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Player: @Forever Zer0
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Bellonda T'sasha
Known Aliases: Bell, Bella, etc.
Species: Alien Humanoid
Age: Mid 30's in Earth Years
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 143lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Dull blonde, often dyed
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Opportunist, Smuggler
Place of Birth: AMC #811
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Open Marriage
Known Relatives: Dead
Known Powers
None that are obvious, highly intellegent and uses advanced alien technology.
Known Abilities
A Master of Robotics, Defense Technology, and Nanotechnology
Has many robot servants of varying sizes and specialties. Powerful defense field generators. Has accumulated tons of stolen and high technology gear which she has used in special circumstances.


Bellonda T'sasha is the cunning and powerful mastermind who founded and currently leads the Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens. She can be a devastating force of nature, a passionate lover, a generous friend, a powerful ally, and a raging nightmare to her enemies. She is a brillaint mechanical engineer who specializes in robots, defensive systems and nanotechnology. Be charming and respectful to her and expect good things. Be rude to her and expect to see a massive 12 foot tall robot named Otis looming behind you.

Known accomplices:

Naughty Nadya, Mental Chick, Whispers in Darkness, Night Widow Nyx, Daddie's Princess, Torakar Thor, Ayfer, Salyana, Cerenkov, DaggerCat, Envoy of Anarchy, Xenophia, Alternative Justice, Sawsha, Rixtie, Y2KING II, Sister Shadow, BeamRay, Moss Trooper, Lord Despair, Victor Von Wolfang, D-Compose, SoulTrain, Agent 3-X, Mistress Ohm, Woefull, Sexy Dynamite, Petite Marie, Queen Xena, Chancellor Rxa and all the survivors of Vega. Countess Crey (on occasion) and many contacts in the Rouge Isles.

Known enemies: Lord Recluse, Freedom Phalanx, Vindicators, Longbow, Circle of Thorns, Kai, Yociant, Countess Crey (on occasion) are all that have survived.

((If you claim to be a friend or enemy of Bellonda, and not included above, feel free to add yourself))


((Note: parts of her biography are very mature as she is a dastardly outrageous and shameless villainess. You can stop reading after this paragraph if you want to miss all that, you are warned))

The mysterious Bellonda came to Paragon City in January of 2005 from parts unkown. Upon her arrival, she attacked the Paragon City Mint in her spaceship, the "Outcast." The ship's weapons tore open the mint and sent her robot crew to swarm throughout the mint. They were bringing tons of gold back when Lord Recluse and a hidden army of Arachnos emerged from the sewers and attempted their own attack on the mint. Bellonda left the ship with her gaurdian bots and set upon them and fought to a stalemate when the Freedom Phalanx arrived with numerous Long Bow forces. The Phalanx quickly brought down the space ship and attacked the badly exposed crew of Bellonda. Lord Recluse took this chance and fled with huge amounts of gold, and other loot into the sewers and the awaiting transports deep inside. Bell and her crew faired badly and she collapsed in horror as her life was dismantled before her by the heroes. She shut down her few remaining bots and with much grief, surrendered.

Her attempt to take advantage of post-invasion Earth failed and she found herself in a deep depression in the Zig. A year later, Arachnos attacked the Zig, freeing many super villains and causing widespread havoc throughout Brickstown. Bellonda took this chance and escaped and was brought to Mercy Island. Ever the survivalist, she kept her hatred of Arachnos secret amongst them and worked for them for a short time while tinkering and building her first new robot. With the creation of Tom and a new plasma cannon, she declared herself free from Arachnos and began to establish her powerbase from which she could exact her revenge and build a ship to leave Earth.

