Antares Belmoth

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The Odious Rancorous
Antares Belmoth
Poor Impulse Control
"Oi-oh, 'umies! Who're we gointer stomp t'dae?"
· Chthonic Horrorterror ·
Player: @kaseru
· Other Affiliations ·
Ex-"Maintainer" for the Kaini Corporation.
Physical Traits
Chthonic Tentaclebeast
Apparent Age
5'6" (With Bionics)
450lb (With Bionics)
Body Type
Flexible, muscled.
Stone-grey tentacles.
· Distinguishing Features ·
Leaden-grey bionic limbs. Four sharply-curving horns. Immense smoking wings. Writhing tentacles wrapped around Its torso.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman strength, utilisation of its own superheated plasma-like blood, and telepathy.

A Brief History

(Grainy tape footage of a young man staring blankly into the camera. The young man is completely bald and is wearing a white suit with rainbow-coloured exclamation points on it. He looks suddenly startled and then begins to speak in what sounds like an unfittingly casual tone.) "Ahhh, yeah. Antares Belmoth, hah. That name sure brings back memories." (He winks.) "I accidentally summoned that steaming hunk of love into my office a couple years back. I was trying for Tchernobog, but what can you do! After he burned my left hand off, we hired him on the spot."

(The man looks directly into the camera and starts speaking a little too clearly, as if he's drunk and trying to compensate.) "We have places for people like that in my company. He maintained my hand right off my body with nothing more than his blood. We needed a maintainer, and as it turned out he could maintain lots of things with not just gouts of superheated blood, but gigantic mineral formations as well."

(The man smiles and glances up at the ceiling. He looks back down toward the camera, cocks his head to the right, nods, and then smiles broadly.) "We had to let him go eventually, though. Budget cuts or something. You know how it is. One day you've got your hired demon-beast in his set of manufactured company arms and legs maintaining rogue experiments and employees to death, and the next, you're throwing that same demon-beast out your window."

Fun Facts About Antares

Antares Belmoth is maybe a little bit imposing looking, but more likely than not just looks strange. Its vaguely insectoid head has no eyes to speak of, just four sharply curving horns stained a little bit with the blood of people It has, as It puts it, "'ead butted". Belmoth has an absurdly long and thick forged tongue with two chitinous bits forking off at the end of it, and it is this anatomical factor, coupled with the fact that Belmoth never really learned the English language very well in the first place, that gives It Its special charm.

Belmoth is a chthonian tentacled horrorterror, hailing from the chaotic space between worlds. Without its cybernetic parts, Belmoth is a trunk of a body covered with writhing tendrils, with massive wings fully capable of freeflight. Belmoth's handlers, however, insisted upon the limbs It has now found Itself in the posession of, under concerns for Belmoth's motility, should any gravity flucations happen. Unfortunately for Belmoth, though, the materials the Kaini Corporation elected to use were entirely too heavy to allow the creature to fly.

Belmoth is a demon-beast with no real goals aside from harming and taking whatever It likes, but it does have a soft spot for precious gems and metals as these are, according to It, "real tasty-like". It is an unpleasant creature, and as such, has no friends and tends to only make enemies, even when It's trying to be friendly: something which, despite Its nature, It has tried a few times.

Belmoth has no eyes, but sees with a sort of psychic sight. This doesn't lend It any real leverage over those with normal vision, and in fact only provides some more issues when It has to deal with entities that have no psychic presence. Despite having the appearance of breathing, Belmoth doesn't have to breathe: any breathing It does is only done to aid the ejaculation of superheated blood from Its body. Yes, I just said "ejaculation of blood".

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