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"In the end, there is only obedience!"
Naughty Nadya
Threat Level 50(+3)
Player: @Nadya
Activity Level: Online Constantly
Real Name: Confidential
a/k/a: None
Biographical Data
Birthdate: October 31st
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia, Praetoria
Nationality: Russian
Residence: Rogue Isles
Occupation: Vigilante
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: No currently legal status.
Relatives & Associates
Dmitriy Nitscke (Father, deceased), Alexis Nitschke (Mother, deceased), Rei Burton (Daughter)
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human/Praetorian
Sub-Type: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Apparent Age: Early 30's
Height: 5'7
Weight: 109lbs
Build: Atletic
Complexion: Pale
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Distinguishing Features
None that are distinguishable.
Known Powers
Self Contained Atomic Energies.
Skills & Abilities
Able to produce highly lethal beams of concentrated atomic energy. Advanced regenerating powers from atomic energy. Time travel.
Skull Belt and Mask equipped with various technologies.


Nadya's Character History

Nadya and Dominatrix.

No record of Nadya Nitschke exists on this Earth before 11/3/2005. What information the Vindicators had on Nadya was provided by Ms. Liberty upon their return to this dimension. Nadya Nitschke was Praetorian, even moreso, a time traveler from the doppelganger dimension.

The Early Years

Nadya was raised in Moscow, Russia. Her mother and father were farmers. Brought up in seclusion, Nadya's life was cut off from the outside world. At the age of 12, that outside world would change her life forever. In a desperate attempt to find out where the Soviets were keeping WoMD (weapons of mass destruction), Anti-Matter lead a full scale invasion on Moscow soil. Thousands perished in the devastation.

The invasion crept closer and closer to Nadya's home. The small mushroom clouds from Anti-Matter's explosions lit the night sky. Soon, troops were down the street, in her neighborhood. Anti-Matter appeared, soaring towards her home. Unable to look away, her father grabbed his only daughter and pulled her under the table. In a briliant flash of light, Nadya felt her flesh burn, her world immediately black.

Nadya woke, the sight of Anti-Matter, Tyrant, and a few other figures she did not recognize, hovered over her. "Put her through the wash." A stern Tyrant said as he left the room. The confused girl looked around as the rest followed and left her in what looked like a hospital bed.

Years passed, and Nadya was trained in Tyrant's Ghost Operatives division. At the age of 19, it was then she was introduced to the girl who killed Ms. Liberty, Dominatrix. The two hit it off very well and grew to be very close. The more Dominatrix became favored in Tyrant's eyes, the more Dominatrix's and Nadya's relation turned into one of business. Soon, Nadya was Dominatrix's personal 'errand girl.'

Eventually, the Hamidon Wars lead to Tyrant's rise to power as Emperor Cole and Dominatrix becoming known as Praetor Duncan. Nadya was loyal to both Emperor Cole and Praetor Duncan. She hunted the Resistance down like animals, making sure her new home of Praetoria, humanity's last city after the end of the Hamidon War, was safe. All seemed well for now.


When news of a parallel universe hit Praetoria, Dominatrix was very interested in seeing herself. Putting Nadya in charge of bringing this other world's "Dominatrix" to Praetoria would set about a chain of events that would change Nadya's life forever. The breaking in to Earth's (the alternate dimension of Praetoria) Portal Corp, the sneaking past the guards, even infiltrating the Vindicator strong hold proved no challenge to the 20-something Ghost Op. The security system was disabled and "Dominatrix" a.k.a Ms. Liberty was kidnapped in the middle of the night.

Nadya Unmasked.
When Nadya removed the cloth bag from over Ms. Liberty's head, she found herself caught off guard. Stalling these few seconds proved to be a rather large error on Nadya's behalf. The alarms at Portal Corp began to sound. Putting the bag back over Ms. Liberty's head, she retreated back to Praetoria.

Upon arriving back home, she was greeted by Tyrant, Dominatrix, and half of Tyrant's army. They took the beautiful girl away from Nadya and forced her back to the alternate dimension, Earth. On the other side, she was quickly apprehended and brought into Vindicator custody.

The next series of events only Nadya could explain. In a blur, it seemed she had freed herself from her restraints and murdered the Longbow Operative assigned to process her. Security films would later reveal that another woman, dressed exactly as Nadya, teleported into the room and assisted her in her escape. Not before handing off a belt with a skull buckle before mysteriously disappearing once more.

