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"...We all like stars in th' sky. The brighter you shine an' the more you twinkle, the more likely someone point you out to their kids."

Soul Train by Jomaro Kindred
SoulTrain / PeaceTrain
Player: @SoulTrain
Origin: Science / Natural
Archetype: Defender / Peacebringer
Security Level: 50/13
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Kashaye Joan Parker / Shining Quasar
Known Aliases: Shay, Soul
Species: Presumed Human / Human-Kheld Symbiosis
Age: 33 / 1900
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown / Fiery White
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States Citizen
Occupation: Physicist, Researcher, Heroine / Interstellar Explorer
Place of Birth: St. Louis MO / Spiral Galaxy Omicron-Beta-Nine-Two
Base of Operations: Paragon City RI
Marital Status: Dame Chastity Blades (fiancee'), Dharma Parker-Blades (daughter)
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Kinetics/Energy / Luminous Blast/Luminous Aura
Known Abilities
Has the power to control inertia, momentum, brownian motion and other kinetic forces / Can wield light-based Peacebringer attacks
Attributes in bold denote Peacebringer manifestation

Another version of SoulTrain exists on Liberty, somewhere in the mid-teens.

A young physics prodigy, Dr. Kashaye Parker got caught in the backlash of an experiment gone horribly wrong. As a result, she was granted dominion over the very forces she sought to prove existed.

All of Soul Train's powers are a result of her body being infused with subatomic 'muon' particle radiation. In some yet-to-be-explained way, this 'muonic transversal' of her atomic structure causes her to subconsciously leech kinetic potential off of any matter in her vicinity, and store it like a battery. She then can unleash it as pure kinetic force (manifesting as blue-white bolts of energy, that feel like a solid matter impact when they hit) or she can channel it into or out of other objects, causing inertial changes that can slow down metabolic rates, affect the relationship of mass and motion, and many other effects.



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Personality and Background

Soul is outgoing enough to make friends, even to pose for a well-known magazine sold to the hero community, but she's not the type to dive headlong into relationships. It has taken considerable time and effort on the part of Chastity Blades to bring Kashaye out of this mindset and allow her to trust other people emotionally.

Arvin Deschamps

Arvin was the first person that courted Kashaye, when she was a 17-year-old girl, already in her second year in the Paragon Polytechnic Institute's Physics program. Up until she met him, she was shy, mousy, and rather plain to look at, her classic beauty hidden behind baggy clothing, laptop screens, books, and chalk dust.

At first, Arvin Deschamps was charming, handsome, and attentive, but as he and Kashaye grew closer, his true nature surfaced, paranoid, controlling, and abusive. He seemed to delight in taking Shay's innocence and twisting it into abject fear for him. Although he secretly hated her doctorate studies and the time spent in the research laboratories, he'd grown accustomed to the idea of having an 'egghead' as his bitch, figuring to use her talents to further his own ideas. He referred to her as "his pretty cockatoo", implying that he wanted her caged and on display, a trophy to show off as he pleased.

That all changed[1] when she became empowered. Arvin tried to enforce the usual pain and fear, but at this point Kashaye's powers were not entirely under her control... and when he belted her across the face, she retaliated. The resulting kinetic bolt sent the man flying THROUGH a cinder-block wall, breaking his spine in six places and shattering his pelvis and legs.

From that point forward, Arvin Deschamps never raised a hand to another woman. Or to anything else for that matter - he'd been rendered a complete quadriplegic. He died a year later.

Kashaye Parker still carries considerable guilt to this day for causing his condition and premature death.



Soul has been slowly making some friends in the Enforcers, notably Chastity Blades, an enigmatic martial artist who fancies herself the next Emma Peel.

Soul has given herself freely to Chastity. For quite a long time, she was Chastity's chela[2] in the Tantric Yoga that Chastity has used to empower herself for decades. There is evidence that Soul has progressed to the point where the two are now equals in this discipline. They have been sighted fighting Rikti side-by-side, each depending on the other rather than in a teaching/mentoring arrangement.

During the latest Rikti conflict, she has been seen assisting the fallen heroine Khariss. Some would class this as treasonous and more than a little suicidal, given Khariss's history with heroes. However, Soul has discovered some things about Khariss that have very far-reaching implications. She's also come to admire the woman, as Soul doubts she would have been able to survive the hardships Khariss has had to face.

