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Anko in Port Oakes
Player: @Anko
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Ankie (Used only by Nadya.)
Species: Nether in the form of a humanoid shape.
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'1''
Weight: Always changing.
Eye Color: Gray/Silver
Hair Color: Shades of black
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Villain
Place of Birth: Kings Row
Base of Operations: Kings Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Energies of the Netherworld.
Known Abilities
Using nether to damage the body and essence of a living being.
No additional information available.


Character History

Anko originally started out as a project by a hero gone villain called Siryn.

Brief History of Siryn and how Anko came to be

Siryn was a young girl who was called a genius. After suffering a life threatening injury from being run over by a truck, the girl's crush body was replaced by robotic parts. As she grew older she took an interest in her own machine like body and even improved on it herself. At the age of 18 the girl decided to suit her body up for the purpose of protecting others.

Soon after hitting the streets of Atlas, the hero was overcome with the troubles of so many people in need. She joined an academy that helped those with special abilities. Although she liked the company, she would soon find herself being hunted down by the very people she called friends. This was due to her lost in her mental state and going crazy to the point where she was dangerous.

Soon after her capture to the hands of those gifted students, she escaped and went to join a group of villains called the Nemesis Council. The two groups seemed to be in constant battle, but she never paid much attention to the fights.

After she had settled into her new home she began a project she called Fates Whisper and would soon be renamed Anko. It started out in the sewers on Kings Row where Siryn took a fresh corpse from a Vhazilok. She believed their interest in bodies would provide the type of one she needed. Over a period of a few weeks she fitted the body with robotics (Which were later consumed and replaced by the nether, once they served their purpose.) to help it reach a healthier state.

It was then that Siryn ran into her first problem. Although she had a perfect body, there was nothing there to help it come to life. It was then that she turned to another villain by the name of Dire Moon. Dire Moon had control over nether and Siryn took an interest in this ability. With Dire's help, Siryn was able to bring Anko to life by pumping Anko full of Nether energy. This gave Anko her connection to the Netherworld and later became the source of all of her being. This also marked Siryn's first real project a success and even impressed Dire at how fast Anko came to be.

Although things seemed to be going well for the new villain, things would soon come to an end. Siryn made the foolish mistake of allowing Anko to freely wander about on her own. She felt she would learn quicker by seeing rather then being told. Soon after Anko wandered into the very sewers she was found and Siryn chased after in fear Anko would return to being a Vhazilok. Siryn was never heard from again that day. This left the only one alive who knew of her fate was Anko herself.

A Hero?

After the loss of her creator Anko wandered about the sewers of Paragon. It was there that she saw a group of heroes invading the underground tunnels, stopping and Vhazilok experiments and freeing any captives along the way. Since Anko's mind was new and pretty much copying any action it saw, she to followed the heroes example.

For the moment Anko was a hero in Paragon. This was short lived however as she had a habit of killing the criminals rather then arresting them. The heroes did not take kindly to this and confronted her about her methods. Feeling cornered and threatened, Anko lashed out at and killed one the heroes. She was then on labeled as a dangerous villain and sent to The Zig.

The Zig

At the Zig Anko's personality began to take shape. She quickly learned that she had to use force and crack a few heads to survive in a place like that. During her stay in prison she grew a deep hatred for those who stood for justice, more so the heroes who put her in this hellish place.

One day Anko's freedom would be granted by Arachnos. They raided the prison and freed anyone with promise. Luckily for her, she grew a small rep inside of the prison for beating and even killing prison mates she disliked. This led her to being some of the lucky few who were flown out of The Zig and to Mercy Island.

A New Life

Upon arriving at Mercy, Anko took tasks from Kalinda and various other contacts. After feeling her debt was repaid to Arachnos for freeing her, she stopped helping in their problems and only did things that interest her. This led to various acts that mostly led to stealing and killing anyone that got in her way.

Soon into her new life she met another villain by the name of Naughty Nadya. The two exchanged words here and there until finally starting a full conversation. It was there that Nadya offered Anko a position in power at her side, and all the funding she would ever need. After a quick moment to think it over Anko accepted the offer and became Nadya's partner.

The two formed a friendship and did a few jobs together. Nadya covered Anko's ranged weakness while Anko covered Nadya's weak melee combat area. Anko's reputation and power quickly grew thanks to Nadya's help and funding. It was easy to see that Anko would take a slight liking to Nadya and offer to help the villain with whatever need she had.