Angered at her double cross, Nadya quickly found access back to Praetoria in a town called Grandville. Apparently this Lord Recluse and Tyrant shared similar ideals. Nevertheless, Nadya single-handedly broke into Tyrant's stronghold to where Dominatrix was keeping Ms. Liberty. Once she had released Ms. Liberty from her shackles, she began to drag the limp body towards the nearest exit.

Unfortunately, Nadya was cut off by Dominatrix herself. Frantically, Nadya tried to wake Ms. Liberty. Shaking, slapping, nothing seemed to work. In desperation, she gave the unconscious heroine a harsh kiss and let Ms. Liberty fall to the ground. Dominatrix was swift in attacking Nadya. The two battled relentlessly against one another. In the end, Dominatrix had her hands around Nadya's throat. Slowly choking the life from Nadya, Dominatrix seemed to be the victor. That was until Nadya's body erupted in a flash of atomic energy.

The energy had jump started Nadya's body, filling her with a new found energy. Truth be told, the energy was always there after the explosion caused by Anti-Matter's atomic blast. Wave after wave, Nadya threw atomic energy at Dominatrix until finally the tide had turned. After defeating Dominatrix, Nadya turned to see Ms. Liberty awake, gazing at Nadya as the heroine ran her fingers across her lips.

When Tyrant's army arrived to kill Nadya and Ms. Liberty, the eyes in the Skull on Nadya's belt lit up. An odd symbol, a snake-like dragon wrapped around itself in the symbol for 'infinity,' appeared on the floor, and in a flash Nadya and Ms. Liberty were teleported safely back to Earth. Instead of turning Nadya over to the authorities, Ms. Liberty let Nadya get a head start towards the Isles. Nadya stole another kiss from the heroine and bolted into the sky, her hands shooting nuclear energy to propel her into the air. Upon filling out the paperwork later on, Ms. Liberty did not know Nadya's full name, so she gave the rogue villainess the alter ego name "Naughty Nadya." A name Nadya has grown to hate over the years during her stay on Earth.

Nadya's Rise to Power

After 4 years of living in the Rogue Isles, Nadya has more than made a name for herself. This has caught the unwanted attention of Longbow, Vindicators, and Arachnos alike. Due to her high profile crime sprees, Nadya has found herself running to avoid any 'accidental conflicts' with various organizations that would like to see her end up behind bars or worse, six feet under the ground. One could imagine, after 4 years, this would grow a bit tiresome.

Nadya and Gold Weaver.

With various technologies she has stolen during her stay in the Isles, one mechanism would prove invaluable in assisting her rid herself of all those pursuing her. That piece of equipment just so happened to be an Ouroboros portal. This allowed her to slip in and out of time as she saw fit. The perfect way to change her past to avoid such a stressful life of crime.

So, after careful consideration and planning, Nadya summoned the portal and slipped into the past once again. This time, she was going much further than before, back to when she was but a soldier in Tyrant's army. After carefully plucking the teenager from her ranks, Nadya spent weeks with her. She taught the young woman how to fend for herself, but more importantly, how it was pivotal for the teenager to stay away from Tyrant, but more importantly Dominatrix. She did all this without ever revealing to the youngster that she was being trained by her future self.

Once the anti-Tyrant propaganda brainwashed young Nadya, she left Praetoria following her mentor. Once the two of them arrived back on Earth, Nadya's mission was complete. Now that her younger self was safely away from a life of running and fending for herself, Nadya could finally rest. But the fact that Nadya changed her own destiny didn't come without its own side effects. Shortly after their arrival, younger Nadya watched her mentor slowly fade out of existence.

Now alone in this new world, Nadya has found herself fending to provide for herself. Luckily, she doesn't share the burden her older self experienced. No, this teenage girl found a rather carefree life living amongst other super powered beings in the Rogue Isles, and quite happily under any Longbow, Vindicator or Arachnos radar. But things would soon catch up with the young woman. Given the fact that the timeline of Praetoria had changed for the masked woman, things on Earth remained the same. Now with the same name, and a costume to honor her mentor, the one who freed her from Tyrant's grasp, all of Nadya's troubles soon caught up with the teenager. Who, unfortunately, had no idea why these things were happening to her.

Luckily, one of Nadya's old friends found the youngster. Gold Weaver had found the girl in Pocket D. Relieved she had found her missing friend, Gold Weaver approached Nadya only to find out that the person was indeed Nadya, but at the same time, not the one she knew from before. Nevertheless, Gold Weaver's loyalty as a friend overcame the small hurdle. Now the two work along side one another to help Nadya acclimate to her new life in the Rogue Isles. Hopefully she'll get it right this time around!


