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Sharp & Sticky
Player: @Attercap
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Aiden Vance
Known Aliases: Atter, Cap, Captain Phantasmic
Species: Human
Age: 32
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 160lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond (shaved head)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Licensed Super Hero, DJ
Place of Birth: Park Ridge, Illinois
Base of Operations: Founders Falls, Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Kenjutsu, Iaido, agility, stamina, willpower
Katana, web grenades, caltrops, throwing daggers, grappling wire, jump boots
No additional information available.

Attercap is the namesake character of @Attercap. Designed as a mix of avatar/RP play, Attercap is a character brought forth from multiple pen & paper supers-based RPGs of the author's past. Primary character sources include: Spider-Man (especially Ben Reilly/The Scarlet Spider), Nightwing, Green Arrow and Howard Stern.



Supergroup: The Cape


A hedonist and punster, Attercap's surface personality doesn't seem to lend itself towards the heroing type. Behind his playful demeanor, however, lurks a sense of passion towards community and peace. Too interested in self-pleasure to organize and lead, the hero is often given a lieutenant role in groups due to his friendly, easy-going nature and powers of persuasion.

Attercap has maintained a reputation as a party-loving lady's man, with a fetish for anthropomorphs. Despite all outward appearances, there are few actual known dalliances with those he lavishes attention on in public.

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Though he has prior knowledge and experience with the arcane while under the epithet "Captain Phantasmic", the Attercap of the present has no known powers.


Formally trained and accomplished in Kenjutsu, the hero also has some training in Iaido. Using the two forms of martial arts, as well a a knack for improvisation, Attercap is a master of the Katana.

The physical and mental conditioning attained in Aiden's training with the blade has helped the hero maintain himself in peak condition. With daily exercise and meditation as well as an inherent high metabolism and willpower, Attercap is near the pinnacle of mortal human agility, stamina and self-posession.


Along with a Katana, the weapon master utilizes web grenades, caltrops, and throwing daggers against his foes, often employing deadly force.

In order to aid his travel, Attercap employs the use of wrist-firing grappling wire and jump boots. The equipment allows him to travel through the city swiftly.

In "Catgirl Magazine"

Character History

When Aiden Vance moved from Chicago to Paragon City in order to accept a position as a DJ for The Cape he did so with the moniker of "Captain Phantasmic." His powers as the cowl-clad hero were magical in nature, specializing in illusions. After interrupting a Circle of Thorns ritual his powers began to wane until vanishing completely .

Unwilling to let the loss of powers stop his fight against crime, Aiden dropped the name of Captain Phantasmic and began crime-fighting as Attercap. Initially employing bow and an arsenal of arrows, the native Chicagoan moved to a Katana as his primary weapon, preferring the closeness and precision offered by a blade.

Today, Attercap is both well-known as a DJ and as a hero. While his violent methods are often frowned upon by the city's more paragon heroes, few can deny that he gets the job done.

Captain Phantasmic

As Captain Phantasmic, Aiden Vance was a hero in Chicago, while working under his birth name as a radio DJ for the underground station, Bauhaus Radio. Due to his non-secretive nature, Aiden was unable to keep his dual identities secret for long. Less than a year after first placing the golden crown that helped him tap into the mystical forces of illusion on his head, Aiden had gone public with his identity. Shortly after, he began both DJing and fighting crime under the appellation of Captain Phantasmic.

Life was looking up for the fledgling hero and he was offered a job as a DJ for a radio station in Paragon City, known as The Cape. Aiden packed up his possessions and moved to Steel Canyon. He began his stint as one of the many heroes of Paragon City and DJ for The Cape in October 2005.

Five months after his transplant, Captain Phantasmic swiftly began to lose his powers. An imbroglio with the Circle of Thorns in Perez Park had an adverse effect on his connection to the aetheric powers of illusion. Examination of the golden crown which aided his powers proved the headgear was left unharmed, only Aiden's inherent talent toward the mystic was foiled.

On February 20th, in a public event, Aiden officially removed himself from the title of Captain Phantasmic and re-christened himself Attercap. The golden crown was placed on his trophy shelf and the name of Captain Phantasmic has not been seen since.

Some late night office work.


Attercap is Gaelic for "spider." As an archer, Aiden's foremost trick-arrow fired webbing, keeping his opponent trapped. When the bow was abandoned in favor of a katana, the scrapper utilized web grenades, in keeping with the "spider" theme. The word attercap was also archaic slang for an "ill-tempered person." While, as a DJ, Aiden would be an unlikely candidate for the epithet, as a hero, his hard-lined view of criminal behavior was well-suited to the old expression. The use of the bow seemed somehow too removed from the fight, however, and Attercap took up the Katana, a weapon he also had formal training with.