She found a small island in the Nerva Archipeligo and had her bots dig out a base inside it. To strengthen her powerbase and defend it, she looked to the myth of a matriarchal society called the Dominion of Dark Ladies and decided to make a secret sisterhood society on Earth herself. She founded the Sisterhood of Naughty Space Vixens and she searched Earth for other women who have found their way here from outer space to join her and soon took in other outsiders as well. She made it a place where loners could have a common ground with other loners, where outsiders could belong, and gave them all a comfortable refuge from the violent world. Progress was slow in this venture of Bellonda's but it grew into something beyond her needs and she began to rely on it. When she had finally left Earth, she kept coming back to watch over it and her sisters and friends that she has made in her long march to the top.

Bellonda Gets Revenge

When Grandville reopened to the citizens of the Rouge Isles, Bellonda decided it was time for her revenge. First, she made nice with Black Scorpion and did his bidding as a ruse to steal some of his defensive technology for herself. She also began seeking out and defeating the heroes that stranded her on Earth one by one and reclaimed the hull of her ship from Crey Enterprises. Her actions were looked on with satisfaction by Lord Recluse and his elite cadre but her revenge would not stop with defeating their mutual enemies. She made herself almost unstoppable from the technology she stole while working for Arachnos, often giving them malfunctioning copies. Then when she was ready, she suddenly turned. She attacked and defeated Ghost Widow and Black Scorpion. Then she came for Lord Recluse. She sent her Space Vixens in, along with her new robot army and after weakening the ruler of the Rouge Isles, they batsmashed him to a bloody pulp. Not interested in ruling the Isles, she let Lord Recluse retain ownership and pursued her new goals.

Her first new goal was finishing the rebuilding of her Starship, "OUTCAST." She collected parts she needed from her adventures and built some herself in order to put it together. Her and her bots slowly pieced it back together and six months after creating the base on her island, the ship was ready. Durring her scrounging for the parts, she worked hard in the lab studying Bio-robotics, nanites, Portal Corp and Rikti portal technology with the other technologies she encountered and reverse engineered. She created the robot bodygaurd and pilot, Xenophia, from parts of a Luminary android she had dismantled and installed in her a novel device called the Fulcrum Drive, which Xenophia would use to interface with the ship. She created novel new nanites that could be programed to take on a specialty nearly instantly. Specialties such as her nanoregenerators, her nanomechanics, nanospies, and her bio-destroyers that can be housed in trap devices. She integrated many different defense shields from many different origins into a powerful layered defense system that can stop almost any attack against her. Her crowning achievement may be her reverse engineering of Portal Technology. She had built a teleporter system in the base for her use and continued to tinker on it. She raided Portal Corp and Rikti strongholds for their portal technology and eventually built her own Portal system. She installed this on the ship and in the island base. It would allow her to come back to Earth from anyplace in the Galaxy. It was soon after this success that her ship was complete and ready to leave.

Bellonda Leaves Earth


Late in October of 2006, Bellonda said goodbye to Earth. Several friends and other space vixens joined her in the base to say goodbye just before she beamed aboard the ship, hovering above the Island. Tearfully, Bellonda left her sisters and looked toward the stars as her ship roared away from Earth. She had promised them that she would visit again a couple months later but this was not to be. The portal technology she created was tuned to Earth's gravity field and had great difficulty with it. She flew her ship to a large space port built into a great asteroid that she frequented called "Star's End". There she sold the jury rigged and primitive parts she scrounged up on Earth to build her ship and bought new and better gear to bring it back up to what it once was before it was wrecked by the heroes. She also worked on getting parts for the portal as Xenophia used her Fulcrum Drive to recalibrate and build a tuning device for the portal. All these new transactions and her sudden reappearence created quite a stir on Star's End that eventually drew in her enemies. Space pirates, space faring demons, nobility, and many others she crossed came to Star's End to catch her. Lucky for her she encountered an unusually unfortunate spy who was posted there to wait for Bellonda if she should suddenly reappear there. Though she didnt find the spy before she reported in, when Bellonda did find her, she was at a bar, drunk, bragging, and flaunting her new found riches. Bellonda tricked the spy into following her into a trap. Bellonda enslaved her and addicted her to a powerful aphrodesiac and forced her to reveal that her enemies would soon be there. She wasted no time and left the space port as her enemies arrived. After a close and hot pursuit, Bell escaped.

