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The following story, although not explicit, hints at practices and lifestyles that may disturb some readers. Those under the age of 18 will probably see their parents faces turn red if they ask to have some of the terms explained. You've been warned.




The cry of amazement could have been mistaken for a common climax, if it had been uttered purely on the physical level.

This was astral.

And it was answered in kind.

The two women, Tantric yoga chela and guru, had opened all seven chakras simultaneously, their awareness opened to the astral plane as well as all the planes in between, and it was there that they embraced, pleasured one another, and reached the apex together.

They never imagined what they would discover....

The Past

She screamed, and yet did not hear her own screaming. Torn in 10 million directions her primitive mind couldn't begin to contemplate, she was ripped apart by the subatomic energy flux in mere moments. Within those moments, Time had no meaning, nor did Space. Causality and Effect likewise went out the window. Probability drew aces and 8's, and beat a hasty retreat as well.

The girl should have died.

Somehow, she didn't.

I am to blame for that. I am Shining Quasar, she who has traveled across regions of space unfathomed by these humans. Yet, for all my power, I and my fellow Kheldians are fragile beings, unable to live past ten Solar rotations without a host.

We like to think that we are symbiotes. There are those among us, those that are called Nictus, that have turned to parasitism. They don't offer, they take, turning their hosts into little more than puppets. We work to bring our deluded and mad brethren and sistren back, but it is difficult, since it is they who have declared war on us for trying.

Still... even though the battle is waged on every world we inhabit, on some, such as this... Earth... we find common ground.

The Earth religion of Christianity has a parable about the Prodigal Son, a man who is welcomed back to his family with opened arms, even after forsaking them for decades. The meaning is not lost upon us, as every Nictus that recants, and returns to the peaceful and benevolent path, is one less we must fight and potentially kill.

But I digress.

I'd recently split from my previous host, a human male named Tanner Grey, who'd spent his entire life with me as an explorer and zoologist. I'd been content to view my tenancy with him as a 'vacation', as we had decided not to take up the mantle of the warrior, and instead wander the face of my new home and study it. But, it became apparent that Tanner was tired of his longevity, and finally asked me to depart, and not return, as he didn't wish me to see him die.

The time had come to find a new host.

In my travels around Paragon City, I'd become fascinated with the scientists, especially the young ones, those unfettered by all the research that had come before. They still had new ideas, radical thinking, the potential to leap forward in their knowledge before the "established canon" of that strange priesthood called Science reined them in. One in particular had come up while still with Tanner - a graduate student by the name of Kashaye Parker.

I should have read her dissertation before venturing to see her - I'd have known that her research into subatomic energy forms would involve quantum shield arrays. Such things are... dangerous... to me and my kind, both in their ability to kill us, and OUR tendency to destabilize them in the process.

Which is how I met my future host - if I had legs and solidity while in my unbound energetic form, it would have been as if I'd stumbled through a plate-glass window.

The sight of her writhing in agony was more than I could bear. There was also the pressing urgency to find a host, reform, heal, after nearly being ripped apart myself after flying THROUGH the quantum field.

I still feel rather stupid about that.

At any rate, there we both were, the human barely alive, and fading fast. For myself, I had lost a considerable portion of my energy matrix, and my own sense of self was tenuous at best. I somehow managed to contact the part of her mind still clinging to awareness. Her subconscious.

I've never experienced the sensation of "scared little girl" but I think I can imagine it. I wasn't so much as welcomed, but psychically PULLED into the mind before me. She needed me more than air.

Together we managed to heal her physical form, although we had to use the energy pouring from the (now unshielded) particle accelerator array to do it. The energy stream was rather too heavy on muon radiation for my taste, but, we had to make do with what we had. As a result, Miss Parker developed some rather unique abilities in that respect.

The Training

Because our merging was incomplete, I literally had to regrow myself within Miss Parker's subconscious, essentially replacing it. Her conscious mind wasn't at first receptive to the thought of being host to an alien being, plus there was the matter of seperation - if I vacated, she'd be left with no autonomic brain function whatsoever. I had to... repattern... her id as best I could. It was a difficult process, six years I worked to regrow myself within this strong and yet fragile woman.

Then we had the fortuitous luck to run into a heroine by the name of Chastity Blades.

