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"Resist all you like, darling. Resistance is INTERESTING!"

(Image by Russ Platt)

Mistress Ohm
Player: @SoulTrain
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Beatrice McAllister
Known Aliases: Bea
Species: Human
Age: 45
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States Citizen
Occupation: Fetish Domme, Electrical Engineer, Mother
Place of Birth: Tampa FL
Base of Operations: Paragon City RI
Marital Status: Single Mother
Known Relatives: Karen McAllister (Daughter), Patricia "Trish" McAllister (Daughter), Willow McAllister Frost(Daughter), Nikita McAllister (Daughter, toddler), Sarah McAllister (Daughter, toddler)
Known Powers
Electrical Blast/Electrical Manipulation/Electrical Mastery - "Blapper" based
Known Abilities
Hand-to-hand combat
Ms. McAllister is extremely fit, and even without her specialized equipment can dish out (and take) considerable punishment in battle.
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Some of the following subject matter could be considered R-rated, and some concepts (such as Beatrice's relationship with her daughter Kari) might offend a few people.

Beatrice McAllister is one of Paragon City's more colorful characters. Originally a fetish domme known in some of the more 'interesting' clubs in Founders, she turned her studies in electrical engineering to fighting crime after the Rikti War, as the technological heroine "Mistress Ohm". At 45 years old, her warm-yet-regal bearing and manner coupled with her intelligence and ageless beauty have made her somewhat of an icon.

She has borne 5 children, mother to twin girls at 18 (Patricia and Karen, by her former husband, crime boss Gerald Maxwell), another daughter at 21 (Willow Frost, father undisclosed) and recently to twin girls again (Nikita and Sarah).

She is the matriarch of the supergroup Angelic Blondes.

Commissioned Image by Rocinate



Mistress Ohm is classed as a "Blaster" by Freedom Corps, but she prefers to take things hand-to-hand. This puts her into the hybrid "Blapper" category. Her signature move is to "sap" the entire spawn using a combination of Short Circuit and Power Sink, meaning the foes get one chance to take her down before their energy is totally drained. As long as she's not the first one in, this tactic usually works...

Tesla Discharge

Mistress Ohm wears a pair of gloves that contain several tesla-based electrical emitters, coupled to a 'capacitor mesh' that is used as a power source. These gloves are capable of projecting electrical bolts over considerable distances, and can also deliver debilitating discharges when she strikes an opponent.

A signature attack is her "Short Circuit" - the mesh discharges in all directions, stunning nearby foes and causing a marked loss in stamina. Robots and power armor have been known to short out and break down when subjected to this area-of-effect attack.

The capacitor mesh can be 'overclocked' for short periods, increasing the system's power and range, but at a considerable risk of overheating.

Finally, the mesh can be completely drained of power in one shot, which unleashes a devastating lightning strike across a large area - this attack usually requires a complete 'reboot' before Mistress Ohm can re-enter the fray, however.

Tesla Stasis Fields

The gauntlets can generate 'stasis' charges that immobilize an opponent, or completely short out his or her nervous system for short periods.

A variation allows Beatrice to leech energy off of nearby opponents to recharge the mesh capacitors. This "sapper" style attack leaves most nearby enemies weakened and unable to attack for a short period, as the electrical potential in their motor nerves has been drained away.

Finally, Bea has learned to maintain an electrical field around herself, that absorbs incoming physical or energy attacks, to a point.

Electrical Mastery

After going up against the Croatoan witch Mary McComber ten times, and earning the woman's respect, Beatrice returned to the woman's enclave, and spent several weeks studying the methods that the Cabal used to channel lightning. As a result, she can now shield herself in electrical arcs, emit a long-distance bolt that causes little damage but can lock up a target's motor neurons, and a 'static discharge' that affects several targets in an arc in front of her.


Beatrice's daughter Willow, herself a skilled inventor, has devised a 'flight system' mounted in Mistress Ohm's boots and on her belt. It appears to use electromagnetism to levitate her using the Earth's magnetic field.

Ally Teleport

Willow has also devised a medical teleport override device that allows Mistress Ohm to 'fetch' a fellow hero to her side instantly. It takes some concentration to use, and also requires that the target authorize the transport, but once both parties 'sign off', the process itself is quite quick.