Update: Dr. Kashaye Parker was engaged to Dame Chastity Blades, but it appears the wedding has been postponed. Neither heroine has confirmed nor denied this rumor publicly.


Soul's outward personality is in direct contrast to her inner feelings, direct, forthright, and a straight-shooter. A bit 'retro' in her manner and style of dress, she often comes across as "ghetto", although at other times she can be extremely erudite[3].

Since her training with Chastity, Soul's personality has grown much more calm and focused. There are few things that can disturb her 'center', although she still maintains an extremely strong sense of justice and compassion. Whereas before she was unsure of her powers and her place, and haunted by dreams of her past, now she simply accepts things as they come, and adapts. This personality shift has raised quite a few eyebrows, and speculation is growing about what exactly Chastity and Shay are studying together. Whatever it is, neither seems inclined to speak of it.


Soul usually wears a white and gold cutout top and skirt, along with hoop earrings, a large ankh pendant, and a matching ankh tiara under her trademark afro. She has golden tribal-pattern lightning-bolt tattoos on her forearms, which inexplicably appeared the day of her accident. She's since used the same pattern in other areas of her uniform (cape and boots).

A new variant of the costume, sans cape, has been sighted, the material made of an extremely sheer yet tough polymer. The gloves, belt, shoulder pauldrons, boots, and chest-piece armor that are fitted to this new bodysuit are definitely Vanguard in design.

Her nipples are pierced, the captive rings hidden under her tights. She has a jeweled piercing at her navel, and another one in the left nostril. Also, she has a curious scar on her left buttock, barely visible under the hem of her skirt, that looks vaguely Sanskrit. The scar is golden in color, the same as the tribal designs on her forearms.

Soul has also been seen in casual clothing (bell bottoms and a v-neck top) and occasionally in cocktail dresses.



Most of Soul's powers are derived from her control of subatomic forces commonly referred to as 'kinetic energy'. She also has some minor psionic abilities, including a very specific form of telekinesis.


Soul can 'alter' inertia and momentum, as well as inertial probability ('brownian motion'), in most living beings and some nonliving constructs. This has granted her the ability to produce the following effects:

Kinetic Induction

Soul's force bolts can be extremely damaging, as they are direct transference of kinetic energy to a target[12], without needing matter to transfer it. As such, many of her attacks send targets flying. Some regard this as a handicap, but she's learned to set up her shots so that knockback effects aid in positioning. Combined with her speed-leeching, levitation, and teleport abilities, Soul has almost complete freedom of movement around a battlefield, like a pool shark circling a pool table.

Most of her attacks are short to medium range single-target bolts, although she does have a 'wave' attack[13] that can knock down multiple targets in its path. She also has been observed using a long range 'sniper' attack that takes her several seconds to gather the necessary energy and channel it to the target, as well as a devastating blast[14] that can leave her totally exhausted.

caption=Soul by NKK


Soul's inertial mastery allows her to run at high speeds for short periods, as long as there is a target nearby to 'steal' the speed from[15]. In high-danger areas, she usually foregoes ground travel, instead relying on a form of 'inertial dampening' that allows her and others in close proximity to jump great distances by reducing gravitic and inertial drag[16].

Soul has also utilized some little-known subatomic tunneling theories. The science is extremely speculative, but she has discovered that her muon-charged body can 'hitch rides' on tachyons or other cosmic particles, allowing her to 'jump' through material space in milliseconds. She's managed to use this effect to fetch allies to her side[17], to teleport to specific locations[18] as well as teleport herself and others in short line-of-sight 'jumps'[19].

Another interesting application of her kinetic abilities allows Soul to induct momentum within her own body to offset the pull of gravity, allowing her to levitate[20].

She still owns a Longbow "Eagle" jetpack and a "bounce jet" pack, but has stopped using them as she's not sure how much fuel each has left.

Additional Powers

Aside from finding out she can assume a peacebringer form, Soul has developed several skills and abilities beyond her normal kinetic-based ones.

Astral Mastery

As part of Chastity's training, Soul can 'energize' her astral self[21] as well as her physical self. This has lent her a few low-level psionic abilities.