Aiden wore the moniker of Attercap regardless of whether he was in and out of costume. As a one-named celebrity, the crime-fighting DJ even altered his bank accounts to reflect this. Soon, he both paid and signed his checks with the name of Attercap. The name of "Aiden Vance" is now little more than a historical epithet.

Tibetan Voyage

On October 2nd 2006, mere weeks from his first anniversary as a DJ at The Cape, Attercap announced he was taking a leave of absence from both his duties as a DJ and from sword-swinging in general. There was an unspoken agreement that he would one day return, but the date was unknown.

Attercap left for Tibet, seeking discipline and balance in his life. He spent his time in meditation and self-discovery, pushing aside the outward appearance of hedonism and constant joke-maker. Inside himself he discovered his passion towards community and gatherings.

Crime-Fighter or Entertainer?

Attercap returned to Paragon City in January 2007, obtaining a residence in Founder's Falls. His vigor renewed, he began fighting the evils that rampaged over the city with a dedication he had not had prior. He also resumed assistance and some organizational duties with The Cape Radio. As of April 18th he also resumed broadcasting as a regularly scheduled DJ.

Despite his inward changes, Aiden understands the complex nature of publicity and is still, in public, a joking hedonist. Beneath the mask he wears as crime-fighting Attercap, however, his face is most often set as stone, persistently hoping for the day he can sheath his sword for the last time.

Troll Daze

For years, Attercap used a diluted form of the Superadyne drug to stimulate his fighting ability and powers of recovery. Through close monitoring, enemies of Attercap were able to discern his source for the de-powered 'dyne and exchange it for a full dosage. The effects were immediate and catastrophic. Horns sprung from Attercap's forehead and his skin turned a greenish hue.

Many Rogue Isles residents that Attercap considered friends (or at least, semi-trustworthy allies) encouraged Attercap's continued use of the fully-powered stimulant, while heroes staged intervention after intervention. In the battle over one man's fate, the heroes won and Attercap went into rehab.

Despite keeping his hedonistic outlook on life, the katana-weilding acrobat has become wary of drugs and drink--especially those being offered by others--and now seeks pleasure solely in the mental and physical, and not in the ingested.

In the aftermath of this event, however, a new denizen of the Rogue Isles has been causing havoc for many. A troll who bears a striking resemblance to the hero and who has donned the name of Dee Jay Attercap. It was eventually revealed that the trollish figure was a failed clone of Attercap who escaped Crey Industry labs. The two are not enemies, but prefer not to be seen around each other and take great pains never to be seen in the same place.

Retired, Not Gone

Trials and tribulations, including coping with the return to and rehabilitation to Superdyne, have forced Attercap into retirement as a hero. He has hung up his sword, and has become a bit of a recluse. Though still seen in Paragon City from time to time (especially when it's related to The Cape Radio), it's rarely to save the populace. The hero has become a civilian. In the months that followed, a female hero took up the mantle of Attercap II, claiming to be his daughter. Still unsure of how he fathered someone at Attercap II's age, the original keeper of the name saw that his supposed offspring was doing good work and allowed her to continue in his footsteps.

The Cape

You can find out more about The Cape by visiting the official Web Site.


The sharp voice of Attercap could once be heard on The Cape, where he alternated between no-request theme shows and open request shows. He also served as the webmaster (pun intended) for The Cape, as well as organizer and/or DJ for a multitude of special events, large and small. However, he had a calling to contribute in other ways and left The Cape with one of his signature Underwear Parties on January 23rd, 2008...

Only to return to the station on January 1st, 2010! No matter how many protestations and claims of retirement Attercap made, his friends reminded him that retired from heroing or not, there was a community out there that could be served in a variety of ways. While he doesn't have a set schedule, Attercap serves as a back-up and event DJ as well and has resumed work as webmaster for the station.

Audio Projects

Attercap has contributed to a number of The Cape-related audio projects, including audio dramas, PSAs and commercials.

Some project highlights include:

Catgirls (pseudo-PSA) (Writer & voice work)

Vahzilok Burger (Voice work & sound editing. Written by DJ Cozmic)

Purple Passion (Voice work on the part of Morty Blovitch, with DJ Vangelus, DJ Aerial, Wild Muse, DJ Shecky, DJ Cozmic, Winter Jinx, Posthaste and DJ Templar. Written by Conundrum Kid and DJ Enigma.)

Invasion of the Mapserver (Voice work as the announcer. Written by DJ Shecky)

More examples can be found here: PSAs and Advertisements

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