She has also employed a mini-teleportation device that allows near-instantaneous costume changes.

Weaknesses and Limitations


Up until her kidnapping and subsequent recovery from the Carnival, Mistress Ohm relied on her capacitor mesh for all of her electrical abilities. Without it she was limited to hand-to-hand attacks, or the use of whatever other weapons were available.

However, the Carnival have worked some kind of techno-magickal enchantment, that seems to have integrated Mistress Ohm's weaponry with her physical body. She's now able to wield her full arsenal while completely naked, as long as she's got any energy in reserve.

She is rather well-muscled for a woman her age, so her blows do carry a bit of force, but she has no real martial arts training.


Beatrice is a blaster, and her powersets are all about offense and control (mostly offense). She has no defenses to speak of at all. This combined with her preferred close-in Blapper combat style, means she gets beaten down, a LOT.

She has become practiced enough to perform some attacks instinctively, which means even when stunned, held, or terrified, she can still cause some hurt[1].


Beatrice's Journey to Paragon

Born in Florida, Beatrice showed considerable interest in math and science as a child, but these endeavors were put on hold when she was courted by Gerald Maxwell, then an up-and-coming import/export merchant (read: drug and weapons smuggler) in Miami. She married Gerald at age 17, and bore him twin girls a year later. However, his abusive tendencies finally drove her to abandon him (and the girls) when they were only 18 months old. She filed for divorce in absentia, upon her arrival in Paragon City. Gerald responded by marrying one of his secretaries, and raising the girls to believe that his second wife was their true mother.

Pursuing studies in Electrical Engineering, funding her tuition as a dancer in one of many Paragon City "go-go clubs", Beatrice discovered a side of herself that helped her overcome the years of abuse. She adopted the persona "Mistress Ohm" as a gag, wielding a violet wand on stage and using it to dissuade patrons from getting too enthusiastic. However, this gimmick proved to be very profitable, allowing her to adopt the persona as a freelance 'domme' as well as a dancer, in venues across the globe.

It was on a trip to Monaco that she conceived her third child, Willow, who was given up for adoption immediately upon her birth, as at the time Beatrice could not see raising a child and being both a full-time dancer and a student. The father, whose identity she has never disclosed, was the last man Beatrice would ever 'date', although she spoke of him very fondly. She has hinted to Willow later on in life that the girl's anonymous father is someone extremely influential and well known in the Mediterranean region.

At this point her attention shifted completely to the fairer sex, and might have become a tabloid fixture... had not something larger displaced every headline almost immediately.

Enter the Heroine

The First Rikti War changed many lives, and Beatrice was no exception; the decimation of Earth's heroes left a huge gap that many heeded the call to fill. Realizing that her skills as an engineer (and as a brave woman) would be more useful than her dance moves on a stage, she immediately went to fashioning 'battle gear' that incorporated the electro-stimulus designs she used as a domme.

The trick was devising a power supply. Using a radical design consisting of thousands of capacitors woven together as a mesh, she was able to continually leech static electrical charges from her surroundings and store it. This "mesh battery" was coupled to devices in her gloves that could project electrical bolts and charges to other objects.

Although effective at stopping criminals, the system had a tendency to overheat during heavy use, which proved to be her undoing at least once.

The Todesritter Caper

Along with companions Ms. Rae and Silver Reaver, Mistress Ohm was drawn into an elaborate trap by Herr Todesritter, a Fifth-column vampyrii with a serious mad-on for a mousy and unassuming man known simply as The Operator. Having lost his brother Herr Todesslayer to the Operator's machinations (or his blind luck) after capturing and attempting to subvert Justice Angel, the Operator's wife, he pursued every heroine he could find that had ties to the timid man, hoping to draw him into battle. He first targeted Silver Reaver, one of Justice Angel's companions and a fellow member of the Coven of Justice. Reaver then was bait for her friend and then-partner Mistress Ohm; when Beatrice was captured, the two were tortured by the mad Todesritter, presumably to draw out Ms. Rae. Barely escaping with their lives when Todesritter collapsed and flooded his base to cover his escape, the two rallied their respective friends and fought the mad 5th Columnist to a standstill. Mistress Ohm supposedly destroyed Todesslayer's body in the midst of a re-animation ritual, by sending ergs of electric current through it and disintegrating the braincase. However, while doing this, she was badly burned when her capacitor mesh overheated and fused to her skin, resulting in her falling into a coma. She awoke a month or so later.