Chakra Stun

Soul can astrally 'touch' a foe[22] and lock them into a sensory fugue, by temporarily disrupting one or more of their chakra points. Until the effect wears off, the target cannot perform any action, and all abilities that require concentration or active management fail.

Chakra Song

In a similar fashion, Soul can subtly manipulate energy flow thru the chakras of a group of foes[23], rendering them unconscious. They can be awoken by inflicted pain, but effects that normally cause no damage (such as kinetic debuffs) will not rouse those so affected by this astral attack.

Chela's Mantra

Soul has learned to strengthen her physical and mental selves by superimposing her astral self[24]. In the beginning she had to be in a trance state to accomplish this, but practice has made it almost instinctive. While reciting this mantra in her mind, Soul's resistance to physical as well as psionic attacks is dramatically increased.

Subatomic Alchemy

Soul has developed her awareness and control over subatomic physics and kinetic energy to the degree that under extreme meditation/concentration techniques, she can literally reshape matter at her whim[25]. So far it's been extremely small amounts, less than a gram.

She can also control the motion of matter that is usually random (such as gases or fluids). Solid matter is difficult because the motion of the molecules within most solid material is so constrained. However liquids and gases already have a lot of 'motion' within them, and as such, can be guided by kinetic forces more easily. Again, the total mass she is able to affect is small, a few grams at most.

Team Strategy

Those who have teamed with Soul have reported impressive gains in power output, accuracy, stamina, as well as much less damage sustained. This is consistent with others so classed as "Kinetic Defenders". However, there are some things that have caught teammates by surprise.



Soul has demonstrated a keen tactical mind and the ability to analyze a combat situation. As long as she's not too exhausted to think straight, she's pretty good at noting weak points in enemy defenses [26], as well as likely paths of attack [27]. These skills come in handy on large teams, as she makes a habit of keeping everyone in the loop when possible.

Soul is a gifted scientist, and one of the leading researchers in subatomic physics as it relates to the laws of motion.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Aside from her mastery over inertia, Soul has little in the way of offense or defense. She has no combat training, aside from a standard fist swing or an incredibly sped up "slap" attack[28]. She has no defensive capabilities aside from her 'sapper' powers and her chakra attacks, and when she runs low on stamina, she is quick to fall. She also tends to get distracted when she gets tired, and her tactical thinking falls by the wayside as a result.

Soul also has a rather self-sacrificial attitude toward combat. She's not one to stay on the periphery and oversee the battle, lending aid where needed; instead, she's likely to be right in the thick of it. This perversely offers the most benefits from her powers, as they tend to be area-of-effect centered on her targets or herself, but it does put her in harms way more often than not.


Soul carries no equipment other than her personal effects in a null-pocket 'purse' (makeup kit, perfume, hair pick), and a police scanner given to her by a helpful detective. She will occasionally make use of jump jet or raptor flightpacks supplied by Longbow, but tries not to rely on them too much, as she's deathly afraid of running out of fuel at the worst possible time.

Character History


Mature Content

The following section(s) contain prose, images, or concepts of an adult nature. Those under the age of legal consent, or those who may be offended by such content, should refrain from reading.




She rolled the words around in her mind.

"Doctor Kashaye Parker."

What a lovely combination. A far cry from "Shay" the ghetto rat kid that had somehow managed to dive headfirst into science in middle school, and avoid gangs and Vahz and all the other evils of her Kings Row neighborhood. How long had it been since she left that behind?

Daydreaming still, she busied herself with setting up the latest series of muon pulse experiments at the Paragon Polytechnic Institute's Physics Research campus. Unknown to her, there was a visitor near the shield arrays.

She moved into the reactor observation station, and started the cycle. Theoretically... they'd be able to free several billion subatomic particles called muons, that were theorized to govern inertia and momentum. Kinetic energy, in its purest form. However.. when the reactor powered up and the beam began to pummel the target... the alarms sounded as the wandering Kheldian disrupted the shield arrays.

Kashaye didn't hear them.

She only heard her own screaming, as ergs of energy suffused her body... changed it... she was blind, deaf, torn asunder in ten million different dimensions she couldn't understand... and then the safety interlock cut in and the barrage stopped.

