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Arachnos Espionage Division - Unofficial Handbook of the Virtue Universe

Arachnos Espionage Division

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AEDBanner.png (Founding Date: 8/18/2010 I think)

The Arachnos Espionage Division (also simply known as the AED) was crafted out of a need to have an intelligence gathering, assassination and subterfuge backbone of the Great Army of Arachnos. It deploys the elite of the elite, and turns normal street rabble or low-ranking Operatives into strictly disciplined soldiers of war capable of staying days in a sniper trench, or years undercover as a local.


Subdivisions of the Arachnos Espionage Division

Bane Soldier Regiments: These amazing super-soldiers of Arachnos are implemented with psionic mental implants to keep them within the WEB, the massive telepathic network that spans all of Arachnos's psionic soldiers. They are well-armed and well-trained, mastering such things as the amazing Black Scorpion Power Mace, M-30 Grenade Launchers, Smoke Grenades, Patented 'Venom' Grenades, and standard cloaking devices and firearms. These soldiers form the primary assault force when it comes to subtlety, and they are fierce and unmerciful.

Blood Widows: These (mostly) female assassins are the instigators, the spies, and the fear-inspires in all those who defy the will of Arachnos! These fierce soldiers have undergone the powerful Widow Implant surgery, binding blades of the most powerful metals, which are filled with the same toxins used in the patented 'Venom' Grenade, although in smaller doses. Many widows are adepts in psionic manipulation, and use these abilities to stall and confuse the most powerful of foes, before striking them down with fatal blows.

Fortunatas: Seers, Master Psions, and gifted at persuasion. These all describe the Fortunatas, who use their powerful minds to control crowds of enemies to Arachnos, wracking at their minds. Whether by using a subconcious nightmare or simply setting their synapses painfully alight, a Fortunata is never to be underestimated. They are rather fragile physically in most cases, and tend to come off as Group Support.

Familiar Faces of the Arachnos Espionage Division

((All other members, please feel free to post a short description of yourself!))

Kasugano Kurono: The Commander of the Arachnos Espionage Division, and it's original founder. A patron of Ghost Widow, he set the foreground to the division success, and has been the face of the division: Inspiring fear and terror in It's enemies, and forging determination and pride in her allies. This person is wanted for treason against Arachnos, and is presumed to be armed, dangerous, and hostile.

Cardinal James Bishop: Once a sect leader in a budding Arachnos cult that was funded to inspire loyalty and trust to the Great Army, he has become the second leader of the Arachnos Espionage Division. Many of the divisions activities were kept secret and under-wraps by Arachnos, and not much is known of the activity of the Division under his watch.This Operative has been transferred to the newly created Arachnos Infantry Division, a co-partner to the A.E.D. that is personally funded by the Arachnos Unified Coalition. As of 7/31/2011, Operative Bishop has rejoined the AED, and the Arachnos Infantry Division was disbanded.

Fortunata Sanguine: The current (7/16/2011) leader of the A.E.D. Not much information can be gleaned from her reign, apart from the introduction and training of a newly unclassified regiment of supersoldiers only known as FURY PROJECTS ALPHA, BETA, OMEGA, and ZETA.

Anaba Windsong: The divisions second-in-command after Fortunata Sanguine assumed leadership. Loyal to her death, and an inspirational character.

Arbiter Matrix: An Arbiter in charge of watching and overseeing the divisions activities and spendings, reporting his findings to a higher-up. Even though he is an Arbiter, he lacks as much respect as he deserves for his status, and tends to be leered upon by the Divisions Members. Hopefully this will change in his future.

Base Location

The AED base is located under a cathedral in Sharkhead Isle. Originally one of the many caverns under Sharkhead where the Leviathan's body is nowhere near, the cathedral's catacombs and foundation were built. In a large hallway in the catacombs, you will find the entrance to the base itself. There is also the base portal, to which AED and it's allies have access to.

Allied Members of the Arachnos Unified Coalition

((Please proceed to the AUC page for more information.))

Declassified Field Logs and Private Entries

((Links to various player-made stories detailing the divisions work here.))

Comments and Criticisms dealing with the AED's work

((Comments, criticisms, and cynics here. Sanguine may not be in the game at this time, but her player is still watching. ALWAYS.))
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