Both Herr Todesritter and a zombiefied (and electrified!) version of Herr Todesslayer have since been encountered in the Rogue Isles. GBMH Incorporated and Succubi di Diablo were approached to fulfill contracts on behalf of the brothers; Betty Highside foiled one plot after having a crisis of conscience, while the Succubi had no such issues fulfilling their contract.

The Family Reunited

Beatrice was reunited with her daughter Willow when the latter was 18, pursuing an internship at Exarch Tech, where Beatrice was working as a research engineer. The company culture at Exarch frowned upon openly gay relationships, and there was also the issue of Willow being Bea's subordinate. This resulted in Willow's dismissal, and Bea's censure. She resigned from the company shortly before the Rikti attacked. At the time, neither realized who the other was.

Ohm and Kari, by Martheus Wade

The Daughter, the Killer

After her career as a crime-fighter had been established for some months, Beatrice was approached by a young woman, billing herself as the heroine Shi-Ran[2]. The young Scrapper was looking for a mentor, a teacher, someone who could not only train in the strategies of crime-fighting, but also help her with her impetuous nature. Bea took the girl in, and a fierce passionate affair soon bloomed, to the point where Bea's skills as a domme were sorely tested; the young Shi-Ran not only had a voracious appetite for sex, but also a 'wild streak' that strongly resisted being controlled.

This young woman turned out to be the "cover" persona of Emerald Death, the assassin that had been tasked to eliminate Beatrice on orders from her ex-husband, Gerald. The assassin had been conditioned into adopting a 'cover' personality, "Kari", a young, impressionable, and eager student that Beatrice would be only too happy to take under her wing.

No one suspected that Kari would actually develop deep feelings for her mentor... which threw the whole plan into tumoil as the killer persona was sublimated and forgotten. Beatrice, of course, never suspected the girl's true identity, until a simple medical test came back pinpointing the the assassin's true identity. Emerald Death was none other than Karen Maxwell, Beatrice's eldest daughter. Her estranged husband Gerald, bitter at losing his lovely 'trophy wife', had spend decades indoctrinating young Karen into believing that Beatrice was the killer of her 'mother', the secretary Gerald had married (and had subsequently killed in a fit of anger).

Karen managed to wrest control during the emotionally charged revelation of abuse and betrayal, and very nearly succeeded in killing Beatrice. However, her final blow was stopped when she realized, her father had indeed lied to her, and the one person she'd missed all through her childhood was lying bruised and bleeding at her feet.

A Roguish Sister

Soon after these events, it was discovered that another of Bea's girls was a low-level villain in the Rogue Isles. Karen's twin sister Patricia "Trish" Maxwell had suffered a psychotic break at the death of her 'mother' (having witnessed the fight between the poor woman and Gerald) and had run away. Ending up in the Texas foster care system, she'd been adopted by a loving family, had achieved some balance in her life, but still suffered fits of melancholy and depression.

Her latent control over fire was subject to these mood swings, and during a particularly tragic episode, her pyrokinetic abilities leveled a small university lab building, killing two and injuring a score more. She was tossed into the Ziggursky Prison, the only facility at the time capable of holding paranormal criminals. Doctors classed her psych treatment as "progressing well" when the famed "Arachnos Breakout" attack occurred. She subsequently vanished into the Rogue Isles, billing herself the Flame of Texas, running with a small crowd of mercenary types dubbed "GBMH Incorporated". When this group was contracted to perform a hit on Shi-Ran, she came face to face with her heroic sister....

Beatrice met both girls soon after, and opened her heart (and her home) to Trish and her companion, a thrillseeker-turned-thief calling herself Betty Highside.

Trish has emigrated to Paragon, enrolled in AA to combat her alcoholism, and has taken great strides in redeeming her past 'record'. Betty has been extended an offer of hospitality as well, but is still 'on the fence'.