She slumped to the floor.

The senior lab tech frantically worked the outer airlock doors, to rush to her side. Behind him, a single console let loose a wisp of smoke... the faulty circuit had carbonized itself.

"MEDIC!! I need a hospital transport badge and a life support pack, STAT!"

Days later, Kashaye came to in a hospital bed. She remembered nothing of the incident. But.. she felt... different. She could feel the matter in the room as a strange cloud of... she couldn't put her finger on it. It was like everything around her was moving. Even solid objects seemed to be made up of swirling eddies of motion... seemingly random, but never stopping. After a time the sensation stopped... but when she concentrated, it came back.

The doctors could find nothing wrong with her, all scans showed normal, except for a strange energy reading that was dismissed as a fluke.

Kashaye was sent home. But... Fate dealt her another card on the way there. Two Skulls, out for some mayhem.

"Hey baby... wanna give me some sugah?"

"Damn, she's stacked. And check the caboose, holmes. I'd screw that ass all night."

She kept her head down, trying to avoid them. They blocked her path. One reached for her purse. This seemed to awaken something within, and she screamed the word "NO!" while trying to backpedal.

She tripped over a broken chunk of sidewalk and landed hard. Her vision swam, again with that same sense of everything-in-motion. Even the two thugs... they gave off auras of potential even as they menaced her.

She reached up to try and ward one off... and felt ... something... energy from the sidewalk and the mailbox and even the air suffused into her and exited her palm as a blue-white bolt of force that sent the thug sprawling 30 feet away.

"Hey!" The other thug didn't quite grasp what had happened, but pulled out a wicked looking blade and made as to slash her. She raised both arms up to protect herself... and suddenly the thug was knocked sprawling as an aura of force started to spin around her.

Both thugs chose to run rather than fight.

Kashaye stood up. She not only could see the kinetic potential of everything around her.. but she could channel it, control it, use it.

The next day... a new heroine registered at City Hall in a makeshift costume made out of an old club top, a fancy skirt, and a pair of thigh-high boots. Her name?

Soul Train.

Continued Development

Soul is continuing to change. The matter-based lifeform "Kashaye Parker" nearly perished as a result of the accident. However, the cause of the accident, a wandering Kheldian that had injured itself and disrupted the shielding, was forced to offer a merging to the barely-alive Kashaye. This being then rebuilt her using energy from the experimental particle accelerator stream. Since the energy stream was heavy on subatomic muons, Kashaye manifested her Kinetic-based powers soon after. The Kheldian, severely weakened, used Kashaye's subconscious as a 'place' to recuperate, as well as nurture the girl to the point where a full 'melding' could occur.

Aside from an anomalous energy reading that would indicate high levels of subatomic flux, she appears as human to all medical scans. Biopsies separated from her person show this same energy anomaly for approximately 20 minutes, fading in intensity, and after that time will register as human tissue only. Her Kheldian nature doesn't manifest until she 'shapechanges' to her Peacebringer self.

fourth-dimensional brownian motion

While on a Portal mission for Unai Kemen, Soul destroyed a 'temporal flux reversion' device, supposedly deployed by Nemesis to rewrite all of time to his specifications. She didn't realize it, but when the device blew up, it caused 'ripples' within the space-time framework. As a result, upon her exit from the portal, she found her world subtly changed - many heroes she thought she knew have never existed, others are different from who she remembers, and she herself seems to be more powerful than the 'locals' recall her as being. There are others who are reporting similar dissociative episodes, most minor, but in at least one case an entire supergroup simply vanished from history, leaving only a draft copy of a supergroup application in the City Hall registar's office[29].

Soon after these anomalies appeared, Soul was approached by a nondescript man wearing an archaic-looking waistcoat of brown and gold, displaying an odd squared-off infinity symbol on the lapel. He identified himself only as "Mender Jakob", and spoke only a few words[30] before pressing something into her hand and walking off. Despite considerable research, Soul has not been able to identify this man; it is as if he never really existed. She has experimented with the device, and discovered that it can open a doorway to a place (or is it a time?) called "Ouroboros".

