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Too Hot to Handle?

Image (C) 2008 by LadyEntropy

Torch Juggler
Player: @SoulTrain
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Sophie Regis
Known Aliases: "Torch Jiggler", Sophie, Torch
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian Earth, Granted Political Asylum in U.S.A.
Occupation: Heroine, Circus Performer
Place of Birth: New Fresno, California, Western North-Am Security Zone, Praetorian Earth
Base of Operations: Paragon City RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: none known
Known Powers
Fire Blast/Fire Control
Known Abilities
Juggling, Acrobatics, Pyrotechnics
Juggling torches, Everclear "grenades", grapple rig, fulminating powders
Former member of Carnival of Light (Praetorian)

Sophie Regis, the Daring and Death-Defying Torch Juggler, is a circus performer and former member of the Praetorian Carnival of Light. During a raid on the ruin that was the Praetorian Portal Corporation, Sophie's troupe was ambushed by Black Swan, and most of the members were captured or killed. Some, however, escaped through a portal they found within the facility. Sophie ended up on Primal Earth, and immediately requested asylum. Since then she's taken up the Hero mantle, spitting fire and tossing both torches and wisecracks at any criminals she runs across.



All of Sophie's abilities center around her skill with juggling flaming objects, and her 'pyrotechnic tricks'. Denied her toys, she's reduced to a young woman with no attacks at all, save punches and throwing loose objects[1].

Fire Blast

Sophie's amassed quite a bit of skill with fire. She can lob flaming torches, toss small capsules filled with Everclear and an impact igniter, or she can 'breathe fire' by spraying Everclear from her mouth and igniting it with a torch. She's also figured out how to supercharge her show with feats of derring-do, such as momentarily immolating herself while shouting "HOT FLAMING DEATH!!"[2] Anyone standing nearby feels the heat, and occasionally faints from the spectacle[3].

Fire Control

Sophie can also use flames in hand-to-hand. A juggling torch makes a rather handy club, especially when soaked in fuel and lit[4].


Sophie's a practiced acrobat, and as such can leap and somersault in and out of a fight[5]. As such she's extremely hard to pin down. She also uses a grapple gun and wire harness rig that allows her to vault great distances[6].



Sassy, sexy, irreverent. Sophie seems to have a joke or a quip for everything. She is uninhibited enough to pose for a magazine, but has so far kept her personal life away from the reporters.

Sophie also seems to have a very free and open attitude about sexuality and relationships. A true 'child of the road', she has no problems being intimate with multiple partners. She has learned to be wary of possessiveness and jealousy, as such traits upset her. To her, love is greater when it is shared among friends like a bottle of fine wine.

Recent Updates

Current Performance Circuit: CROATOA

To Fell A Giant

Not many circus performers can say they helped bring down a giant[7]. But Sophie has. Granted, she didn't do it all herself, and really all she did was keep him annoyed whilst the others sapped his strength and bled his life away. But, it's very hard to ignore flaming torches and firebombs being thrown at your face. Or a sassy black girl in a loud red and yellow costume, heckling you constantly, doing cartwheels away from your club so that all you smash is sod and rocks, then vaulting into trees to leap headlong behind you and sting your posterior with a mouthful of flaming Everclear.


Sophie has been engaged in dealing with the rash of 'monsters' that are appearing randomly out of doorways in the Talos Island neighborhoods. She's rather pleased with herself, in that at some point during all of this fracas, she came across a genuine Carnival Harlequin costume, complete with porcelain mask. The mask doesn't appear to be enchanted, nor does it have any residual psychic energies... but wearing it makes Sophie feel like she's truly a member of the Carnival of Light again.

She's a bit put out that she can't keep the costume for more than a couple of weeks, however.

December PlayCity cover girl

PlayCity December 2007
Sophie managed to snag the coveted December issue of PlayCity for her pictorial. Time will tell if it increases gate receipts to the Carnival Rene's shows (if past pictorials are any indication, it will!)

The Meteor and the Rikti

Sophie found her 'boundaries' expanded a bit, somewhat reluctantly, by Gold Meteor. Time will tell if the two continue to team up, or if the encounter is a one-time thing.



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Musical References

Artwork Credits


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  2. Yes, this is a reference to the flea in "A Bug's Life".
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  9. Substantiated by Numina and Infernal, along with the Founders Falls security chief and a slew of witnesses
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