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Dharma in Flight

(C) 2008 by Peter Almeida

SoulTrain 2020
Player: @SoulTrain2 (@SoulTrain)
Origin: Mutant/Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Dharma Parker-Blades
Known Aliases: DharmaSoul, Soul II, Kid Soul, Mender Dharma
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Honey-Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States citizen
Occupation: Heroine
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Haven, CT
Marital Status: single, no relationships
Known Relatives: Dr. Kashaye Parker, Ph.D
Dame Chastity Blades
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Dharma Parker-Blades is the daughter of SoulTrain and Agent 3-X, via nanite rDNA transfer

Mender-Acolyte Dharma Parker-Blades, shunted back through time nearly to her tether point, now must work to repair the rips and tears in the timestream. Her powers are nearly vanished from temporal scaling, while her "past" self is still a newborn.

Her cover identity? SoulTrain 2020!!




Dharma can wield raw kinetic force either in melee or at range. She also uses it as a shield of sorts, along with meditative techniques that improve her reaction times, increase her power, and provide the means to perform 'superhuman' feats.

Energy Blast

Dharma manifests 'bolts' of raw kinetic force, which she projects at her opponents. Her power level varies depending on what point in the timestream she's currently working "in", but at her highest output levels, her force bolts carry the same striking power as an M1A1 Abrams tank shell.

She's also not limited to single targets. Like her mother, she's able to 'shape' this force in many different ways, including groundwave attacks, projections that simply repel away, to a devastating point-blank detonation.

Energy Manipulation

Dharma also uses her kinetic force control as a 'kinshield' and as a means to augment the power of her muy thai boxing.

The 'kinshield' absorbs or diverts incoming attacks, of all energy types, and 'ablates' before Dharma's body is harmed[1]. However, sustained damage will wear it away, and she will usually fall unconscious when it finally 'pops'.

Her melee attacks are tightly controlled pockets of kinetic potential, that detonate when she strikes an opponent with her fists. Often the force of these augmented blows will knock an opponent silly... or slam them down to the ground or up into the air and away.


Like her parents, Dharma uses Tantric Yoga techniques and meditation to master her mind and body, allowing her to run faster, jump higher, heal faster, and recover faster than a normal human girl. She is also host to a colony of the "O'Tech nanites", which feed off of her prana energy flow and in turn, add to her abilities.


Dharma uses a variant of Muy-Thai boxing that has been adapted for her kinetically-charged body.

Personality and Background Details


Mature Content

The following section(s) contain prose, images, or concepts of an adult nature. Those under the age of legal consent, or those who may be offended by such content, should refrain from reading.


  • Nudity
  • Sexual situations        

Dharma is sunny, fun-loving, and always willing to throw herself into helping others. She's inherited Soul's accent and sense of self, along with Chastity's no-nonsense, head-on approach to problems. However, Dharma is also very familiar with the Tantric Yoga philosophy. She has foresworn meat (except for ritual purposes) and lives a simple lifestyle. She believes fully in the Kharmic Wheel, and sees herself as an agent of cosmic balance, even to the sacrifice of her own enlightenment[2].

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Like her parents, she wears a chastity belt, preferring to reach bliss through means other than physical. She has earned the right to carry her own keys, and thus decide when, where, and with whom she will share her body. These keys are not kept on her person; instead they are 'summoned' via a temporal transporter from her Ouroboros retreat.

Spoilers end here.

As a Mender Acolyte, she's not privy to the Mender top echelon's knowledge, but knows enough to function as an emissary.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Dharma has few defenses to speak of, and can be knocked unconscious fairly easily, once her 'kinshield' is worn away.


Dharma's impending arrival

I suppose y’all wanna know about how I came about. Momma Shay an’ Momma Chastity, well, they call me their “immaculate misconception” cos I was a TOTAL surprise to them. I mean, they were thinking of how they could have a child, but, two women, you know? Not exactly compatible.

And then Momma Shay misses her period. An’ then she turns up pregnant. The docs do their tests… an’ lo and behold, Momma Chastity’s genes are in there too! So… somethin’ weird happened. Speculation is that Momma Chastity’s nanotech had somethin’ to do with it. People tell me those itty-bitty robots ain’t all that smart… but you ask me, they got more of a hand in things than folks know about.

So, uhm, yeah, Momma Shay bore me, an’ both she an’ Momma Chas raised me, an’ I was one happy kid. And yeah, right around the time I started developing, I started noticing some power abilities, similar to what Momma Shay can do with her energy blasts. So Momma Chastity, she starts teaching me to fight, and both of them started teaching me what bein’ a heroine is all about.

Then that whole Ouroboros timeline mess happened. The three of us got tangled up in time, ‘mending’ this, that and the other. Man, I swear, the temporal fabric is like a real thin-rolled pie crust, you patch it here, and you stretch it and tear it there. We were all OVER the place. Which made things really tricky when it came to “the Real World”. What was 16 years to us, was only a few months here. So as far as all my friends was concerned, I grew up FAST. Some say I popped out as a full-blown heroine, but that’s not th’ truth.

Anyhow, I went and registered with City Hall. They class me as a hybrid, I can do the blaster thing, or get in close an’ lay th' smackdown almos’ as good as a scrapper. Which makes Momma Chastity real proud. Momma Shay jus’ smile, and says “be careful, Dharma”. She’s always been the protective type.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Peter Almeida is using SoulTrain 2020 in some of his fiction, which is outside the CoH milieu. I may repost some of those stories here, as an 'alternate reality' that Dharma finds herself in sometime between 'now' and the date of her birth (12/07/08 12:23pm Paragon time).

Spoilers end here.



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Artwork Credits

"SoulTrain 2020" - (C) 2008 by Peter Almeida


  1. This is Dharma's HP bar - ever wonder why she can get shot and not bleed?
  2. Of course, it's this selflessness that will reap great rewards, once she's wise enough to realize it.
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