Annie Axrial

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Annie Axrial
Player: @Psykera
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: [untranslateable]
Known Aliases: "Krae", "Lairxa"
Species: unbound demon of passion
Age: unknown
Height: 5'6
Weight: 128 lbs
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Vigilante ?
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
inhuman physique, claws, shapeshifting, irresistible presence
Known Abilities
immortal, creature of the beyond, vast memories and experience
No additional information available.


((Information on this page is 'public knowledge.' There’s a reasonable expectation that someone might know it, if they're in the know about mystical/demonological affairs. Feel free to act on any of it, or hit me up at @Psykera in-game if any of it seems interesting to you!))


The succubus that calls herself 'Annie's' presence on this plane is something of a mystery. She disguised herself as a teen heroine with demon heritage and was a member of the Paragon Youth Corps up until she betrayed them to the Exile. 'Annie' is not her real name; it was the alias of her heroic cover identity, that she seems to have kept using out of convenience. Her true name is unknown to any person the Midnight Squad is aware of; presumably knowledge of it on this plane was lost with the vanished Exile after her battle with the Youth Corps. After said battle she disappears for a while, until after some years she was sighted around the City again (and the Isles, from time to time). The Corps' technology specialist, the Unblinking Watchman - believed to be 'Annie's romantic partner - claimed that she had turned over a new leaf. To everyone's surprise, so did Psykera, and on the strength of their reputations, the Midnight Squad officially suspended (but not closed) the manhunt for her.

Unsavory rumors surround this unusual defender of Paragon City, and the local FBSA offices receive perhaps more excessive force complaints related to her than are strictly average - but if there's any evidence that she's actually still involved in villainous activity, no one can find it. She splits her time between Paragon City - where she does some hero work and some who knows what else - and Cape Canaveral, Florida, apparently.


'Annie' is a free spirit, to put it mildly. Relentlessly, perhaps aggressively friendly but also generous with sarcasm and insults. Endlessly and shamelessly flirtatious - a trail of broken hearts and casual sex partners follows her throughout the state of Rhode Island. She is mercurial, carelessly dancing back and forth over the line between vigilante and rogue. Her attitude towards crime-fighting is lackadaisical; she displays very little concern for the stakes of a mission or empathy for the people she is ostensibly protecting - her goal seems to primarily be the thrill of a good fight. Why exactly she persists in fighting the enemies of the City, no one can quite figure out, but she does seem to refrain from outright cruelty or unnecessary killing. She strikes at magical antagonists like the Circle and the Banished Pantheon with single-minded determination, but she also actively seeks out the Lost and the 5th Column for her assaults, attacking them with undisguised relish. 'Annie' seems to be guided by a set of alien principles impenetrable to the average outside observer, but thus far at least it appears those principles work to the benefit of Paragon City, not its detriment.

Powers and abilities

Unearthly Physique

Like all demons, 'Annie' is not flesh and blood. Her physical form is the incarnation of a demon-spirit, and is composed of infernal essence shaped into a human-like body. She has nearly endless stamina and immense dexterity and agility, which makes her a tireless hand-to-hand fighter and capable of inhuman feats of strength and athleticism. Her body is inhumanly tough and regenerates itself extremely quickly from most injuries, though sufficient physical trauma can incapacitate her for a long time indeed.


When lethal force is called for, 'Annie's fingernails extend into long, razor-sharp talons, vicious and deadly natural weapons. Magically warded substances can repel her attacks, but other than that they can cut through pretty much anything given enough time.

Fluid Form

Annie can transform appearance to a human of any physical appearance, with no known limitation.


Like all of her kind, she is naturally alluring, and can focus this quality to summon feelings of intense desire or fascination in others. Shockingly, no confirmed reports of her using this to interfere in other people's relationships exist.


A demon is not 'alive' in the biological sense, and thus cannot truly die. 'Annie' does not age or suffer disease, appearing at all times to be a breathtakingly beautiful woman in her early 20s, and can eat and drink anything without suffering ill effects or intoxication. Given enough time, 'Annie' will regenerate her essence from essentially any physical damage. She can only be genuinely harmed by sanctified or magical attacks.

Creature of the Beyond

'Annie' appears to be no longer bound; her servitude to the Exile died with her, and no one else seems to know her True Name. However, as with all of her kind she can be contained or repelled by magical warding, and should someone discover her Name, she could be conjured and bound by mortal sorcerers and warlocks; a possibility she works to prevent at any cost.

Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes

No one can say just how long 'Annie' has existed. She herself either doesn't know, or doesn't care. She has seen many different worlds and traveled much of the universe, though, and has accumulated a wealth of experience on various topics. Her true nature as an ethereal being gives her a sensitivity to and inherent understanding of many cosmic, mystical, and celestial forces. However, the odds of this knowledge actually being of value to those who work with her are very low; 'Annie' is flighty, easily bored, and lacks even the slightest amount of intellectual curiosity. Her ability to translate her inherent knowledge of the universal order into actual words that people can understand is poor, and it usually takes some work to get anything useful out of her.

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