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Two views of me
@Soul Train
A.K.A.: Professor Blues
Species: Human (last I checked)
Day of Birth: 02/17/1967
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140#
Eye Color: HZL
Hair Color: BRN
Nationality: US Citizen
Occupation: Network Fault Analyst
Location: Irving TX
Marital Status: Married
Private comments? Feel free to drop a note to soultrain0217 (at) gmail (dot) com

Player Data
CST This user's time zone is Central Time.
Night Owl This user prefers to play during Late Evening/Early Morning Timeframes.
Soloist/Casual Missions This user prefers to play Solo or on Relaxed teams.
Casual Roleplay This user prefers to play using a Casual Roleplay Style.
ACUTE ALTAHOLIC If this person had any more characters, they'd be diagnosed as suffering from multiple personality disorder.

@SoulTrain is my global moniker for City of Heroes/Villains. I also have a second account @SoulTrain2.

I'm based in Irving Texas, rather close to the D/FW airport. Virtue is my main 'base of operations' although I have other characters on Triumph (4), Liberty(5), Guardian(2), Pinnacle(2), and Victory(3). I have five level 50's (SoulTrain, Feral Tigress, Daisy Chain, Mistress Ohm, and Dame Demolition aka Lucretia de Loccia).


Characters on Virtue

Heroes Villains
SoulTrain - Science Kin/Energy Defender

PeaceTrain - Peacebringer

Betty Highside - Tech AR/Kin Corruptor
Annular Eclipse - Warshade La Diablesse - Magic Ill/Fire Dominator
Torch Juggler - Natural Fire/Fire Blaster Dame Demolition - Tech Robots/Traps Mastermind
Feral Tigress - Mutant Claw/SR Scrapper Daisy Chain - Natural MA/Nin Stalker
Omega-Beam - Science Fire/Rad Controller (Superteam) BaronessSamedi - Magic Dark/Dark Corr
Electric Seneschal - Tech(Magic) Elec/Elec Blaster Widow's Chain - Arachnos Widow
Cosmic RingMistress - Magic Magnetics/Kinetics Controller Miss Mesmerise - Magic Mind/Psi Dominator
Defibrillator Five - Tech Empathy/Elec Defender
Mistress Ohm - Tech Elec/Elec Blaster
Raven Windtalker - Mutant Storm/Elec Defender
Heroes Villains
Bacchantia - Magic Plant/Empathy Controller Bitter December - Magic Ice/Ice Dominator
SoulTrain 2020 - Mutant (?) Energy/Energy Blaster 24-Karat Bombshell - Tech Thug/Poison Mastermind
Q'ixii - Natural FF/Psychic Defender
Heroes Villains
Cosmic Seneschal - Magic Grav/Kin Controller - Deleted
Keep it real, sugah...


Heroic Villainous
Le Carnavale Rene`
  • The Carnival Reborn, a group of Carnie refugees
Commedia dell'Arte
  • An old theatre in St. Martial, and the players that have made it their home
Stiletto-Heeled Enforcers
  • A spike-heeled super-heroine group
Stiletto-Heeled Executioners
  • A spike-heeled cadre of villains
Archons of the Ages
  • Avatars of the ancient Greek and Roman Pantheon
Sigma Iota Nu
  • A sorority attached to Aeon University, which is also a crime school for girls

Latest Rant

I can get vocal about things, sometimes. The latest topic? Insensitivity on the Virtue forums, or forums in general.

Now, I understand that not all of us are adults, age-wise. That's a given.

However, I am assuming that MOST of the regular posters are indeed of legal majority ( => 21 ) and are thus entitled to drink, vote, enlist in the military, and agree to EULA's.

Which means everyone on the forum is old enough to interact with others in an adult manner.

The question is, why do they suddenly lose this ability when it comes to forums? What makes it OK to treat perfect strangers like crap, when they probably wouldn't dream of doing so in person? Is it because they're hiding behind a keyboard?

To me, this is a character issue. Yes, I pretend I'm someone else, and are more often than not "in character". But, the character I am in still has to conform to "thou shalt not be an asshole". Those posts attributed to other screen-names were entered by PEOPLE, not computers or scripts or alien visitors. If we were all face to face, yeah there'd be laughing and joking around, but there would be things that you just would not say. Yet, it seems that there are no real limits when it comes to forum activity, and that it has suddenly become "OK" to ridicule people just because one CAN.

As I said, this is a character issue. Not as "are you in character?" but "do you have character?".

All we have to go on is what we type/dictate/blog/twitter to each other. And if we leave integrity and respect at the login screen, then we cannot in any sense expect to BE respected, either.

By the way, this is why people like Spartan think y'all's feelings are a joke. Hell, he probably thinks MY feelings are a joke. But that's the way he is, he lays it out quite plainly, that unless you have the balls to keep it real, then you're not worthy of his respect. And I must agree with the man (even though I think he takes it to an extreme I'm not willing to go) that respect is a two-way street. To get it, and keep it, you must be willing to give it.


User Template

For anyone who would like to use my layout for their user pages, a stripped down template is available. Or, you can use this fancy automated version, courtesy AlwaysAPrice.

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