For awhile it appeared as the younger Nadya was adapting well. She occasion had to bend the law to make ends meet, but things were good. She had made new allies, lost others, but overall, she was making it on her own. That was until the video was released. Most scandalous videos involve sex, drugs, or a combination of them and other variables. This one involved Nadya, the one who seemingly faded away into nothingness, declaring outright war on Ms. Liberty on national television. The video was very specific. Anyone who stood in Nadya's way of killing Ms. Liberty would meet there untimely demise. The younger Nadya had a sick feeling in her stomach. Below is a transcript of the video;

"“I hope I am not interrupting. I'm sure you and Grandpa are busy licking your wounds after that whole Galaxy City fiasco. It must have been devastating to watch as your city burned, helpless to stop the onslaught of meteors and Shivans as they ripped through the streets and buildings, killing thousands in the process. I'm almost saddened that it wasn't me responsible for such havoc and suffering. But there will be time for that in the upcoming months.

To think I tried to turn the other cheek just to be closer to you. Surrounded myself with those pompous Capes. Their stench still lingers in the air when I think about it, making me choke on my own vomit as I suppress the urge to hurl at what I did for a school girl crush. It is your fault I'm trapped here, hunted like an animal by Vindicators, Freedom Phalanx, Arachnos, and many up and coming Capes trying to make a name for themselves. I'm here to tell you that I am fed up with it.

If it wasn't for you and your measly existence, I would still be in Praetoria, still at Praetor Duncan's side, wielding power I could only dream of. It's funny. I still remember when they called her Dominatrix. I was there when 'Emperor Cole' received news about this peon of a planet 'Earth Prime.' I was there when Praetor Duncan saw you for the first time. I remember the sadistic grin on her face when she gave the order for your capture. I have to admit, I was excited myself.

Even after the events that conspired, even after your safe return home, your told your lackeys to hunt me. You should have stopped me when you had the chance. That head start you gave me in return for bringing you back will prove to be your biggest mistake. Even as you listen to this, plans are in place that will give me the power I rightfully deserve, power you stole from me, power I will harness to ultimately destroy you and everyone you ever cared about. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.

After I am through with Praetor Duncan, Emperor Cole, and all of their piss poor excuses for henchmen, I am coming for you. I am coming for you with the power of Gods. No man, woman, or child will stand in my way. So help me if they do. The death toll will be catastrophic . It will dwarf the events in Galaxy City. Each soul will weigh heavily on your conscious because I will declare my war with you as the enemy. My turmoil started with you. It will end with you dead at my feet.

You gave me this awful name to the papers. I would have gladly taken Nefarious, Notorious, hell even Nasty. But you gave it such little thought and went with Naughty. God how I hate that name. Well, it's time to show you just how naughty Nadya can be. I hope you're ready. I'd hate for you to go down without a fight. See you soon Ms. Liberty.”

Reclaim of Power

The older Nadya wasted no time in reestablishing her old 'naughty' ways. A crime spree soon followed. The infamous black and white costume plastered all over the news. Meanwhile, the younger Nadya hid out of sight, hoping never to be found by the woman who brought her here, the woman she feared. In the end, it was all in vain. She was found, and after an epic battle, lost to the hands of her older self. It was then, moments before her death, she realized what her older self must have found out, that she wasn't the girl the older woman sought out, but a close variant from a world much like the one both Nadya's grew up in. So when Nadya ended the young girl's life, the teenager's essence infused itself with Nadya, giving her a surge in power.

Tempted to travel to other dimensions, Nadya then decided it would be much easier to pursue her ultimate goal and obtain power through the Well of the Furies. There was only one problem; Emperor Cole. She was going to have to travel home, face the foes that ruined her life and claim power she says is rightfully her's. Then and only then will she possess the power needed to defeat Ms. Liberty.

Path to Immortality

As Nadya assessed her resources for her self proclaimed war against Praetor Duncan, Emperor Cole, and Miss Liberty, she soon came to realize that she was severely underpowered for the battles ahead. The Well of Furies was just out of reach. She knew that claiming it's power was the only way she could harness the power and gain immortality, thus giving her the advantage she needed to kill her enemies once and for all. Or so she thought.

