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Sin Enterprises

Sin Logo.png

Founder: Kira Sin and Angela Sin
Side: Red
Motto: Working towards a better future
Leader(s): Kira Sin, Angela Sin, Death Rush
Logo: Unknown
Group Colours: Unknown
Levels: All
Play style: RP, RPPvE, website
Roleplay: required
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: see website Sin Enterprises for application info; some restrictions on magic-origin characters.
Contact: Group leader
Officer globals: @Laughing Wolf, @Nitro-Girl, @Conquerer Worm, @House of Usher, @Onca, @Mrr'Shaw, @Melkhor, @Knightslayer.

SE is a hard-RP group, based around a secretive high-tech company that does business in the Isles. At least until we can get more work done here, there's much more information available at Sin Enterprises



Much like Umbrella Corp. from the popular Resident Evil series of video games and movies and Crey Industries within our very own Paragon City, Sin Enterprises is not without ulterior motives. While the aims of this organization may ultimately be well-intentioned, the means by which they are achieved is not. Sin Enterprises is run by ruthless twin sisters who despise corrupt government meddling, the petty gangs that would subjugate and trample entire neighborhoods and the ignorant Freedom Corps with their blindly faithful heroes. The Sin sisters suffer no guilt releasing a security detail to sweep the streets, "cleaning" it of social garbage.

Powered employees are widely used to spread word among the gangs and various power groups that Sin Enterprises means business and to discourage any interference. Additionally, powered teams may be dispatched to demand restitution for such interference in business activities. More experienced teams are given additional instructions to "make an example" of any nuisances. These examples are expected to be violent, fast, and leave no direct connection to Sin Enterprises while leaving no doubt to any who knew the victims.


Sin Enterprises proudly boasts cutting edge advances in challenging and forward-looking fields such as genetics and cybernetics along with chemicals/pharmaceuticals, gravitational theory, robotics and many others.

Leaps in research allows for common genetic defects to be located and, in some cases, reversed. If done at birth, success rates are estimated at over 70%. A simply analysis of genetic composition can project nutritional guides and daily meal plans to naturally optimize energy and performance and extend lifespan without sacrificing taste or style, based on specific needs of the body and the body's inherent preference for certain nutrients.

Advanced cybernetics seamlessly integrate technology with anatomy. These aren't the crude and dangerous contraptions commonly seen on Freakshow. Cybernetic implants can replace or enhance existing visual and hearing organs, allowing for sense up to sixteen times better with the option to see and hear outside the normal human range. Likewise, vital organs can be replaced or augmented with genetically coded cybernetics, extending a healthy lifespan by at least ten years, with less than two percent chance of rejection within the first three weeks.

Sin Enterprises offers many other advances in quality-of-life technology and researchers are hard at work developing the next product or procedure to let you live life easy as sin.

Because tomorrow belongs to you.


Due to the sensitive nature of Sin Enterprises' research, our main labs and facilities are not open to the public. Contracting agencies and companies are welcome to schedule tours with the receptionist. Such tours will encompass only the labs specifically related to that agency or company's contract or exchange of research. Sin Enterprises cooperates and complies fully with Arachnos regulations and, upon verification of identification and authority through Arachnos HQ, welcomes any inspection regardless of scheduling.

Sin Enterprises has established a public information office on Market Street - just one block east of the hospital, Black Heart Memorial, in Cap au Diable. Visitors and potential job applicants are welcome to drop into this single-room office during regular business hours and speak with the receptionist at that location or look through pamphlets detailing Sin Enterprises job opportunities and technological advances.


Sin Enterprises offers employment to select motivated individuals in the areas of:

Research and Development

Whether it is the draw of state-of-the art facilities spread across the Isles, the freedom to design your own project protocols, or the stimulation of unfettered scientific exchanges with your peers, SE is the place for the dedicated inquiring mind.

While focusing on the biological sciences and the closely-allied field of cybernetics, Sin is truly cross-disciplinary; we will consider applicants from nearly any field.


Working hand-in-hand with our R&D department, our engineering staff presides over everything from maintaining and upgrading company transport, through prototype production, to supplying and repairing our in-house arsenal.

Sin is also always on the lookout for skilled machinists, mechanics, and service personnel.

Security (Powered)

The strong arm and shield of Sin, Powered Security attracts metahumans hoping to stand out, seasoned mercenaries, and experienced members of the military and intelligence communities. PS protects core Sin holdings, bodyguards key personnel, performs interdiction, negotiation, and SaR functions, and will even on occasion assist allied organizations in their operations. Regardless of your skillset, there is a niche you can fill in powered Security

[For purposes of game mechanics, every SE member holds a position in this division, though they may have different specializations. Many also perform IC functions in R&D or Engineering; Shokbox, for example, is one of the company's top armorers.]

Security (non-Powered)

This is the job for the 'average' Joe (or Jill) who wants to prove that he (or she) is not so 'average'. Exquisitely trained and provided with with up-to-the-minute weaponry and equipment, NPS agents perform site security, escort duty, employee background checking, and a host of other important functions.

Be a part of a team you know will never let you down!

[NPS are the NPC 'redshirts' of SE. There are no player toons in the NPS division, though we do have one or two who, in background, started OUT there, and were advanced to Powered Security by various means.]


(Image by one of our members, Dalilean, and used by permission.)

Working Relationships

Widow's Web

Sin Enterprises has just recently entered into a contract with this respected, all-female agency for secondary security and technical consulting services.




A nightclub located in Nerva, Pulse is owned and operated by Yasmin Shirazi. For quite some time, Yasmin and the Sin sisters have had a deal, allowing employees special access to the club. Because of this, it is a quite popular spot for relaxing after work.


One of the Isles' rare fine art dealers, a small gallery named Prophecy, sits in the core of the city in St. Martial. The de facto owner, a soft-spoken redhead calling herself Razorsong, is a frequent guest at social events, studio shows, and auctions, and has been seen in public numerous times with various Sin agents, including one of the Directors, Kira. It's also rumored that she has at least once opened her palatial loft in the Giza to Sin employees for a company party. The exact nature of her relationship with Sin and the sisters is unclear; Razorsong guards her privacy jealously- and extremely violently.

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