Missing in action

21:59, 14 January 2008 (MST)

"This is Paragon Headline News. Top story today is the ship raid that went horribly wrong, resulting in massive casualties and at least one of our own missing in action. The heroine Soul Train, along as support for the raid, was taken down by a Rikti Magus immediately prior to the aliens restoring power to their shields and ejecting the raid groups from the hull of the ship. Her teammates reported her missing during the roll call that followed. It is assumed that she is alive, as her communicator broadcast 4.7 seconds of her voice before the signal was cut off.

Her supergroup, the Stiletto Heeled Enforcers, has not yet released details of any rescue plans, but sources close to the supergroup indicate that the members are shocked and outraged at this turn of events."

23:00, 19 January 2008 (EST) KPGN PARAGON NEWS AT 11

"... Another success story amongst the fighting, a mixed-coalition group managed to use the fierce Rikti-Vanguard battle to gain entry to the alien's tunnel system, and managed to locate, not just one abducted hero, but three.

SoulTrain, Fusionette, and Faultline were found under heavy Rikti guard in different parts of the tunnel complex. The latter two were captured while trying to scout the warren, the former found severely traumatized and malnourished after spending almost a week in alien hands after a ship raid gone wrong. Fusionette and Faultline referred us to Incandescent, the Vanguard PR representative, for comment, but we received this statement from Soul Train's partner, Chastity Blades:

"I am happy to report that Soul Train has been returned to us, and she is alive. To those that assisted in our efforts to retrieve her, Khariss, Crimson Rook, Powerwoman, Quinton Vance, Usomari Hoshi, Gamma.Girl, Bellonda, our own Feral Tigress, and another intrepid soul who wished to remain nameless... we shall always hold you in our hearts as friends, regardless of what side of the 'law' you happen to be on. We delivered a blow to the Rikti plans for global conquest, as well as a severe drubbing to Nemesis in the bargain... and it couldn't have been done without all of your help, and the help of those fighting in this conflict. Thank you."

Soul Train will be recuperating at a private medical facility, as the injuries and trauma of her ordeal will take some time to heal and recover from. To Soul Train, and to all others fighting the Rikti... We at KPGN salute you."

Cold feet? Hardly!

Neither heroine has spoke of it publicly, but the society papers have been advised by Chastity's publicist that the wedding tentatively planned for later this month will be put off "indefinitely", although it has not been canceled outright.

When asked for comment, the only reply from Dame Chastity's office was "It's called courtship, and they seem to be enjoying it."

What Little Girls are Made Of

Fade to Black...
Soul's Blessing

Soul learned several things recently, pretty much on the same day.

She discovered that she is pregnant, and that the DNA markers bear Chastity's genome.

She met her yet-to-be-born daughter Dharma, who was sent back from the future for some as-yet-unrevealed purpose.

Dharma has also revealed that she too carries nanites similar to Chastity's, a previously uncatalogued sentient species. Apparently, these nanites thrive on prana energy, of which Chas (and now Soul) are able to generate in large amounts. Dharma too is a Tantric Yoga master, seeminly raised in the discipline since birth. Apparently these nanites had a hand in her creation, creating an rDNA chain templated from Chastity's genome, and then carrying it to Soul's womb, where it was stitched into one of her eggs, fertilizing it. Thus her 'immaculate conception' makes a crazy sort of sense.

Dharma's Arrival

On 12/6/08, at 11:23pm, after only slightly over an hour of labor, Dharma Parker-Blades was born to Dr. Kashaye Parker-Blades, with Dame Chastity Blades attending. Dharma weighed 6 pounds, eight ounces when born, and her Apgar score was 10.

Mother and daughter are in excellent condition.


Soul's outward persona was originally modeled after Pam Grier, with a little bit of Vanessa Williams's influence as well. I didn't want to make her a take-off on Foxy Cleopatra as portrayed by Beyonce'... that one was too party-hearty, not to mention young. Instead I was shooting for someone who was strong, secure, no-nonsense, and with just the right mix of sass and class. If anyone ever makes a Co* movie and wants Soul in it... we would definitely need Pam or Vanessa to portray her (if they'd agree, of course.)