Elysium Bliss was a powerful demigod coming out of hiding to claim her power and use it to rule the land of the living. The two met one fateful day while Nadya was hot on the trail of an Incarnate hero she sought to kill for their ties to the Well of Furies. The demigod, simply calling herself Bliss, accidentally caused Nadya to lose the Incarnate's trail and ultimately her chance at gaining the power she so desired. The woman had to die.

The property damage of their battle was substantial. A good three blocks of downtown buildings were damaged almost beyond repairs. The two wore each other out as the fight was prolonged. Mustering up what energy they had left, both women threw everything they could at one another. When Nadya's fist came down upon Bliss' chin, it was over. Bliss howled in pain as the energy of her last ditch effort to kill Nadya backfired. The demigod and Nadya began to fuse together. Bliss was slowly absorbed into the villainess' body, unknowingly forfeiting all her abilities, including her demonic immortality to Nadya. Even though Nadya witnessed and experienced the event, she was unaware that she inherited the demigod's abilities. Bliss' conscious, still aware from within, would be forever trapped inside Nadya.

Even with her newly acquired abilities, Nadya still seeks the Well of Furies' power to grant her the means to finish her goal. Only time will tell if she finds out the true power she possesses.

Nadya's Love Interests

Nadya fights Ms. Liberty to bring her back to Praetoria.

Crushes & Ex's

Ms. Liberty: Nadya isn't quite sure where this originated. Perhaps it was some deep down lust for Dominatrix over the years. But when Nadya first laid eyes on Paragon's most famous granddaughter, she was hooked. Ms. Liberty was one of the main reasons Nadya was able to return to Paragon City after her rather long stay in the Rogue Isles.

Unfortunately due to Nadya's wanted status, she is unable to legally set foot in Paragon City where she could be closer to Ms. Liberty. This started a long and violent trend of crimes in both the Rogue Isles and Paragon City as Nadya unleashed her frustration out on the world. Eventually, Nadya would move on. But a part of her would always long for what she could not have.

Shadow: Nadya's first friend when she came to the Isles. What started out as friendship eventually turned into more. The two found each other in Mercy Island early in their villainous career. Deciding it would be best to pair up than to fend for one's self, the two formed a partnership that lasted awhile.

Ultimately, jealousy tore the two apart. And even though they still remain friends, Nadya still cannot forget what had happened in the past.

Unchainer: The story of how this came to be would be rather humorous. Long after Nadya's encounter with Rose, (see below) Unchainer went after Nadya to get her revenge. As Unchainer's plans unfolded, Nadya began to think Unchainer was doing this out of some subconscious, schoolgirl crush.

The more Rose tried to plot against Nadya, the more Nadya taunted about the theory of Rose's crush. There were verbal quarrels, and Nadya seemed to have caught Rose tripping over words during them. Using this to her advantage, Nadya kept persisting, even going as far to try and seduce Rose into a confession.

It seemed Rose would pass every attempt when Nadya tried to get her to confess. This only drove Nadya to develop feelings for Rose in turn. Luck came Nadya's way one day when Rose confessed to a physical attraction to Nadya. Normally Nadya would have a great sense of victory over Rose, but perhaps it had been too long Nadya had a connection with anyone, that Nadya finally lowered her defense and decided to investigate her feelings she shared with Rose.

Things have recently come to an end for the two. Recent developments in Nadya's life, such as the recent addition of Gamma-Rei, and other things made her love life not so much an issue. Shortly after being reunited with her daughter, Nadya called things off with Rose.


Photo Taken at the Giza.

After they were seen dating, Nadya eloped to the Giza with long time girlfriend Gamma-Gal, a.k.a Elizabeth Burton. This was the happiest Nadya had been in awhile. Less violent, more merciful, some would even say she had gone soft. Everything seemed to be working out for the two.

Then suddenly that all changed. In a blink of an eye, Gamma-Gal disappeared off the face of the Earth. Suddenly, Nadya was back to her vengeful self, bringing terror back into the Rogue Isles. She doesn't talk about Gamma-Gal anymore, and some say Nadya is responsible for her disappearance.


Current Status: Single

Openly Gay

Thankfully, being open about her sexual preference has taken a back seat to the countless crimes she has committed starting on the day she came to the Isles. This preference isn't because of some horrible experience with a man, or anything negative. Nadya just thinks that the female body is a beautiful work of art.