Miss Blades, or I should say, Mistress Chastity, was a practitioner of Tantric yoga, extremely advanced, and looking for a sidekick/trainee. The fact that young Kashaye was sexually attracted to Chastity was not lost on me, so I nudged the girl into accepting, no, ASKING to be taken as a chela.

The lessons began to pay off almost immediately, although at first I feared for young Kashaye's sanity. She'd only been subjected to abuse before, and with Chastity's methods of BDSM, of subjecting her pet to extremes of pain as well as pleasure, denial, debasement... I feared Shay would regress to the scared child that had killed her abusive ex soon after we were joined. But I was mistaken. The Mistress was stern, yet incredibly compassionate, and made a point of teaching Shay the WHY and the HOW, and then questioning the girl on her continued resolve to 'see this training through.' I was proud of my charge, for not letting her will or her sense of self be broken completely, merely reforged in the heat and flame of Mistress Chastity's dominance.

The Tantric instruction that went along with all this was like a road map for me to work within my charge's psyche. I could FEEL her conscious concepts evolve and grow, the idea of "chakras" and "kundalini" so amazingly CLOSE to the role I'd been playing within my host that I suspected Mistress Chastity knew of my existence, and was dreaming up ways to get me to reveal myself.

And I knew. I could feel Chastity's aura. She harbored a passenger of her own, one very old, and wise as well. I vowed to unveil us both, once these two humans reached a stage of knowledge and self-awareness that they would be capable of handling the shock. For it would be a shock. Chastity's mind had been tampered with; she had no memory of her bonding with the Nictus within her, and her passenger was also dwelling within, content (or at least resigned) to contemplating higher realities, rather than forcing him/herself to the fore and subsuming the human psyche in the process.

The two women would have to 'ascend' to a point where they innately understood both their place in the cosmos, and their considerable power to influence it. Only at that stage could we reveal ourselves.

The Here and Now

The mutual Kundalini ascension was ... extremely pleasurable. Imagine what it would be like for two sentient stars to make love to each other, if you can. That's as close as an Earthly description as I can manage.

By this point I had essentially become Kashaye Parker's id, her subconscious; we'd fused so tightly that the only way I'd ever split from her would be upon her death. I was her astral self, as much her as I was Quasar. And .. it felt right. I felt... whole. The combined astral and physical consummation was so fulfilling that I felt as if I not only understood the human concept of God, but could empathize with It, as a kindred being.

The Nictus occupying Mistress Chastity, a being called Xrxrx, had not melded with her as completely, and instead had remained aloof. I was dismayed to discover that Xrxrex was waiting for the appropriate time to be revealed, and that our mutual ascension had unveiled his presence too early. There was brief talk of Chastity returning to her Himalayan refuge, a path I felt would be wasteful and self-indulgent. The world needed us, what with the Rikti attacks, the Council's machinations, Lord Recluse's plots for world takeover, and all the other threats assailing Earth's people. But in any event, more training lay ahead, only now we had to do it openly.

Within this Warshade I glimpsed memories of previous incarnations, all gurus of the same Tantric discipline Chastity had mastered. It seemed she'd stumbled into an enclave of reformed Nictus many decades before, ones that used their hosts to pass along cosmic knowledge to the humans most able to accept them and adopt them, unlike the terrorist Nictus that had taken up with the Council. There were also others, the Incarnates of the East; these godlike beings had hidden themselves from Mankind, rather than have a hand in Earth's affairs. I got the sense that this Enclave was biding their time, but for what reason, I was not sure. Chastity (and her cosmic companion) were both uncomfortable discussing any of this, so I dropped the subject.

Regardless, I was most pleased to find a fellow wanderer, and discovered that despite our energy differences, Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, we were eminently compatible. Just as our hosts, Chela and Guru, sub and domme, Shay and Chas, were bonded, I bonded with Xrxrx, taking a small seed of the Nictus shadow-void within myself, as I gave up some of my incandescence.

Mistress Chastity and I are now parts of a greater whole. We shall always be seeds within each other, of love, honor, and pride.

I am no longer Shining Quasar. I have bonded completely with the human Kashaye Parker, and together we have forged a new being, one of light and compassion, as well as powerful retribution.

I am Peace Train. I have found my new home.

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