eventually passing the exam and earning entrance into PCU.

Having a hard time dealing with both school and moonlighting as a hero, Tammy began searching out others like herself at the college. She was eventaully introduced to Persephone "Sephy" Jenkins and her club known as the C.A.P.E.S. Once in the club, Tammy finally felt as if she had a family again and to this day seems very happy.

Superadine Addiction

At a college beach party held in April 2007, Tammy was having a good time with her friends when someone handed her a drink that was secretly laced with Superadine. Tammy suddenly started acting incoherent and had to be taken to her friend Delia's home where she spent the night. Unaware of what was in her drink the day before, Ultimo Girl began to spend the next month picking on the Trolls in Skyway City, beating many of them severely and taking their superadine stashes. By the time she came to realize what she was doing, her addiction to the drug was already taking over her body. Over the course of the month, Tammy's skin tone began to become more pale and she began to arouse suspicion among her friends. With her skin finally turning green, Ultimo Girl began to wear a mask to attempt to conceal what was happening to herself, it was at this time her friends knew she was definitely hiding something. After being confronted on a few occasions by her roommate Meredith and her friends Delia and Gideon. Tammy finally broke down, came clean, and checked herself into a rehabilitation program.

While spending a few weeks in the rehabilitation program, Tammy was approached by a eager resident geneticist who had a theory to reverse the effects of superadine addicition, including the green skin tone. After being Coerced by the doctor who wanted to test the procedure on Tammy because of her mutated immune system, Tammy agreed to go through with the dangerous procedure despite the risk of the side effects.

During the procedure which involved Tammy's roommate Meredith irradiating Tammy with very high doses of radiation, Tammy suffered multiple seizures which resulted in her losing some of her memory. Her memory loss was mapped back to around the time just before the beach party. Other known side effects from the procedure lead to Ultimo Girl having a decrease or loss in some of her mutant powers (see Powers section below) as well as ending Tammy's hopes of ever baring children, due to a low antral follicles count brought on by the exposure to the high levels of radiation. Besides the side effects, the procedure seems to have restored Tammy back to the way she was before the addiction took place.


If Ultimo Girl was ever portrayed in a live action movie, she would be portrayed
Actress Kristen Bell as Ultimo Girl
by actress Kristen Bell (pictured right), whose Veronica Mars character was a strong influence on her appearance.


Tammy in her hiding spot under the Ski Chalet.

Tammy is known to be very insecure about herself and is easily influenced and manipulated by others. These weaknesses lead to Tammy growing up and living a troubled teen life in King's Row. After watching her brother die of a superdine overdose and her sister presumed missing after running away in 2003, Tammy's father began working 3 jobs and moved his remaining family to White Plains to give his little Tammy a new start with her life. Of course, like all things in Tammy's life, every time something positive happened for Tammy, something came along to tear her life apart. This time it came in the form of the Rikti invasion, where White Plains was unfortunately destroyed along with Tammy's parents.

As Ultimo Girl, she tends to complain a lot about pain (in many cases the idea of pain). Ultimo Girl could have a entire building knocked over on herself where she would just walk out from the rubble, dust herself off, and whine about the dust or a splinter "she thinks" she got. Due to the death of her parents, Ultimo Girl tends to jump at the opportunity to take on missions that involve the Rikti. When Ultimo Girl teams with other Heroes she is easily influenced by their actions as well. Glitterbeam, Stranglehold, and Thornchilde have all had strong influence in changing the way Tammy now deals with villains and how she feels about civilian law enforcement.

Friends and Allies

Tammy, Gideon (with long hair!), and Meredith sharing a six pack on New Year's Eve


Meredith is Tammy's best friend and at one time a roommate. In a lot of ways the two are polar opposites, but to see them interact together one would think they grew up since birth together. While never being in a serious relationship with one another, some of their friends have often assumed the two were closer then just friends, neither Tammy or Meredith have confirmed or denied that speculation to be true. Meredith was severely injured after a package bomb addressed to Tammy destroyed their apartment. After a month in a deep coma, Meredith eventually recovered, since then Tammy has been keeping her distance from her friend out of fear of Meredith getting hurt again or even worst.


Gideon is a friend Tammy looks to for advice. Having no living family members, Tammy sees Gideon as an older brother figure. Gideon's angry attitude which usually turns most people off, doesn't seem to bother Tammy much as she kind of just accepts that that's who he is, and just blows the attitude off. Gideon tends to make sexual advances toward Tammy (like he does with most females). Most of the time Tammy just plays like she is innocent and embarrassed, though she never actually asks him to stop either. Tammy grew closer to Gideon after her apartment was destroyed and Gideon took her in.