Nadya and Rei

Shortly after returning to the Rogue Isles, Nadya decided to meet Unchainer at Pocket D. Upon arriving, she noticed a woman with platinum blonde hair wearing her ex wife's, Gamma-Gal's, costume. Outraged, Nadya tried to track down the mysterious woman but ultimately lost her.

The next few days Nadya hunted the Isles trying to find this person. Not sure if it was Gamma-Gal herself or some knock-off wanna be, Nadya was determined to find out. In the end, Nadya ran across her again in Pocket D. The girl's name was Gamma Rei, or Rei for short. She was Gamma-Gal's daughter.

Confused, Nadya began probing for answers. After many hours of testing and answering her questions, Nadya was hit with even more shocking news. Rei's DNA was a combination of both Nadya's and Gamma-Gal's! Rei soon confessed that she was the result of her mother's experiments with Gamma-Gal's own genetic make-up. The dates Rei provided coincided with the dates Nadya was married to Gamma-Gal.

Nadya couldn't help but feel betrayed. Her own DNA used by her ex-wife, altered to create the woman known as Gamma-Rei. But Nadya wasn't upset with Rei in the least. Accepting Rei as her own, Nadya welcomed her into Nadya's life as her daughter. The question hovering over both their heads still remains; where is Gamma-Gal?

Nadya's Allies

Nadya and Liberty side by side.


Bellonda was the first non-Arachnos personnel Nadya came across in the Isles. Bellonda took Nadya into her Sisterhood. It was there Nadya made many friendships that would branch all through the Rogue Isles.

Ineffable Shadow

Shadow happened to be one of those friendships established in the Sisterhood. The two sadistic idealists got along rather well, and even spawned a short lived relationship between the two of them.


Anko could very well be Nadya's best friend. These two have been through everything together. No matter where Nadya is in her life, Anko has never left her side. Besides herself, Anko is the only person Nadya fully trusted.


When Nadya left the Sisterhood to start her own group, she hired the help of a well known bodyguard named Iniq. He was the one who introduced Nadya to Gamma-Gal, aka Elizabeth Burton. The atomic fatales were quick to bond. After time, their feelings brought them to elope in the Giza. Their marriage was short lived when Gamma-Gal wound up missing and was presumed dead, thus making Nadya a widow.


After Elizabeth went missing, Nadya went into a slump. Drinking excessively in the D lead to the events of Nadya running into Woe. Woe's clueless, yet happy, mentality seemed to cheer Nadya up. The two have been good friends ever since their meeting in Pocket D.

Gold Weaver

The events leading to Nadya taking claim of the Furies brought Gold Weaver into Nadya's life. Deceived by Savage Shiva, Gold's feelings carried over to Nadya. Nadya sensed Gold's commitment to the Furies and whoever ran the organization. Sparing Gold's life, Nadya has enlisted her as her newest bodyguard during her reign over the Furies.

Nadya's Enemies

Nadya tortures Invincibelle for information.
It's safe to say Nadya has upset her fair share of people both on the side of good and evil.


Nadya's obsession with Luficia started durning her whole 'Super Heroine' phase. Nadya constantly tormented the poor girl, even going as far to steal part of the sword that held Luficia's grandfather. Their relationship was one of confusion. Despite being tormented relentlessly by Nadya, Luficia confessed an attraction to her. And in secrecy of the arena's holodeck, the two shared an adulterous moment when the married Luficia expressed her feelings physically to Nadya.

Even though the tension between the two has calmed down, opposing allies on either side has forced turmoil between Luficia and Nadya to continue. Nadya really has no issues with Luficia's friends pulling her towards the side of good. Nadya considers all the challenges she puts against Luficia as a way to make her stronger.

Imperial confronts Nadya.


When Nadya was hired by Thutmose to bring him the chains of Unchainer, Nadya was more than up to the challenge. Having already seen Rose, aka Unchainer, many of times in the Pocket D, Nadya devised a plan to drug Rose and effortlessly remove the chains. Everything went according to plan, except when word got out that Nadya was responsible for Rose's disappearance, everything fell apart. In the end, Kichi, Unchainer's long time rival,was the one who retrieved Rose's chains and returned them to their owner.

In an attempt to strike revenge on Nadya, Rose has gone to great lengths recently to destroy 'The Naughty One.' Rose tried to use Nadya's hatred for Praetorians and Arachnos to stage a meeting of Dominatrix and Arachnos. But when Nadya found relics outside the compound Dominatrix was supposed to be in, Rose was dumbfounded when Nadya showed up asking for help to defuse the relics, allowing her entry into the compound.

