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The Cape Radio Station logo
The Cape Radio Station serves Paragon City and the Rogue Isles through regular live broadcasts and events. The Cape is Virtue-centric, although the station does have listeners from other servers and out of game.

To access the stream, open your media player and choose to play from a URL. Then, enter exactly as it appears here. The stream should connect automatically.



Cape DJs broadcast a wide variety of songs, with each DJ having a particular style and preference. Some DJs do all-request shows, pre-arranged theme shows, or both, depending on the week. Most often, live broadcasts are done from Pocket D, although shows have been known to occur in locales such as Gemini Park, Mercy Island, Croatoa, Talos Island, and elsewhere. Before Pocket D opened, shows occurred primarily in the Paragon Dance Party and Gemini Park.


(( All times listed in EST ))



DJ Templar - The Golden Voice (Owner) Templar is the current owner of The Cape Radio. You can hear him Saturdays beginning at 11pm until 1am.


DJ Angel- Station Manager

Celestial Kisses After spending time in school, stay tuned for kisses--Celestial Kisses--with DJ Angel. She plays an eclectic blend of music spanning genres from symphonic metal and classic rock to random tunes and just good, (mostly) clean fun! The last Friday of the month, she shows her true geek-dom by crafting a playlist consisting of music to correspond with historic events. One random day-a-month, you can be treated to "Celestial Kisses Under the Covers," a cover show featuring unusual covers of many of your favorite songs. Even more infrequent are her "Naked Kisses Under the Covers"--an a Capella cover show. You can view those playlists here. Beginning at 9pm, she'll kiss you til Midnight with her music and random personality. You can come dance with her at the Pocket D on the center platform!


DJ Pyrria - Production Director

Pyrria's the go-to gal for all things audio! If you have a script idea, talk to her or DJ Steel. Though currently without a regular show, she is still about and will randomly pop in for a few hours.


DJ Shecky - Tech Manager

Degeneration Following Logos is the one and only (thank God!) DJ Shecky with Degeneration. During Degeneration, one can expect to hear everything from painful songs (such as Templar's favorite, "Not Roy") to all-time favorites (such as "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny"). With an enormous music library, Shecky can pull just about anything out of the wood-work. Degeneration is sure to "degenerate" his fans at the Pocket D.

Underground DJ Shecky comes back to us Thursday nights at 8pm for three hours of independent music. Underground focuses on a genre of music and features indie groups from across the country. Don't make any requests during this time--save those for Tuesdays! Underground fans can hang out at the D with Shecky.


Sultry Siren - PR Director

The Siren's Song The Sultry Siren lulls you into the morning hours of Thursdays. Beginning at 10pm and going until 1am, this sultry songstress of mythological origins brings you music to curl up by or snuggle close to your beloved. Her dulcet tones are purrfully wonderful and will make you scream for more. You can catch her shows at the Pocket D's center platform.


Attercap - Webmaster

Though Attercap does not have a regular show just yet, he is still a vital member of the management team. If you have problems with the website, he's your go-to guy!



DJ Amethyst

Driving Music The Purple One herself is one of The Cape's newest DJs! She'll be kicking Sunday mornings off with her driving music--good ol' rock 'n' roll to get the heart pumpin' and the xp rollin'! She'll be hosting her shows at the Pocket D and will bring an extra dose of 'sparkle' to the airwaves. Be careful, though, she really is a wyld gem!


DJ Crash

Audio Whiplash Hold onto your hats, folks. DJ Crash will subject you to audio whiplash--and you will LIKE it! Why, back in our day, we had to walk up hill to six feet of snow! Okay, okay, maybe not quite like that, but still! His eclectic style is a great way to carry you through your lazy Sunday afternoons. He'll be at the D's center platform, spinning your tunes.


Posthaste - Listener Liaison

Pirate Radio Posthaste comes back to us at 6pm on Sundays with "Pirate Radio." It's more of the gothic and industrial music you've come to love and appreciate, but with more Zombie. And cowbell. You'll just have to tune in and hang with him at the center platform of the Pocket D! Except for the first Sunday of the month--then you'll find him in the Rikti War Zone for his monthly Mothership Raid Madness!

Treasure Chest The Treasure Chest features industrial, gothic, and more with the one and only Posthaste. MANCRUSH can't be wrong--Posthaste and Rob Zombie make a great match! You can tune in at midnight (right after Celestial Kisses) and hang out with Posty in the Monkey Fight Club at the Pocket D. Just look for the giant, dancing...Mancrush.


DJ Vangelus

Vangelations Following Posthaste is the one and only, the creepy, DJ Vangelus. He likes to watch you as you sleep--he knows that you taste good. Featuring European metal bands such as Oomph!, In Extremo, and Nightwish, Vangelus is probably solely responsible for the increase in music sales and downloads for some of the bands he plays. You can hold the torch of radio during the weekly "Vangelations" at the center platform of the Pocket D.


DJ Cyclos

Storming the Cape Starting at 7pm, EST, DJ Cyclos presents "Storming the Cape." He plays an eclectic blend of music from the '80's, '90's, and today. Broadcasting from the Pocket D, Cyclos takes requests and dedications and presents "News of the Weird" as well as "Florida or Germany" segments in which the listeners get to guess where the news occurred.


DJ Aerial

Anger Management Have anger issues? Something really twist your gears? Tune into the Angry Bunny and get your frustrations out! This adult-content show is a good way to end your Monday night--with lots of stompy, lots of swears, and lots of rants! Aerial (and her good buddy, George) can be found at the Pocket D's center platform Monday nights from 11pm-2am!