The Return of Bellonda

On a cold December night, the Space Vixens base was empty and quiet. In a seldom used room of the base, a portal surged into existence. Soon a little robot surged through, and started dancing. He looked around and then hopped back into the portal. Soon the little robot returned with five others. Not long after, a curvy leg steped through and followed by the rest of the archvillain known as Bellonda. After getting reaccustomed to the expanded base her second in command had constructed, she searched out her friends, finding some in a strange winter area. They showed her a fun time and introduced her to the magical threats of the Winter Lord and Snaptooth. After having some fun, she returned through the portal.

The next few months, Bell would pop in and out, never staying on Earth long until she met a woman named Gwenevieve. The new sister and Bell had a hot and heavy relationship and she began to make her base more of a home. It is this time that Arachnos and the heroes started noticing that Bell had returned, their bases ripped open, Bell smiling into their security cameras. One enemy of hers actually did something about it. Don Stoli and The Family in St. Martial lost a lot of good men a few months earlier to Bellonda when she had declared war on them. He made a deal with the thorns and got a Soul Trap Gem, and hatched a plot. Sending his trusted hitman, Dusk Spider, her set Bellonda up. A fencer contacted Bellonda and convinced her to buy a huge computer he had, apparently stolen from portal corp, one that she needed to help stabilize the portal and give her better teleporter capabilities. She installed it and used it about ten times before a nasty virus hijacked it. The computer teleported her into the Soul Gem's pocket dimension rather than DJ Zero's. Xenophia, got worried after she had been absent for two days without contacting her and came through the portal to Earth and tried to track Bellonda through the hijacked computer. The experience almost erased her mind. She circumvented the virus but not before the computer burned itself up, and Bell's location was not found. In a panic, she notified Bellonda's close friends and space vixens about it and they quickly came to her aid. Naughty Nadya, Mental Chick, Whispers in Darkness, Ayfer, Avelia, and several more tracked down Dusk Spider to a building in St. Martial and swiftly killed him. They disarmed the booby trap and took the gem back to Xenophia who analyzed it but despite the base's advanced sensors, they could not figure out how to locate Bellonda inside the gem and teleport her out. Ayfer made a great sacrifice by offering her blood to the powerful vampire Aeralinda for the favor of psychically locating Bell inside the gem and a dehydrated and woozy Bellonda was soon on the floor. Whisper tended to the weakened Bellonda until she was her old self again. Her friends and sisters came to her aid, and Bell is eternally grateful to them. Her Sisterhood, formed to facilitate the rebuilding of her ship, came through to save her. Bellonda realized what great friends she had here on Earth and that her time here on Earth had not been all that bad. Happily, she made her decision to come to Earth much more often for her friends.

The Dominance of Bellonda

Starting in the Spring of 2007, Bellonda started to make up for lost time, she struck hard at Paragon City, defeating their heroes and causing billions of dollars in property damage while stealing precious metals and gems she could use to buy new technologies and equipment at Star's End. She used this to tweak and perfect her defensive systems, her portal technology and her robots. She also started to work closely with Countess Crey and exchanged ideas and technology. But in fact their relationship was much closer. The Countess was once hauled off by Otis and remained in Bell's clutches until a huge ransom arrived, a time that the Countess remembered fondly after awhile. The two women spent time together in secret while plotting to stab the other in the back. Bell got the better of the Countess eventually, stole her secrets and counterambushed her ambushes. She left the Countess heart broken and fuming but did not seek retribution after Bell had rid her of a powerful demon that left her Grandville labs in ruins.

