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Angela Sin
Player: @Laughing Wolf
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kato Kaoyo
Known Aliases: none known
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 134
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Director of Sin Enterprises
Place of Birth: Nagano City, Japan
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Kira Sin
Known Powers
Known Abilities
modified assault rifle and GRAV armor as well as a myriad technological devices derived from gravitational research
Angela is the half-identical twin to Kira Sin

Kira Sin began as just a simple concept of twin characters, one cute and charming, the other tactless and quiet. Angela is the cute and charming one. Originally conceived as a cold sociopath who acted nice and attracted people to her (because they thought she liked them) as long as it was convenient to her, I realized she'd need some major character development when it became clear she'd be in a leadership position, rather than joining someone else's VG - not to mention being the charismatic "face" of that VG, Sin Enterprises.

I haven't written as much for Angela as I have for her half-identical twin, Kira, and that is partly because I find Kira's personality more engaging to explore on a deeper level and partly because I was concerned about OOC information coloring IC perceptions of Angela. I retained that initial concept of emotionless disregard except where people were useful to her needs and, mostly through RP, slowly built a real character who could care for other people than her sister.

I've put off writing this VirtueVerse page for the same reason: concern that interactions will be colored by the OOC information presented, as there is perhaps too much internal exposition of a complicated character.



Supergroup: Sin Enterprises


Many things can be said about Angela's personality, but much of it would be speculation. The only grain of truth that can be offered is that she is as charismatic as she needs to be, no matter the occasion - and twice as intelligent. Sensual, sweet, sophisticated, sultry and seductive. These are all facets of a deeper personality, one which craves attention, but whose pride won't allow stooping to the depraved levels she's seen of girls in both the Isles and Paragon City. She's been known to quietly allow another woman to shine in the spotlight when escalating attention-whoring risks her pride or would simply make obvious her craving for attention. Some psychoanalysts would call an undesired attention attention to this as a reflection of her insecurities, but Angela would pleasantly laugh away this idea as absurd and unfounded.


Angela's single most considerable power is her intelligence. Like a chess computer generating millions of calculations out to the nth permutation, she develops technologies and sets pawns in play before they are needed. The only obstacle to her genius seems to be the factor of human personality outside of how people interact directly with her and especially those people who are not fooled or smitten by her charm and beauty.

Mercenaries and Advanced Weaponry

Where her intellect alone can not solve a problem, there is always weaponry. Angela has been tinkering with advanced technological concepts since she was a young girl in Japan; she took apart and modified her father's hunting rifle before seven and had applied her genius to improving assault rifles for a contract her father had taken before she reached her teens. Since then, she has moved beyond mundane ballistics and firing mechanics, and developed weaponry utilizing advanced gravitational manipulation. She still favors physical ammunition over energy for its greater efficiency.

Additionally, her interest in genetics, once a secondary pursuit and now of equal consideration with gravitation, has armed her with a virtually unlimited supply of professional clone bodyguards equipped with the most advanced weapons and cybernetics necessary to do their job protecting her. These men are obedient and willing to die for her, again and again and again, without fear. Without constant reprocessing, their lifespans are limited to just over a week - an acceptable side effect of cost efficiency - and the seeming paradox of the Sin twins' disdain for loss of free will is reconciled with the simple fact that these men are merely tools. Fleshy machines, human only in appearance.

Smart Gadgets

Gravitational effects permeate many of Angela's "gadgets", from the deployment of gravitational shields to sticky gases and gravitational force mines, all of which have safeguards which prevent herself or anyone pre-programmed into the exceptions list from being injured.

Personal Armor

In addition to clones willing to intercept a stream of bullets and force field generators capable of deflecting ballistic attacks, Angela has developed light personal armor to a level that it can be discerned from normal clothing only by its energy signature and even then, only with the right scanning equipment. Her personal armor technology is tailored into her favorite outfits and diverts all manner of attack, from bullets to lasers. The faster a projectile, be it physical or energy, moves, the less likely it is to penetrate the layers of protection extending well beyond her body. Unfortunately, with the staggering costs associated with each suit's manufacture, Angela will not be selling this secret to the public.


Angela's armor is built on gravitational technology and thus, it stands to reason that she can fly while wearing it.

Intel & Leadership

In constant communication with Angela is a personal intelligence team dedicated to feeding her every ounce of information she might need in any engagement, whether social or hostile conflict. This correspondence is rapid, taking advantage of Angela's ability to read and process a dozen full pages of information in less than a second, and heavily encrypted and obscured - it is very unlikely to be detected and even less likely to be deciphered. What this means for Angela is that she has information at the briefest glance, from the dossier of a long-retired Sky Raider Captain, to the recipe for Mama's Moist Meatloaf. ((Obviously, this can be difficult to RP.)) Whatever her intel team can locate or hack, she knows. What this means for any team she engages with, is an enhanced tactical awareness.


Angela is capable of processing pages full of text and complex chemical diagrams near as rapidly as she can see them. Clocked by a curious intel team once at just over twelve pages of newsprint per second, she can almost page through a book like one would view the picture in a flip-book and absorb every word.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite her genius, her charm, stunning looks and firm and natural double-Ds, Angela is a flesh and blood human just like her sister. It has been rare, but her armor has failed and every blow that pierces her defensive layers can seriously injure, or worse, end her life. She has suffered numerous such injuries in the field, though one would never know it for lack of any scars, from broken bones to bullet holes during the many assignments she has personally overseen in the interest of Sin Enterprises or, more frequently, political negotiations for Vanguard.

Her genius and charm suffer another, rather counter-intuitive obstacle: human emotions. Both hers and the emotions of anyone she interacts with. Due to her rather selfish worldview growing up, Angela often leans heavily on the art of seduction and attracting personal interest and sympathy to herself. Much to her own frustration, until she learns better how to better manipulate complex human emotions, masters like Countess Crey will always have a bigger trump up her sleeve - or down her blouse.


Angela has nearly any conceivable equipment available to her, either through her own invention or at the disposal of Sin Enterprises, with the exception of one broad classification. She abhors biological weapons and has in the past committed the resources of her company to the containment and destruction of bioweaponry in the hands of other factions.

Character History

Angela was born Kato Kaoyo, twin of Kato Jun, into a wealthy family in Nagano City. Her father was a perfectionist and demanded both of his daughters work and toil to become the best at their "skill". She'd spend hours tinkering with appliances and all things technological and still applies herself for hours on end today.

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