As time passed the moment came for Anko to help Nadya. Her partner had died and appeared to her as a ghost. After a brief conversation Anko set out to return Nadya to her body (Which she later acquired once more by means unknown to Anko.) Unfortunately during her search Anko was killed by being stabbed from behind.


Anko was gone for months after she set out in search of Nadya's body. The villain was thrust into a boring world. All she could see was a dark sky covering a dying, rotting world. It was there that the first thing she met was a grinning creature who followed her around, spouting nonsense that made Anko want to kill the thing. Although one useful thing came out of that mouth the creature had and led Anko back to the world of the living.

The two made a deal. Anko would return back to this world worth more when her second death came. According to creature, Anko wasn't worth even one person or soul. It made sense to Anko since she was made from a soulless, dead body and at this point in her life the Nether had warped her form into its own liking. Anko has been sent back with the promise of being worth countless souls. She now collects by killing and keeping the tortured souls within her being. And when her time finally comes, she will drag them all down with her to that rotten world.

Now that she is back in the living world, she rejoined Nadya and found that the villain had changed. Although she still views Nadya the same and is still loyal, she is no longer her partner. Her absence for months led to Nadya breaking the partnership. Although from time to time Nadya does support and still show signs of helping Anko.


Anko doesn't do much ever since she came back. Perhaps she is still recovering from her death or the souls she collected are weighing her down. However she doesn't mention anything of the sort. She spends most of her time picking off the weaker groups of the Isles, or talking with Nadya.


Naughty Nadya


Anko's powers can be complicated and even do things she doesn't understand. One of these things is that it completely controls her body. If one were to cut Anko open, she would not spill guts of blood. Instead her body would spill out a darker colored Nether energy. It's what keeps her alive and moving around.

Anko doesn't mind it one bit though. The nether is allowed to freely move and do as it wishes when she isn't in combat. The nether is even known to have it mind of its own and alter Anko's shape (Such as giving her the black angel wings). Even Anko's clothing isn't made from real fabric. It's made of nether and can easily be shed off if she wishes. However she keeps it in a state that makes it look and feel just like clothing.

Aside from the nether altering and changing her physical appearance, it has another purpose. Anko's powers are almost vampire like in nature. She has the ability to feast on the very essence of a living being. She takes the person's own life force and uses to it strengthen her own. Although instead of vampire like, they're more of leeching ability, since she sucks it out of the body through the use of her nether power.

Anko's fighting style is raw and and has much room for improvement. Although each punch hits hard and infects the target more and more as she lands each strike. She wraps nether around her fists (As seen in the picture) and uses that to inflict huge amounts of damage. Each blow she will leave a trace of nether on her victim. This usually blinds the target, reducing their effectiveness to hit her back in battle. She also wears spikes on her knuckles to add onto the damage of each punch.

The netherworld is a scary place indeed. Anko has seen it herself and can bring the terrible image to the victim’s eyes with a touch. By using the nether to channel the image at her hand, she can send the same sight at a small range to her target. Most that see this usually shiver in fear, allowing Anko to take her sweet time in taking her target out. It's torture type ability that Anko enjoys using.

Anko also has the ability to fly. This was normally seen as possible because of her wings. But she has been seen flying without them. The nether is behind this change, but how it's done exactly is even unknown to Anko herself.

One of the last major things the nether does for Anko is providing protection to her body. She is able to wrap it around her body in such a way to protect against most threats to a certain point.


Anko's weakness is ranged combat. She lacks any type of ranged attacks, aside from a few abilities that can be used just outside of melee range. Originally this was covered by Nadya who covered her back while firing off radiation blasts. Currently Anko is subject to ranged attacks still, but is getting better at avoiding distance between her and her target.

OOC Junk

She looks like a vampire, but isn't one herself.

She comes off as a little rude. But those who hang around her often know that's just how she is.

Anko's name comes from a character from Naruto. She has no similar traits or relation to the character. I only liked the name.

Anko's is usually dark and gothic like in appearance. She also is my most favorite character in terms of looks.

If you were to start Anko's age from when she was created, she'd only be a few years old.

Only Nadya knows of this ICly, but Anko has a liking to Ghost Widow.

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