Bell revitalized the Sisterhood and renewed her infamy on Earth. At the same time, her ship reached her home asteroid colony, raided and destroyed when she was young. Xenophia and Bellonda planned out a new space ship, fully automated and equiped with heavy weapons. Bell left Xenophia to rebuild the mining operations while she gathered wealth and materials at Star's End and Earth. Luckily for her the Rikti invaded. Bell took advantage of the Rikti's mistake and attacked them mercilessly, stealing their portal, offensive and defensive technology and reverse engineering them to fit her needs. She stole their stockpiles of armor and hull parts for their ship for her own ship. She stripped them clean. After word got out that the Rikti were tricked into invading by Nemesis and the Rikti's attacks slackened, Bell stood powerful, with shields that few could penetrate, robots that could defeat tanks, and a mastery of portal technology. The world quaked where she traveled.

Recent Events

She continues to tweak her defenses and arsenal to become even more powerful but recent events have made her feel a bit more fragile. Her time with a woman named Marie has opened her heart and more and more she has been feeling vulnerable and wanting to settle down. She bought a building in Port Oakes and currently spends her evenings there relaxing. The Orobouros intervention has currently gained some of her interest but she rather not spend time in the past with its depressingly primitive technology. Recently, her friend Whisper has become her first real girlfriend in years and is often seen with her.

Bellonda's Technology

The Mk VII battledrone series Tom: Tom was Bellonda's first attempt at fashioning a combat robot after fleeing the Zigg into Mercy. She scrounged parts up from Arachnos spare parts bins and the black market and built the little 4 ft tall robot. Originally equiped with a weak laser and a steel battle fist, Tom backed up Bellonda as she struggled to survive in Mercy. When Bellonda built Dickk, she programmed Tom to provide suppressive fire for Dickk as he runs up into melee range to fight. Tom, like the other advanced robots was given a personality, originally, he felt very important and strived to do his best to support Bellonda, but after Romeo was built, he has become insecure and withdrawn. When the going gets tough though, Tom never gives up and strives beyond his construction to win the day.

Dickk: The second in Bellonda's battledrone series was built especially for melee combat. He has a little more armor then Tom but a weaker weapon and a stronger puching arm equiped with a punch spike. She made his personality aggressive and it has turned him into...well...a dick. He bullies Shiny and loves to stir up trouble with rude observations. He is often heard smack talking heroes as he engages them in combat, nut punching those he especially dislikes.

Shiny: The oddball of Bellonda's robots, built on the same model and function as Tom but not nearly as functional and often acts like a hyperactive kid. Origionally the bots names were going to be Tom, Dickk, and Harry but when she would enter Harry's name into its files and activated him, He would introduce himself as "I'm Shiny!" and the file's name would be changed to Shiny. For a long time, Bell searched his coding in his corrupted positronic matrix to find out what the issue was and eventually gave up. One day when Bell was introducing her bots to a friend, her friend asked the robot "Why do you keep changing your name to Shiny?" it responded: "I am not Hairy, I'm made of metal, I'm Shiny!" Mystery solved.

Mk XII Combat Tech Robots Romeo: Once Bell had created the Sisterhood and started to have collected enough resources, she built Romeo based on the robots of her original crew. Her tech bots operated, maintained and repaired her ship and had a decent combat ability with its heavy caliber plasma cannon. She made this new version to have a force field generator which was eventually upgraded to a defensive system similar to Bellonda's own. Romeo has a very stable gentlemenly personality as she spent a little more money on these more advanced robots.

Juliet: The second CTR Bell constructed is often considered the nag of all her robots, correcting the smaller ones, Otis, and even Bellonda herself on occasion. Like Romeo, she often has a nice and respectful temperment.

Otis Mk XXX Otis: or sometimes called Otis the Sextoy, is a strange machine. Originally built to mine and haul ore up in its torso. Bellonda while in captivity on the mining moon, Red Star, hacked into one of these ore haulers and escaped while inside its compartment. Since then, the huge robot rarely leaves her side while outside her base. She has put much effort into making him a more powerful killing machine, often making Xenophia feel quite inadaquate. The monkier "Sextoy" is often wondered about and when her friends are asked they often smile, it may have something to do with the compartment that Bell once hid in. Otis has a berserker mentality and moves swiftly and violently against its targets, sometimes punting them before opening fire with its powerful plasma cannons and missles. Otherwise, he is a nice, but cautious robot.