Mistress Ohm, Reclining

Without a Trace

Beatrice discovered that Karen and Trish went missing, along with several associates (villain and hero alike). Also discovered missing: a Carnival mask (along with the warded ornate box it was kept in) from Bea's private safe.

These disappearances threw the remaining family members into turmoil, especially considering that a potentially dangerous artifact (the Carnie mask) had vanished along with the girls.

The girls have all since returned, although none have said a word as to what the disappearing act was all about, nor what the goal was (if any.) The Carnie mask has not been recovered.

Taking Down a Goddess

Along with her associate Ms Victory, Beatrice was assigned to patrol the extremely volatile situation in Warburg. Because of the 'free for all' nature of the locale, both were ambushed several times by groups of villains (and at least two fellow heroes). However, one opponent in particular stood out - a woman wreathed in flames, sporting a scimitar of fire. This woman proclaimed herself Maha'Kali, the Goddess of Destruction, and claimed the entire missile complex as her own.

Since this was exactly the kind of terrorism Beatrice and Victory had been dispatched to prevent, they engaged the interloper... and surprisingly, were able to defeat her. The "Goddess" fled, vowing terrible retribution upon the two of them. Subsequent sightings have reported that the "Mistress Kali" has developed an extreme sadism toward blonde females.

Run Away to the Circus

When her youngest twins were toddlers, Beatrice was invited to speak at a conference. However, no one realized the invitation was a ruse. She was captured by the Carnival of Shadows, and as a result was missing for almost a year. She remembers nothing of how she was rescued, nor can she recall any of the time spent with them.

Her capacitor mesh is gone - the Carnival worked some unkown type of magical ritual, that integrated Bea's abilities within her.

She is slowly resolving issues around her amnesia, but now has begun to encounter Carnival, as if they are testing her. It is unkown if they have further plots involving the heroine.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

The Carnival of Shadows actually waylaid Bea when she was a club performer, and for a while they used her as an unsuspecting 'honeypot' for their thievery and recruiting efforts. Her memory of this time is pretty much a haze of hedonistic parties, and has been blanked to hide the Carnie involvement. Her taking up the hero mantle stopped these activities, although no one knows why Vanessa would give up an up-and-coming heroine as a mole. She never lost interest, however.

The latest kidnapping attempt was to be the last anyone saw of "Mistress Ohm" as she was to be inducted into the ranks of the Carnival as a new type of Seneschal. However, when Vanessa de Vore probed Beatrice's mind and saw the memories of her twin babies, the leader of the Carnies had a change of heart, and instead planted a compulsion to return to the Carnival ranks once a year, to serve as a playtoy for Vanessa and her minions for a fortnight. She also cast a spell to render Ohm's weaponry a part of the woman, so that no matter what state of undress she was in, she could use her electrical abilities, either as part of the 'scene' or in other ways.

When Bea uses her powers, the spell rewards her with a rush of sensual pleasure. A total discharge[3] basically results in an orgasmic surge, leaving Ohm spent and breathless.

Spoilers end here.

Artwork Credits

Mistress Ohm

Image (C) 2008 by Russ Platt

Mistress Ohm Photo-Manipulation

Image (C) 2007 by ROCINATE

Fallen Prey

Image (C) 2007 by Ebony-Chan

Mistress Ohm, Reclining

Image (C) 2007 by Deberzer

Mistress Ohm and Shi-Ran, in battle

Image (C) 2007 by Martheus


I don't really know how Mistress Ohm 'evolved' in my head other than I got to messing with the Electricity powersets, decided on the name, then the slogan "Resistance is interesting!" - ohms being a measurement of electrical resistance, you see - and she kind of ... grew... from there. I'm sure it didn't hurt that I've always had a fascination for erotic fetish type people (personal history, no need to go into details) and that I was 'comfy' playing a character that was a lot more controversial than I would ever be. But that's the allure of an MMO, to be someone completely different from yourself.

This is my second-oldest character, my first on Virtue, and my first serious RP character in the game. -- Soul 15:11, 13 April 2007 (MST)

  1. Defiance, take 2
  2. Shi-Ran is "Purple Orchid" in Japanese
  3. Thunderstrike
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