Delia definitely has the role of Tammy's older sister and in a way her authority figure. Delia and her wife Carmen (Tenebraxa), are very dear to Tammy and she goes to them separately for different advice. Tammy will go to Delia for more serious talks when she is unsure of herself or her decisions, and will go to Carmen for the talks she is embarrassed to speak with Delia about. Seeing Delia as her older sister and Gideon as an older brother, often puts Tammy in a difficult position since both have come to hate each other. Tammy tries not to get involved and has asked both to respect her friendship with the other and not bad mouth the other in front of her.

Girl Eternity

Before Mioka joined CAPES, Tammy considered herself to be the new girl of the group for the longest time. When Mioka eventually joined the group, Tammy wanted to extend her friendship in hopes of being the sister figure Delia and Meredith were for herself. This plan has seemed to have backfired on Tammy as the young Mioka has more often been the one giving council to Tammy and her problems.

Mila Mortis

Mila was Tammy's older brother John's longtime girlfriend when he died. For many years Tammy placed Mila's face as the one to blame for all her brothers problems and his death. Mila suddenly showed up one day after her apparent death as a cursed walking corpse. Tammy attacked Mila with years of built up rage. Suddenly on their second meeting, Tammy felt pity for the cursed girl and forgave her. Since that time Tammy has took Mila under her wing in hopes of giving the former Skull a chance to redeem herself in undeath for her past crimes. In many ways she helps Mila because she feels she is helping her dead brother in a way. Tammy feels if she can help Mila be redeemed, that maybe Mila and John will get to spend eternity together in whatever afterlife there is.



Auroral has become one of Ultimo Girl's biggest nemeses. Ultimo Girl found Auroral tearing apart an abandoned Paragon City office looking for the Gem of Seraphina. Attempting to stop Auroral, lead to a large scale fight between the two. In the end Ultimo Girl seemed to have won the fight, but was tricked into punching at Auroral just as she dropped her defenses to allow her medical teleporter to activate and escape going to jail. The two have fought on other occasions with similar outcomes, where Auroral seems to find a way to escape in the end.

Ultimo Girl by Lady Justice


During the Rikti invasion, Ultimo Girl's powers were triggered for the first time. Tammy Stevens was trying to evacuate White Plains with a group of children that were playing in the park across from her afterschool job. A large explosion in the sky caught her attention, and she saw a large chunk of a Rikti Ship's hull coming crashing down towards herself and the children. Tammy's body illuminated in flames and her instincts took over--she flew up and easily intercepted the two-ton piece of debris, launching it 22 city blocks away. After deflecting the debris, Ultimo Girl fell unconscious and woke up two days later in GIFT medical lab where she was being treated. Tammy's powers never reached the levels they did the day of the Rikti attack. Many GIFT scientists think it's because Tammy is holding back her potential.

Super Strength

Ultimo Girl's strength varies depending on her emotional state. The more Tammy's emotions run high, the stronger she seems to get. Like most of Tammy's powers, GIFT scientists can't map out where her heightened levels of strength come from. In fights with villains, Ultimo Girl has been known to easily pick up parked cars, boulders, and anything else in her surrounding, and throw them with ease as weapons. Ultimo Girl's Strength levels were decreased greatly after a genetic procedure was done to reverse the side effects of superadine addiction.


Ultimo Girl has shown a resistance to most forms of pain that registers off-the-charts. The only powers that seem to cause her trouble are psionic and magical powers. Ultimo Girl's invulnerability has given her personal life some complications. Simple things in life like getting her nails done and trying to get forms of body art have caused her much grief.

Heightened Senses

Ultimo Girl at one time had heightened vision and hearing. While she couldn't see or hear through closed walls, she could see great distances and hear a conversation taking place out in the open that was several blocks away. Her advanced hearing also gave her trouble over the years against audio-based powers, particularly those of sonic heroes. Ultimo Girl seems to have lost these abilities completely when she had a genetic procedure done to reverse the effects of her superadine addiction.


Another ability that has baffled GIFT Scientists is Ultimo Girl's ability to fly at will. This ability seems to never tire and she has flown great distances around the world. Combined with her invulnerability, Ultimo Girl's flight is a dangerous weapon.

Fire Manipulation and the Terra Volta Reactor

During the defense of the Terra Volta Reactor, Ultimo Girl was exposed to a large dose of radiation that has seemed to unlock the ability to produce and control fire on a small scale.

Ultimo Girl Original Costume

Fun Facts and Rumors

Fun Facts


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