Xenophia: Bellonda's first experimentation with biodroids and synthetic flesh. Constructed from parts of a damaged Luminary droid and a stolen energy generation and distribution device called a Fulcrum Drive, she has been built to be Bell's companion, pilot, and bodygaurd for the Sisterhood. She has a very sweet temperment but is a ferocious fighter with her twin energy cannons in her arms that can fire constantly in differing strengths depending on the output of the Fulcrum Drive. Xeno is her first but she has worked on several other models not yet activated.

Nanites: Bellonda has become a master of nanotechnology using it to do amazing feats that some would not think possible. She carries stock nanomatter either in her pockets or in her feather cape. With a thought directed to a nano-command implant in her skull, she can command the stock nanites to form into nanomachines of differing functions of either nano-builders, nano-regenerators, nano-spies, and nano-degenerators. Nano-builders: She uses these nano-machines to repair damage to her equipment and robots but they also can be used to fabricate everyday items from the environment or from sacrificing themselves. Nano-regenerators: Bell has implanted in herself very aggressive regenerating nanites with her DNA and bio functions keyed into them. They keep her safe from aging and many harmful diseases. Also they can repair tissue damage at a fast rate. She can build a nano-regenerator factory to spit out hordes of basic tissue repair nano-regenerators. She also has a scanner device that can scan a person and fabricate the nano-regenerators needed to heal grave damage to her friends. Nano-degenerators: These are loaded into some of Bell's traps and are her most horrific weapon. One of her most notorious traps unleashes a cloud of a few billion of them causing enemies inside it to quickly disintegrate. Hardy enemies are weakened greatly by them and become vulnerable to more conventional attacks. Nano-spies: most of her nanites in use though are her nano-spies which she hides into the dust of corners and under tables of everywhere important. She can tap into their transmissions and listen in on many conversations. Under her direction, they can form a lense to record images or into a speaker like object to speak from but she has to be relatively close to do it.

Defense system: One of the reasons why Bellonda feels free to not wear armor, or even sturdy clothes is because of her vaunted defense system. This system consists of three parts that give her defense against many threats. Her shield drones: One is a large disc shaped one and another is a small sphere. The larger one generates a large force bubble that protects everyone inside from most attacks. The defense sphere does the same thing but for Bell only and even then just small protective disc shields. Combat tech robot defense systems: Romeo and Juliet can project defensive disc shields in front of attacks against Bell and her allies. Primary unit (speculated to be in her collar): Her primary defensive unit implements several different shields against many different attacks that pass through the force bubble and the disc shields. She is known to have different sheilds against the arcane, psionics, kinetic energy and mechanical energy and one that disrupts the light around her making her harder to actually target her thin form accurately (this sheild is speculated to be a lower setting of her cloaking system). She has mentioned these are just a few of her sheilds and has several others when she overloads her primary unit. This amazing system has kept her out of harm of even the most powerful enemies in time to shift strategies to defeat them. Powerful attacks against her shields though have been known to have a concussive effect against Bellonda which has knocked her out in the past. Behind her shields, she is a very weak alien, not much stronger then a human civilian.

Blast Pistol: Bell has a sleek seemless chrome energy pistol which emits several different attacks. She mostly uses it to blast at strong enemies that her traps and bots cannot bring down quickly. It has even been known to knock down Paragon Heavies with a single blast. She can overload it to cause a stasis field to slow her enemies to a crawl.

Other tricks: She has many other tricks up her sleeve which has caught many off gaurd. Many of it stolen from her successful career as a villain. One she uses often is her ani-matter emitters in her gloves which cause her weak fist strikes to utterly devestate strong enemies.

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