I don' understand this whole 'angst' thing. Everybody dark an' moody an' bitchy sometimes. Why make a lifestyle out of it? -- on the increasing trend of 'emo' type heroes

Being gay in this town is easy. Jus' don' make a big ruckus an' everything cool, sugah. -- on being an openly gay superheroine

I'm the type of heroine that makes others look good. -- on her fighting style and powers

Don' get me wrong, I love men. I jus' never had a woman try and lock my heart in a cage, is all. -- On her preference for female lovers over male, referring to how her first and only boyfriend emotionally abused her

Hero, villain, rebel, cop -- the Rikti don' give a shit, they shoot ever'body. -- on teaming up with the known traitor Khariss

Sure, I been in a magazine layout or two. I didn' sleep with no photographers, though, so get yo' mind out the gutter. -- on her PlayCity pictorial

There's villains, sugah, an' then there's punks. Villains do what they do cos of some big Plan... punks jus' wanna cause trouble so they look like they "gangsta". -- on meeting Chill Yeti in the D

Some folks want to take over th' world. Other folks wanna destroy it. And then there's folks who jus' want to put food on th' table. -- on Paragon's policies on superpowered crime

One mornin' I woke up, and I realize, we all like stars in th' sky. The brighter you shine an' the more you twinkle, the more likely someone point you out to their kids. -- on being a celebrity and Hero of the City

I dunno, ask the damn nanites. -- On the conception of her daughter Dharma


Soul Train's portfolio can be viewed by the public. Registration with DeviantArt is required to view any pictures of a mature nature. Those not of legal age to view such materials will also not be admitted to that section of the gallery.

The following artwork can be seen on this page.

Image (C) 2008 by Zenvious
Image (C) 2008 by Jomaro Kindred (MMOArt)
Image (C) 2007 by Russ Platt
Colors (C) 2008 by Pixeltease
Image (C) 2008 by Russ Platt
Image (C) 2007 by Rocinate
Image (C) 2006 by Manual Clavel
Image (C) 2007 by Ann Nguyen
Image (C) 2007 by Elizabeth Leaper
Image and 3D model (C) 2007 by Sartori Tangier (This image is a work in progress)
Image (C) 2008 by Brandon McKinney

Musical References

All of Soul's musical references have a decidedly 70's "R&B/disco" flavor to them.

OOC Trivia

Soultrain-mega-cropped.gif Soul Train is my third character, the first to make it past level 10 without being deleted[31], and also my highest security level (50!!). She exists on two servers, Liberty, and Virtue.

Soultrain-mega-cropped.gif Although she's advanced fastest when on big teams, the original Victory Soul Train was soloed over 80% of her career, over the course of 24 months. Since that one's been xferred to Virtue as a 50... she's now officially 'endgame' although I've not yet really explored any of this.

Soultrain-mega-cropped.gif She has won more costume awards than any other character I've created, all from variants of her original white-and-gold costume.

Soultrain-mega-cropped.gif Soul Train was the first character that I commissioned artwork of. Currently I have 20 renditions of Soul in my DeviantArt gallery by various artists, and more on the way.

Soultrain-mega-cropped.gif At one time, I created a 'Bizarro Soul' called "Runaway Freight." Her costume was nearly identical, while the powersets (Energy/Kinetic Corruptor) were reversed. I may recreate her on Virtue as well (or someone else could do it so we could put the two head to head...)


  1. The events of this change are in the Architect arc "Soul Train: Origins"
  2. student
  3. This is due to my inability to type in character all the time!
  4. Transfusion
  5. Transference
  6. Siphon Power
  7. Fulcrum Shift
  8. Welcome, my friends, to the Damage Cap.
  9. Speed Boost
  10. Siphon Speed,
  11. Increase Density
  12. Energy Blast
  13. Energy Torrent
  14. Nova
  15. Siphon Speed
  16. Inertial Reduction
  17. Recall Friend
  18. Pocket D and various superbases
  19. Teleport, Team Teleport
  20. Hover
  21. Psi Mastery
  22. Dominate
  23. Mass Hypnosis
  24. Mind over Body
  25. This power is completely RP'd and is a form of telekinesis and matter/energy control
  26. Assault +Damage
  27. +Tactics Perception
  28. Sands of Mu
  29. Yay, server moves!!
  30. "Now is not where you belong."
  31. Professor Blues and Doc Mayhem were both Katana scrappers
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