It was there Rose confessed to setting up the elaborate trap. Nadya almost felt flattered that Rose went through all the trouble to extract her revenge upon Nadya. This lead to Nadya begining to think Rose had more than just revenge on Nadya. Thus, Nadya began to torment Rose, trying to get Rose to confess some sort of feelings for her. After weeks of consistant, belittling, verbal torture, Rose confessed. Nadya, expecting herself to gloat, found herself attracted to Rose as well. The two have since then agreed to explore these newfound 'feelings' together. Albeit, Nadya is still very cautious of Rose's actions. She wants to believe Rose has feelings for her, but doubts are still very much there.

Elysium Bliss

Elysium Bliss, or simply Bliss, was a demigod on the verge of discovering her vast potential when she crossed paths with Nadya. After causing Nadya to lose the trail of an Incarnate, Bliss and Nadya exchanged blows. But as Bliss tried to harness the energy for one last powerful attack against Nadya, it backfired. The ultimate result was the transfer of energy from Bliss to Nadya. As the fight came to an end, Bliss was absorbed into the villainess, forfeiting her powers unknowingly to Nadya as well.

Nadya's Powers

Sexy, yet deadly.
When Anti-Matter destroyed her homeland in an epic battle, Nadya's dormant mutant genes were altered by the radiation. In doing so, her body became a walking nuclear reactor. Alas, her family perished in the atomic explosion.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Radiation Blast/Radiation Emission (Dormant)

Anti-Matter's atomic energies were the source of Nadya's powers. Her body changed when Anti-Matter blew up her home. After years of personal training, Nadya has learned to harness her own nuclear energy from within. With so much nuclear energy inside, her immune system is highly complicated, able to kill most, if not all, foreign entities by radiation poisoning. With this energy, she can hurl it at her enemies, weaken their immune system, even use it as a form of transportation.

These powers were slowly drained away by Dominatrix while imprisoned in Praetoria.


The battle between Nadya and Elysium Bliss bestowed the demigod's powers and consciousness to fuse with Nadya. Although Nadya is unaware of the creature's powers, she now has been granted immortality. Her aging all but coming to a halt. In addition to absorbing the demigod, Nadya has a natural protection against powers and creatures Magic in origin. Nadya still actively seeks a way to gain the immortality she possesses due to the fact she simply does not know she has it. What happens when she finds out?

Well of Furies

In her search for power to defeat those that have made her life a living hell, Nadya sought out the power of the Well of the Furies. When she learned how to harness the power for herself, the Well had disappeared. So, like many others racing to take the power of the Well for themselves, she's gone after the one man who can give it to her. Emperor Cole. Each step she draws closer to him, gives her more power. It seems when bonded with more pieces of the Well, the stronger she becomes and thus has begun using her fists a lot more than the radiation beams she was accustomed too.


By focusing blasts of atomic energy from her hands, Nadya is able to propel herself through the air and take flight at great speeds. This actually has been replaced by a dormant meta gene that allows Nadya to fly by her own free will.

Side Effects

Due to the high amount of atomic energy being produced by Nadya's body, her organs have actually stopped functioning. The nuclear power in her was enough to keep her body functioning. Everything functioned on a cellular level. This has made it possible for her to not only make the use of breathing obsolete, but eating, drinking, even pumping blood with her heart was no longer needed. Her body's atomic cells would never run out of energy. What atomic energy she had left after she escaped Dominatrix is used to keep her body alive.

Although she is still capable of producing deadly radiation beams, it weakens her considerably. To conserve her energy, she has resorted back to the hand to hand combat training that she was taught in Praetoria. Her body is still able to use the atomic energies to heal itself much faster than any normal human. Since it takes far less energy to reconstruct herself, Nadya doesn't have to worry about her body expiring any time soon.

Nadya's Weapons

Hands off!

Skull Belt

Built in teleporters to Ouroboros, SG base, and Pocket D are stored inside the belt. This belt has been brought back from the future and is capable of teleporting short distances or slipping forward and back in various time streams.

Face Mask

Built into her mask is an advanced targeting system which allows for exceptional accuracy. This has also been configured with Rikti technology to detect magic auroras around individuals or items.

Stolen Vanguard Uniform

Even though her ability to heal keeps her alive, you can never have too much armor. Modified to fit her style, this stolen uniform absorbs heavy blows from those hard hitting enemies.

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