DJ Nexus

Vocal Point The other of The Cape's newest DJs, DJ Nexus will start our Tuesday evenings with a vortex of sound! His musical stylings range from backdrop for a fantasy tavern setting to a super-charged space battle to pretty much everything in between! He's out of this world, and probably the next, as well! He can be found in the Pocket D, Tuesdays from 4pm-7pm.


DJ Logos

Crossing the Stream DJ Logos "Crosses the Streams" for us starting at 7pm, EST. His music ranges from blues and folk to unique and interesting mash-ups. His voice fit for NPR croons us into the evening and lifts our spirits with his acerbic wit--normally aimed at the gremlins plaguing his system. Every Tuesday's a treat to be had at the Pocket D!


DJ Castor

DJ Castor kicks off the Saturday line up in true intergalactic fashion! Join one of the twins--Castor or Pollux--for a stompin' good time. Did we mention he speaks French? Another purr-worthy voice will accost your aural senses and make you swoon for more. And they said Lunar Eclipse had a harem...just wait for the Galactic Gals to line up for DJ Castor!


DJ Valor

The Power Hour Despite the name, this valiant heroine actually has a two hour show to bring you into DJ Shecky's smooth Underground. Her blend of world music mixed with bellydance and good old fashioned rock 'n' roll is sure to please your aural sensations. Look for her at the Pocket D around 6pm! You may be in for a pun time, as well.



Cyberia Once a back-up DJ, Kai has taken over the 10pm-Midnight slot on Thursdays with her show, Cyberia. She features J-Pop and other great classics of manga and anime. She can be found in the Pocket D every week, teaching you a thing or two about anime!


DJ Eclipse

Stealing the Sun DJ Eclipse starts Fridays off right--with themed shows! Her shows are cleverly designed to entertain and enthrall you with music that tells a story. Once a month, she'll have something different up her sleeve, but you'll have to tune in to find out when! DJ Eclipse can be found weaving her tales on the Pocket D's center platform.


DJ Steel

Kicking off your live Saturdays is the one and only DJ Steel. Don't let the name fool you--this cool cat has a nice blend of rock, metal, comedy, and more to accost your aural senses! He made his debut "sometime" during the 2XXP Weekend (October 8-11, 2009), then took up his regular spot the following week. He'll be dubiously broadcasting from the D.


DJ Pheonyx - Assistant Events Coordinator

Pyrotechnyx Continuing your Saturday evening block is the one and only DJ Pheonyx. Get ready to "fire it up!" with Pyrotechnyx--an awesome blend of metal and classic rock--with the occasional espionage theme thrown in! Though primarily broadcasting in the D, he has been known to hit the Rogue Isles under cover as Dee Jay Pheonyx!


Agent Crypto - Street Team Leader

Caught in the Web Accosting aurally-taken airwaves at 8, Agent Crypto dizzies and delights at the D while snaring you in his web of deceit! His themed shows are all about patterns and ex nihilo theme creation. From songs released in the same year to firsts to more obscure sets--like cowbell (everyone needs more cowbell!), Caught in the Web is an audience-participation show that is sure to bring you awesome tunes and interesting information!



DJ Cozmic - Fill-in DJ & staff writer


Pretty Hate - Unscheduled DJ


DJ Cybrid - Unscheduled DJ


One Hit Wonder - On Hiatus/Fill-in DJ


DJ Havok - Unscheduled DJ


DJ Enigma - DJ Emeritus


What is streamholding? The Cape streams music 24/7, however, there is not a live DJ 24/7 (the only exception is during Double XP Weekend where the staff works round the clock for coverage). During the times when there is no live DJ, a "streamhold" is going on. To find out if the DJ is live, simply check the title on The Cape's main site. If it says something like, "Playing in the stream," or "Streamhold," then the DJ is most likely not live. It is, however, always best to just Check the DJ Schedule.

Ads, Events, & Other Stuff


DJ Steel is in charge of handling all requests for ads for Super Groups or Villain Groups. For more information on this service, please click here.


DJ Pyrria is the current Events Coordinator. If you would like to host an in-game event, she's the one to talk to! Please be sure to check out the forums here to read the procedures and information needed to request your event.

Other Stuff

Cape Radio Street Team

Under the direction of Agent Crypto, The Cape Radio Street Team will be accepting applications for those parties interested in helping out The Cape. To learn more about The Cape Radio Street Team, please read the information here.


Some, not all, DJ's take requests. There is a DJ Library Search function on The Cape's main website. Check the schedule and listen to the show to see if the DJ is taking requests, then use the library search to see if the DJ has the song you want to hear! We hate sending e-mails back saying, "Sorry, don't have it!" Also, bear in mind that DJ's are the ones in control of their own shows. If they choose to play a request, it is their choice. Do not harass other players for the choices they make in songs.

Global Channel

The Cape has a global channel! If you desire to be a part of said channel, then please message one of the DJ's and they'll invite you to the coolest global channel based on Virtue! You can talk with the DJ's and other listeners about music, movies, builds, and more! Don't miss out on the fun!

Final Notes

Please remember, the Staff at The Cape are players, just like you. We volunteer our time and energy to help make the game more of a community and more fun for those who choose to listen. If you don't happen to like the music or a particular DJ, simply click "Stop" on your media player and turn up the in-game music, or put on your own tracks. You are not obligated to listen, though we do appreciate your patronage.

Thanks, and enjoy The Cape!

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